Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The TROLL KO still TROLLING on and on

Oh boy. It's really like a nightmare that never ends. How does this insane woman even get through life without someone locking her up, beating the living crap out of her or calling the guys in white coats to come and put her in a padded room?

So the latest round of KO's terror trolling involved someone in a livejournal community who is supposed to be me and after Julian Lennon blocked KO, this whole other forum was exposed to yet another one of her delusionally warped accusations and paranoid schizophrenic episodes of drama! KO of course could have keep this a secret, and not let people know what they already suspected about her being insane but she just had to go and prove she was insane! Thusly the JHP boards were the scene of her outrageous accusations and drama. The wank is thick in JHP!

To find out what happened, because the crazy troll removed the evidence (or tried to) of her lies and laughable stupidity, you'll have to go and find the thread as saved here; Angie's livejournal.

So since Angie has been accused of being me, and Nacky (who's not even on LJ anywhere) and everyone else who happened to call the trolling attention whore out, a whole war has been brought on again by the very master of manipulation herself: KO the stalking Troll! Needless to say, I really had no idea she was trolling LJ to the extent that she trolls MPL. But this doesn't surprise me in the least!

I have also taken time out to look for this "word for word" thing that Angie was supposed to have repeated that KO jumped all over (like she does at any crumb of opportunity to attack) and could not find any such! The words BATSHIT, Attention Whore, Insane, (let's add) Mentally and emotionally ill and Troll have all been used to describe KO because those words are what fits what she is, and everyone that I know in my own clique has said those very same words PRIOR to even knowing any of her past victims! Let alone went and looked for words to repeat. These are words that are readily given in observance of KO's batshit crazy fucktarded actions and deeds. No need to copy/paste. So that's another lie of KO's exposed. Angie is a real person and so is Nacky, but both are different people. I also have inside info, so KO can take her baiting and attacks and shit them back up into her own ass! From where all her posts come from.

Now onto the usual. The Troll is still on MPL and still making people there miserable. It's actually quite the statement that the site is literally going downhill. Yeah when you keep a poisonous cancer around, you lose members and scare off others! But don't get rid of it MPL, no, no, keep it until you know for sure despite the evidence that she's a destroyer of forums and communities and can play you like a violin unless you wake the hell up already! Learn the hard way, right?

The trolling troll's troll posts on MPL today were many because Julian Lennon is now just fodder for her facebook crabby complaints, moaning and bitching about him, and MPL is a bigger audience, as always.

This is the 6th time KO has zeroed in on a new member (because she takes notes of ALL new members since she loves to point a stalking finger at them) and confronted that new member with a bait.


The second time in less than a week that a new member has been made to defend themselves, and pointed out as a new member in a very condescending way. Nice way that MPL has to make people feel welcome! Let KO interrogate them! Yep she sure is running that place now and is acting upon who can stay and who is to be booted! KO even insults the new member and calls him/her a 14 year old, so now we know she stalked everything that member had available on there AND what's more, she tells him/her to be nice! WTF? Translated it means kiss KO's ass and you won't be "taught a lesson" by her henchmen that she calls "Paul's staff"

Lookie here! More announcements to bait and troll people. KO will hide the fact that she follows everyone else and taunts them all over the place. But she won't admit to that!


She is also following everything Julian says or does, Paul, James, Dhani, her victims, people from MOWFO...

And lookie here! A big bad ass, right? KO can get drugs and guns! She certainly threatens people with guns when witchy curses aren't working.


Read further down at the MADE UP on the spot story... funny, her life has been saved by rats, cats and spiders, and now a gun against dogs - in the middle of a street, by a boyfriend who happened to have a firearm with him while in the middle of the street. With dogs. And she's been in a theater shooting too! But has only JUST NOW revealed this and brought all this up when the subject of guns was discussed a year or so ago on MPL! Why, you'd think she'd have said something then! But no, this is just what came to mind and she's just doing her usual lying to get attention again. Oh the TROLL never stops!

And of course, she's the raging queen of knife fights too!
Are these the knives she keeps in her bag? Or the dinner knives she claimed to have skill in throwing at people across a table?

Then HERE she contradicts her own self when she does exactly what she's done and is doing all the time while trying to drag this person into an argument with her!

Never a break from this psycho unless storms knock out her power lines. Oh where are the solar flares when you need them??!!??

EDIT with further Info!

The moderator of the Battlestar Galactica Rec Room gave me a few links to KO's posts. I'm only putting a few here because the group is public and there's no sense in making the entry longer when anyone can easily find the homepage and search from there, but I am putting this little bit up with the following comments from info I already had.

The kind of bullying and harassment Julian is now being subjected to....

No mentions of Beatles anything and Jim is a pervert that got her into sex clubs? That's a lie. On another note because she herself mentioned it, the Attorney General did a simple search and found out she was the one doing the mail fraud when the man contacted Dirk's staff and the members there that had saved the evidence.

And this. KO has no friends from the cruise. Why? The one she did have has since realized she was seriously fucked in the head and Tonita found out about KO's vicious suicide stories about her that KO went around telling everyone after being thrown off, in an attempt to cover up the fact that she was close to being charged with harassment and stalking Dirk on the ship. KO sure loves to throw as much mud around as possible in order to stop the truth from being known.

Oh and this is the article that is spoken of in that post:

NOWHERE is Beatles or Paul/John even mentioned! Not that any of that other stuff is true either (writing since she was 12? And STILL incrediably bad!) but please note the big, gaping hole where there is nothing even remotely about the Beatles even mentioned there! Strange for someone to not mention them when she makes a point to claim she's written Beatles slash for 30 goddamn years! No, back then she claimed that Battlestar Galactica was her first love! SO that means all the lies about the John/Paul/Ringo/George slash writing has just been a bunch of hogwash and shown the light of day for the doubting Thomases!

