Thursday, August 2, 2012

Further Witness Accounts of the Troll, Bully, Stalker KO

Remember there are LOTS of witness accounts from people who are from all over. This Troll sure gets around and when people call her the Plague of the Internet, it's really not an exaggeration. But the Troll KO also gets around locally and tries to inject poison into real life communities of people. MOWFO being one of the most famous groups she tried to destroy. But failed to.

Recently I added more screencaps in a previous entry here so people can see what she tries to hide after she attacks the intial victims. Another fact to keep in mind is that she also attacks far more frequently in emails and private messages. Fortunately people are smart enough to save these pieces of evidence and she can't destroy evidence from someone else's inbox. Though she has tried. But failed to.

We are working towards getting someone to offer some server space for the screencaps so we can host them safely without having her try to destroy the links.

Here I present a letter that was written to one of the victims from another victim of stalking, another stalker, but this woman has actually known the Troll in real life and has witnessed for herself the kind of psychopath KO really is. This person asked for the link to the forum because KO was trying to get people at some health food store to hack into it or attack people there. Nobody took KO up on her offer and instead asked for more info from the victims! Nice :)

This is a witness testimony from a witness to one of KO's victims. The person's name is not needed here as I don't wish to give away the name but that person reached out to one of the main targets of KO's abuse. Here is what was written some years ago. 2007 to be exact, via MySpace when KO was terrorising people there.

I have been stalked before, granted my stalker was a jilted lover and not a psychopathic "witch", but fear is fear at the end of the day. That being said, I totally understand. So no worries. Kat has told me in the past how she wished to harm you and others, so my only thought right now is for your safety. One of my friends and mentors worked at the same health food store as Kat and I, and one of the wonderful things about this woman was that she had absolutely no problem calling out Kat's insanity. Kat trusted me, and called me a friend (only because I do not treat her badly like the rest of the staff, but it's not in my nature to treat anyone badly), and confided in me that she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter, in my opinion. She would steal personal items from the other girl, like lipbalms and water bottles, and return them covered in her greasy fingerprints and sometimes they would have odd substances added. The last time it happened my friend blew up, and because her anger was so great, she was fired. Kat remains, gloating at how well everything worked out. She has no friends at work, and the customers she claims to know avoid her like the plague. She does know some basic herbology, but she's not all that she thinks she is.
Unfortunately for me the last time I visited my old job I told her how wonderful my new job was working out and how my employers said mine was the best application they had seen in years, only to find out that she had applied at the same location multiple times and was always turned down. You could feel the jealousy radiating off of her. When I tried to change the subject she talked about the only thing she ever talks about, you. With her it's either you or Tracy , or her "relationship" with Dirk. Once she told me about how he came to see her and took her out, just the two of them, one night a few years ago. Then she said that she calls him every once in a while to let him know how bad his mafia treats her. Or she's just lying in general about something or other. We got into it really heavy once because if there is one thing I know, it's the entire works of JRR Tolkien. I am more than a Ringer, more than a movie fan, but a walking, elvish spouting, Tolkien encyclopedia. She interrupted a discussion I was having with a customer (I noticed he was wearing the ring of Barahir, but one he had designed himself and made custom, not the movie replica) to interject bits of nonsense and movie trivia. I don't mind movie fans, but if two people are talking about the book, you don't keep interjecting about how hot this character was or how this or that scene was awesome. It's annoying. When she saw that someone was out geeking her in a major way, she desperately tried to turn the conversation to Battlestar Galactica. I was pissed, especially since the guy kept saying how he didn't know too much about it and was more of a Tolkien fan. She kept at it, and he politely excused himself and left. Now it’s not everyday I get to talk Tolkien with hot guys, so I was beyond pissed. She played the victim and blamed me for not involving her more into the conversation. That was when I knew something was really wrong with the way she thinks. Around the time that I left that job she felt comfortable enough to talk to me about her vore fetish, and to this day that is the only thing I think that she is real about, and not saying to impress or shock. Other stuff I think she made up on the spot, but that is real. She gets off on it, and let me just tell you, it’s disgusting to see.
I skimmed bits here and there on the message board you sent me, and found myself unable to sleep. She is terrorizing you guys, and it isn’t right. I thought very seriously about taking this to my old boss, as he’s a man I love like my own father, but I haven’t decided yet. He knows she’s nutty, but he doesn’t know she’s this bad. I know she doesn’t hurt for the money, she lives out in Bloomfield Hills with her mother, and there aren’t too many poor people out there. I laughed when I saw that she claimed to thrive on the richness of the city of Detroit, as she once told me that she never goes into the city because she’s afraid of the black people (odd thing to say, as I’m black myself). I told my old coworkers to watch out for her tricks and treat her civil, but she has made herself so hated I doubt they can do that. If I find out that she has tried anything funny with any of them, I’m taking this straight to the boss.
So, dear Iggy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information, and I appreciate you letting your guard down for a moment to reach out to me. I understand the caution, and respect it. You have given me a wonderful resource to gain some insight about her, although I am unable to feel sorry for her because she has been so hateful and evil to you all. She is a poison, and one day she must be stopped before she hurts someone. I sincerely to hope and pray that she grows up and leaves all of you folks alone, you all seem like wonderful people who are just fed up with her crazy ass. I thank you again. *

I think that letter sums up what all of us have come to learn since she's been injecting poison into the Beatles fandom as of 2009 !

Stand out parts of the letter are;

she wished to harm you and others

she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter

to interject bits of nonsense

Or she's just lying in general about something or other

She played the victim and blamed me for not involving her more into the conversation

That was when I knew something was really wrong with the way she thinks

With her it's either you or Tracy , or her "relationship" with Dirk

she talked about the only thing she ever talks about, you


Other stuff I think she made up on the spot

That imaginary relationship with Dirk. And she still couldn't manage to hold down an imaginary relationship.

The rest just goes to show how creepy and seriously ill this psycho KO is !

I shudder to think that those people of the MOWFO group would somehow let their guard down and not know they're being followed home so she can see where they live. You know it's happened. You just know it.


