Friday, March 8, 2013

The Latest Batshit Crazy from Crazy Catshit

Folks, the latest insane rant from the psychopathic, obviously mentally ill beyond all repair; Kathryn O

catkick livejournal

Posting a picture of a middle-finger to a crazy bitch online = getting voodoo curses and burnt offerings served up at you and threats of rape and even more shitty insane rants thrown at you as only Crazy Catshit KO can serve up. Wow, who knew? LMAO!

If we all miss Catshit's point of voodoo curses because she only uses it for evil, then apparently we're doing it wrong. Really? According to Batshit Catshit, there is only evil to be done.

And let us remind our viewing audience that Catshit is the one who attacked all of the members of PID first and foremost with her insane shit from 2009 (about the time she became a Beatles "fan") and for some reason decides to throw some name-calling out at Ringo Starr just because he likes real people, and real and sane women.

God does this Catkick bitch ever read her own shit ? Does she just post shit like that to further confirm how insane she is ? Must be !!!
Kathryn O, you're the laughing stock of the internet. Why don't you get off ?

And as DeAnna has recently commented;

The Crazy BATSHIT skank threatens my sister with RAPE and burnings! Same pattern as always. Same kinda curses as always. Wishing RAPE on someone for "giving the finger" which to Catshit is such a HUGE sin against Queenie that voodoo curses of RAPE is the only way to remedy the insult!

And that bitch as followers? Evil minions. Evil minions!

How do Paul's staff tolerate *anyone* who would curse anyone with rape and murder? Paul friggin McCartney's staff no less!!

See my latest blog and comments for further details.

And since KO is totally going to spend her life obsessing over YET another well deserved kick in her fat ass with a photo of someone flipping her the middle finger... I got some photos to share too ! And let's see how she intends to curse these people LMAOROTFL



  1. Paul's staff will try to claim that it's not on their forum so there's nothing they can do. Yet they are allowing her to remain there and poison people there. They are condoning a person like that and therefore it's like having the very evil person (John Lennon's killer) there amid all the others.

    1. Yeah really ! Why is Ringo even brought up at all as if that proves a damned thing she's flushing out her cake hole ? Why is she "mad" over someone flipping a middle finger, after she rants on about obsession (she sure knows about that don't she) and then claims DeAnna is mad about something and yet you don't see anyone giving a shit about being flipped off and yet KO is STILL having convulsions over a PHOTO on the internet!

    2. Still whining about being flipped off on the internet that she's still posting about it to this day! And posting about her voodoo cursing and insinuations of rape. Holy shit she's C-R__A --Z--Y

      Post some more middle fingers, I say!!!

  2. That lj is actually reportable. It does imply/incite harassment and a crime against another. How do her apologists keep defending that piece of shit?

  3. Why does that psychopath kathryn always put in something to do with someone's vagina? I mean how many women (that she's stalking) has she posted some damned thing about their private parts? Ok ok we know she sits and thinks about their vaginas for hours on end, but why does she have to POST about them?

    BTW Deanna is right! No altering, or anything. Deanna is just plain RIGHT! One thing that nasty kathryn can't STAND!

  4. It was aimed at me. I received another threat from her dumbass zaube master warlock wannabe minion. It was about rape and my pregnancy. He thinks I must be someone's "sister"....

    So to Kathryn and Zaube.....FUCK YOU! I am not scared of you or your stupid curses or threats. Yes, PLEASE show up at my house for a surprise!



    Redlady8 aka Diane

    PS Bitch: ConFusion never fired me and it was my con - it was everyone's con for who worked on it as a volunteer. How can you be fired for being a volunteer?

    The Hooker part? Guess you must call all women who are pretty, amazing, talented, confident, smart, popular, successful and happy - Hookers.....guess there must be a lot of "Hookers" in the world.

    Pathetic is what you are at home with your mommy! Get it in your one WANTS or LIKES or NEEDS YOU. Not the pagan community, the scifi community, the kink community, Dirk Benedict or the Beatles!

