Thursday, August 30, 2012

George Harrison never met Crazy KO

Since Deanna offered up some screenshots of the troll's antics and lies on the P.I.D. forum, I figured I'd post some of the stuff I have. Mind you this could be a longer post with all the other info and links I have over the course of two years, but I'm going to just present this little bit for now.

Kathryn O never met George Harrison!

Here on 07-16-2011, she says she's fully clothed, see for yourself:

Then, on 03-20-2012 the story drastically changes. (they removed the topic BUT we got screenshots!)

She also changes other details from what she told people in the last couple of years. It's all made up. She's a pathological liar.

ETA: This very issue was discussed before. If you look to the comments around 18 March, you'll see it. So we did save the evidence. People have got to do that because she'll lie big lies and then try to cover her lies and backtrack. KO will also have moderators remove certain posts that flat out catch her in her lies which is what I suspect happened to those last two posts. Just like in LJ, she will try to post the offense and then try to claim it was never there.

ETA: Since Troll KO had apprently ordered MPL to remove the two posts (or entire thread) where she claims to be naked in front of a George Harrison (yeah she's got some sick psycho lies she tells people) to co-incide with her other version of the lie where she claims to be fully clothed, she went ahead and re-posted the lie as of today on her facebook account!

Let us compare from actual live links (as of 6 September) of her lies. This is no selective memory playing tricks, KO is intentionally lying. But we know she's a liar.

Link #1 George Harrison isn't exposed to an exposed hairy troll.
Link #2 George Harrison is exposed to an exposed hairy troll.

Here is the screencap of it.

It really was a waste of time for MPL to remove her posts so people wouldn't see the glaring lies. KO goes and lies anyway and can't keep track of her lies.

And check out Deanna's latest blog for screenshots from the PID boards.
Also check out CatkickClaims recent posts and comments on Livejournal.


  1. She's so full of shit and I've never bought her I met George Harrison story because as you've so kindly pointed out the story changes because she can't keep her bullshit straight.

    She never really gives any specifics. She can't even lie and pin down an exact year. Certainly if she actually met a Beatle she'd remember everything about that moment, right?

    Besides, I've always said if George saw her clothed or unclothed he'd go blind either way! LOL.

  2. And for someone who's been into the Beatles for "30 years" as she's always claimed, you'd think she remember the damned YEAR and location! Like her seeing Paul in 1992, no wait, wait it was 1990 (you get the idea), she can't give an exact year for an event that anyone would remember exact dates, times and everything specific about it!

    She also changes where all her "friends" were. One time they are still in the water, or slagging behind her. Then there's the time they're all waiting for her in the car. she's just so pathetic.

  3. I included DeAnna's link in this blog entry, so people can see that may not be aware of it. I think she's done a great job! I've talked with her before and she's really a nice lady who studies theories, backgrounds of where something got started and stuff like that. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Really appreciate it, EL! Thanks! I've been hoping I can get Tina talked into sharing the really crazy pm conversations from Psycho Stalker, but she's just been so busy. People really need to see what Kathryn is like in private messaging! It's a LOT worse than what she shows to the public. The real her really comes out. It comes out in public too, but not full on dangerous serial killer crazy like she is behind closed doors. Oh the horrors!

    2. DeAnna...if you need private messages of crazy stalker I can offer you some. Mine and from a friend, we both got very nasty messages from her.

    3. Hey thank you BeagleAgent! I will post them on my blog if you wish! How would I contact you? You can leave a comment on my blog for where I can get in touch with you.
      Also another way since Tina's email is public anyway, you can send a message through her to me...

      Her email is:


    LOL yeah turn to Satan for a scare tactic. How lame. Is that like your witch curses of making people break their bones?

    1. She sure is desperate for attention, and sure loves to draw it to herself. She's really just asking for someone to slash her tires. I hope they have a sign ready for her on her windshield wiper that reads: You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.

  5. So let's see, God helps her pick out T-Shirts, and Satan watches her tires. Boy she's really got God and Satan kissing her ass! I wonder how God would feel to hear that she compares His son Jesus to Adolf Hitler? Because I know she does compare Jesus to Hitler. I guess Jesus must have pissed her off or something.


    Here's the whole reason she posted;

    little fan girls

    She was desperate to say those words. As if anyone will care what her fucking insane problem is.

    Another swipe at Julian

  7. Aaand... she's back to bashing Julian and his staff and other people on facebook again! FB's warnings don't do much if she's allowed to continued using accounts for her abusive agendas. That psycho-cuntface shouldn't even be allowed to use the internet.