  1. Bibbi, check your email. It's important.

  2. I really feel sorry for the people that know KO in real life.
    I can't help but think that those people of the MOWFO group are now taking out restraining orders or going to do so and I pray that they've talked to the police about KO.
    KO needs to be arrested and locked up ASAP before she does serious harm to someone.
    KO is beyond mentally ill. KO is psychotic and insane and a major threat to others.
    The police need to do something about this NOW.

  3. She's always posting something hateful, deragatory, and even posts anti-Jew propaganda and then says shit about being a victim and what else could she be? Maybe a victim of her own mentally ill self! Her own worst enemy is herself! If that's what she really means.

    Her facebook is now concentrating on baiting Paul. Demanding that he release nude photos of himself and saying something about his body as "meat"... yeah um, real creepy KO. I'm sure Paul would be blocking you if he had a facebook account. Paul should follow Julian's lead and get ban happy.

  4. Question: Aren't herbal essence Hippies usually vegan/vegetarian?

    Wow, lookit all that meat...that isn't a fat (fetish) Beatle, is it??

    Nevermind the question, I keep forgetting how batshit fucking CRAZY she is. *headdesk* Logic is to be defied at all costs...

  5. CatShit's also so transparent, cos you know why she's trying to tell every goddamn person she can that her enemy is a professional spammer.... so she can get that girl into trouble because CatShit sees her behind every shadow and every spam message she gets she thinks it's that girl. What a deranged moronic spamming spewer that CatShit is for spamming the lies that she SPAMS!

    Yeah yeah, CatShit, keep trying to get someone in trouble with your imaginary CIA agents and such everyone knows you're a joke! You ain't accomplishing shit and you keep Master-Failing so big it's embarassing!

    Here CatShit, please turn up your volume ALL the way and LISTEN and OBEY:

    It's what everyone is hoping you'll do so get a fucking clue already!

  6. Listen and obey...LMAO!!!

  7. I can only imagine the horror of knowing her outside of the internet and having to deal with her in your everyday life.

  8. Everyday life with her around is, as has been reported, a very hellish experience. When I read EL's post on sociopaths, it was like Holy Shit people have these slimebags in their everyday life and I immediately felt sorry for anyone who DOES have to put up with KO everyday. I wouldn't do it for a minute but some people might be stuck and can't escape so easily. She really does have a very oppressive personality.

    Anyway, the latest crap on MPL.

    *sigh* and more of her fake claims.

    Nancy R corrected her. For someone who's had this so-called album for 20 years, she sure can't remember a simple line from it!

    What's worse? She even makes claims on what George Harrison's CD has on it. She really just makes shit up and thinks no one can spot her lies!


    No, they didn't. There she is again trying to pass it off like someone else made a mistake. I'll have to hunt the posts down apparently but IIRC someone told her that GH wanted the song on his album and may have changed lyrics to other people's songs when he sang them live (may have) and the song discussed here was never changed live or otherwise. There was NO instance where he did any changing of the lyrics on recordings.

    That's KO again, trying to appear like it was someone else's faux pas, to try to hide the fact she's just making shit up.

    And of course, she keeps deluding herself.

    There is a huge difference between tolerance and friendship. Huge. Hold hands? Goddamn it's a fucking internet forum. The drama force is strong with the attention seeking troll.

    Then the following remark she makes about knowing people watch yet NEVER telling the truth of WHY; People make sure Kathryn O isn't attacking them on Paul's site, because Kathryn O is ADDICTED to using Paul's site as a punching bag while she tries to hide behind his name like the coward she is.<<<THAT!

  9. I LOVE som of these recent quotes on those LJ pages about the troll;

    How sad and pathetic your life really is to even imagine that you have any kind of an influence with your evil clown bozo ranting.

    Her writhey twisty mind is like a mutant pretzel.

    Her work stands alone all right. Her work doesn't "stand", it crawls, slithers and writhes. It's like a train wreck that morphed into some creature from Goofyland.

  10. Another gem from KO on the MPL Board. She just has to take everything away from everybody else to make it about herself.

  11. LOL. So, Catshit is claiming to talk to the homeless? Oh, okay, sure...she doesn't have a sympathetic bone in her body.

    1. If they only knew how she talks about the poor and unemployeed on the internet, they would steer clear of her when she approaches.


    Whenever the subject of PID comes up, she inserts herself as the big center of it all. It's always all about her. Then she projects her lack of logic because she cannot be reasoned with, she is a nut.

    Again, she NEVER mentioned Paul or the Beatles until she got into PID after being kicked out of all the Battlestar Galactica sites.

    Let's look at the math here too. Born in 1967, claims she was a Beatles fan for 30 years, and now she fell in love with Paul at age 6.

    So now she's claiming to have been a Paul fan for 38-39 years? Pfft.

    More personal grudges and her own dirty laundry being forced onto MPL. How charming.

    Correction: fact he can't stand hearing your obsessions on Macca

    Correction: I can make this type of stuff up (Because she makes shit up ALL the time!!!)

    1. Uh just so people know, Bill doesn't want anything to do with crazy psycho Kathryn because she is a bully and attacks his friends! NOT because she's a damned Macca-obsessed nutcase.

      Please knnow the FACTS!


  13. And here she is hammering on Julian again.
    Goddamn let it go already! We know she won't though and this is another long obsession she'll be on. Like all the others she's stalked.

    "the boy"? And how the hell does she read into that he got hurt from a tweet that sounds to me like a humorous quotation?

  14. Catshit just got owned on her LJ! LOL
    It's funny as hell! ROFL
    My prediction is she's gonna be kicked out of the Beatles fandom.
    She's been kicked out of other fandoms as well.
    Catshit IS INSANE

  15. HEY! I'm really enjoying this blog as it sheds SO MUCH light on what we've been dealing with in our corner of the www.

    This foul beast Kathryn O (I'll call her K here just to be nice although she doesn't deserve any niceness) is always online even if you guys don't see her posts on your forums. Or little of. Make no mistake she is always online!