    Grow up and get a life.....

    1. She's got a minion who claims to be a high priest Satanist and she's talked about being his "right hand witch" for him when giving info to the FBI (yeah I know she's fucking insane and showed how much on MFH) but yeah she apparently has a minion who claims to be as much of a voodoo priest as the next looney toon. Some figure it's really that Robert Macs asshole.
      Also I think she aimed those threats at DeAnna as the psycho does attack Ringo Starr too and DeAnna did post something about Ringo liking blondes after KO made some snide comments against blondes again because Ringo was looking at the camera in a photo instead of a blonde. But now he's back to being a dummy. Of course *eye roll*

    2. The ONLY people who do like her are the ones who've been manipulated to feel sorry for her.

      DeAnna has a sister who flipped off the bitch in a photo. So KO went and bragged about having a photo of her sister to put "voodoo curses" on, and just yesterday is still making claims to putting the curse on the girl. And now, this "curse" involves having to "watch it" because Crazy Bitch KO is going to send the picture to some seedy character so SHE can be stalked and raped because of a picture that flips off the almighty (in her mind) KO.

      Yep that sister of D's better watch it because she might get raped and KO knows the asshole who will do it too! Funny she couldn't get laid by the same asshole she has all lined up to go forth and rape.

    3. Well zaube asshole satanist thinks I'm either Deanna's sister or just as clueless as Kathryn. After all both are stupid brainless fucks....

      Behold the threat.....yeah I'm scared....LMFAO....

      From: Witch Doctor
      Cunt Sat, Mar 9, 2013 1:16 AM EST

      You might want to be careful walking around pregnant. some men might take that as an open invitation since you won't have your man with you at all times. remember I do have a voodoo doll of you as all I needed was a picture of you and I got more than enough that made my doll of you. Watch your back, you cunt!

      Oooooooh scared! LOL

      Hey's your life lately? How's your "tumors"? Your car issues? Awww poor baby, didn't Bill leave you and dump your loser ass like MOWFO did? How's the dreams? After all you did tell Marla you are thinking way too much about us, obsessing over all of us....dreaming about us every night....

      Yeah those "curses" work all right....


      Sweet dreams.....


    4. KO is insane as psycho comes, no doubt about that. I think we can all agree she is mentally ill to a point she should be locked up and evaluated for inpatient care at the closest mental hospital. But do be careful making public any letters she has minions send you. They made lots of letters public on lj and the crazy attention whore got their accounts pulled. But you posted anonymously so it shouldn't matter here. She'll blame someone else like her minion of terrorizing you and then publicly thank him for sending you that stuff or claim that YOU pissed off someone and he's coming after you now. But of course she'll know who it is because she's going to thank anyone who is your enemy. Or something like that.
      Zaube is Robert Macs, I believe and he does know she's into witchcraft and all that mumbo jumbo.

  5. Also check out the recent posts at:

    They have the screenshots up.

  6. The thing about me or anyone being mad because she didn't want to believe in PID is hilarious considering that she came to us! We were GLAD to be rid of her!!

    1. Even more laughable that she starts on anything to do with her so-called "I was attacked so I attacked you" when we all know that SHE is the one who always attacks first. It's the code she lives by. KO can attack, belittle, flame and slander anyone she wants but nobody had better say a word back! But they do, and psycho lady comes at you!
      Scary psycho repugnant fucktarded loser that KO!

  7. Um is she like totally unaware of voodoo curses? Yes! In order for the target to be cursed effectively, they cannot know they have a doll made from a pic of them. It renders the spell null and void. Something about a block and knowledge of it will either greatly weaken it or destroy it. Since we know her "power" is shit anyway, she seals her failures every time. LOL

  8. Catshit still getting off on the attention - Negative attention is better than none for Catshit!

    We can't conceive it because we aren't dumb and see through your LIES, Catshit batshit bitch! we will not be blind to your lying and manipulation. We will conceive of the FACT that you are a twisted liar twisting everything to fit your agenda and with that you have NO power over the strong! But go ahead with your little fantasy world where you always underestimate people. How's that working out for you?

