Saturday, March 16, 2013

Take Action Against the Troll

I have been asked to put forth a post that would hopefully help others, local to Psycho Troll, to get a protection order against her. This would be great as she does attend every convention in that area. This is in light of not only years of ongoing harassment she is definitely guilty of, but in light of recent hints that she is looking to put somehting into someone's food or drink to get them to tell the truth (whatever the hell she thinks that truth is). If anyone has any documented evidence or anyone who is witness willing to sign a document to be made as part of a legal proceeding to get a protection order against KO, please comment here and we'll think of way to get the right parties in touch with the people looking for this justice. Several members of the MOWFO group are seeking a protection order against KO.

If you can help; please do come forward and offer your testimony and time to reach out and keep the Troll KO from actually really hurting someone.

And to highlight KO's evil nature, I'd like to bring everyone's attention to a previous blog here.

In which the following was witnessed by someone who used to work with KO at a store in Ferndale, Michigan.

... she [KO] confided in me that she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter, in my opinion. She would steal personal items from the other girl, like lipbalms and water bottles, and return them covered in her greasy fingerprints and sometimes they would have odd substances added. The last time it happened my friend blew up, and because her anger was so great, she was fired. Kat remains, gloating at how well everything worked out. She has no friends at work, and the customers she claims to know avoid her like the plague....


  1. One of the Stalker's VictimsMarch 17, 2013 at 2:18 PM

    I have sent some documents already via one of the members of MOWFO.

  2. Looks to me that maybe KO will finally be arrested and banned from using the internet to harass and stalk people.
    Spoke to a friend of mine who's a police officer and protection orders are pretty damn serious.
    It's about fuckin' time! KO is locked up and the key thrown away!
    Pardon my language but KO has made a lot of people including myself very, very angry.
    She should have been locked up a long time ago!

    1. Pippi, if you've got documents of any reports you've filed with the police, contact the MOWFO group owner or someone from there, they are compiling evidence and any extra help would be very appreciated!

    2. I just have the emails that she sent me.
      KO doesn't know my real life identity, my home address nor my phone number.
      My friend who's a police officer does work from time to time with cyber crime.
      I'll get him to contact the police in the stalking troll's area.
      Hoping to hear soon that a protection order is in place and that she can't contact anyone via internet nor use it!

  3. I am the one getting ready to schedule a hearing for an order of protection. Please PLEASE get your material to the MOWFO people so I can use it for corroborating evidence. Time is running out, send it NOW.

    Also, if you have names of people who've been directly harassed, stalked at their houses, etc. send that and any contact information you have. Every confirmed stalking behavior she's done to ANYONE can be used against her in protection orders sought by EVERYONE. It takes a signed and notarized affidavit, but once that's in evidence in one court it's probably as good as gold everywhere.

    1. Well I know that several people have contacted the police about her harassment. I will do what I can.

    2. I am sure this is what has happened to me. I have been threatened to be killed and house burned down, etc...god it has been terrible. I am getting my things together.

    3. Contact Stu at (this email is a public email anyway) and speak with him and he'll get you in touch with Russ.

      And this all started (to my knowledge) on a cruise. She kept on threatening and harassing people and whenever THEY would react, she would use that against them to further threaten and harass them. She gets off on it.

  4. And be mindful that she is very sneaky and manipulative, I mean she does control the very stupid and weak-minded so it's not like she's a genius or anything, but she also covers her tracks and only witnesses see any of her evil misdeeds. Like how she removed all those insane posts of hers on LJ. Stuff like that, so everyone saving the evidence like screen-caps and all are going to at least have proof on that. People in those LJ groups are also witnessing it because they are there when it happens, so your best bet is to take all these pieces of evidence and tell them that she does remove them after the intended targets have already been harassed and threatened.

  5. I >>>KNOW<<< Kathryn O is a drama queen & a fantasist ... & likes to 'play the victim'

  6. The crazy bitch hasn't been seen for at least 3 days and I somehow know that by mentioning this will bring the evil back so I'm probably speaking too soon. Is there any hope of ever being rid of her?

  7. Matt and Linda have been contacted. They have been given the Email to send info too. they live in Michigan and I think they will do the right thing. K is a Monster and needs to be stopped doing the crap she is doing. I hope people Rise up and Show her how evil she is and that Gods Dang it Were just not going to take it anymore !!!!

  8. It has been nice that the TROLL hasn't been around much. Me and my friends have had lots of fun in our Beatles and Paul things. Totally free of that horrid little creep KO. But yeah whenever someone is enjoying the peace and quiet, she does seem to explode back on the scene and ruin the peaceful atmosphere.

