Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The InsaneJournal of Mental Misery

Here she taunts some other forum of people who believe Paul is dead, and she taunts them that they can't block her because she'll use proxies !

And the rest is just -god- insane !


The rest will be posted in due time when I can get this organized. But you get the gist !


Here she comes right out and CLAIMS to have contact with Paul McCartney to the degree that he is calling people names for her. Nope. She is the one coming up with those DUMB, insipid, banal names trying to call her name-calling brilliant. It's all her. Not Paul. Paul wouldn't just automatically jump to her side or jump right in with her lies as even the admin at MPL has stated that he knows the people she blames is innocent. Oh and Paul doesn't even know she exists. He's one lucky guy! Wish we could say the same.

Here is a slew of attacks against Bibbi, who has commented on my blogger offering her testimony. Bibbi is from Canada and a member of DirkBenedictCentral, Digital Spy and one of Tracy's friends.

And here is one of the many examples of how she accuses all kinds of other people for her stunt on Hak5 - and we have the proof that it was her posting on Hak5 asking them to hack PID's forum and she even asked them to hack MPL because she wanted to know who was talking about her there in private. It was KO! Not Dirk, not Nacky, not Bibbi, it was KO herself. But here she blames Dirk.


*Note. Dirk's security people kept Kathryn O well away from Dirk when he was at Comic Con. She never got within 20 feet of him. He really did avoid coming to her area for a long time because he knew she would show up! Dirk can tell you himself that Kathryn O sent him insane amounts of insane letters to his P.O. Box, stalked him on a cruise, was blacklisted from any further cruises where he might be on another one, and she stalked him at every convention he went to that was in her area.

So her claims are bullshit that Dirk isn't aware that she is his stalker. He is very well aware and still she is a non-entity in his life. Welcome to nothingness KO! All your scamming and attacking was all for naught. Beotch.


  1. Fucking twisted crazy demented bitch. She really needs to get her medication and she REALLY needs a supply of those anti-psychotic meds.

    The community won't like what I'm going to do but they're a mafia and all bi-polar patients and I'll flip a bird and say something about flying monkeys and that'll prove I'm so cool and sane...Paul Mccartney calls people names for me! I write to Dirk! I love him I hate him, he's posing as me! Flying monkeys! Mental patients! My boss supports crazy delusions!

    Yeah whatever crazy bitch. Who's the mentally deranged one again? It's YOU Catkick! Get yourself a strait jacket already before the men in white coats get one for you!

  2. Bibbi just laughs out loud at CatShit's lame attacks and CatShit's ugliness and utter stupidity.
    Bibbi is also a member of the Hak5 forum and a member in good standing.
    Bibbi is also very computer savvy and very smart and also sane.
    All the members at Hak5 including the admin and moderators know it was KO herself as kitty9tales posting in the Hak5 forum to get help in hacking sites.
    Bibbi just completely ignores CatShit, which CatShit can't stand. LOL

  3. And she just lies even to the lies she's telling ! I've never seen someone who just lies so blatantly with reckless abandon. Of course nobody harassed any website admins about her imaginary story of the 2005 Comic Con in Michigan, but I'm sure there was a load of slanderous bullshit she posted that DBC had to ask to be removed. That isn't harassment, that's requesting that harassment is removed. Two totally different things. But with KO if you're protesting her harassment - YOU must be the harasser.

    See how she turns it all around on someone else? All the time?

    The varied and much cnotradicting account of the Comic Con she posted on various sites like Kamikaze and the Rec Room yahoo group shows as much changing of the details from one site to the next ! Her meeting George story is a great example of how she follows this same pattern of lying about events that never happened. She even changes her George story in MPL from being fully clothed to being fully naked all in the SAME forum ! So you can imagine what her cruise story was like in that one group in 2004.

    I will try (can't promise anything) but I will try to locate where her lies were pointed out in detail from one site to the next on the Comic Con in 2005 which she slams Dirk's people and fans for in her insane rants featured here.

  4. What a psycho! She claims everything would have died down had it not been for Bibbinut! Really? Is that so? So all her going around and posting such ugly hatred and diatribes against people is letting it "die down"? Oh I see only SHE can do that, but everyone else is supposed to not say anything to the people she's trying to get to join her Hate Campaigns and Pity Parties. Fucking lying stalking Catshit-Batshit insane KO!


  5. When she first appeared on MPL in 2009, she started immediately with the hate campaign against her victims that she calls "stalkers" and there were dozens of posts about that cruise!

    Yeah so much for letting something go. Go to a whole new group of people and bitch to them about everything and while she's at it, letting the targets know how there's a potential in getting further hate mail from the dupes who think they're helping a "victim". Bitch please.

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