Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Psychotic Delusions of KO the Psycho Troll

Oh look. Another drunken outburst from the eternal attention whore herself ! And her tantrum was posted on the same day as her post admitting she posts while drunk as her little drunken episode on her shit-fic livejournal.

What's really hilarious about this fucked up next in line drama of hers is that I'm being accused of being Milla (Amazon Russian) and since anyone who knows me and knows her (as well as us ourselves) knows how incrediably laughable that is, we look at KO's never-ending delusion buffet of stink as one big long line of lulz !

Now let us address the issue of "obsession" since the Queen of Obsession loves to use that word that describes herself and her minions far better than anything they're trying to throw at me.

#1 I have never contacted Retard Macs on facebook nor would I want to. He is a creep. A real loser who's bought into a drama queen's sob stories to a degree that he's wasting his life whiteknighting for her.

#2 The obsession with Milla is really telling on KO when some poor woman has literally been accused of being just about everyone else and their goat !

Now let's take a further look into who the REAL obsessors are, shall we ?

Who is it that comes into other people's blogs and sites to troll and attack them ? Why the answer is KO and her good little minion Retard Macs.

Who is it that stares at the Macca boards all day waiting for Rahil, Peter, Martin, Harley or even Suzy to say something they feel is attack-worthy ? Then carry out some all out war upon those people via bullying them and following them to their own sites, who is that ? Or in fact anyone that three particular banned trolls can't stand because they're not going to play KO's sick games and buy into every lie she wants to tell ? Why that would be KO and her little band of banned minions ! So obsessed is she and her merry band of fuckwits that time is ALL they have on their hands. While Retard Macs waits eternally for some kind of sick vendetta against some people that he himself had forced to stand against him. He did that all to himself. If he wants to be a sorry fuckwit, then so be it. Let's talk about their obsession with MPL members to a point they spend countless hours posting hundreds upon hundreds of comments on a little sleazy sick group of asshats and then spend the rest of their day (or night) posting silly youtube songs from written lyrics that could have been better produced by Mrs. Dody's kindergarten class.

And the stuff about me not being unbiased is also a ton of bullshit. At first I recognized KO as little more than an annoying troll. I hadn't formed any opinion on her until she herself had proven to me what a little liar and psycho she is. I don't need the approval of her or her retard minions. I cannot remain unbiased now as she has attaked me and several of my close friends over the years. And she can stick her hypocracy right back into her rancid asshole. I'm sure Retard Macs can make room for that but he might be a little cramped. So shove that right up your ass, psycho bitch ! You know, where you like to shove things you so liberally post about others having done to them.

So while we are keeping track of the bullshit being spewed, we're actually not spending our lives in the futile persuit of a vendetta that KO has vowed and never going to relent from. That's obsession and it is her obsession alone except for the few braindead fools she can get to drag along with her.

Have fun eating your shit there, KO. That mouth of yours must be in a perpetual state of running off without a pause. If scientists could harness the power of your running mouth and your stupidity, there would be no need for fossil fuels or even wind energy, you'd beat them all as the streaming madwoman that never stops. However they couldn't possibly wish to inflict such a horror upon the world and therefore stick to other alternatives.


  1. Adding the recent shit pile to the blog of Insane Journal of Catshit. Thanks for the screencap and new entry. I shall add that as well. Incidentally my ip counter has been real busy with her IP checking in to see if anyone's put up her latest spastic episode.

  2. Wow now I'm supposed to be you EL! Hey next week do you think I'll be the Pope? Or President Obama? Or will she be accusing me of being the sole embodiment of all her enemies? Hmmm I wonder....

    What a flippant insane bitch. smh. That Macs asshat still hasn't told her that he was the one promoting his little stupid group and that was what brought me to warn him about her. I kinda felt that I should say something and I did. Now I have that same psycho obsessing over me like this. I even told him that she was a stalker and that she'll twist things to fit "her reality" and he didn't listen and fell right into her open ass, head first.

    I like your refutation! Nice. Thanks EL.

  3. We were at Mich Ren Fair last Monday and saw her at a Shop We avoided her like the midevil Plauge. My Mom who was with us aasked why and we explained how she was kicked out of the SCI-FI group and what she did to me and others when we spoke out about her behavior. Mom even said she needs Prof Help.

  4. Interesting. I got a suspicious email from a "ShawnB" claiming that she's been harassing people and popping off shit about having all these weapons. Not sure what to make of this though. Sounds like one of her tricks, the letter was incoherent and mentioned a site but didn't give any links to it. Hmmm.
    It was a hushmail return and that is a notorious site for skids to use to cover their tracks.

    1. Got one of those too. It's little friend Retard. He was telling one of his buds that he was going to "scare" people with it and he came up with a really lame story. Hilarious though that Little Miss Thing Psycho is on livejournal claiming to have someone's real name and number. It's another bullshit game of hers.