  9. I remember one of MANY of her creepy posts on livejournal. One being titled "Yes I know who you are" and it was such an insane, insidious post about so-called insane people walking by her house and her rambling on about carrying a concealed fire-arm. If she's shooting at people passing by her house, is it that she's outside in front of it with a gun in her purse waiting for targets to pass by like some carnival game or is she concealing weapons while inside her own house? WTF?

  10. Please put that filthy KO away and lock her up somewhere!

    Her recent -yet another- INSANE pile of vomit she's posted is attacking another poor soul by the name of Nacky. WTF is that? Oil spills being blamed on some lone person? And the way she indicates her recent favorite cunt/twat speak , oh god! So is THIS what the miserable KO does with her time? Worry about someone's opinion of a city?


  11. Oh boy. The stupid bitch actually in her retadation thinks the PRO order was denied. Nope. It wasn't denied, the planitive is given 21 days to object and there will be another court hearing.

    The total CRAP she posts about Matt & Linda, Stu and whoever else is such a load of bullshit. That Catshit KO sure trails off with her vomit-ramblings.

    Incidentally the dumbass bitch wanted to conduct her little thing via phone and she was denied that! Truth, people, truth.

    1. That's how the bitch does. She's a crazy warbling pack of lies. She's always living in one hell of delusional world. She does not live in reality. She sure as hell tries to accuse others of what she has done for years. Threatening to kill people and burn them alive. That's all KO, folks. But of course she'll try to turn it around on others.

    2. The more she types, the crazier she spins out of control!

  12. Well well well looks like the lying liar makes herself sound even more crazed out on her babbling rants. She takes whatever she wants from a situation, throws out all facts and posts on the internet how she would like to have an outcome of something but the truth is...

    1.K. did not make a physical appearance.
    2.She requested to appear by phone. The referee denied it.
    3.The referee looked over the posts, and did not accept the circumstantial evidence that K posted them. She accordingly denied the PPO request.
    4.I have 21 days to object.

    During these 21 days, I can file subpoenas to get evidence to tie the threats to K. So, ANYONE, get in contact with the Maccaboard people and any others who can give me the IP address(es) that K. is posting from. That will identify her ISP or the library she's using. Once I have that, I can subpoena the ISP logs and/or library security camera footage for the times in question, and show that the mail was sent either from her home or from the library at a time when she was there.

    This isn't over

    And that whole thing she denies about not doing anything to be kicked off the net. Oh ho ho begging to differ here, she has caused so much turmoil sent numerous threats, continually harasses people, continually obsesses over them to a point that she lives her life in order to get online and bully, threaten and harass groups of people not to mention that she is so guilty of slander, libelous content and overall repeated violations against terms that she would be gone by now if the coward didn't remove the evidence of it.

    As for her outrageous lies about Linda...omg, really? Is that the best she can come up with? The fake, the obvious liar always shows bigger than the shit face she has.

    1. Stu has NEVER threatened anyone in his life. It seems she keeps accusing other people of what SHE actually does! Shooting people walking by her house and blathering on about concealed weapons, remember that? And even posting about it!
      Fucking little slimeball bitch. So disgusting.

    2. Oh because when she threatens someone with guns, knives and poisons, she'll claim to be justified and not all irresponsible. She's a lowlife.
      She tries to appear as the voice of reason while using Stu as her bait then turns around and nullifies him. Talk about destroying your own argument, Psyhco K! Just can't resist attacking everyone on your way down.

      Stu would never threaten anyone because he does have a permit and threats made by anyone with a gun is considered a felony. I'd like to see her try and get Stu in trouble because it would so backfire on her skanky stinky ass!

  13. Why would anyone BRAG about a court case in which one was brought to court (in a manner of speaking) about a restraining order? It's like she's literally mocking the victim. Proud that she can rub something in someone's face. How is that something to be proud of and go off all head spinning about winning when that's the farthest thing from the truth?

    And her post seems like she addressing someone other than the person bring a PRO against her. Who the fuck is she blathering on about? The guy bringing this to court decided this all his own because he was sick and tired of her harassment.

    And yet, she's still harassing him and his friends.

  14. "every time I post on my LJ, my FB, Macca's board, I am only saying one thing: Fuck you, dumbass."

    Wow so she's not doing anything other than harassing someone over and over with the term "dumbass" so she's not saying anything worth reading let alone comprehensible. She's certainly hinged on calling someone a dumbass on her dumbass LJ, FB and whatever. And nobody cares, dumbass Catshit. Weren't you kicked out of alot of different fandoms due to your shit, dumbass Catshit?
    BTW any complaints you have about foul language, you can pretty much shove up your ass because all you do is say "Fuck you" like the little spoilt brat who's never learned any social graces.

