Friday, August 17, 2012

KO Stalks Julian Lennon AND his fans!

After being blocked by the man himself, KO has been stepping up her aggression full time and while she apparently is focusing her wrath on livejournal netizens, she's also been using the other half of her time stalking Julian Lennon and his fans who have had to remove, block and try to shield themselves from her insane pursuit of whatever she thinks she's going to accomplish. The following links remind me of some of the other blogs and diaries kept by people from the Dirk Benedict fanbase.

Julian Lennon fanpage

And the evidence of KO stalking a fan of Julian in one of several posts that relate to the stalking this fan has endured.

Julian fan expressing her experiences

This victim's name is Virginia and Virginia has been trolled and stalked pretty much in the same way that those people in the Dirk Benedict sites had been trolled and attacked. Virginia has had to deal with the nasty and unfortunate aftermath of ignoring the troll by having to see stuff posted against her on other public sites (namely facebook) because she refused to respond directly to the troll! See here with the comments intact showing this incident.

KO has been stalking Virginia, thinking she was Julian since the beginning of May. Perhaps even before then. KO bragged about getting under this lady's skin because she simply would not respond to her insane shit.

As you see from later postings, KO got worse. We know. We know.

Another thing to add is that I've heard word from several other people that she has been asking and begging them to send messages to Julian for her. They'd read what she wrote and decided not to send him this stuff. I'm sorry the stalker troll KO has gotten some people yelled at for even speaking up in favour of Julian Lennon.

People have started being pro-active about saving evidence and stopping this hideous troll from poisoning the Beatles sites any further than she already has. Saving screen shots and posting letters and other info so that now people can do some research and find all this, letting all this be known. That KO's lies can no longer stand and fester like the infection of the disease she is. I would like to thank all of them for their help as we must keep on our toes. No doubt because not one single one of us can spend the kind of time of the internet that KO spends on it. It quite literally takes a village!

So for further information for those seeking more answers, please visit some of the following links.

Tall Tales of Catkick

Beatles Fan who had witnessed the Troll on LJ

Showcasing KO's horrid writing and sparse fan knowledge

While she is still being enabled on the Beatles sites to troll and lie and slander and malign people, at least people are starting to question. Most of them, anyway. Besides being blocked by Julian, other good news is that her recent MySpace account was removed (they remember her shit) and she's not welcome there, she's not welcome on that service! She's been DELETED!

Loser loses another MySpace account

And it looks like she got her Kathryn Anne O facebook account pulled too! Good.

Loser loses her alternate Facebook account

KO loses a facebook account because she obviously cannot read their terms and understand that one cannot have alternate accounts with different names. That's a big NO-NO on facebook! And that one was her real name too! Karen Nesbit is a false name. Which is also against their terms.

Now that I can get this posted, here are a couple of letters I was given permission to share as long as I hid the names. There were other letters I've been forwarded but with strict confidence that I won't share those letters as of yet as they would be too telling and KO would definitely harass those people. But there are two I can share that the recipients felt safe enough to share publicly.

The first one, only the parts concerning Julian Lennon are included.

...I didn't know what she meant at first about having time off. I did feel maybe she was planning on going to New York to try to get close enough to Julian or maybe Sean, since Sean lives in New York City. But I didn't know what she meant by taking time off and going and visiting a Beatle baby. That's what I took it to mean. I don't know.
Her thing is that she was so convinced that Julian was somehow captivated by her and really concentrated on his comments about seeing his soul mate and calling out for her on facebook. She told him that he needed to meet her and go out with her to cons and clubs and whatever to see that there's life out there (of course WITH her, is what she was driving at) and she wanted Julian to forget all about this other lady he mentioned. I was like wtf the whole time she was on this kick of hers. But never said anything because she struck me as someone who would act all injured and hurt if I said a damned word.
Then she started getting really creepy and wanted to talk to him all the time and sometimes she'd ask me to send him a message for her. I politely declined her offers but she kept on trying to get someone to tell Julian things for her. Pump her up, make her sound like a real catch.
I stopped communicating with her when she mentioned that she was going to do something to get Julian's attention and that he wouldn't be able to ignore her after she did whatever it was she had planned on doing. I didn't want any part of it after that. I knew she had already convinced herself that her and Julian would be a couple. Now that she's been blocked by him I can imagine that she went ahead with her plan to get his attention.

The second letter. Again, only the parts concerning Julian Lennon.

I asked her to not harass him. she did not listen. she wanted me post stuff to him and add notes that mentioned her name and she wanted him to know all about her other relationships with married couples so that if he was seeing someone, that she should also be included. Not just a "I dont' mind your other affairs" kinda thing, but a "I want to be the one IN THE MIDDLE of your affairs, but I would ALLOW you to have other affairs" kinda thing. She sees herself as in the middle of any couple. Even made some comments about wanting to see herself in a Paul & Linda photo with HER in the middle of them. So I already knew she was a nut, a creepy freak.