Thank You Metrotimes! Screensave it, because she'll be trying to get that destroyed too!

Now for the text document from the Christian group admin that I was given permission to post here. All email addresses have been omitted, and only the content may be shown at this time. The name "bss" is KO in the text.

bss: Nice people on this list, please pray for me and my friends Todd,
Betty, Jim and Dirk who the Benedictator also harrasses. These people are special to me,
and her constant attacks have made some of them back
away from my friendship.
thank you for your time

From: Group Mod
Do any of these people post here? I'm confused.

From: bss
they don't even know I'm here, i am afraid the Benedictator would ruin this experince for me when I have
so many friends here in the Christian groups.

From: Group Mod
According to my logs, you just joined this group yestersay, who are these people you say are your friends?

From: bss
I should not have to explain myself to you, i have every right to be here just because I'm not a christian.

From: Group Mod
I ask again. Who are these people you say you know from here? You came here and started posting about someone here sending you things and more or less, from my point of view attacking him and now you're asking for prayers for people you say are being harassed by a Bendictator, and I just want to know who these people are. It's a reasonable question, don't you think?

From: bss
I can't give their real identitties as I am being stalker. i have been sent Christian cards from someone here and i think he is sick when he should know I am no Christian.

From: Group Mod
Okay. Still confused. Is that your real name on your Yahoo ID?

From: bss
No I have used this Id for safety, the Benedictator does not know it.

From: Fredrich
Then why not tell us the names of these people you say are your friends here since you're using a very confusing username and seem to be avoiding the question?

From: bss
I don't know you. and you are probably one of the troublemakers. How do I know your not spying on me?

Needless to say, this went on until I finally banned her. She just came into the group to start problems and name names and claim claims that she could not back up.
I'm guessing when she said that "Dirk is a very special friend" to her that she was speaking of Dirk Benedict. Really I had no idea what was happening until one of the real victims contacted me and asked to have posts removed that indicated she was beaten by an abusive husband that this troll had posted with a fake account with her name on it. Then she came back with another ID and posted under the name blue sky song and posted what you see on the text docs.

Please copy only that which is in the text.doc because I really don't want her coming back to my group and I'm sure she doesn't remember what group it is since she joined in 2006 which is long enough ago to not feel so apprehensive about, also because of her we are a moderated group and members must be approved by me before they can join. As the group mother, I had to take those steps because of people like her.

Sorry to hear you're dealing with her presently, my prayers go out to you and yours. Please also post this footnote that people will know that nobody from our group or any of the other groups sent her any money. }It is simply not true!

She tried to get people to send money but she was far too sketchy and wouldn't answer honest questions. This is not someone who would give money to the needy. Not after what I had personally witnessed of her actions.

God Bless!

Wow. KO sure has no social skills.


  1. KO is sure flaunting her weight and control over MPL all over the place. Leave the newbies alone! STOP harassing them over age and newness! ANOTHER POINT: MPL has minors as members, SO KO PLEASE STOP THE CREEPY Nancy's underwear threads and the numerous posts about your fucking saggy tits, bitch!

  2. The new member that KO is flamebaiting is Sheila. I know her from another site. Of course I guess I failed to warn her about KO. Now I feel terrible because KO found her before I had a chance to warn poor Sheila.

    KO is an ugly middle aged troll who lives with her mother and spends her life obsessing over famous men and the people that have rightfully kicked her out of their sites and their LIVES! Lives she still tries to get into and make a shambles of. 'Cause if she can't live through you, you're not supposed to live at all!

    KO is a miserable no-life bullying stalker and so she is happy when she can make someone else's life miserable.

  3. Hey guys! Don't believe a damned word! Not that you will because of the obvious lies she tells but on the MOWFO group the subject of theaters came up about 3 or 4 years ago (when she was still a member and poisoning the MOWFO group) and someone said something about a guy who packed heat and she jumped all over that and said she would have turned the guy in had she been there and then went on to say that she's never been in any kind of shooting or shoot-out or any instance like that and how it would have just made her shrivel into a recluse that would stay home all the time if that ever happened! In the 3 or 4 years she's NEVER brought up any kind of shooting incident and she's the type that would talk about it FOREVER. So she's lying out her ass. I would point to the exact posts but MOWFO has gone members only. But it should still be there!

  4. When tha Julian thing got posted and she acted like that, I knew then and there that when I defended catkick in the past, that I had defend the wrong person. I almost posted HOLY SHIT I defended the WRONG person! but I didn't because I knew that the mods were already too far gone to see clearly.
    The membership is now afraid to say the slightest thing to incur the wrath of catkick because they know they will be banned at her orders. All she has to do is go whining to Loretta and it'll be a done deal.

    I wanted to say this here because if I said it on livejournal, she would come after me next. I could post in Angie's room but I'm afraid they would still know who I am from my font or something. I don't know I'm just so disgusted at JHP and the fact this creep stalker has gotten some people so wound up and brainwashed.

    1. It's sad because there are very few (any?) Beatles communities where she is NOT a member. I was going to join one the other day but no - there she was. It sucks. She's ruined regular Beatles and slash communities across the internet.