    On our local boards she has been attacking people left and right and she's been privately emailing people left and right to attack them and bitch about everybody else. Just more of the temper tantrums she pitches and what got her banned from mowfo.

    So K starts dragging up old so-called bullying events (always claiming that she is the victim of such harassment, she is never the bully). One of her old victims (the one she tried to get fired from some other establishment) shows up to defend herself. K continues to claim that she is always the victim and has never done anything to warrant ever being called a bully. Ever. The rest of the world is wrong about that and only K knows the truth about what a saint she is.

    This goes on for about 11 pages.

  16. Oh here...

    Yeah this is really showing how incredibly scatterbrained she is! The police are going to TAKE HER WORD FOR IT! You heard it right there folks! The delusions of a psychopathic bully! Considering that her original "alibi" had not ONE mention of time frames, not a one! OTHER people with brain cells brought that up! Not her. And according to her shitty alibi, in her first version of it, the cops showed up in the daytime. Not the night.

    KO Epic Fails it again.

    and the cops realize you are telling the truth and believe you

    What a laugh! The cops don't believe her, don't let her fool you! The reality is, they just didn't have enough to go on IF they even dropped the case. The fender bender she claimed was a service vehicle when no witnesses could be questioned, let alone the very vehicle she claimed hit her. Nice try KO. You're a liar who got away with a crime and are just trying to incorporate a fantasy delusion that Paul McCartney is your saviour. So anyone with brain cells reading the post, would know KO's lying right off the bat just from that post alone! Math formula? Oh so using a calculator is now coming up with a "math formula"? What does she think she is? If the police had looked into her alibi closely enough they'd have seen the same contradictions in her "story" (i.e. lies) that we had seen! They didn't believe her, they just didn't get around to it. Big difference.

    KO trying to post another obvious provocation at people who know better. The post was basically saying this; Uh-oh yeah timeframes. I did check into it now that you mentioned it and did some "math formulas" and some science-looking rituals and came up with my answers! You don't have any brain cells because the cops didn't arrest me! Paul saves me!

    That's what her post is really saying.

    The deluded freak.

    Then why post it? Just more x-rated bullshit by KO!

    1. Incident happened in early December last year, the police questioned her because there was a witness who saw her and her car on the scene of a hit and run. That's why the police questioned her. She had dents in the same part of her car where someone was hit and seriously injured. KO is the type who would hit and run. Her online activities are no different.

      But because she wasn't arrestes for it, she believes that because she was obsessing on Paul, that he somehow is responsible for saving her ass from going to jail. Everyone knows she's online everyday so her excuse or "alibi" is empty. There's no merit to it.

      Also, that post is very off topic and meant to provoke anger and hostility towards people who know she's a liar and is against EL for presenting the nutcase's so-called alibi on a past entry.

      More about it here:

      The bitch has been reading EL's blogs, bringing the whole thing up in a recent post.

      Members of MPL are laughing at her, but she doesn't see it. Someone even mocked her alibi and wanted to use that as an alibi should they commit any crimes (but I'm sure KO is oblivious to the nature of the remark) and other members mention the CIA and you must write a book are all indicators that they know she is delusional and kinda egging her on. But her lack of brain cells won't get that. KO is oblivious to subtlety.

      BTW, you are correct! She never mentioned any difference in time-frames before and just said she was posting online to MPL right at the time, saying that's where she was. No mentions of time-frames between countries were even brought up by her. Now she's going all math fomula on MPL! She thinks they bought it, it was a routine questioning they simply made a report and it's still on record.

      Think I'll give them a call.

      And she really needs to look up the term Math Formula before posting such stupid posts. As if she ever posts anything other than stupid.

    2. Well she certainly has some issues with her so-called alibi ! Still trying convince herself that Paul is going to come and sweep her off to la-la-land. It's no guessing that she did whatever she's trying to say she didn't do. No one spends that kind of time trying to force something unless they're guilty. As they say, the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. And here we see her doing that on MPL again.

      LOL and what math formula did she use ? LOL !

      Did she use a derivative formula, a hyperbola algebra formula ?? What exactly did she do ? Nothing, but post what she figured sounded good, THAT'S WHAT! She thinks everyone has the same level of non-working brain cells as she does and that everyone's education stopped at second grade like hers did.

    3. Imaginary. A lot of her existence DEPENDS on it. -Angie

    4. Let's look at her so-called alibi and the explanation (or missing factors of it)...shall we?

      You happen to know you were on the macca board and you prove it by showing it to the officers.

      She's talking about herself here, obviously, but how would simply showing police the board prove anything?


      Sure there's a time difference. but you make a current post [sic]

      Current! As in when the police aren't even there!


      calculate the time difference and then use that to make a simple math formula to calculate when all your posts you are showing the police were made

      Are we to assume the police came BACK, travelled back in time, what? Did they stand around while she did her "math formula" on her "current posts? And what posts did she show them? Never says for someone who went into math formulas to try to prove she's got what she thinks is an airtight alibi. Nothing is even remotely believable in what she's spewing on about!

      BITCH PLEASE! STFU you obvious troll and obvious guilty bitch of that hit and run.

      Tell me is it funny to you that someone was put in the hospital because of your wreckless driving? What about the comments you made in December about how people on Bicycles should not use the road?!

      For people who don't know, the victim was hit head on while riding his bike.

    5. If that's her alibi it sure stinks!

      The forum has a GMT adjustment on every CP profile and all she would have had to do was look it up there. Instead of going all "math formula" as if she even knows what math is. She didn't give one example of her calculations for someone who claimed to do all these mathematic figures (especially a braggart like her). Not one mention of how considering all the other useless information she threw out there, so we know her math is terribly flawed: NON-existent!

      The police just didn't have enough to go on at that time to charge her. It's not because they just believed her, and we all know she's a liar and the fact her story completely changed between now and December shows how guilty she must be. She must have hit someone or did something. The police don't knock on one's door unless there's a lead they have on something. It's not like someone just picked up the phone and said 'Hey there's a bitch who hits people in the road' there was more to it than that.