I told her that Julian was a busy man and that he probably doesn't read her stuff, she was rather offended at me that I would suggest such a thing like as if she had to be the first person he thinks of when he goes online. OMG it was then I knew I had to get away from her. I did. She is seriously ill. One sick perv. The stuff about married couples was enough for me. Swingers are not people I would associate with.

So there are two people who have come forward (anonymously) to tell of their experiences with Psycho KO.

Over on LJ it seems they have uncovered perhaps one of the sickest things about her. She's into cannibalism and vore. Her stories are rife with it.


  1. Typical of the troll. *rolls eyes*
    KO has been kicked out of the DirkBenedictfandom, TrekSpace, banned from myspace, banned from Digital Spy...and I have da faith as they say that she'll banned from the Beatlesfandom. I can't wait to see her banned from Facebook and LJ. The psycho troll should be banned from using the internet permanently. Should be an online petition that people can sign to ban KO aka Misery aka whatever dumbass user name she comes up with to be banned from using the internet. Hundreds would sign it...make that thousands!

  2. She'll never get to Julian Lennon at least not physically and she doesn't appear to be successful through the internet either. It's fantastic that he has fans willing to shield him from her as much as possible by not sending along her messages to him.

    On the livejournal front she hasn't been able to bash Julian since PLH posted a mod note. We will see how much she lasts on that front without flying off the handle. If there are any Julian Lennon livejournal fan sites beware and protect yourself.

  3. What a bitch! She goes and leaves a nasty little bitter comment to thenewno2's page on fb referrencing 'fangirls' and she's the one who's coming off as nasty. Why say thanks for a Vogue picture and then mention how inconvenienced she was to have to look through some pages of Dhani's fans to find it? What a bitter little nasty bitch that Karen Nesbit is!

    1. That's not her real name. She uses a fake name on her Facebook page which is against Facebook's TOS. As many people as possible should report that stalker. Bitch is too good a word for her. Psychotic ugly troll is more appropriate.

  4. Judging from the julianlennonfanpage.wordpress blog posts there, and that person posting that she's not Julian, posting her own pic to prove she's not Julian and the following posts where it gets more and more intense about the "creepy cyber stalker" and the OBVIOUS constant harassment done to this one person because KO thinks it is Julian, we no longer have to doubt what the hell must have went on with Julian himself and WHY he ended up blocking KO!

    That julianlennonfanpage.wordpress blog should be an eye witness testiment to what happened and WHY she was REALLY blocked!

    Now the fucktard on BeatleLinks who thought some people got together and had her stupid fics sent to him and had her blocked had anything to do with it can now just suck their fucked up dick headed theories! That inforgal was RIGHT!


    A Vocal minority indeed! A very NEGATIVE and very VOCAL minority of ONE really bitter and disgusting stalker named KO!

    And oobu24 obviously missed the intended insult at Julian Lennon's staff who just HAPPENS to be Alan at the helm! Isn't that funny or what?

    1. someone responded to KO in that thread, let's see if she tries to get that person banned now.

    2. Oh she will jump right on that member and point out that he or she's only been there for a year, has only around 30 posts and then try to paint that member as a stalker or a bully and get one of her brainwashed idiot minions to post some wild accusations at that member for stalking. That's how things go. The mod will probably side in with KO. But people here were right when they predicted she'd run to MPL next and bitch about Julian.

  6. Holy crap! What a bitch! KO is a lunatic!

  7. Oh this is rich!

    She REALLY needs to practice what she preaches! How about not using her foul moods or shitty life to make others listen to HER shit day and day out? Fucking self-absorbed troll!

    And Fly was right, STOP reminding people of things THEY already know because they've been Beatles fans A HELL OF A LOT LONGER than she ever has and she just posts something everyone knows to look like some kind of an authority when she's just being obvious with her desperate attempts to appear as an Uber fan.

    Then the vore fetish troll herself says using a tooth is sick?

    We know she's just kissing the ass of Hibgal because she's a nice little puppet to use. KO being disgusted at a tooth being used to put in a sculpture? This same bitch who writes about EATING people and has a signaure on MPL about eating people with steak sauce?

  8. This is another whine post from the TROLL

    Didn't she just have herself a good old time gloating about being able to get people reprimanded on BL on her facebook wall?

    So now she's whining about bullies on BL! Julian was being bullied by her and she didn't seem to mind doing that to him, but someone calls her out and she's gotta publicly scream about it! The thread where they called her out has been dead and she's still bitching about it!!

    That's another thing; she INTENTIONALLY picks fights and when she gets what asked for...she throws a temper tantrum!