    2. Good to see some JHP members here who get just how far downhill that community has gone. I know it's 'self moderated' but that's clearly not working. I just hope that more people who are members of JHP will finally get that CatShit isn't good for that community or any other one. I know there are still people there who will probably take CatShit at her word and the mods there are far from being able to see things clearly and look at both sides. It's always the mods to the rescue of poor little 'victim' CatShit, and everyone else is labeled a bully/stalker/troublemaker and banished without a second thought. While the real terror stays part of that community.

  5. Hi EL! Great service you are performing here girl. We had NO idea of her history on the web.

    Is there any legal way to screen shot or copy her bullshit on MPL threads cause if you are not a maccaboard member (like me) you can't access those links. I understand if it's not possible but thought I'd ask.

    Disgusted JHP member

    1. I'm not sure, not speaking for EL here but I think the forum of MPL is public, so anyone can see the posts. If someone's having trouble seeing the posts, I guess they could just join with the added caution to not say anything to bring KO's wrath down upon them and interrogate them if they make a post and she sees that they're new there.
      Yes it is disgusting how she gets into her new obsessions like the Beatles after being ousted from Battlestar Galactica related sites due to her sickness to the degree of stalking people online and in real life there, but not only does she get her obsessions worked up on her next target she will join every single thing available to her. Even Julian Lennon's facebook wasn't left out of her take-over plan!

      You will be happy to know that the mods at BL, a great many members of MPL and GH and Julian fans ALL know she's a troll and the real troublemaker. It's the owners who are oblivious and blind to everything. They have no clue how bad things are.

      You expose her as a troll you will be labeled as a bully.
      You expose her long history of stalking and lies you will be labeled a stalker, professional spammer, child molestor, rapist, thief, anything that she can make up to make you the bad guy and put herself in the victim spotlight to distract anyone from seeing the truth shining right on center stage.

      The police have been contacted on several occassions and people have wanted everyone to pool their resources and get some kind of legal action against this plague of the internet. She terrorizes people and any reaction to defend against her engrained poison has to be played with extreme caution.

      Remember she had a WHOLE group called MOWFO all convinced she was a victim. Well there were some people who saw through the act and asked questions. These people were silenced quickly and harshly. But after enough time, they all know now that she was the real toxic, the real cancer in their midst. They are rid of her. Hopefully forever.

      A phone number to the local police in the troll's hometown is available on Angie's journal somewhere.

      Some people want to believe her bullshit stories so bad because deep down they have a real problem admitting they could be wrong, lied to, deceived, played, fooled, duped, taken for an imbecile. THAT is how she gets people to wage wars on her behalf. But can anyone really defend the honor of one who is without even the slightest shred of it? So all they can do is pretend they have it all figured out. They have no effing clue what they are defending other than an idea of justice and where they've been fooled, lied to, duped, taken for an imbecile... etc etc etc.

  6. Hey everyone! Yes I am very happy to offer this service because I feel this psycho troll has poisoned enough sites and communities across the global grid. To answer to other commentor, I think MPL is public and while we have saved some screenshots (namely her blantant lies about meeting George Harrison) we just usually link to her posts so people can see for themselves. It's all public. And she wouldn't even post if the forum was private because, no attention for her!

    Anyway, I have heard back from the Christian Yahoogroup owner and because they know this is a public blog, they have opted to just send me a transcript of the troll thread KO posted on their group. This was after KO had used the spoofing ID to spoof Inga and came back to ask them to pray for HER after she had seen that trying to turn Inga into an abuse victim actually got sympathetic replies. KO couldn't stand that so she returned and begged them for sympathy AGAINST the same people she targeted.

    See what her plans were was to get people of Christian groups to flame Benedict fans. I have also heard from one of the moderators from the Battlestar Galactica Rec Room group (actually I heard from her sooner but I didn't realize who it was but it's been cleared up now) and I will be ADDING to the recent blog! So look for the edit coming up!

    1. Earlier poster here. Thanks EL and everyone. When I try to go to the MPL links, it says "forbidden", so I think it's locked for members pnly, but who knows. And yes, I can just join and watch, which is what I'll eventually do. Thanks again.

      Disgusted JHP member

    2. It might be a thing on your end because it shows up for me and I'm not signed into MPL. Check out the latest edit to the blog. I added more stuff in now that I got a hold of it.

  7. This is a big bullshit LIE! And you can tell by the fact she mentions her previous Yahoo ID transbot7 (John Blake) so NO DICE to the insipid writer on the internet.


    OH and yeah, she said the friend she went with was Charlie G and his two yuppy friends. Her story of this concert that she was never at just keeps changing! At first it's four people, now it's up to EIGHT people. Hmmm.


    Here she totally attacks her favorite victim AGAIN!


    Again more fucking lies and slander against that poor lady and of course a baby is dragged into KO's sick flaming.

    Okay folks, she is flaming Nacky. Who is a seamtress, NOT a spammer and she certainly does NOT live in the middle of nowhere nor has been kicked out of any "cool clubs" so please IGNORE the lies and attacks as done by the bullying stalker Kathryn O'Connor on MPL! The victim of KO is also still in the SCA! OMG time for KO's meltdown and her to run to livejournal and post some more lies to blot out the truth and reality and all that!

    Then the slimebag liar goes and says she's written a book in the fantasy world she lives in. Yeah like all the other claims, no details are ever given. Nice try Troll, but no dice loser.

    Oh and anyone wishing to complain because KO just won't stop attacking people on Paul's forum (people that should be able to defend themselves in a Paul democracy, don't ya think?) you can contact the sleeping webmaster at webmaster@paulmccartney.com

  8. I've sent in a complaint. Really a housewife professional spammer? And all that trash talking KO just did, and the sods at MPL don't even think to ask for PROOF of her outrageous lies and claims?