  8. Have you ever noticed she always recycles her lies?

    If it's not a poster, it's a statue.

  9. Ellie. Check gmail. Thanks.


    This is another example of the cuntiness of the cuntface KO (misfittwit) who just HAS to bash, bring down and insult anyone for the most innocent of things.

    Folks, a few people only had ever said that Dhani's private life was his OWN business and THAT was IT! She attacked them for daring to even suggest such a thing on several forums! Now she calls those same people who can respect the privacy of Dhani who never meant any harm, some of the same 'ol nasty names she has always called people in fandoms.

    That misfit troll really is just so full of hate and nothing but negative. Toxic.

  11. This George Harrison lie has taken on a life of it's own. Catshit can't get her story straight. If you're going to lie, stick to one story.

  12. KO starting shit, and see this is what members have had to deal with!

    KO is all about the passive-aggressive baits. The mods can't see it, the admin is oblivious. And her minions who JUMP at her defense everytime just keeps driving members away.

    Oh the rich broad who's so hiding from her detractors actually names her location along WITH her real name too!

    Yeah that Bloomfield Hills, small township filled with them rich broads and a very CRAZY rich broad resident who lives with her mother.

    1. And look what she says too, not that anyone should be surprised as she does look down on everyone else through her nose; among the two richest in the country so in fact what she's saying is that Bloomfield Hills and the other area are the TWO richest in the country.
      Of course this isn't the truth, if she had said among the 50 richest in the country that would have been plausible, but no, she outright claims that she lives in the RICHEST neighborhood in the entire country! With only ONE other being the only other one in that TWO richest bullshit.

      Let's see, hmmm....

      Gee, it looks like Bloomfield Hills didn't even crack the Top 25 of richest areas! Let alone being one of the only other Top 2!

      As a matter of fact, not one city in Michigan is even ON the Top 25! But my home state was named in several of them!

    2. someone has responded to her claim....

  13. The George Harrison thing is totally fabricated. Someone else from MOWFO already confirmed that she told them it was a dream and said nothing about being naked. She just started making up the lie and she keeps it growing and adding details. It's already hit her in the ass as nobody believes it anyway and many people have already called her out as a big fat liar anyway. But at the beginning she was telling people it was a dream she had. Yeah I had a dream they put her away in a mental institution.

  14. It amuses her to be that way. She's sick.

  15. Witnessing Psycho Woman in DetroitSeptember 10, 2012 at 1:30 AM

    The latest trolling!

    As people are pointing out (at the very risk of being banned by the total lap-dogs of the troll) she just has to pick fights with someone when she isn't getting attention.

    She begins to promptly set herself up as Colonel Agnus' judge. She pretty much rakes him over the coals and sits on her high horse acting like some great judge of mankind. Then she starts talking about what a high IQ that she thinks she has!

    This of course has nothing to do with the topic but she spends a lot of time putting Colonal Agnus down and then immediately starts putting herself up on such a high platitude above him and everyone else because the topic is really all about her! In her mind, anyway. She displays very typical sociopathic traits.

    Then this!

    Have you read my piece, "Certain cures for cancer and their histories?" I wrote it when I was 31 after my experiences with cancer cures and the politics that surround them based on my work with Harry Zerbo.

    What the flying fuck is this???!! The troll is literally asking another member of a forum if he's read a piece she wrote when she was 31!!! Yeah everyone's read it, Psycho Troll, everyone just automatically knows about it! Five seconds after you just made it up! You are so famous from that piece that even some random guy from a Beatles forum is gonna know all about it! And OF COURSE he's gonna KNOW she's the author because she used the name misfittoy when she wrote it! Is it written like her Beatles ramblings that she calls stories? Oh boy I'm sure that piece is being held in such high regard 15 years later!

    For Christ's sake! Is she really for fucking real?

    It's kinda strange that she failed to mention having THAT published when she was busy hijacking the other thread to boast about her PID story that she stole from whomever and took full credit for, being published in a small local comic mag that she didn't even get paid for - you'd think that when someone asked her about her published works that she would have added THAT tidbit of info!

    But you see, she just made that up on the spot. The placing of the question mark on her "piece's title" is just another example of how she can't write! Her IQ might just be -165!

    Of course, if people REALLY wanted to, they could just ask the man himself, the one she named.

    I'll bet she'd freak out and start screaming STALKER if someone actually sought out the truth to dispell her lies and with cancer being what it is, is anyone really willing to put their belief and health into that crazy bitch's hands? Oh God NO!

    We'd really appreciate it if she would just stay away from cancer victims.