      And yes, her post was another off-topic slam toward people who know she's lying.

    6. The guy was seriously injured. But she'll get away with it. But she won't get away with all her evil deeds forever. When her due is up, oh it'll be a huricane of pay-back.

    7. It would have been simpler to just say, hey I didn't do it instead of trying to bring Paul M's forum into it.

    8. Yeah really. She drives the same car that was described as the hit and run car, she had the dents in it, and someone described her. BUT Paul McCartney is going to be a witness on her behalf all because she's posting stupid remarks about his ass online. Yeah that'll make the police forget all about the other stuff fer sure!

    9. Police aren't stupid. They'll talk to the witness again and examine the matter further. They also have police that work in cyber crime too. Her so called alibi has more holes in than a slice of Swiss cheese! IMHO she won't get away with it.

    10. She'll get away with that (this time) because the man wasn't killed and was probably not as richy rich as her mother is. KO is a richy rich broad from a small town. They're going to let it slide because they won't do anything to get the other richy rich neighbors all mad at them.
      Had this happened in Detroit, she would be charged. But that would be Detroit and not little richy rich Bloomfield Hills.

  17. I've been talking with several people including Nacky from the SCA, and I've found out quite a lot of the events that surrounded this whole thing that KO the Misery tries to distort and lie all over about. One of the
    things that happened in early 2000's was there was some big to-do about banning Harry Potter books and Nacky and several other people were against banning any books from their libraries. That's where she was being targeted by holy rollers.
    But it wasn't just Nacky getting flack for being "anti-religion" or "anti-whatever" a lot of people were getting grief because they didn't agree with the banning of books from public libraries.

    Nacky was just simply one of the people who thought Harry Potter haters were just silly. Not that she's into Harry Potter like all that, but she didn't agree with the holy rollers on the subject. That's where a lot of crap she endured came from was just that. She wasn't on the holy roller's side. That was it.

    But the troll psycho k o has twisted it into shit that's not even there. Temper tantrums and wild eyed rages. No that's k o talking about herself!

    Incidently k o tried to cause some recent problems for the SCA.


    HA! She only calls women with beauty, brains and SANE as being rare because she's NONE of those things! It's really not all that rare otherwise. But that's KO for you, insulting women in general because she's such a macho e-thug who hates women, Jews, blacks, Catholics, sci-fi peoples, well you get the idea.

    Then she baits Julian in the next post. Onlookers are confused. Naturally.

    Why they don't ban trolls (obvious trolls in this case) is beyond me.

    1. Obvious troll is obvious. ;)

  19. Oh boy and her FB is always a garbled mess of delusion and imaginary boyfriends. The latest is Jake (as opposed to John Blake) and she never misses an opportunity to throw in her favorite word and delusion of all time; "stalker" and "her friends" so in essence she's still deluding herself that she has "stalkers" and while Diane does know a Jake, he would never have anything to do with that pathetic psycho Kathryn! Not in a million years. So she claims he's "thinking about her all the time" so what does she do? She posts another fuckwitted picture calling him a douchebag! Nice.

    BTW, Diane has been followed at conventions by this very pathetic Kathryn and called and mocked as a stalker. Pointed at and called a stalker by this pathetic bitch Kathryn. Diane, being followed and pointed at and being called a stalker BY this stalker following her around and pointing at her at conventions!
    Unless the pathetic Kathryn is referring to Kimba or Shay, or the Canadian lady or any other person she's victimized over the years. But I'm guessing it's Diane being attacked there. Conventions and all.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see that people are fighting back against this poisonous gossipy bully we all know as Psycho K!

    Keep fighting the good fight!


    Subtle attacks against men who like pretty women. As usual. It's a sin in ugly KO's beady little eyes.

    OH but after insulting men for finding beauty and appreciating beauty in a pretty woman, she then goes and makes a very rude and crude letcherous comment about Paul's ass. KO's got no class. Just crass.

    So hate beauty but focus on someone's ass. KO's philosophy.

    Quite obvious she was never at any prior Paul concert. Also in next post down, she shows even more ignorance of the Beatles history.

    1. Crass is her middle name.
      And of course she hates anything beautiful since she's so damn ugly and she knows it!
      And she sure as hell is no long term Beatles fan!


    Delicious screencap debate for you wonderful folks.


    More lies. My LJ is open and a nasty person showed it to Julian Lennon to traumatize him. I heard from his staff and then started a discussion about what would you do if it happened to you? The first person who replied was my stalker who just joined the group to follow me. She was nasty as usual and that started the entire thing.

    MORE LIES alright!

    1. Angie was already a member of that community and didn't "just join" and of course, nobody is stalking the sick psycho KO.

    2. KO started the whole thing when she opted to involve the whole community to help her get back at Julian Lennon!

    3. If Julian's staff said that to her, she would have posted the exact letter they wrote! There is NO such letter or claim from Julian Lennon's staff or Julian himself!

    Catshit is a LIAR and DELUSIONAL!

    Then the psycho bitch goes to try to get Astrid all up in arms with a lie about someone badmouthing her. Of course with catshit, if there was anything at all like this; there would be names and links.

    You can automatically spot her lies and tricks so easily.

    Her manipulations are so dismal once people know her M.O.

    Her M.O. being first accuse people of being stalkers and bullies. She sets that up first thing.

    Then accuse them of being a liar and a thief. Then tell them they are being badmouthed. She really works on 'em like the textbook sociopath she is!

    So anyway, screencaps of this is saved even if the liar removes the comments!

    Julian Lennon and his staff have been libelled by KO/Catkick/Karen Nesbit and she's still trying to get Julian's attention on facebook by posting innocent pics of him with very provocative statements about homosexuality.

    OH and BTW, she says in her recent comments that her mother has been "recently" showing pics of her as a teen in some shirt and glasses. Um she said that same exact thing last year on MPL. It's a recycled lie to try to convince people she's been into the Beatles for so long.