    "You're stupidity that you are blind too is amazing as well"

    Her spelling and grammar is amazing. Amazingly bad!

    1. If people are so harmless why does she spend her whole worthless life trying to defame them so harshly to gullable people who buy into bullshit lies? If her victims are so harmless why does she intend to do them great harm? With her threats about shooting them and all that.

      If the guy getting a PRO order against her is so harmless, why does she spread it all over the internet? Why even bring it up? I know why !!! To harass him to mock him and to make him feel even more unsafe. As if he has no chance of recourse or due process ! That's why she does it. She thinks her harassment which is very notorious and well known by now will somehow grant her the right to take away someone else's civil rights.

      Hey stupid cuntface KO... you ain't got that kind of power. Here's hoping the next court date fares better for the victim seeking a PRO against your insane ass.

  15. She calls it "her store" when in reality she's just a stupid employee (or was any employee) but it was never "her" store. She could have said "in the store I work at" or something but that would have been like her telling the truth and she's too much of a liar to tell any truth. I'll bet she never calls it "her store" in front of the boss!

    And the thing about public nudity! HOLY SHIT isn't *she* the one making up entire stories about walking around naked? Who's the fucking nasty ass wanting to show itself, huh? It's KO! That's who wanted to work naked not Linda! Linda probably asked the bitch to wear something that would at least cover up the sagging ugly bags because she's scaring off customers! Like KO does to everyone else, this Linda thing is obviously K's shit she's trying to turn around on Linda.

  16. What kind of shit talk is this?

    "keep on having people pester that poor DJ. Mean he may be but stupid he isn't."


    "he's the one who used to threaten to shoot people like any gun nut"

    Whoa! What a way to totally contradict and blow it revealing what a spastic spun out of control lunatic you are! LOL!

    And this:

    "until I told him that was irresponsible and doesn't work at convincing others of your side"

    THAT is KO (Catshit) saying that, claiming SHE told someone ELSE about responsibility!
    The SAME psycho fuckgerm that posted about having a gun and shooting people walking by her house if they even look suspicious!

    The same one folks!

    And this:

    "He knows you get mad at him"

    So for someone who hasn't contacted [him] in over a year, she sure keeps close tabs on his brain thoughts!

    Oh yeah cause KO knows EVERYTHING especially what Stu is thinking and doing every minute of the day!

    I'm not even going to comment on the rest of her fucking batshit insane rant because she's so twisted and deranged her very presence on this earth is a curse to the earth.

    1. That and the fact that nobody is pestering Stu in any way shape or form. Stu talks with people she has already attacked and hates and she can't seem to accept that he does talk with people she hates. Batshit Catshit prefers to think that Stu is cut off from everyone in MOWFO and wherever because the truth hurts and she wants to still hold on to her pathetic delusion that she still somehow controls him.

  17. She will never ever be let back into Mowfo Group and is banned from contacting people who are in mowfo. If and when she does Stu Is told about this. and it adds to the deepness of the grave she is digging herself. We have nice gatherings with out her BS

    1. Well and her hysteric post about some judge getting a laugh at Matt & Linda...the judge won't even KNOW who they are and I doubt seriously that any judge would sit there and listen to HER garbage talk about others the way she forced MOWFOians to listen to her trash-talk. KO just assumes that whatever she blathers, that everyone (including a judge) is just going to know all about it and take her word for it!

      THAT right there shows me how far from reality she really is.

  18. Check out how spells out a simple abbreviation! It's supposed to be PRO not PPO. Goddamn what a stupid bitch.

  19. SO any word on his 21 days extention on action ???

  20. I think Russ got an extention, yes. But I haven't heard back.

  21. So much for her not using her insane lj again to post direct attacks on people!

    How is this "musing" on someone? It's a bunch of venom and spew and dragging people into her drama again! Like she's infamous for.

    Yeah I'd like to go ahead and ask him something...I'd like to ask this Russ fellow HIS side of the story and HIS take on what the flipping FUCK Catshit's problem is!

  22. Someone Who Knows About It TooJuly 4, 2013 at 10:17 PM

    I knew that she couldn't go a whole month without another psychopathic
    bunch of rage and lies. She's clearly harassing Russ Cage and can't
    see why he'd want a PRO against her. Oh and check out all the lies!
    For one; I know she didn't leave, she was BANNED.
    I know that Stu was assigned group mod duties by Kimba herself
    because she actually left before cuntface was banned.
    I know that the poll was a fair and just decision. I also know Stu
    has NO jealously issues concerning that freak and her perverted
    bullshit. I mean, my God she's into vore and cannibalism!
    I know that Russ Cage was indeed being harassed by her or one of her
    minions, but same as...

