Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lovely Stella McCartney

I'd like to have something nice and normal featured here, besides the insane scumskanky KO.

Someone who is beautiful, successful...blonde, and all of the things KO will never be. I'd like to have an appreciation blog for Stella McCartney. :)

                                                                 You go girl!

                         Nevermind that screetching psycho on your father's forum.


  1. YES. Stella is everything screecher wants to be and never will. Beautiful...

  2. Don't forget, her father is a replacement reptillian. She is part of it. I know several of you are on PID forums discussing this

  3. ^^^ Comment above left by Kooky O'Crazy herself ^^^

    I knew posting about how lovely Stella was would bring that little psycho troll out !

    Your IP shows, little greaseball troll.

    1. What a shit head. LOL. What does she have against Stella? I know you can't make sense of crazy, but I'm curious what it is about Stella that gets Catshit all riled up? Could it be that Stella is everything she'll never be? Successful, talented, famous, wealthy, wicked sense of humor, smart, etc.?

    2. Yes. Pretty much. We've seen it all unfold on MPL and have heard the whole sickening trope again and again. KO's illness is the need to find fault with Stella over anything she can grasp at because as you mentioned, she's talented, wealthy and all those things KO will never be. You see, in KO's little twisted psycho mind Stella mentioned the word "Hippy" in an article about MFM (Meat Free Monday) and she didn't say anything that hinted at being against hippies but KO looks at hippies as "her people" whatever the fuck that means, and she decdided Stella was evil after that. But the REAL reason is because, as you stated. Stella's got it made and she doesn't. Have fun reading this, KO, you piece of shit.

      Anonymous, don't forget people are still leaving comments here, usually to the two prior entries though. To the appropriate subject matter.

  4. Please read this about another cyber stalker and how similar in some ways it is to our own Troll.

  5. Yeah and normally everyone avoids her and her insane-ranting filled facebook page. OMG. It's like reading a long crazy bunch of needing acceptance, writing self-anecdotes about others, still thrashing on about the sci-fi groups she's been banned from, and in between is all this weird shit about some poor cat that's been held hostage by her. I don't even know what the appeal is to the two morons who keep patting her on the back. It's the same drama-ridden squealing everyday over there.

    She also makes up what she is supposedly getting in emails from non-existent "fans" and she's still going on about being doxed! When one goes out of their way to harass, stalk and bully people for years on end, that's the result! I wonder if she's still trying to write to Dirk? Wonder is she'll ever admit that she is Misery and defines the word like nobody can? Reality isn't something she connects to.

  6. Me neither. I really can't fathom what the
    appeal is for those who still supoort her. It's the same miserable
    shit day after day and while we've all got lives and pay no mind to
    that pathetic mess, she won't stop obsessing over shit that she
    brought on herself. And talking about some poor cat in between rage
    and hate posts.

    I really feel sorry for any living being being around her. & really I
    don't see how she has supporters like that Mike and Marla. I guess
    they'd have to actually live with her day in and day out before it
    really dawned on them how far gone she really is.

    Her facebook is a case study of insanity that anyone will ever find! Yeah so someone doesn't listen to reason and goes along with badly written mary sue fiction porn which btw she hasn't posted for a while (this is a good thing) and obviously likes psycho, so there's that.

    Wow she's still screetching on about MOWFO! This bitch really doesn't get over anything! That cruise is probably still needing to keep their blacklist updated.

    1. LOL she puts all her self-worth on her crap porn fics.

      Also. Really feel sorry for that poor cat. Having to live with that beastly woman! No wonder the cat feels like its in prison. No wonder the poor thing is singing the blues. Trapped with that hateful moron.

    2. LOL. Seems she's given bad fic up for Fucktard Philosophy.

      Example: "Mindless sexual innuendo/senseless rambling.


      *anon dies laughing*