  23. the first person to respond to her flamebaiting troll thread was jonesingjay (who is also labelled as a "stalker" by that nasty stalker KO; who is the real stalker in all these fandoms as proven by her relentless obsessions with the fans AND the celebrity)


    Here is yet ANOTHER version of her lie. Now it's about avatars. Notice how she just claims it's because Julian was shown her dumb ass fics but they never said that, she's just putting words in their mouth at this point!

    (and the lie. the truth I've been told is he doesn't like the fact I write fics and was shown them

    What does her sentence even mean other than "They didn't tell me it was because of my fics but it just HAS TO BE because I said so!" In a nutshell, that's her story. She just has to invent something!

    WHO told her? The ghost of George Harrison? The people living in her attic? The people under the stairs? Since we know she would throw anyone under the bus, naming a name would be her first deed. No names = nobody told her any damned thing. It's all in her fat brain-dead head!

    That is the lie she's trying to tell BL. I hope people are seeing exactly what they've let onto the forums, and let remain on forums! This is exactly what all those other people were warning them against when they came to KO's victims for answers! Answers they got! And fluffed off. I wonder what their perspective is now? Hmmm.

    Then she tries to blame THEM (Julian's staff) for her own actions, when in fact she was harassing Julian and that's why he blocked her. Her excuse of harassing him AFTER she was banned, is still the fact that she harassed him. So from that it's easy to see she was harassing him BEFORE she was blocked.

    And over on MPL

    *SHOCK* the psycho went out into the world for the first time in a decade!

    KO has no working brain cells so her post only confuses people. And the only part of it that is true is that the police questioned her. Nothing else is even remotely true.

    It's really laughable that when anyone dispoves her lies and warped reality, she just goes into some mantra of how brain dead people must be. More of her projections.

    1. Well and they are the admins. They can ban anyone for any reason. At any time. They don't HAVE to open the door to her!

      They don't HAVE to let her on their site!

    2. I wonder if it's dawned on her yet that Alan who mods the MPL site is also the moderator of Julian Lennon's stuff?


  25. Hmm.

    Subtle attacks against men who like pretty women. As usual. It's a sin in ugly KO's beady little eyes.

    OH but after insulting men for finding beauty and appreciating beauty in a pretty woman, she then goes and makes a very rude and crude letcherous comment about Paul's ass. KO's got no class. Just crass.

    So hate beauty but focus on someone's ass. KO's philosophy.

    But if anyone dared say the obvious (like) so men like looks and outward appearances? Seems women only like men for their asses. See if anyone put it right back in her face what she just did, there'd be another thread pulled because of her! But of course she'll claim she "stayed out of it" jeesh!

  26. Fed Up with the KO TrollAugust 9, 2012 at 11:21 PM

    Well let's compare!

    From the screen caps, we know she claimed this:

    "showed it to Julian Lennon to traumatize him. I heard from his staff"

    Yet on Beatlelinks, she says this:

    "His staff said it was for multiple Beatle related post that is stated to not be allowed."

    Proof link:

    So which is it?

    she can't even get her lies in order from one site to the next! In the same DAY!

    Sounds to me like she's a bitter disgruntled stalker who isn't getting her way to continue stalking Julian Lennon!

    I guess Paul wasn't as easily accessible as Julian, huh?

    And people defend this psycho and let her lie to them?


  27. Goddamn she posted another fucking insane thing on FB! Julian Lennon's staff is now accused of some really ridiculous shit! Oh and lookie, that stupid Stephanie just believes the lies of a compulsive liar without question! Another attention grab for the Attention Whore by creating her little drama against Julian's staff!

    Who was it that claimed a liar on the internet is really nothing to worry about? Except that this particular beast is a danger because her methods seek to destroy entire communities by getting in (or trying to) and injecting her poison and then by the time people realize it's happening, sometimes they arrived at that conclusion too late!

    Well, I have to say Kudos to Julian anyway for seeing it rather quickly even if some other people wanna bury their heads in the shithole of KO's pile of it.

  28. Was just on KO's Facebook page, and she is claiming that Jane Asher came into her store. Yeah, Jane was really in your store in MI, dream on.. And for a being a HUGE Beatles fan as she claims, she really should know that Yoko is not in her early 70s, but in her late 70s.

  29. To show you how manipulative the bitch is, she had someone else from BeatleLinks post an outright accusation toward Rob and some other member there of being stalkers! And "making Julian look bad" along with "it's natural to lie" and just bullshit from one of KO's well trained minions.

    Naturally in any other case, Rob would have been called (at worst) a Julian fanboy. But no, because her lies and poison is so thick, people get called "stalkers" for even attempting to address the horrid lies she's perpetrated!

    This higa or whatever the fuck it calls itself launched right into a rant about stalking poor little old KO "across the internet", gee where have we heard THAT before and then accuses the bringers of the truth as being the bad guy! Wow. KO sure has her fans well trained. That same idiot went into a rant about how nobody on BL cared about the drama on FB, but she sure allowed the drama coming from KO! THAT was ok since only SHE can post off topic drama since she whines so much and needs such pampering!

    Higa-whatever goes into this thing about "making Julian look bad" and GODDAMN, isn't THAT what KO (misfittoy) is doing all over the site??? WTF???

    This whole following someone "across the net" to call them names is another thing! THEN WHY on EARTH is KO following everyone across the net, joining forums to name-call people (namely "stalkers" and "nasty") and all the other vicious name-calling I can point out at a glance from HER posts! What about THAT?

    Oh but when she does it, it's ACCEPTABLE but someone popping up to dispell her lies and show her as a FRAUD, oh that's just UNacceptable! Dictators and evil people cannot have the truth get out. Better start using the troops! How many she got? Does she have enough people in her personal army that she's built up on propaganda against her enemies? Has she worked on them long enough to have their complete loyalty and devotion? Is her psuedo-empire strong enough to withstand the sunlight?

    KO's attempt to derail a Julian Lennon thread with her personal drama and lies = is ok. Oh and not only ok but "natural"... gimme a break!

    Someone else standing up to her lies and presenting the people with the truth = unacceptable!

    Jesus F Christ, she's got these Beatle forums marching along along to her sick dictatorship like little puppet soldiers!