    Instead of just gossiping and trash talking people, show some fucking proof or shut the fuck up and STOP using Paul's site for your dirty deeds KO! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! And you wonder why people are forced to make blogs and stuff just to COMBAT the mountains of slander you create on large scale websites! You fucking ghoul!

    Nacky can PROVE that KO has done nothing but LIE, STALK and HARASS and can PROVE she is NOT any of those things KO announced on MPL! Nacky can actually LEGALLY PROVE IT! KO should be slapped with a huge lawsuit for the continued harassment done to her victims by involving whole forums not to mention the continued harassment Nacky's family endures from KO's sneaky email attacks.

    1. She's gotta call someone a professional spammer because that makes up for the fact she got kicked out of MOWFO and all the other cool clubs in Detroit.
      It's what she tells herself to get through the night. I'm sure she keeps hoping someone will attack Nacky based on that people hate spammers, and KO wants people to attack Nacky for her and spam Nacky thinking she's responsible for all the spam people get, but KO does have a severe mental problem with delusions and she's very mentally sick and disgusting.

    2. The evil psycho did that and threw in AS MUCH info as she possibly could so that anyone knows Nacky would know exactly who is being attacked in that post.

    3. Yeah you are 100% right she attacks anyone who calls her on her BS. I am a person who has been attacked by her. I called her on her BS at MOWFO on what she was doing and saying and she went off on me. She made public things that were private. I have talked to some people who are here in private email and it is sad what a PSYCHO she is. No matter who addresses her on her wrongs becomes a star trek red shirt. They won't come back to the ship or in BSG they get Fracked by her. One day she needs to learn a lesson be it legal or in a public event where people confront her and make her aware that she is not the master and needs to be put in her place.

  9. Well looks like KO is really baiting someone to say something on MPL now! She didn't get ONE SINGLE response to her bullshit on LJ, nor on FB, so MPL it is!

    Really I agree with people here, if MPL is gonna be used by this vicious lying troll, the people being attacked should have the RIGHT to DEFEND against those attacks! We should HAVE A RIGHT because they ARE allowing the TROLL to say whatever the hell she wants knowing full well the victims of her harassment are aware of it.

  10. She's been attacking and throwing temper tantrums all day today. Which is what gets Kathryn's stinky ass thrown out of all the cool clubs you know.

    Well on facebook today she attacked several members of MOWFO!

    I uploaded a screenshot of it here


    and btw I also saved the actual file in case the psycho bitch tries to destroy the evidence. Like she *tried* to destroy all the other screenshots and FAILED miserably. Save save save!

    So here's the bitch in action

    KO the utter nutter says she "confronted" these victims on her recent barrage of attacks on facebook today. Hmm really? Confronted them in what way? The way of an E-THUG of course! By emailing them a bunch of harassing and threatening letters! An E-THUG who got all homocidal when Russ simply would not do something for her, you know what the bitch said? Like the E-THUG she is, she told Russ this "Don't make me come down and deal with you in real life" and worded it as a threat. I guess we know who the E-THUG is since she didn't have balls to say that to Russ' face! Dangerous, you know.

    Anna, Russ, Shay, Diane and Kimba (some the people she bullies) have never acted like e-thugs to her. Check out the barrage of hate mail, harassing mail and ALL those nasty LJ posts of hers to see WHO exactly the E-THUG really is!!!

    Hey and she even steals a photo from one of the victim's blogs. The Misery is known for taking what others say in truth and twist it around to use against them.

    And bullying people with autism! Yeah real classy there, sociopathic liar Kathryn.

    1. OH YEAH because accusing someone of being an e-thug to her must make it true!

      Not only that she goes and acts JUST LIKE the THUG she is with her ugly kitty, hooker and other bullying remarks against Russ whom she tries to demean by making fun of his autism, she goes and harasses them in emails and on public sites! I guess she couldn't think of anything new to slam Brick, Kimba and Chris with today in her usual play-the-victim while attacking methods.

      In fact all Shay ever did was reject KO's advances at a convention. KO approached Shay and asked her if she could touch her hair to which Shay said no. THAT WAS ALL SHAY DID! Shay spoke of her experiences with a private group, the stalker that KO is sent in another spy and then went ape shit on Shay. Yeah KO and her e-thugs having the gall and nerve to call anyone an e-thug! What a psycho nazi she is.

      Diane is not a hooker. She is a set designer. Like Nacky, Diane has a good paying job as a reputable person. A seamstress is usually in demand when they make clothes and accessories for select companies and people and set designers work in the film industry. Both these ladies have careers where the miserable flaming TROLL that Kathryn is, works as a store clerk and lives with her mother and spends all of her life causing trouble on the internet and stalking people and famous guys. I'd like to put THAT on every website I can get a hold of and watch her just explode with rage. How would she like THAT! And in this case, it would be the TRUTH! There's no need to lie about what a pathetic piece of shit KO is. The truth is shocking enough by itself.

      KO has a list of people that she will attack on a daily basis and rotates that every other day. Today she just happened to attack everyone on her list. She must be stuck at home with no cool clubs to go to.

    2. yeah i blocked her from FB cus she started comming to my FB page and Taking large shits on my page. Just like that song that went YOUR SO VAIN YOU THINK THAT MY FB IS ABOUT YOU YOUR SO VAIN....... She would post nasty crap on my page and then when i confront her about it she made personal attacks to me. Funny thing aint it... Very sad She has no life. No real friends, She twist and uses people and if they Call her on anything they Become Roadkill.

    3. who is the autistic cage man in mowfo??

