Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Latest Batshit Crazy from Crazy Catshit. Again.

The title of her post is amusing because it isn't about anyone, it's about her !

catkick livejournal

Ah-ha ! We know, she's the crazy minds on the internets !

There are no links to anything she's talking about in her rant there. Of course. Funny she never seems to point out WHAT the flying fuck she's talking about but everyone else can provide actual links or screenshots or both and back-up whatever it is to prove their points and to showcase the truth with undeniable evidence. But all she can do is sit and try to rewrite history while calling people names and attacking their characters. Leaving bewildered bystanders confused and scratching their heads. It's so obvious to the trained eye that she is distorting truth and facts for her own agenda.

And to go into further detail about the latest crap storm that she never fails to unleash on the now-wary public, please check out the previous topic here and here.

KO defines the crazy on the internet alright. Her mirror image is quite horrendously apparent.


  1. She's been leaving her hilariously insane posts up longer now that people are aware of her "episodes" of temper tantrums and then the following attempts to remove the evidence after the fact. I'm sure she's been typing like mad trying to figure out how to spin the latest damning evidence brought to light now that it's apparent that she's been lying out her ass about being a 30+ year fan.

    Latest trolling on MPL.

    It's called equipment, stage set ups, truckloads of it, you idiot.

    She really has and does lead a very sheltered life.

  2. Was that bag of lying shit banned from that fb group? Just wondering.

    1. The Julian Lennon one, yes. The Robert Macs one? He's already drank too much of the KO-Kool-Aid and is permanently too far gone now. He loves him some psycho-crazy cunt who lives in her mother's basement.

  3. I posted this comment to the last blog entry and on JC's jounral which is also brought again here:

    But I will post it again to this as this addresses her "crazy minds" newest pile of shit on LJ.

    Catshit still getting off on the attention - Negative attention is better than none for Catshit!

    We can't conceive it because we aren't dumb and see through your LIES, Catshit batshit bitch! we will not be blind to your lying and manipulation. We will conceive of the FACT that you are a twisted liar twisting everything to fit your agenda and with that you have NO power over the strong! But go ahead with your little fantasy world where you always underestimate people. How's that working out for you?

    So anyway, peoples...
    Crazy Catshit types another badly written rant: it's funny how some crazy minds out there can't conceive any more that there was actually life before the internet. They think the day someone joined a website marks the birth of that thing to that person.

    Not at all, but in this case as you were on the internet long before joining those Beatles sites, you made quite the infamous name for yourself in the Dirk Benedict/Battlestar Galactica fandom! That is a matter of record!

    Crazy Catshit continues with: Even Stu said to me, "I met you 10 years ago and you were wearing a Beatles shirt then."

    And this proves what? You had a shirt? This is pathetic and so MOTION DENIED! You are found guilty of trying to re-write history again! Again with her trying to manipulate people for lack of a time machine. That kind of lying is so obvious that it screams LIAR at you. I wore a shirt of a Bat when I was a kind, I must have been a fanatic of Batman all my life now! FFS.

    Crazy Catshit contiues more with: My mother says, "I've got pics of you as a child wearing Lennon glasses and a Beatles shirt."

    It's called Youtube! Get a video of her saying this or it DIDN'T HAPPEN! If she's gonna sit there and say shit like that for the ALL MEANS, have her say it to someone besides yourself in your little deluded make-shit-up brain! Again, wearing something proves NOTHING! A real long term fan would have NOOO problem proving their place in fandom.

    Stop already with the "I wore this, I wore that" bullshit. Photos or it didn't happen!!! Got it??? Got photos? Stop acting like the retard we all know you are and produce evidence! This claiming shit back and forth gets YOU nowhere, silly dumb bitch.

    there was a life before the internet and some of us lived it.

    Some...but not you, Catshit.

    To add; Too bad you can't seem to live a life since you found out that the internet gives you the ability to bully and harass people with no real consequences so now you LIVE your life online!

    I even mentioned that on his board a few times.

    Looks like your posts aren't there and the ones that are tell a different story.

    Nothing to it but then, your over-medicated brain will only see something sinister about everything I do.

    Leftover projections from your Dirk Benedict stalking phase? You do realize you're mentally ill, don't you? No you don't. Psychopaths like you don't think you have a problem.

    Plus, I had just discovered my slash stories again and wanted to share them.

    Alas proof is on our side! We have proof that you never wrote A WORD of Beatles anything prior to 2009!

    Please scoll dow to the last screen-capture and read that please. Posted September 1st, 2009

    She also goes into all kinds of claims of seeing Paul come to her as she comes to the fandom and seeing Paul as her new saviour. Very serious Annie Wilkes vibes going there.

    Yes your work IS DRIVEL! Stop writing it and go away!

  4. As far as insulting some other person's work which Catshit names in her typical insane rants, she should check her own horrid collection of drivel and stop being jealous of someone else's fics.

    UPDATE: The parody she is calling drivel was voted IMDb's best satirical review ever written for the MGM film; The Wizard of Oz. No wonder she has a problem with it. One has to wonder if she purposefully misspelled it so no one could find it, read it and enjoy it. She always misspells things so who knows?

    Regardless, we know she has no sense of humor. If a title has the word ooze in it, well according to her it must be bad. While she entitles what IS drivel things like "Double D" and most of her shit is given generic titles that lead to nothing but Mary Sue ramblings of an insane, delusional little troll.


    Is she trying to spell out Bwahahaha? What is this Ba ha ba ha shit? Her copycatting is fucking pathetic.
    And it's "photoshopped", not "shopped". Jesus.