  9. "And it looks like she got her Kathryn Anne O facebook account pulled too! Good.

    Loser loses her alternate Facebook account

    KO loses a facebook account because she obviously cannot read their terms and understand that one cannot have alternate accounts with different names. That's a big NO-NO on facebook! And that one was her real name too! Karen Nesbit is a false name. Which is also against their terms."

    Sweet! :D

    Facebook is probably going to take a closer look now at her Karen Nesbit account and hopefully will be deleting that one too.

    "Besides being blocked by Julian, other good news is that her recent MySpace account was removed (they remember her shit) and she's not welcome there, she's not welcome on that service! She's been DELETED!"

    MySpace has very strict rules and do not tolerate numerous violations of their TOS which KO has done. They do keep a record of how many accounts a person has had and whether or not that person has indeed violated their TOS.

    KO is becoming more and more unwelcome each and every day on the internet.

    I'm smiling as I type this. KO is probably throwing a temper tantrum over those accounts being pulled. LOL

    Karma is indeed a bitch. What goes around comes around. Isn't that right KO? ;)

  10. Whining never ceases.

    Another cannibal post. Not even funny.

    And YET another lie and version of the story about a Lennon poster!

    It's NOW the grandmother, not the Aunt! This poster has also been stolen from her locker at school. Funny thing how it keeps getting stolen from different places, you'd think she'd put it under lock and key for how many times it's been stolen or disappeared and then reappeared in another scenario!

    Oh and more whining.

    Who's wishing she'd just fall into a coma? *raises hand* And apparently her detractors are WINNING! Yay!

    She's still convinced that her "fics" are the best and she's been known as a shitty writer since she joined all those writing groups.
    People were just too polite to say anything before. Then she forced herself and made herself so hated that nobody cares what the fuck her problem is.


    WHY does she ALWAYS have to butt in on threads with off topic shit just so she can talk about herself SOME MORE!?!
    Nobody even said anything about AU!
    Really her post was just another excuse to work in her well known lie about writing Beatles stuff for 30 years! Another excsuse to lie and turn the thread back into her favorite subject: HERSELF!

    Nobody asked her and nobody cares for her repeated 30 year claims! 30 years this 30 years that! Her post was obvious in its worn out bullshit claim!

    STFU Misfitpsycho! Shut up! The only reason she slimed that thread was because infogal was posting in it! It's like she can't leave anyone alone.

    A tooth is not a body part. Good God.

  12. I'm glad you were allowed to post that person's letters. It just shows once again how out of touch with reality Catshit is and her level of crazy runs deep. How could she ever think that a fat slob such as herself would ever have a chance with Julian Lennon? She'll never meet him as he doesn't live in the US. I just can't believe that she truly felt that she could be with him. All of her actions just scream something that a stalker would do leading up to an act of violence against the object of their sick affection. Good thing she doesn't seem to care about Sean or I'd honestly be worried for his safety.

    1. It was actually two letters from two different people. There were others I had heard from, but they don't want to be revealed at this time. The other letters were very telling of her insanity. I do actually fear for the safety of anyone she is targeting that she can get to. As you can well imagine.

    2. Lousybeatlefic, I tried to follow you, but couldn't see where to do that. I have followers that have chosen the 'remain hidden' feature so maybe that's why I can't see your feature, let me know.

    3. I'm not sure why you're unable to follow me. I can't recall having chosen the option to remain invisible, but it's a possibility that I did to keep Catshit from getting close at any attempts to harass me. You understand though and if I ever do change that option I will certainly let you know. I don't really posted on blogspot at the moment I'm only using it as an archive.

    4. Oh no, you're not set on private because I can see your blogs. But you can follow someone privately is what I meant. I thought maybe there was a glitch because I tried to follow your blogger but the feature wasn't available. No worries. It's just the technical side of things. You gotta know a lot of HTML and it's more complicated than other free services.

  13. This doesn't surprise me. Trying to actually get within physical distance of Julian. She did spend quite a lot of her mother's money to follow Dirk Benedict right onto a cruise ship. How difficult would it be then, for her to just go from Michigan to New York? Her mother will always foot the bill for anything she wants to do and is an enabler.

  14. Yes, because this is a totally acceptable topic to discuss with a customer WHILE at work. I don't understand why she still has this job, does her boss even pay attention to what his/her workers are doing while on the job? See below for a gem she posted on JHP today.

    "I had a customer about a year ago say to me that she found out Paul liked to spanked and she was shocked. (I think I even posted about it here). My brain exploded. but she never said where she heard it."

    1. I think her boss is oblivious to her psycho antics. Or he's doing something illegal that she's in on. No way that someone like that can even hold down a job without some underhanded shit going on.


