Monday, November 7, 2011


Well I had set up another account on another thing but it wasn't doing the javascript exactly how I wanted it. I eventually began to move everything to here for the time being until Gorko is back and I can set up a new account with his server.

Things are kinda slow. For a couple of months I haven't been able to sign into the support forum because they've got it closed off to members for now. They're moving the entire thing because Misfit Misery / Mental Misery, in otherwords the TROLL and the one who keeps STALKING people has forced everyone into various other areas outside of their one forum. Seems like she wasn't content with one PRIVATE forum being in existence so she managed to spawn everything into various other sites and so on. Yeah she could have left everyone alone, stopped trying to hack into their site, stopped posting about them all the time in all our Beatles forums, and from what the support forum was, was to document and offer moral support to those who are being, you guessed it, trolled and / or stalked! So here we are !

They call her Misery, some call her Psycho Stalker, we call her the MPT (Mentally Purile Troll) and that's being nice compared to what we really think of that misfit !

I felt I needed this little corner to share among my friends who've been exposed to that toxic troll & with kind permission I will also be adding content from other sources to show how we're enduring since the mods will not stop her from trolling for sympathy and posting general craziness.

I will use the name Misery from time to time as that's easier to describe her, but if I use her other online names, it's generally because I've been taking notes since the MPL won't stop her and allows her to continue using our once peaceful boards as a way to wage war and hatred to the people who are being subjected to her stalking and terror.

I'm being subjected to it too because I refuse to give in and let her win and take over the entire place.

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