    This reeks of her insane denials that she had nothing to do with Hak5
    and all that other shit she's done and continues to lie about

    And for fucksakes, she STILL can't spell "diatribe"!

    1. Someone Who Knows About It TooJuly 4, 2013 at 10:18 PM

      Here was Stu's thoughts on the matter:

      Thanks! Best laugh of the day!!! Too funny -- she's taken mostly facts, put them into a blender and has made goulash out of them. Crazy, man, crazy!

      My wife had a good laugh at the "not liking sex" line. :-D

    2. Someone Who Knows About It TooJuly 4, 2013 at 10:21 PM

      I am sure that she did read everything Kimba posted because as I recall, V told me that the psycho bitch replied to every one of Kimba's points five or six times and each time got more and more hostile.

      And Stu confirmed it:

      She did. I have the old transcripts. She went on and on... and on... so much so that she pissed off a whole lot of members who then left and/or asked to be removed from the mailing list.

    3. Thus why the poll of whether to ban the toxic bitch or not was needed. It was a fair vote!

      And the stupid cuntwad don't get it; she refers to her "boyfriend" and "his wife" but she calls HIM "her boyfriend" which indicates that she wants people to think she's fucking him! The vote was fair and UNBIASED!

      Her precious little boyfriend didn't even vote! That's how much he thought of her pity-party.

      Now as to what started the fight with Russ. Russ told her to look up a word on google because that is sound advice. Why would he have to do something for her when she could easily do it for herself? She loves to play the helpless little dimwit.

      Russ wouldn't follow a demand she wanted him to and then actually told him that she would harm him physically. The bitch implied that she would do something to him. Whether she was joking or not, is beside the point. He just didn't appreciate being threatened and mocked by her. Turns out she must have meant it because she attacked him further. Russ left the group after that. He had every reason to. The group (at that time) was allowing this toxic bitch to run things and get away with her psychotic behaviour. They don't anymore! But at one time, they were all (most of them anyway) allowing her to act like a total psycho because she has always told them how "abused" she was and made them all feel sorry for her. They (most of them anyway) bought the act but that act slowly, but surely fell apart and her mask slipped and her true nature was revealed!

      THAT is what really happened, folks.

      Russ had every right to do and react the way he did! When Kimba was targeted, she had every right to react the way she did! KO is just one huge vomit pile of toxic waste. She's poison.

    4. I'm the person who came up with the poll. At MOWFO, we always do things by consensus. Naturally, when we were deciding on policy (after the online flames by K that made people bolt), I put in the question of whether or not K should be asked to leave. Honestly, it was almost an afterthought -- I'd planned on waiting until after our policy decisions had been made and posted to the group.

      The first survey was sent by e-mail. At the time, I was still friendly with K and had been advising her on what people were saying "behind the scenes" and advising her as to how to avoid what was coming. She naturally rejected my advice. The first survey wasn't sent to M and M (her BF and GF, in her words) for the reasons stated above. She asked me why repeatedly and I said they were biased. For some reason, she couldn't understand how I'd think this. I finally had to come right out and SAY it: "Because you're FUCKING them." All of the "fascist" and "police state" slurs started when I explained to her that if she was in an accident, police would not accept the testimony of her passengers because there is an automatic assumption that they'll be biased. The same goes for spouses. This is true of any investigation, be it civil, military or by an employer. I'm a pragmatist, and follow the techniques of professionals rather than try to reinvent the wheel. (And those who know me understand this.) But she read that through her narcissistic prism.

      In any case, when I explained the above, she told me, "Oh, it's not like that." So, taking her word for it (since I really don't care and it's none of my business), I personally hand delivered a survey to both M & M on two different occasions -- at the Redford, and again at the Warren meeting the following week (a total of four printed surveys) -- and they never returned them. I told K this, and told her that it seemed to me that they left her "twisting in the wind." In any case, the results were overwhelming, and 2 extra votes for K would've made no difference in the outcome. I've retained the survey and the results. Everything is documented.

      K does have a possible legitimate gripe. Our friend Russ had left the group some time ago, and, from what I gather, K was one of the reasons why he left. When the new drama had erupted online, he asked to rejoin the group. When I queried him as to why, he mentioned he had some additional info on the K situation. I cautioned him to keep it factual and NOT contribute to any flame attacks. He agreed, so I reinstated him on a moderated basis. He did as promised, posting some matter of fact items from her past antics. While Russ' behavior was above board and he kept all of his promises, in retrospect, I should probably have shut it all down. Her diatribe was out there, as a matter of public record (and still is), and Kimba's response was as mea culpa and responsible as it could've been. The additional info could be seen as inflammatory and had no positive value. The only consolation, I guess, is that no lies were posted about anyone, and no further flaming erupted.