    4. Russ. A really nice guy who is extremely smart and very outgoing. He was threatened by KO on several occassions.

  11. Did anyone see these? KO has caused shitloads of trouble on LJ before.





    1. *If anyone has a read through those links, in case anyone is wondering odonaill is Tracy, the webmistress of Dirk Benedict Central. Her account wasn't removed by LJ, she removed it herself because LJ's security is really lame.

    2. And if people don't want to ask that person about the psychotic troll, they can easily see that KO is the one being discussed. Please see the cruise referrences they are discussing and the deranged obsessed fan they are discussing who has invaded a forum called Digital Spy.

      Note the cruise photo as presented in one of the blogs in this blogger, and note that it is KO in those photos as evidenced by her own dating profile on okcupid. Or even ask MOWFO management who have seen her in real life and they can confirm that it is her.

      Just in case some smart ass wants to claim that those people are taling about some other psycho troll. They are talking about Kathryn O'Connor.

  12. HAHA! The trolling stalker psycho goes and posts something about an e-thug and then turns around and posts the kind of shit that would get her face bashed in, but since she's on the internet it's safe to post that kind of shit and get away with it. What a fucking douchebag she is.

    1. Douchebag indeed. KO is a also a nasty vaginal rash that scrapes her knuckles when she walks. It's just more proof of her crazy because she spends all the time bashing Christians, (while kissing up to them when attempting to rob them of time and money) but then she has a herself a little bout of delusional glee there. For people who even care to know, it was a minor incident in which Nacky actually LEFT a particular group because the owner was one of those holy roller bible thumpers. Nacky is Atheist. Okay figure out what will happen there. It had nothing to do with any temper tantrums (outside of the ones the bible thumpers threw anyway) and Nacky just left. There was no event there. She just left. Walked away. That's what the douchebag on MPL is trying to blow up into some twisted convoluted thing. KO sure would know about throwing temper tantrums! You see her doing it all the time on the internet.

      What do you see anyone else doing other than documenting and adding their opinions and for Godssake BACKING UP everything THEY SAY!

      I rest my case.

      KO is an evil cocksucker. She posted that because she wants to bait the victim to respond on MPL. She wants to fight! KO is begging for it. But she'll whine when she gets handed her big fat celluloid ass!

    2. Jewish and PROUD of it!July 26, 2012 at 1:21 AM

      What an E-Thug she is!

      Hey kathryn o, what's it like being a complete crazy asshole with no life? With no other purpose other than to stalk Nacky and harass her on forums full of people who don't give a fuck who you're trashing?

      Nacky least of all.

      Wow kathryn o you really have shown me and the world that you have a permanent fixation on Nacky and MOWFO and all the people you've earned the repulsive trophy from!

      Go eat your bonbons and greasy burgers from McDonalds and get all fucked up on your illegal drugs and imagine yourself totiing a gun and shooting people. Cuz you ain't nothing. You got nothing, you r nothing but a big fat E-Thug!

  13. If anyone ever wanted to read the rantings of an insane psychopathic troll-turned-stalker, with such horrid writing and painful sentence structures, just read KO's book. Available in cheap Bic pen!

    Along with drawings of people being stabbed and eaten and chopped into pieces. All her twisted fantasies with all her twisted writings also available for case study of the nutcase on the internet. Overwhelming supplies can be found on any site she's been on, is on!

    Really KO is the only troll I know who actually does live with her mother, and shouldn't even be allowed on the internet.

  14. LOL. No mention of the Beatles fandom. She just loves telling that lie of having her first oragasm at the age of 14 (without touching herself) reading about John being bi-sexual. I'm surprised that CatShit didn't at least mention the Beatles if not that story in particular. Oh, that's right...she's a big fat liar. LOL. How nuts is she to lie about being in the Beatles fandom for so long?

  15. Come now, EVERYBODY knows Paul's middle name is James. *smirk* I'm sure that was an orgasmic moment too...


  16. Yeah I see she's unleashed even more venom in the last two days. It's like you just want to introduce her to the Crate* (Creepshow referrence) even though she's far nastier than "Wilma".

    I had some questions that were directed at the mods at the Battlestar Galactica rec room that needed an answer as someone asked me to ask them about the missing post.

    So here goes. The post where the Metrotimes link was posted by the creep herself, was actually removed by the moderator because she had posted a long diatribe along with the link. Her rant outright accused DBC owner Tracy of plotting to kill Dirk Benedict in the same way that another celebrity was killed and the name Selena was mentioned. As people could see, little Miss Misery the Troll had just warped her brain and decided herself into another one of her many delusions, apparently hearing about the Selena killing and created this whole stupid drama that Tracy was going to kill Dirk.

    So that's why the post was removed. It was very libelous. And sick. How they still had the link to the article? Why that's simple, the owner (whose name is also Tracy) and the mods all have their group settings on what is called Individual Emails so the emails still exist. They saved all of that. So while it's not on the group itself, the email notifications with the full content of posts still exists.

    I can put up what she had said in that email but I will have to ask the moderators who still have the emails/posts archived in their own inboxes to forward it to me. If they will. It's up to them.

    I hope everyone here has a great weekend! My visitor stats went zooming up in numbers. I appear to have dozens of more regular readers now that I cannot keep up! Thanks for the support people!

    1. Thanks for creating this forum. It's good to know there is a place I can visit and voice my opinions about CatShit without being labeled a stalker or banned from a livejournal community.

