Monday, November 7, 2011

She Thinks She's A Witch !

There are multiple posts that the MPT claims to be a witch that studied witchcraft all of her life. Yet knows nothing about the true Wiccan beliefs or seems to even be aware of them! Completely ignorant of the belief insomuch that everything she keeps putting out into the universe is returning negative and rage back in her path. She has fed the evil in her and starved the good. Never once acknowledging the pain and suffering she's caused others and still causing because she has severe issues. She lives in a make-believe world that is obvious to everyone else except her.

She talks about being able to curse others, and only posts in the positive when she's gushing over Paul or some other Beatle. Mostly it's not even real praise but lurid sexual innuendos and x-rated remarks that get so old. She doesn't seem to think like an adult, more like an immature little girl who's found a pile of dirty magazines in her brother's closet. This woman could not maintain a healthy relationship with anyone. She is just too psycho and unrealistic. Her whole world revolves around whether or not Paul might be reading her posts and she absolutely believes he reads her teenage smut on her livejournal. Oh the truth would shock her. She might become suicidal if she could actually use logic long enough to realize that Paul doesn't even know she exists !

You'd think a witch could get a clue like that. Not this one !

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