Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dear Stupid Crazy Whiteknighting Fuckwit

You're banned. :)

Hearing back from several MPL associates, and realizing that Retard Macs has found himself a new place to harass some of KO's enemies (that she has made for herself of course, not that her minions could ever in a million years believe she is anything but a pure white princess) I have taken the advice to moderate comments. As I understand it, Retard Macs is as bad as KO is and will not relent unless he is banned in some way. Welcome to ban hell Retard ! Feel that ban ! Gotta burn ya.

Mind you, only Anonymous comments will not go through without my approval, so the regulars can simply use their membership accounts here and post that way. I know it's an inconvenience but when has anything to do with that stupid cow ever been anything but annoying at best, truly scary at worst ?!

Retard Macs has chosen to run himself into the ground here and shown his stupidity and I ain't got time for his stupid whiteknighting ass, especially since he chooses to whiteknight for KO. The same troll and psycho stalker who has a long history of harassing people (mostly behind the scenes and getting idiots -case in point here Retard Macs- to go on fruitless battles for her "honor") so he's squished as far as being able to stink up this blog with his fucktardedness that he does on facebook.

He just knows so much about KO, and from whom I wonder ? Would that be... let's see, OH YEAH KO herself. We know her minions won't even bother to read what's here and actually read it with an unbiased view. To see that people have documented her psycho crazy ass and have responded in one of the FEW places it is safe to go up against such a malicious tyrant. Especially a tyrant like KO who has the poor-woman victim-me act so thick, that only the smart and victims themselves can see right through it. Kinda hard to fight such a manipulator. But well, sociopaths, you know.

But in case anyone with an unbiased view and isn't taken in so easily as a Retard Macs, if one wants to browse, here are some archive links:




Retard Macs can go off and fight that losing fight for KO and the illusion he lives in that she's such a downtrodden abused victim, he can do that. Meanwhile he can go back to his very tyrantical group of KO minionhood and tell her everything's gonna be okay. That is until the next time she pisses someone off, does something heinous and comes whining to him about how people just don't understand her ! He's welcome to play her wet-nurse and baby her. The only energy being drained is that of his !!

My advice to him; never argue with her. Always agree with her. Never talk to anyone she has forbidden you to talk to and make sure that you keep your life centered on her. If that's not clear enough for you, here's a chart that might help you understand how to keep in her good graces, understand that she is the center of the Universe in her mind and in order to be her friend you have to put her where she puts herself....

Have fun in moderation hell. You ain't coming here with that nutjob shit ! That's like asking John Lennon's family to tolerate Mark David Chapman sympathizers. It just ain't gonna happen. Go whiteknight her somewhere else. She's got enough minions to do a lot of her dirty work but you certainly ain't gonna bring your STUPID shit here and defend her here. This blog is here for a reason and it started with me wanting a safe place to post MY thoughts as others have done. And it started when I noticed all of KO's bullshit creepy Paul posts about things I'd rather not mention here and her obsessive hatred she has against Stella McCartney that she freely attacks on MPL now and then but was posting vitriol against her every damned day back shortly after she joined MPL.

So do yourself a favor and get yourself a goddamn clue. Buy one, steal one, do whatever you have to do, but GET. The. FUCK. Away. From. Me.


  1. Thanks EL! I'm glad you've taken steps to rid the troll's troll, the troll's TOOL from coming in here. We need a safe place to say our piece and while we don't fill whole forums and communities with the DRAMA she does, let alone all her own personal accounts, it's nice to know that we have somewhere to raise our voices.
    That sad fuck Retard, thinking he can silence everyone because KO gives him some kind of reason to keep attacking us. Whatever it is she's got him eating up her shit about.

  2. The stupid bitch has gotten one of her minions to copy Rahil's facebook and send me messages now. Pathetic.

  3. The sick thing about Retard Macs is he cannot see his own hypocracy and sickness. He comes in here to troll here with his whiteknighting bullshit over this cow he believes is such a flower like Mother Mary and has taken up a quest to rage against all of KO's enemies and doesn't think twice about it.

    Naturally we could have done the same thing he's done with his signing up to be a zombie soldier to the pathetic "KO Army of one, maybe two". We could have been the army for Susy, or Peter, or Harley or anyone else he spends all his time obsessing over and harassing via his site. But we're not retarded like he is. We don't buy into nagging little fat middle-aged ugly women like he does. His sorry "sod" site that he certainly CANNOT justify ever because his group is about reading all MPL posts by them and then running to his little sad and sick group to bitch, insult, HARASS, and whine about what they're saying on there. Just like KO does. Here we only point out the lies and laugh at RM & KO for what they lie about and then watch them complain about others doing what they do !

    We could say; HEY LEAVE SUSY ALONE! She's alright in my book, what is WRONG with you? All I see are sickos harassing her and I'm surprised Susy hasn't brought a lawsuit against you yet!! See that's what should be said because it would be on par with his KO ass-licking routine. But we know better, don't we? We know Susy isn't a little flower whose innocence is so virginal and pure that she floats on clouds blessed by the Catholic Pope! But Retard Macs sure's the FUCK thinks THAT'S exactly what KO is! That she's so above reproach and so holy and a living SAINT that he must act like such a total clumbering sickening piece of shit towards people she hates because he is literally THAT far gone into the shithole of KO.

    He sits there and gripes and bitches about MPL and most of its members everyday and harasses them, sends in his goons and thugs to harass them and insults and attacks them all the time and then feels like it's okay that he come in here and defend one of his little freaks in here to people who've had years of experience of what KO really is! Retard Macs is insane, and that's what insanity looks like. He cannot even THINK about his action because he thinks he's on a mission from God ! He's crazy and he's a hotheaded abusive piece of shit. He needs professional help just like his queenie needs it! Both belong in the sanitarium.

  4. The stupid bitch is popping off insane shit again. Now the dumb bitch thinks you're Milla (Amazon!) Last week Amazon was supposed to have been someone named Bibbi, before that she was supposed to be some other poor lady that KO is stalking! KO's sheer obsession with Milla is really disturbing. Anyway got the screen capture of her sick livejournal post. Sent the crazy bitch's newest delusional outburst to you EL. Have fun with it.

    Drunk bitch who posts psycho rants on livejournal then runs over to MPL to act like a creep.

    What's dangerous and an outrage is this one sociopath named Kathryn O who lives on her mama's money and computer and allowed access to the internet.

    1. I got it. And I will tear her apart. She asks for it. Thanks for keeping me updated ;)