    2. This was the email she used;
      I happen to have a way to unmask the headers of such email programs, it came from an Indiana state IP. Surprise surprise!

    3. Comcast is what she uses. It's her. She did once say she used to live in Indiana too.

    4. Doing a google search of the "" I found this

      Looks like little Miss Psycho's claim of having "tons of proof" is actually from an anonymous emailer who likes to pop off shit. His letters were entertaining though and almost believable given that KO does go around pissing people off. I'll bet Nacky is really laughing her ass off at the whole "Kate" thing as that is NOT her name.

      However because of the recent shit she's doing, I did file a complaint with that email provider, their About Us page can be seen here:

      Their address is public too:
      Hush Communications Canada Inc.
      Suite 1177 – 1100 Melville Street – Box 27
      Vancouver, BC
      V6E 4A6

  5. ShawnB is probably the gay butt buddy of rat from soliderx known as cisc0ninja see Rats name is Robert Jefferson he was doxed years ago by DURASEC for being such a skiddie bitch liar king of liars faggot. Please find these ppl for me so that I can take a shot gun to them they have ruined my life and my families so much hacking and they never get caught. Please post their addresses so that justice can finally be served and the liar of king liars will die on my throne thank you!!!

    1. Well there is someone actually working on that. I was contacted today by a couple of KO's victims. KO has been spouting off bullshit lies again (as always) because nobody spoofed HER email to Stu or anyone, SHE spoofed emails or this loser ShawnB did. But it's clear that both of them are connected because he's whiteknighting and she's using him as a means to call in death threats. The latest one was from a Michigan number and the voice was definitely recognized as her. She tried to sound like a guy and said she was ShawnB and then launched into some raging rant about how she had all these guns and weapons. Then called from another number (still in Michigan) and pretended that ShawnB was calling all her friends.

      LOL she ain't got no friends.

    2. I think it's the rat person. Interesting emails we've been getting lately about him. Something about him selling out this Shawn person or the other way around. Either way, both are either KO whiteknighting minions now or they trying to outdo each other. KO however is the one spoofing people and making harassing phone calls. Namely about her fucking witch voodoo shit. The slimy fucktarded psycho just happens to have a new "friend" to play with.
      I looked on the doxbin site too. There is a dox on the cisc0ninja guy. Emails have went out from various sources apparently connected to that site. ShawnB was divorced, and rat's been in prison for hacking. Moved up to stealing credit cards and defacing websites.

      They sound like some real winnners there! /sarcasm

      Glad I'm not in Michigan!

  6. OMFG not that same old bullshit that she has people's real name and numbers.
    If she actually did, she'd call them and harass them, don't ya think or have other people do it.
    Newsflash to KO the ugly ugly psycho troll. I know both of these people and both their names and numbers are unlisted and have been for a long long time.
    And once again KO the beyond ugly psychotic troll proves she's beyond insane and talking out of her ass end which is just as ugly as her face.
    In fact both her face and ass are beyond ugly.
    OMFG I also need brain bleach when I see her photo. "blechhhh"

    1. Absolutely! If she has anyone's number she would be calling it and harassing whoever it was. Last time though she did get a restraining order slapped on her for phone harassment (and cyber stalking) so she might try to go to another phone to call in her usual witch cursing death threats.

      For people here who don't know, Kathryn O thinks she's a "witch" who can "make accidents happen" as she's spent YEARS sending out that kind of insane that she's so full of.
      The crazy smelly bitch also claims to talk to dead people.

    2. The Dead are the only people who will talk to her.... They Can't run away and they can put up with her stench

  7. dumbass


    One of the BIGGEST hypocrites EVER! KO having the nerve to talk about others going "on and on" about something!!!

    This is just creepy

    Um...GTFO of Paul's house, you STALKER!

  9. The psycho blob of grossly fat insane has another REALLY perverted, nasty post on her psychotic journal again. The whole thing is in-coherent and she's flailing all over the place. Nobody's talking to her in any group unless it's just one of her whiteknighting minions. The whole big boast about having someone's personal info is also proof positive that she is still actively stalking and the blog she mentions as having any personal info on someone is, again, very revealing that she stalks people!

    But there's no such blog, googled it nine ways to Friday, no results of anything so the lying sack of shit is just doing her usual making shit up again. She's been claiming that this ShawnB hacked her when she's obviously lying because she's obviously in co-hoots with him. She's been calling people's phone numbers, and starting a whole new campaign of harassment and she's still as BATSHIT as ever!