  30. Don't fret too much. One thing about Beatles fans is that we see, register and process bullshit better than most fans. The idiots are obvious. The mods are onto her and she'll be kicked off soon. We hate her shit and what it has done to many a Beatles community. Her days are numbered, except maybe at JhP. That's her last bastion. Good luck to them!

  31. What bothers me is that nobody can go into any forum and just say, hey look guys, KO is a stalker because she's already been outed as the stalker in Dirk fandom, and called out as the stalker she is there so what does she do? Go into a WHOLE NEW fandom, to a whole bunch of strangers and people who have NO INKLING of what she is or where she was run from, and uses that whole new fandom as a way to call her victims "stalkers".

    It should be a well lesson to anyone to observe that whenever anyone joins a forum and immediately starts on a "I have a stalker" kick (which in EVERY forum she has done) it should send up red flags immediately! It should be considered that she is trying to make everyone fear stalkers, hide the truth of her past, and get everyone riled up so that any voice of reason or truth will immediately been seen as the bad guy. Right off the bat. Because nobody will know their story, just hers. Which she has totally lied about.

    1. It would be great if we could ALL go into all the forums and say HEY we have a stalker too! It's name is KO and she stalked us! For years!

      But we can't. But she can do that and get away with it? It's just so sick how she can fuck with everyone. No matter who they are. Even Dirk and Julian.

  32. The hideous bitch posted on her facebook wall that Julian's staff is "trying to control" her! WTF? She goes and posts some really slanderous, provocative stuff and hateful and venomous things against him and his staff and they're supposed to like it?

    And the CONTROL FREAK herself claiming someone else is trying to control her!!!!! Oh if THAT don't beat all! How many people have had their voices silenced because of her trying to control them???? How many people have posted far less hateful stuff about her and have had their accounts reported by her? Yeah control freak, let us know how your control freak ways are when they come back to bite your fat faced ass!

  33. I see she's gotten one of her minions to do her dirty work. Far too fearful to reply to the comments left in the thread regarding her lies. She can't handle it herself, so she puts someone else up to it.

    It's pretty sad how someone can be so terribly misguided and actually defend Catshit, based on her word alone, not even taking a moment to use their brain and think, why does this person have a problem with every fandom she worms her way into?


  34. Anyone with an OUNCE of brain matter would see the obvious.


    HEY EVERYONE! I have a stalker! Yup. Stalker this, stalker that, MY stalker, MY stalker this, MY stalker that. I will repeat this a million times and claim to be a victim. What else can I be? Oh yeah and I'll keep TALKING about having a stalker while posting under names like Kathryn O, and talking about where I live and talk about the people I say are MY stalkers! Will make sure to mention AS MUCH INFO as I can about them! Their names, their sites, their blogs, I won't give any real details or links that YOU can check out for yourselves, just enough info so THEY can see ME talking shit about them! I won't try to avoid MY stalkers because actually I'm going to make them PAY for BANNING ME!

    MEEEEEE!!!!! They banned MEEEEEE!

    I have a stalker! MY stalkersssssss! Yesssss my preciousssss!


    Yeah and while Macca ignores his detractors, KO on the other hand is a nasty stalker who's out to destroy them and posts venomous things at people directly from the sites she's turned into war zones. Like MPL, JHP and BL.

  36. Look there she went and accused someone else of stalking Julian! KO is stalking him and that's why he blocked her. But of course she just had to turn it around on someone else - what she is doing!

    New members who sign up for MPL or BL beware! If you're a new member, you WILL be called a stalker and that will be what some other members call you too!

    People were RIGHT to assume she had taken over because in any other circumstance, new members would be welcomed even if they posted something from another site to show people something.
    So the new members of BL are gonna get hit hard with the name-calling and accusations of being stalkers because they had the NERVE to speak up and tell people she's a liar! The nerve!

    Meanwhile, she'll be able to continue posting lies and calling people stalkers of her. Stalkers of Julian too! There is no justice in the world when this pathetic lowlife liar can get away with so much!

    To the new members of both sites, if you're reading this; I feel for you. But there can be no way to dispell her lies in those sites. She's got too many people believing her shit stories. All we can do is contact webmasters when she starts attacking people directly and just have her nasty posts from MPL and BL removed, if they'll even do that! This nightmare of Misery never has an end because she is enabled in every way.

  37. What she does is sign up to forums to bash people. They're just people somewhere else. She used to sign up to bash people on their own sites! I remember how she'd do that. Michigan lists were the scene of many a war zone. What she's doing is called stalking BTW but with the added getting others to help her attack and gang up on a single person. She can't even decide if her attacks are to be against a single person or to a whole group of people since she keeps going from singular to plural back and forth all the time.

    But she pretends to be a long time fan of something to escape detection and to stop anyone from questioning her stories and tall tales. Once in a while she'll post something on-topic but her real reason for being anywhere is to bash and flame and stalk her targets while remaining the big center of attention.

  38. Well just because someone signed up to post some revealing crap about a notorious lying asshole like misfittoy (KO/Catkick) doesn't mean he is a stalker. It just means he wanted to shed some light on a fucking bitch who is a fucking troll.

  39. Fed Up with the TROLL KOAugust 12, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Hibgal is all like make excuses for the troll, make excuses for the lies because see it's only natural but boy oh boy she sure can rip right into someone's jugular vein when they present the truth! Oh how dare someone come in and knock KO's lies out of the water. THAT is just unacceptable. Hibgal like the other minions just wanna be lied to. It doesn't matter how harmful those lies are as long as it doesn't affect them. How quaint.

  40. Her FB is still raging on against Julian and she is really fucking going at him with a string of homosexually charged innuendos and then telling him off, telling him if he objects to these innuendos that it's against her "sexuality". Um I thought she was a she and not a gay man. FAIL! She's not a gay man so actually her stupidity shows in spades.