    2. Yeah it is like that though on the JHP and MPL. You say one word wrong or anything remotely observant about her obsessive behaviour, her trolling or anything and you are automatically "a stalker" regardless that you're just another netizen. God forbid that you voice an opinion on the dictatorships that are MPL or JHP because she will demand your being banned and they will not think twice! I haven't seen Anna M. around for awhile and that's probably what happened to her. She was a good and decent member!
      I miss Anna!
      I miss a lot of members who have gone because of that filthy bitch stalker Kathryn O!

    3. Oh yes, the whole Tracy was going to murder Dirk thing! I remember that shit. This was before she decided her and Dirk were "bitter enemies" and of course Dirk is nobody's enemy. He's a gentleman. A nice guy. But she couldn't live in her delusion that they had a relationship so she settled to invent something in the way of a "relationship" I guess. Being an enemy at least makes her think she's on the map in there somewhere in his life. Nope. To Dirk she is a NON-ENTITY! It's just more of her obsessive stalker side showing.

      But anyway yeah she tried to act like Dirk's protector and saviour, shielding him from the big bad Mafia lead by Tracy. Oh God, it was so pathetic. Like on that Christian group, and the Rec Room group she created this whole shit drama about his life being danger so he would come running to her for safety and advice and finally see how evil Tracy was, etc etc. Yeah as if. And it's not like Tracy hadn't simply showed Dirk all the threatening emails she got from the psycho stalker Misery. Dirk already knew from the very beginning who would be a crazy with a gun if given half a chance. And it lives with her mother in Michigan.

      Not to mention Dirk was probably in fits of laughter at her attempts to turn Tracy into some kind of murderous monster out to get him and take his life. Goddamn.

  17. This is a big bullshit LIE! And you can tell by the fact she mentions her previous Yahoo ID transbot7 (John Blake) so NO DICE to the insipid writer on the internet.


    OH and yeah, she said the friend she went with was Charlie G and his two yuppy friends. Her story of this concert that she was never at just keeps changing! At first it's four people, now it's up to EIGHT people. Hmmm.

    @ Fight The Plague, you are right on the money with that because we have all heard her story about going to a Paul concert in 1993. But she lies so much that she doesn't take into consideration that there really are long time fans who KNOW the history and can point out her lies in a snap. Please, for anyone who missed it; do check EL's blog from November. Here is the link and the link to MPL is still intact:

    I have also noted the different stories she tells of the same event and how there's always new people involved from the last time. Believe it or not, when she FISRT joined in 2009, she was going on and on about stalkers and horrible cruises that the mods eventually removed some time ago, and didn't think to save, but in that swirl of crap she shitted on the forum, she actually said that she never saw Paul in real life and was never at any of his concerts and then lamented about him not touring the USA or coming to her town. THIS I REMEMBER because she made several posts accusing him of hating her.

  18. More claims.


  19. KO lies so much she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on her evil, psychotic, ugly troll ass.
    KO is worse than shit, far, far worse.
    Read so many versions about how she became Beatles fan blah blah blah...I've lost count.
    And for the dictatorships that are JHP and MPL...we all know what happened to dictators don't we? ;)
    I hope as many people as possible complain to the webmaster at MPL.
    MPL is supposed to be about Paul NOT about KO.
    I run a couple of boards and if any of my members acted like KO, they'd be banned ASAP and told to never ever come back.
    Wish someone who knows Paul in real life would should Paul what MPL has become and have Paul himself ask them to remove KO from his board. It sure as hell ain't KO's board. It's a forum for Paul McCartney!
    Have faith everyone, KO's time on the internet will soon come to an end.

    1. Well, it's not like MPL is a total dictatorship, after all they did remove a lot of her abuse and have told her to not use their forum to post off topic flaming, and many members there who know she's a troll still remain. I am no fan of MPL because they won't face the truth that they've got a real problem on their hands and allow her to remain and posting lies that every member can easily point out and show the contradictions in her posts. So that to me, is where MPL lacks in common sense. If she can tell lies to that magnitude, what else is she lying about? Exactly! Everything!

      But they don't see that as a problem, just probably an annoyance at this point. They don't get that she works on people on board and off. That she is more manipulative than they suspect. It's like keeping a wolf among the sheep even if the wolf is acting all in sheep's clothes. So when she reveals herself, and she can carry an act for years (ask MOWFO and dozens of other cool clubs she's since been thrown out of) they will see just how bad it is. They made the decision to keep her even after getting witness testimony from several other sources, and they still kept her there. But I wouldn't go as far as calling MPL a dictatorship. They're just plain stupid at this point. They don't realize what they've done, but eventually they will.

      As for JHP. It's hard to read what's going on there. Maybe they're just biding their time until she does something they can ban her for? But that would be my guess.

      Her witchy curses are also a fraud. Paul's voice is not in its prime. She didn't cause any mishaps on him channelled through her wrath at members of MPL. He's just old and getting weaker. That's all!

    2. "As for JHP. It's hard to read what's going on there. Maybe they're just biding their time until she does something they can ban her for? But that would be my guess."

      Sorry to disagree, but I seriously doubt this. The moderators at JHP haven't cared about that community's integrity for years. Anyone can spew any kind of bullshit they want as long as 1) only positive things are said about Paul McCartney and 2) it doesn't upset catshit. She has them in the palm of their hands. All the smart John (and Paul) fans saw the writing on the wall and left JHP ages ago.

    3. I would have to agree with this. The moderators themselves have admitted to not generally reading fic! They've turned it into a so-called discussion forum. It used to be that FICS were the catalyst for discussion. The fun of speculation went out of discussions long ago. They should be honest and rename the place John Hates Paul--because that's what they've managed to turn it into. It's sad really. There was a time where the comm was very balanced. Now the scales tip to harboring trolls and bashing Lennon--not a good combo.