    And IF there were any blogs with someone's number in them, she would have posted the link right there! But link! Gee, another big lie from the big liar Kathryn O'Crazy Cuntface.
    You can tell that she's still obsessing over Nacky's body parts again. GAWD Nacky and everyone else will need to swim in an ocean of bleach to rid the thought of the Drama Queen Bog of Stench that KO keeps sliming the internets with! KO sure has lots of free time and obviously outs herself as the masterbating obsessive psycho bitch when you compare her posts to the creepy ones she's always posting about Paul McCartney.

    Poor Paul.
    Poor Nacky!
    Poor everyone that still deals with this bitch on a daily basis.

    1. Goddamn. I saw it. How nasty can she get? Her projections are OFF THE SCALE! KO fingers herself while posting such vitriol obviously. Hate to see the conditioon of her keyboard! GHASTLY! Must be covered with unnamed stains and bodily hair!

      Another post I'll put up. In due time. I'm sure there are screenshots saved of that hideous bitch and her psycho creepy stalker posts.

      Poor Paul and poor Nacky is right! I can see why men avoid KO like the plague. All that talk about shoving blunt objects up their asses and then talks about her female victims like that. What a real turn off. Her face is a real turn off unless one likes vomitting.


    This twisted lie again. Here she now claims that didn't "remember it" but somehow she does...hmm? In this version she even gives a timeframe! Which will eventually change with each re-telling of it like her so-called first Paul concert.

    But here is her first version of it

    KO seems to omit the middle of the city street in her newest version. Could it be because everyone has picked that apart and proven it was all bullshit?
    She seems to remember this tall tale of hers a whole lot to include the ridiculous part of her fib that includes a city street and a boyfriend toting a rifle.

    And as for her "city" to come in and kill a bunch of cats is another horrid look into the mind of a psychopath.
    Any city would have placed those cats into a shelter. Not just go in and kill them. But that's KO talking her usual evil shit again!

  11. The harassing phone calls is what KO does best, she called some more people today. One of the ladies being harassed told me that when the police looked at the phone records that came back they told her that the "non threats" calls were from some idiot kid who obviously has way too much time on his hands, but the actual threats with the voodoo shit was something they could definitely look into and since this particular person has a slew of harassing emails, and screenshots of the insane catshit shit, that they were going to try to get the two parties who made these calls. Well and she did mention that had it been just the prank calls, they would have done nothing, but she had emails and actual death threats/voodoo curses about being killed so that carried far more heavyweight than it would have normally. There are some real stooooopid idiots out there. I wonder if it ever occured to the dingbat that when you align with psychos this kind of shit can happen.

  12. EL! I got the latest screencaps put up in the Insane Journal of Catshit blog. No need for you to have to feature it. What a task! Been speaking with about 15 people the past few days. It is exhausting what this one bitch can do!

    1. Thanks SO MUCH! It is a huge task I know, and you spared me from having to put that shit up. I really didn't have the heart because of just how vile she is. Great work getting people's comments and the timeline of events in order. You deserve MEGA KUDOS!


    Yeah it sure was okay for her to post people's personal info on sites like Battlestar Galactica Revival, blogs, yahoogroups, etc. But someone out there has her shit and hands her ass to her and she has her tantrums!
    Not to mention she was JUST bragging about having some people's personal info on livejournal. Always such a hypocrite.


    KO brings on the perversion, then goes into some weird-o-rama rant about masks because a kid in the video wore a kid's mask and how the kid did it all wrong!
    FFS they were having fun, NOT everything is about you KO! But of course it is, to KO. And all her "masks" she wears for her "political" and "religious" she like, a member of the KKK or something?
    Yeah we all know about her "masks" because she has all these "issues", you see. The real KO though, you don't wanna see the real face or the real personality! It's a sick, deranged piece of shit.

    And of course KO can't tell the difference between fish and a vegetarian Crostini Recipe hors d'oeuvres.

    Or maybe KO is just flamebaiting again and bringing up that whole shit about masks prior to her swipe about the McCartney's veganism was just her sneaky bitch trick to slip past mods so she can stir more shit up about Stella?

  15. Another one of her delusional lies? She says it's her cat yet she didn't post it. Seems to be someone else's cat.

    1. Again, as so many keep pointing out about her failure to give links when she's obviously making shit up, she's not posting a url to this so-called page! Where's the link?? Where??? KO is the kind of attention whore that would post an exact link to it if it were real!

      Also saw this;

      Paul holding a strip of film on a ladder?


      Yet another one of her "I've been a fan for 30 years!" tall tale. For the fifth year in a row it's been "30 years!" The droning lie has gotten beyond ridiculous!


    catshit loses her shit all over BFFD.

    1. Thanks ! Got a new blog posted here and linked all that. The little looney went and continued her attacks on her own lj. Guess she isn't as well liked as she thought if she fears the ban hammer if she continued stirring shit on bffd LOL!