    The Charlie Chaplin quote is also something that doesn't belong on her wall as this is the same psycho who has bragged abut others' pain, posted about bad-mouthing the dead and hoping accidents befall people. Note also the person she apparently got fired and laughed at when she got them fired. This while SHE complains about Mitt Romney, and Obama, and the economy and unemployement in the USA. Yeah but it's ok to get someone fired because they didn't kiss her ass!

    Anyway. Poor Julian. He does not deserve this crap.

    1. As many people on Facebook as possible should report that! That's a very clear violation of Facebook's TOS

      and also this which KO has clearly violated:

      Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

      You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

      You will not create more than one personal account.

      KO has two Facebook accounts, perhaps even more!

  41. If you wanna see how the sociopath in full glaring color perpetrates lies, and the way she twists things to fit her version of reality...!/TieDyedGal/posts/458982067468861

    Vile-filled hate. The one posting the vile-filled hate is none other than the stalker who wrote all that garbage on facebook! See how she left out all the details of her hateful posts, never provides any links, and concocts her drama to lie to some idiot named Marla.

    Then she goes into some stupid thing her mother allegedly said so she's still convinced that she has a relationship with Julian.

    The sick woman holds on to her "my stalker" line like a lifeline. She has made herself the center of attention and complains when people investigate her lies and finds she's the aggressor. She can't see how obviously sick she is.

  42. I see how she completely lied and left out the fact that what happened on BL was that a few people questioned her charges against Julian. Oh she left ALL that out and that was the very reason anyone spoke up! To take her to task on the lies she posted from one site to the next! That's what someone pointed out!

    An older member who had their own posts disappear from whatever previous shit KO caused wasn't even brought up- just automatically labeled! Rob the new member that did show up actually was an older member who opted to use a throw-away account. She can't seem to grasp that. But it wouldn't matter if were older members who said any of that, she would still call them stalkers because as is documented she calls anyone who questions her lies "a stalker" like the psyhcopath in the movies who calls the murder victims "the killer" but they can't testify, because they already dead!

    Those mods really need to start paying attention because she thrives on their lack and ability.

  43. KO is sure an expert on hate-filled content. She lives her life sending it and posting it everywhere she goes. Not to mention that in real life she is known as the town's biggest and ugliest gossip.


    The TROLL posted:
    It's official. Julian's staff hates this thread. officially.

    Someone questioned:
    Wha? Did they post something about it?

    The TROLL lying through her teeth and never actually ANSWERING the question just rambled on with:
    No. They didn't post but I've been in an argument with his staff about why I suddenly found myself blocked from posting on his page right after I actually had multiple discussions with him.

    His staff said it was for multiple Beatle related post that is stated to not be allowed. I knew the rule, never posted about the Beatles and asked them to show me the actual post I made as they made a mistake. It was where I talked about this thread saying that his page was so cool it had it's own thread on another board.
    The catch (and the lie. the truth I've been told is he doesn't like the fact I write fics and was shown them) is that I made that post months ago. I asked why it took them so long to ban me then?
    They then complained they wanted to control my avatar, a pic of John and George, and my personal posts on FB made after my banning where I'm captioning some Julian pics in a fit of hurt.

    >>>BUT NOTE how the QUESTION which was "Wha? Did they post something about it?" to her CLAIM that Julian's staff hated that thread was NEVER ANSWERED and she didn't provide ANY proof or documentation that they said they hated Apple's thread!!!<<<

    PROOF she is lying when she can't even answer a simple question!

    And here in her own words should be the smoking gun of why she was blocked!

    I suddenly found myself blocked from posting on his page right after I actually had multiple discussions with him.

    No shit.

    Julian has been exposed to her crazy psycho shit and did the right thing - he blocked her!

  45. As an observer of all these sites and I am someone with a little inside info here and there I can tell you what I see.

    KO gets blocked from Julian's page.

    KO goes to JohnHeartPaul and fishes for sympathy and a personal army there. Fails.

    KO then goes to the one thread on Beatlelinks entitled "Julian's FACEBOOK" and uses that thread to fish for sympathy there. Another FAIL because she got none.

    She also left out of her little psycho rant to Marla the fact that dozens of people actually did complain about her use of a thread to unleashed her hateful comments against Julian. I do believe some mods warned her.

    If MPL has any thread about Julian, she'll try her fishing for sympathy there. Since she's already failed so miserably at getting her way on the Julian thing and trying to get people to help her harass him for her.

    Had the admins of JHP & BL known how bad she is, they would have nipped it in the bud but they don't because she's got her "victim act" already established there. But she still didn't get any sympathy from members of either site.

    why doesn't she post a thread about Julian blocking her to MPL and fish for sympathy there? Since MPL is (as she has claimed) the ONLY place where she is so welcome and adored, why doesn't she try there?
    Just wondering.

    1. IMHO the reason she doesn't try at MPL is because she'd be banned!

    2. KO goes to JohnHeartPaul and fishes for sympathy and a personal army there. Fails.

      Except, to politely clarify, she didn't fail. She got one of the mods to post a completely off-topic rant about how poor catshit was getting picked on. The main JhP mod allowed it the discussion to fester until they finally closed it to further comments. Long-time members were then either kicked off the comm (by the same mods) or personally attacked in the comment thread. And there sat poor little abused catshit, grinning through the whole disaster.

      JHP has become catshit's personal litter box.

      I'd like to at least think that BL mods have better sense.

    3. BL mods have proven or at least one in particular has proven that he doesn't have a lick of sense. How can Catshit's cutting remarks not be seen and deleted or at the very least she be warned to stop the Julian hate on a thread about his FB?

      As far as the JHP stuff goes Catshit has the mods on her side. The main mod seems rather unmotivated to actually moderate and the co-mod is pretty well lodged up Catshit's fat ass. At least there were a few people willing to call her out and that got them unfairly banned while Catshit is allowed to stay and troll on.

      JHP has really gone down the shitter.

  46. The psycho is still bashing Julian and if people had any doubts that she's a crazy stalking piece of shit, please I implore you to just take a look for yourself! She's even attacking Julian over shit that's not even realistic! What the hell does he have to do with killing anything on the planet? Is she trying to say he's killing her?