    4. JHP is circling the drain. Catshit has the support of Pauls_Left_Hand (one of the mods there) as well as many other vocal members who have aligned themselves with her and bought into her delusional brand of bullshit. If they wanted to they could've bannedd her ages ago about, but since she's painted herself as a poor little victim they back her up. It shouldn't be a self moderated community because the members there can't seem to handle it and a troll like Catshit lives for that sort of thing. She can do what she pleases without any consequences for her actions, while other members are gotten rid of without a second though. For the people who are looking for another John/Paul community then you should check out mclennonland on live journal. It's Catshit free.

    5. I was reading into some things maybe, Loretta did seem to know that catkick lives in a fantasy world, and I recall a mod wanted info from the victims which they provided - very sufficiant evidence, but I won't underestimate people's stupidity. I'm sure John Lennon's killer had support from like-minded people who just felt so sorry for him. If they wanna play that game and fall in line with a sick psycho, let them be known for it.

      She doesn't give two shits about them. I won't underestimate people's stupidity, because I can estimate her tactics which are pathetic, but that doesn't mean stupid people aren't out there. She feeds off them. Let them be used. They wanted it. She'll never do anything for them except bring more aggravation. It's their problem.

      On her facebook today she is still taking swipes at Julian and for some reason, there's a back-handed snide comment against Paul McCartney. Why is posting lyrics on his twitter suddenly considered "insane"? I don't get it. OH because as an insane psycho that she is, of course! It's her holding a mirror up again!

    6. It sure looks like CATSHIT could learn from what she's trying to PREACH to Julian! It's not always all about YOU BITCH!

    7. Oh look the troll is still on Julian's case!

      Um when it comes to his own facebook and blocking insane people, and his own account, yes it IS all about him!

    8. At the same time Loretta still backs up Catshit's crazy behavior by trying to make it sound fairly harmless and whimsical and it's neither one of those things. I think humoring her is just as bad as supporting her blindly. I agree with you though that she doesn't care about any of the people there who believe they are her friends. She's just using them.

    9. Whimsical is a good word for it. Wait until they find out how cute little whimsical can turn into unbridled hatred. Expressed with badly constructed sentences filled with the attacking behavior JHP mods abhor. Sick as it may sound, I can't wait. Y'all asked for it...

    10. I'm looking forward to Catshit turning on them. It'll be a wonderful day because her gullible supporters will have to admit (even if only to themselves) that they've been backing a truly ugly troll of the highest degree. If they keep towing the Catkick line and letting the community be self moderated.

    11. Oh sheesh! Well that Loretta sure has one hell of a rude awakening coming! It astounds me that people that never even met the bitch can just be lead around by the nose because she whines so much. Apparently they still have a lot to learn about the Internets and trolls and psychos.

      They really seriously need to join some of those Health forums and medical forums to see for themselves how sick people (mentally sick) will use any community to feed off of with fake illnesses and tragic accidents and all manner of trollism at its biggest. These parasites take away the attention from real victims of medical issues because they try to dominate whole communities with their stories of lies.

      Pauls-left-hand and Loretta think they know what's up but they really have no clue. Let them hand their lives over to a sick person whom they don't even know and see how stupid they look in the end. It'll be a masterpiece of idiocy.

  20. Funny she should preach about not bragging to be a bad-ass and accuses others of being E-thugs when she posts this kind of stuff:

    it's not that hard for me to get a lot of illegal substances like Pot and other drugs....guns would be about as difficult to get...which means they wouldn't be.

    A LOT of illegal drugs? Is she a street vendor for illegal drugs all of the sudden? I got the drugs everyone! Right here! And she can get GUNS too! Easily! What the fuck ever.

    Proof link:

    And on her own signature she has this:

    Mess not in the affairs of cannibals for you are delicious and go well with steak sauce.

    Oh really? Is she such a bad ass that she can eat people or something? WTF? Her bad ass e-thug shit is pathetic and insanely creepy at the same time. One doesn't know whether to lock all their doors or laugh hysterically at this shit!

  21. Hi I'm a first time commenter here but I know the shit this Kathryn O/Misery has done in the past. I'm a member of the local chapter of SCA in Arkansas. As a long time member I was there when all this crap unfolded when Misery attacked our then-Yahoo lists. Many of which have fallen by the way-side due to her spoofing various member's profile names. We know it was her and this Betty person. Betty was like the ring-leader but Misery persisted in her ongoing attacks against Nacky.
    It is true that Nacky left this one guy's group because he was trying to get everyone to join his church or go to his church. It was simply a ploy to raise funds for his church but the way he went about it was really fucked up. He admonished anyone who wasn't of his religious beliefs. So not only did Nacky opt to leave, others left too. Nacky was targteded for being an Atheist, but others were targeted too for being Mormon, or Catholic or something else. So it wasn't JUST Nacky who was peeved at this jerk who ran off lots of people. I know Misery tries to go around claiming that Nacky got kicked out and beaten up and all the shit slandering she does, but she is a vicious pathetic lowlife after all. Now I read that Misery was thrown out of a MOWFO cool club - NICE! Only we know she wasn't thrown out because of any religious issues, but because she throws temper tantrums and shown herself to be a lying psychopath to everyone.
    Just like I know Mr. Julian Lennon didn't block Misery's fake account because he's trying to discriminate against someone's sexual issues, I know that he must have blocked her due to her temper tantrums and lying psychopathic behavior.
    So take that Misery! YOU GOT KICKED OUT because of your own stupid stinkin' mouth that never shuts up!! YOU got kicked out and I am more than happy about that after the SHIT you caused for my friend Nacky and my other friends who banned your and Betty's asses!
    Fuck off and die and good damned riddance to ya!