    Well that's a LIE! And the topic wasn't about her anyway! She stalks this blog, and I know she stalks others. She seems to always comment about it for someone who "doesn't look". Bitch is a liar.

    Trolling infogal with bullshit that has nothing to do with what the other people were even saying!

    (Incidentally infogal talks with me via emails and she said she's going to put the troll on her ignore list, as that site offers one)

    Hmm. Sounds made up. Just another excuse to get more attention.

    1. Yeah I was hoping she fell in a hole but, no. She's back online again. And she DOES read my blog, because I see her on my IP stats. Making sure she's still getting attention no matter how negative it is.

  16. I'd like to talk to that Julian Lennon fanpage owner, but because of the stalking trolling bitch catshit, that person disabled comments! I wonder if anyone knows how to contact her?

    1. You and me both. I tried to get in touch with whoever that is, and there's no way I can see to do it.


    She lies SO MUCH! Another ploy to re-play her broken record of how she's so abused. LOL she's from rich broad people.

    Craig, again, doesn't go out with her, he's MARRIED and very UNinterested in Crazy Bitch K.
    She's been showing her crazy self at the drum circle thing so she probably was asked to leave. Logic would tell anyone that.

  18. Freak. Self absorbed freak. She looks hideous enough without the creepy hat. God please!

  19. Wow the psycho is really trying to bait and troll infogal! The psycho troll obviously can't stand to be ignored. Infogal isn't even acknowledging her but of course KO is STILL posting her usual poor-abused-me drama and trying to make the thread be ALL ABOUT HER! Glad people are ignoring the slimebag.

  20. Another claim like her theater shooting claim, like all the others, all bullshit because she's never been outside much.

    More Stella bashing. Obvious remarks to get people to say nasty stuff about Stella by bringing up boiling worms. Is that along the lines of eating people with steak sauce? Talk about the world's biggest hypocrite.

    and GODDAMN she actually TURNED yet ANOTHER thread in Beatleslinks to be ALL ABOUT HER! Another decent thread is now all about HER crazy shit drama! Of course nobody will be allowed to hear Astrid's side of it on there without being attacked.

    First off, Astrid never said anything that can be called "childish spew" and she's bashing Astrid in that thread and playing her favorite role as victim! She's the one who chose to bring herself and talk about herself into that thread!

    Second, the only one I see spewing childish venom is MISFITTOY/CATSHIT!

    AND FUCKS SAKE! Ignoring helpful advice is NOT standing up for yourself! It's called being a pigheaded arrogant douchebag bitch! What a total fucking arrogant self-centered shitwad!

    Especially since Astrid is basically being attacked for having an opinion and voicing that opinion in public! That's what the TROLL Misfitbitch is really attacking her for.

    1. So much for her claims here.

      Not that the thread was about her anyway but she sure had to make sure people knew all about it anyway. Troll. Nobody asked.

    2. Oh, I would be able to defend myself as I have an account on beatleslinks as well....but I see no use in it. I would be banned and she would be happy....let her spit her venom about me, that is childish and everyone who read what I told her knows anyway why she attacks me.

      Nevertheless I won't stop having an opinion and letting her know about it.


  21. The horse is dead, liar. Everyone knows you make the 30-year claim every single time you open your gorilla hole. Nobody believes it. Please take your 30 year bullshit and shove it up your fat hairy ass.

    And contrary to her claims, she is NOT an experienced writer! Not even close.

  22. Have you noticed that since facebook warned her and told her off with the removal of her account, that she no longer even bothers to post? She only posted there to bully others, harass Julian Lennon. Harass Julian Lennon's fans.


    LOL at the pathetic bitch. Really don't call the police. Go destroy someone's property even if you don't have any proof!

    The psycho is showing!

    If her tires really were slashed... I would personally buy that person dinner!

    1. So what she's actually doing is talking about committing a crime. Destruction of property is a crime. The authorities can just look at the MPL forum and find that right there. Well good for them for hosting it!

  24. Wow, I just had a good laugh for the day! She claims on her Facebook that one of her stories was read by a wife of a Beatle. If that was true, the wife would have most likely gotten a restraining order again her ever writing again! :)

  25. She's still trying to blame others for getting her own damn fool self blocked by Julian! Give it up already Psycho Karen Nesbit Bitch! Go away and don't come back! The world could do without toxic bitches like Karen Nesbit!

  26. Catshit pay close attention...

    And read this...

    "You should further understand that any personally identifiable information and/or content that you post on LiveJournal that is viewable by other users may be copied and/or shared without your consent. LiveJournal cannot be responsible for any loss or damages relating to any information you post on the Service."

    This is part of the LJ's privacy TOS you dumbass. ;)

    And then learn how to fuckin' spell! LOL