    And the trail of destruction is apparent! She purposefully upsets people and she'll NEVER LEARN! She expects positive reactions to her disgusting negativity and attacks on people! She already got some people back-handed at BeatleLinks, and she even got one person banned from another site! Goddamn how are people NOT seeing this trail of malice and discord that she brings in her filthy wave of psycho-ness?

    The hateful, "hate-filled" shit she keeps churning out of her endless evil vilest sickness is aimed Julian with full force! Anyone trying to alert the people to this grotesque stalking that she's doing be damned!

  47. The facebook of the psycho is like the livejournal of the psycho. Full of crazy!

    Yeah of course, according to her, everyone is a stalker, everyone who happens to know the truth that SHE is the stalker, psycho, troll.

    She has worked her lies into these mods and stuff and they won't do anything because they WON'T look into a thing. Imagine how it would go if people came into the place and informed them of a hideous liar who uses people for sympathy and lies to people about having stalkers and shit and to be wary. They would see the mindgames very clearly, but because nobody ever sees it coming (because she just came in from another fandom where they do know her as the true stalking psycho she is) they are unprepared and therefore like the sociopath she is, plays on their sympathies, their guilt, their whatever they have and uses that to manipulate them.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask Angie to make some facebook pics. Take the recent bullshit KO-KB posted on facebook, use the Pinocchio thing and put in a good dose of a reality check for snotty stalker KO!

    "When you delete all your creepy posts and comments and destroy other people's comments and witness accounts against you, you don't have to remember anything. You can just keep making up lie after lie. Isn't that right Kathryn O?"

    And then make another one with the same Pinocchio and say

    "When you abuse others, and there are no witnesses it's your word against theirs. So you don't have to remember any details because it's up to the victim the burden of proof.

    When you abuse animals, you don't have to remember anything because like what's the poor defenseless animal gonna say anyway?"

    Please make some of those so I can post it on facebook and other places.

    1. LOL, anon. Those are priceless!! I've a lot on my plate at the moment, and will try to work those in. I can't stop laughing. She hates truthful answers, as you well know. Shall I put "Dear K. Nesbit" at the beginning of these? *snort*

      -Angie (someone pointed me here from my LJ) ;)

    2. "Shall I put "Dear K. Nesbit" at the beginning of these? *snort*"


      How about "Dear K. Nesbit, Kathryn O, catkick, alienated, kitty9tales, furvore, misfittoy or whatever dumbass name you call yourself... ROFL

    3. Okay, anon. I whipped out a couple of these. Have a look on my LJ. I'm not great at things like this, but the temptation was too great. :)



    Any chance she can jump at claiming being a fan for decades she jumps at. And proves even more that she's a liar. BTW didn't she say that she was in some Catholic school and raised all in Catholic settings and so forth? Yeah she did and so these newest batshit claims are more of her delusional brand of stinking up the place.

  49. Very pleased to see that myspace deleted another of KO's myspace accounts.
    It's gone! DELETED
    myspace takea abuse reports very seriously.
    the report that was sent to them included all the other myspace accounts of KO's that were deleted from their site for violations of TOS.

    1. This is the message from myspace

      "Thanks for contacting MySpace.

      We appreciate you bringing the profile(s) to our attention. These accounts have already been deleted or are scheduled for deletion based on prior review. The only reason we delete a MySpace profile is for violation of our Terms of Use, which you can view at

      We’re here to help. If this has not completely answered your question, please respond to this email with any additional info you can provide, leaving the subject line intact, and we’ll take another look.

      The MySpace Support team"

      In the report that was sent all of KO's past myspace accounts that were deleted for violation of myspace's TOS were listed as well.

    2. GREAT! Graaaavy! Thanks so much!

  50. In her facebook today she throws in another 30 year claim... again. *eye roll* and says George and John were her first "pairing" written thing. Um, then how come she claimed it was Paul and George? The she claimed her first ever written fic of anything Beatles related was a PID piece which she herself announced on MFH as a new story in 2009? OK we all know she wasn't writing a damned thing 30 years ago and it's easy for anyone to see that since a writer of THAT many years would have picked up on basic English skills and grammar!

    Nevermind that she hasn't even picked up on any Beatles history since 2009, since all of hers comes from some books she ordered off Amazon. OK so I wonder if the Julian bashing is overwith?
    Nope. Her comments on stuff still mention him and she's still changing her story from one version to the next.

    OK so the troll posts heavily in MPL today. A bunch of her usual stupid posts.
    A few to document.

    People are astounded at her total lack of writing ability but with the total belief that's she's the best writer! Her maturity levels would make a five-year old seem like wise sage.
    Oh and she uses another opportunity to bash people on LJ subtle-like. Her post here is just a long sentence of rambling.
    And why does she come up with something sick like killing frogs? Why even mention it?
    Make it be all about her. Those comments on fb were educated when they say to enter at your own risk. They weren't talking about Paul.
    She's turned MPL into her bullying grounds.


    Shit she rambles on like a fucking idiot! WTF does Star Trek have anything to do with bagpipes? She just inserts nonsense into nonsense sentences and jumps from one half baked thought to the next without any clue.
    Oh and she's complaining about people she hates again. Her normal daily routine while still managing to talk about her mundane life as if anyone cares.

    Here's the hilarious part;

    I haven't done the spa or mudbath for a few years now and I need to start doing it again. Time's been an issue. I've got to work on that.

    THIS right after she says she went to a spa! Go tell an online forum all about it now!
    And while you're at it, show the world how you spent the entire time thinking about the people you hate and then claim you washed them out of you - BUT run right to the internet and TALK about them some more! Mention them some more, because the truth is, Kathryn O is obsessed stuck in her oppressive personality that when she claims to have washed her demons away it's actually just another ploy to get attention.

    And time is an issue? Um, how about not running to post what every little thing you do on the internet? That would help with time right there! How about staying OFF the internet you psycho troll!

    Then there was something in another post where she tries to come off as the original thinker of the "Behind every great man, there's a great woman" and it's just more of her trying to tell the forum how important she is in her own mind.