    *ftr The church-going guy isn't connected to whatever Christian yahoo group that is featured in this blog. That was just some random list Misery found.

    **The church-going guy is also in violation of SCA guidelines because SCA is not to be used in any way to promote a religious agenda. SCA is for all walks of life. We do not have "SCA parties" or do "disco dancing" at clubs. SCA is a medieval re-enactment society, something which Misery still CANNOT grasp! Do NOT believe a word that Michigan pile of shit says!

    ***The church going guy has been handed his own ass since that time long ago. Nacky was avenged. So again, Misery can suck the shit outta her own ass and choke on it!

    1. Hi there! I got your email, thanks!

      Yeah I've talked with Nacky a few times and do belong to the support forum (which is well hidden) and I can tell you, the LAST thing Nacky needed was a psycho cruise-stalking maniac joining her group and doing what she did.

      Nacky told me that during that time, when her local SCA was blind to this jerk who has religious issues with everyone, that she was getting emails from him and other supporters for this church. She would delete those emails but they kept coming. She told me that if they wanted to make their church sound like such a great thing, they needed to work on their sales pitch because the whole thing about burning non-believers in the afterlife was just plain bone-headed and threatening in nature. That guy used the same tactics that KO uses. If people don't comform and buy into it without question they are to be made a public example out of! KO would make people wear a scarlet letter "S" or "B" and paraded through the street if she had her way.

      You can guess what the "S" and "B" stands for. But we all know that the letters "B & S" apply to KO most abundantly! KO is BS in biggest way.

    2. I know Nacky in real life! She is a great lady!

    3. Looks like the KO bitch got a big taste of her own medicine! Being banned from MOWFO! I'll be sure to post in every forum I can about how she was kicked out of MOWFO for being a complete whackjob and I'll be sure to talk about that for years to come!

    4. Give her Hell, Jules! Let the bitch know how THAT feels!

    5. it might be more then one year ban now she took shits on peoples FB pages who are members of MOWFO and i think there was at first 6 month then one year and it might have gone past that. but according to someone who told her about her ban length she did not care she moved on to better things and don't need us lossers anymore. But she post all over her FB and Her LJ and other places still attacking MOWFO people Kinda sad if she moved on to better things and groups but still post crap about STU, Kimba and others in the group.....

  22. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2599891&highlight=#2599891

    Then why did she? What was all the heavals of bullshit she flung at Tracy and Dirk over their birthdays?

    1. IIRC, it was Tracy and Nacky that got loads of grief over their birthdays by that bullying bitch. KO claimed that she and Dirk had the same birthday, which is total bullshit.

    2. KO does NOT have the same birthday as Dirk.
      KO's birthday is in January.
      On KO's next birthday could they please run her over with a garbage truck, be a fitting end to her!
      I'm not a vicious person or violent in nature by any means, but, IMHO I'm not the only person who'd like to see that happen to KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET.
      Everyone she's ever attacked/harassed/stalked/threatened would cheer!
      Then we'd all party! :)

  23. Her ban from mowfo and events may be Perm and not one year anymore cus she started shit on members personal FB pages....

    1. Doesn't surprise me at all.
      The ban should be permanent. Probably will be.
      All those mowfo members should report her fake Facebook page.
      Why it(KO fake Facebook page)is still on FB. I seriously wonder about that. So many people know her name IS NOT Karen.
      It clearly violates FB's TOS.
      I also predict she'll be banned from MPL
      Wouldn't surprise at all about that too and about fuckin' time!

    2. fyi she opened another FB page
      Kathryn Anne O
      same picture she used on her karen nesbit page on face book

    3. It's been reported to FB.

  24. Yup, she did. I figure it's insurance for when she loses the Karen Nesbit one. You go, Catshit...another catcave for you to spew your worthless shit from...COWARD.

  25. http://maccaboard.paulmccartney.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=2600432&highlight=#2600432

    The thread was removed BECAUSE of her! Her off-topic attacks. But she's playing all innocent of course.

    Sociopath KO.


    KO can't resist to provoke someone with her trolling. BTW for people who are new to this, the OTHER part of why she keeps posting there is: TO GET ATTENTION! Not to discuss Paul or Beatles or anything, it's all about her getting herself in the center of attention.


    From where I sit she is a professional spamming flogger. Paul's word are always good advice. Advice she'll never take because in her mind anyone who disagrees with her must DIE!

    BTW; I am adding some screen captures in one of my previous blog entires. Will get that link out and people can view her crazy in its blistering ugliness and frenzied disorder.

  26. And here ya go!


    Please post anywhere you'd like.

    1. Wow she just PROVES she is fucking CRAZY! If Dirk is such a bitter enemy as she claims in other sites, why is she still writing to him? COMPLAINING to him? WTF? The whole thing is insane and she really does live in a fantasy world.

      Guys, Dirk has BLOCKED her from mailing him anymore snail mail and she never had his e-mail! Ever. She does NOT write to him and isn't it obvious? She starts off her Dirk rant with the implication he and she are still friends but then by the end she wants to flip him the bird and scream something truly idiocally insane towards him about flying monkeys. Holy shit I'm not at all surprised Dirk's security was doubled and she wasn't allowed within 20 ft of him!

      Personally I would have had her arrested on the spot.

      Goddamn that is one fucked in the head bitch!

    2. God, she is twisted! I mean really twisted!