    So anyway, peoples...
    Crazy Catshit types another badly written rant: it's funny how some crazy minds out there can't conceive any more that there was actually life before the internet. They think the day someone joined a website marks the birth of that thing to that person.

    Not at all, but in this case as you were on the internet long before joining those Beatles sites, you made quite the infamous name for yourself in the Dirk Benedict/Battlestar Galactica fandom! That is a matter of record!

    Crazy Catshit continues with: Even Stu said to me, "I met you 10 years ago and you were wearing a Beatles shirt then."

    And this proves what? You had a shirt? This is pathetic and so MOTION DENIED! You are found guilty of trying to re-write history again! Again with her trying to manipulate people for lack of a time machine. That kind of lying is so obvious that it screams LIAR at you. I wore a shirt of a Bat when I was a kind, I must have been a fanatic of Batman all my life now! FFS.

    Crazy Catshit contiues more with: My mother says, "I've got pics of you as a child wearing Lennon glasses and a Beatles shirt."

    It's called Youtube! Get a video of her saying this or it DIDN'T HAPPEN! If she's gonna sit there and say shit like that for the ALL MEANS, have her say it to someone besides yourself in your little deluded make-shit-up brain! Again, wearing something proves NOTHING! A real long term fan would have NOOO problem proving their place in fandom.

    Stop already with the "I wore this, I wore that" bullshit. Photos or it didn't happen!!! Got it??? Got photos? Stop acting like the retard we all know you are and produce evidence! This claiming shit back and forth gets YOU nowhere, silly dumb bitch.

    there was a life before the internet and some of us lived it.

    Some...but not you, Catshit.

    To add; Too bad you can't seem to live a life since you found out that the internet gives you the ability to bully and harass people with no real consequences so now you LIVE your life online!

    I even mentioned that on his board a few times.

    Looks like your posts aren't there and the ones that are tell a different story.

    Nothing to it but then, your over-medicated brain will only see something sinister about everything I do.

    Leftover projections from your Dirk Benedict stalking phase? You do realize you're mentally ill, don't you? No you don't. Psychopaths like you don't think you have a problem.

    Plus, I had just discovered my slash stories again and wanted to share them.

    Alas proof is on our side! We have proof that you never wrote A WORD of Beatles anything prior to 2009!

    Please scoll dow to the last screen-capture and read that please. Posted September 1st, 2009

    She also goes into all kinds of claims of seeing Paul come to her as she comes to the fandom and seeing Paul as her new saviour. Very serious Annie Wilkes vibes going there.

    Yes your work IS DRIVEL! Stop writing it and go away!

    As far as insulting some other person's work which you name in your typical insane rants, you should check your own horrid collection of drivel and stop being jealous of someone else's fics.

    1. Why does she insist on including Stu in her ongoing war with everyone? He knows she's a liar!
      See Stu:
      See Stu tell it like it is:

    2. We're NOT her followers. We are witnesses of her reign of internet harassment she brings to all sites. Know the difference!

  9. Catshit uses bi-polar so much
    that we just know she's lost touch
    In her delusional world she does freak
    Her voodoo curses never peak
    She rages on and on with words like cunt, hooker and obsession
    Things she knows so much about since those are her profession

    Kathryn O being Bi-pole
    She labels everyone who sees her psychO
    as Bi-polar and then waits for any sign or peep
    of people who've flushed her down, because she is a creep

  10. You know what would be funny if people confronted her at her work or protest her work cus of her actions to others...

    1. I would do that in a heartbeat because you know the fellow employees are suffering because the boss is too dumb to see what's going on right under his nose. She's done an "Esther" with him.

      Her latest LJ post is another pile of psycho, and she titles it as crazy and the internet but the whole post is about herself! So naturally I'm laughing because the whole crazy is the author of that absurd dreck.