    1. Apparently Harry Zerbo cannot be asked anymore, he is dead for seven years. And I guess no one of his family can or will remember a mad nutter like catshit even if she really worked with him.

    2. Ah I see. She's sneaky and coniving. Of course she would name someone who would have no way to speak for themselves! If he had been alive, I'm sure she would have never mentioned him at all!

      I think it's the guy she gloated about having his place burned down. Someone told me that he fired her years ago for harassing his customers.

      Her repsonse. To curse him and commit arson.


    Everything has to be so dirty and perverted. Even with the kids on the forum who might be asking their parents about KO's posts. MPL's got no class with that skank running the place.

    And BeatleLinks just went to shit. She's attacked several people there and bets are that THEY'LL get banned because of her manipulating sob stories! Fucking cuntface.

  17. Hey I know all about what you all are going through! BeagleAgent, I replied to your post, yes I would post the nasty letters on my blog so people can see.

    1. How can I get them to you? I hope I still have the whole conversation, but I am quite sure. Is there a chance to send them to you?

    2. If you scroll up to the earlier commments, she gives a public email address of one of her friends. Hope that helps.

    3. Thanks, found. Will send them as soon as possible, at the moment I am busy trying to get that story down on various forums.
      For me it is fun to see how she is pushed into the corner and has to defend herself. Freud would have a field-day with her anytime this happens.


  18. Irish Born and RaisedSeptember 11, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    OMG nobody did any such a thing! Nobody attacked the bitch for asking for photos! It was Terri Yancy who said Dhani has a right to privacy! Now she's attacking Terri on BL! She also gloats about having the last laugh over something that wasn't even an issue!

    She's just so hateful.

    She resorts to insults and then tries to turn it around on others, she also resorts to personal attacks via emails and private messages that the general public won't see her doing while she keeps deceiving her idiot followers that she's such a victim. By default she loses arguments because she's always the first one to attack while playing victim. How can people NOT see this? If she doesn't like Colonel Agnus' threads or posts she can do what she so loves to preach to others - STAY OUT OF THEM!

    She claims she doesn't call Yoko names, no she just calls everyone else names.

    I know from several people on BL that she has already sent nasty letters to them! The amazing unbelievable thing is, the admin doesn't care!

  19. KO's batshit fb wall is more batshit today. More projection, because everything she accuses others of, she does all the time.
    The psycho KO exploits people, their sympathies (like she's doing right now with her so-called latest poor-me crap) all the time.
    If she was really so sick, what's she doing online, trolling? Oh even writing out long psycho stories about herself and the people she bullies all the time, AIMED at people who've seen the light of day about her? Yeah. Thought so.

    Oh and what's with the whole "goodbye" thing on fb? Well, Psycho KO, we knew you were a liar out the gate!

    After all the psycho's whole wall, her whole LIFE is dedicated TO and ABOUT her fucked delusional bullshit at all the people who've kicked her to the curb and she's STILL trying to make their lives as miserable as hers by constantly bullying them!

    Her "fever" is raging but she sure found time to post more bullying statments on her wall. Isn't that so special?

    Oh and speaking of a treacherous batshit psycho taking opportunity to use something against someone...yeah let's see all the abuse she unleashed at Kimba and Brick, and Shay and everyone else! WOW she literally WEARS her projections like a BADGE!

    Tried to tell people that Kimba deserved to be abused as kid!
    Attacked Brick I don't know HOW MANY TIMES for his condition! Even attacked Kimba for her hair style, Psycho KO Katshit is the classic bully in every way!

  20. So Psycho K has been acting like she got some illness. How many years can she milk the menopause thing? It's been raging on forever. *eye roll*

    Oh and she's just soooo ill right now that she found enough time to sit and BASH the hell out of Kimba and some German lady on LJ today with her same old "girls clique" shit. Really she is always in that gear. Never changes.

    Anyway, we are all wondering of she's really been fired because lately she's been making remarks about people from her "workplace" and with all this fake illness she's been playing (draining stupid people for sympathy) and the fact she had a mysterious week off, I myself am beginning to believe she's been fired and kicked the fuck outta there finally!

    I see she mentioned an employer that did actually fire her over 7 years ago but he passed away and I see she's been making outrageous claims about being a published author with a 165 IQ who worked with this guy! *disgusted* Um, yeah he was a store owner who fired her ass!

    Just FYI folks.

  21. (on EVERY count she got Kathryn O pegged!)

    Most manipulative people are very fake. They claim they are your friend right away even if they don't know much about you. They play with your emotions. They make you believe you are wrong always. They make you believe they are always a victim.