      Funny... it's been nearly 2 years ago now and K is still buzzing about the whole affair. I find it supremely ironic that she talks about "living in your head rent-free" to Russ, when it seems that she hasn't gone a whole day without thinking about what he said about her. I'll give her this: her rants are quite entertaining! :)

    5. While her crazy ass rants might be entertaining, her tactics for harassing people to point them to her crazy heaving isn't so entertaining.

      Notice how she taunts Russ with statements like "what chance did he think he had?" and mocking him as if her mama's money will buy her out of any legal recourse. Her goal? To make her victims think there is nothing they can do to rid her from their lives. It's just the way she thinks. She figures she holds him as hostage and he dared to cut through her "chains" and now she is focusing all her wrath on him for daring such a feat. Showing just how sick she is.

      FFS she even goes on about him making some "mean jokes" about a "mutual friend". Really? She sure loves to paint these distorted pictures of people. Is she trying to make him look bad or herself look worse? One thing's for sure, she succeeded in making herself look like a psycho asshole.


    6. Originally posted on Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 12:05 AM

      One thing's for sure, she succeeded in making herself look like a psycho asshole.

      Doing decent fantasy is hard. Portraying reality only takes a camera... or quoting from PsychoBitch's long, sad history.

  23. I would also Like to Join Dj Stu in saying it has been almost 2 years and she talks as if the Mowfo Banning happen yesterday. I have moved on and hope that the whole Karma Train runs her over soon. It is a Shame that she hunts people and even People like Matt and Linda she Would Bring up at mowfo and Trash them. They showed up at the June Birthday Gathering and had a great time In mexican town and Having dinner with us and neither linda or matt have tails or did yoga nude at the Dinner...... One Day I would like to see her get what she deserves...... She has hurt many people and no matter who talks to her she will never learn...

  24. Karma is indeed catching up with KO.
    She's been banned from a lot of places.
    KUDOS to Stu and the other members at MOWFO for finally banning her.
    And it was KO herself asking for help in hacking sites at the Hak5 forums, not, Nacky, Bibbi, Tracy, Dirk, Deanna or whomever else she could think of. I know the admins and mods at Hak5. They know for a fact it was KO and no one else.
    And take a look at all those MySpace profiles she's had. There is a permanent ban on her at MySpace.
    Also she had her fake Facebook profile removed with the name Karen in it. That is a violation of Facebook's TOS
    No, KO will never ever learn.
    I pray and hope Russ succeeds in stopping her attacking/harassing him.
    And KO wonders why a PRO was issued against her? *rolls eyes*
    The time has come for her to never ever be able to use the internet again or be able to harass/stalk people ever again.
    When that days comes, what a celebration we will have!

  25. Originally posted on Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 12:12 AM

    It came to nothing. Apparently there were better uses for the time it otherwise would have taken. E.g., surfing the web and cutting the water in a sailing catamaran.

    This is not to say that free time might appear, and taking the PPO process through to its conclusion might not be fun just to watch the indignant squawks from Bloomfield Hills. And it would be even more fun to catch KO in a violation for which she'd be arrested... and possibly subject to the first full psych workup of her life, creating a public record of her personality disorders. If she thinks she's having trouble now... hoo boy!

  26. As of last check she is soon to be I think banned from penguine Con. There have been some Authors like John Stalki(SP??) who have started a movement that if cons do not have Anti Harassment ANd Bullying Policys that they will not attend. They want Clear language of what will happen and how things will be handled. This then led to talk on the Penguinecon Facebook page where I guess Katheryn lost it and many people on the pages made commits to her that were not postivie at all. they called her out on her Crap and then they said this Thread is closed. Go to the Penguine Con Facebook page and see for yourselfs how Many threads she invaded and how she Got Many people mad at her. Her plan to protect herself backfired...... She just painted a large target on her chest and back so people at the con are going to be watching her actions... She was seeking protection against Leagl PPO that people may have by the time the con comes around.

    1. What's really obvious and that people should be noting and keeping in mind is that she is the one who have these restraining orders against HER! That she wants to make an example of anyone who dared stand up to her bullying by trying to silence and kick them back down. PLEASE ban her from that con, basically so she can get arrested when she tries to prove to everyone how much "control" she thinks she has on everyone.

      Then from there they can see how obvious her mental illness is and hopefully lock that bitch up! YO!