    Sociopaths like Kathryn O are immune to others' needs for boundaries. That is the one flaw sociopaths all have in common. A lack of sympathy for the suffering of others.

    Watch this movie, here's just one clip:

    It's long and very slow paced, but everyone who's dealing with Psycho Bitch, NEEDS to see this movie at least ONCE!
    It's almost an autobiography! Except instead of a kid, it's fandoms and her problems with being in any group of people!

    The movie is called 'The Night Listener'

    How many Robin Williams' characters are out there playing into the hands of a completely devoid of conscience manipulative psycho?

  22. LOL that PID Beatles story she wrote was actually someone else's, she just changed a bit here and there. I'll bet you could pick out which parts. But the majority of it was written by someone else who has no clue she's even used it.
    Sociopaths will take credit for others' work. It's also not the only thing she copied and used and slapped her own name on it.

    The things she's said about the drum circle or the "loud rowdy place/bar" which is a place called innate healing center is bogus as hell. Here is the website: where she has claimed they were shut down recently, oh and she made claims like that before about the "drum circle" then backtracked and said it was just their "loud music in their bar" that got shut down and they were back to serving sandwiches with no music. Huh? It's never been a bar! And her various tales of who and what are garbled and confusing.

    And another revealing lie is that she "dumped" her "boyfriend Craig" who was never her boyfriend, and stopped going to the "drum circle" with Craig and opted to hang out with Mike. At some Beatles tribute band that apparently plays ALL the time in Detroit. Then she comes up with ANOTHER reason why she isn't at Golden Gate's happenin' place of rowdiness and blames people in the alley who hung out there and just camped out in the alley as the cause of why the Golden Gate/Innate Healing Center was closed or not servicing her needs anymore. We need to get screengrabs of all this shit because everything she's blathering on is one lie right after the other!
    Reality check and according to Occam's Razor, the truth is simple and considering the source of all this confusing crap about these people and places, and who is a known liar, KO was most likely asked to leave and not come back.

    What she says about people (her workplace) at the Natural Food Patch in Ferndale, is also revealing enough because I'm sure her obsession with Paul McCartney that's been "nurtured" by stupid people who don't see what she is, has caused her obsession to go into overdrive and she probably harassed everyone that came into that store. We know she must have driven the other employees crazy with her constant mouth-running. We all know she gossips about everyone she can on the internet. She even admited to internet peoples that she was screaming at people in real life for whatever reasons, who probably were just as startled to be screamed at as they were to see the ugly face that was screaming at them!
    Occam's Razor, KO was finally fired.

    1. I remember her saying something on MPL about a Wednesday drum circle that was not going to be doing Wednesday night drum circles anymore. Within a couple of weeks she was back to posting about how she goes to these Wednesday night drum circles. I was like HUH?

      So she may have finally been asked to leave by the owner himself it sounds like. As for her job, I kinda always doubted she had one, or at least one where she was actually "working" but rather just some boss who had to employ her because of some loophole about not discriminating against the mentally ill.

  23. Ha! Catshit got one last warning from the mod Jerry over at Beatlelinks or she'd be tossed out of the community.

    1. I wouldn't stake too much in Jerry being anything other than absent.

      But the Troll's activity in MPL has waned a lot for the last couple of weeks. Now I see why!

  24. KO keeps coming in and demanding drinks and then goes off into the milking the members for sympathy.

    I'm hoping they're catching on faster than the idiots at FB who, btw, got a DIFFERENT version of her "biopsy" story. Jeeez!

    And of course, Attention Whore cannot stand to be left out of anything that is about anyone else, let alone Paul himself, so she just HAS to bring the focus back onto HER and claim they (PID) got everything wrong about her!
    Even with PROOF they've brought against her and her trolling and stalking, she still tries to spin her lies.

    We'll thank you, Kathryn O the Troll, to not say anymore about the PID getting anything wrong about you because upon any investigation they turn out to be RIGHT! Doesn't mean they're right about Paul so please do NOT align yourself with Paul in anything to do with PID! Fuck off.

  25. I see the psycho Troll is still causing trouble in everywhere. I had wondered why she was such a low activity in MPL (her usual trolling grounds) but I see she found herself some more trouble to cause.

    Oh and her ridiculous claims that people follow her around is really something, isn't it ?

    Funny I've seen the evidence of her following people to sites that didn't even or shouldn't have even shown up on the radar but she still followed them to those sites and groups and launched attacks as is her purpose in life.

    There is a full collection of her LJ posts that she's thought were gone forever but that's not the case. I've been thinking we need an extra blog for just that craziness.