Saturday, September 21, 2013

KO Trolls BFFD, disrupts that place then continues attacks on her Insane Journal

Since we know she loves to lie, attack, spin out of control and act a total dumbass then DELETES her own shit and any response to it on livejournal, the saving of screencaps has been a welcome invention lest KO tries to rewrite all of history!

For the latest just check these links out: Link 1 and Link 2. Of course you may want to also check on the blog that documents the actual Insane Journal of Catshit at this Link.

I'm always amazed at what certain mods will put up with when the psycho troll is such an obvious psycho troll. As someone else put it so well, she must have a list of people she rotates with and attacks them on given days. No life KO at her usual spot again; on the internet just being a trolling attention-whoring psychopath.

But while it's still there, you can probably catch it before she makes it disappear. Catshitty at it again. The BFFD posts were removed before I could link it here, but it can be seen at the Journal Fen links given above. Thanks for the screencaps ! And of course the Journal where it can be seen anyway.

What's really telling of her monsterous nature is she seems to be way too focused on the private parts of the people she attacks.


  1. Got it added to the IJoC blog. I even got the screenshots too, as did others. They were actually first posted to LBF Journal Fen, but we had them too. So far the trolling little perverted creep still hasn't removed the shit she posted. But we all know she will. Then try to deny it later.

  2. I hope those idiots who whiteknight for that stupid fucking catkick bitch (and you know who you are) are getting that much deserved "Fucktard" label they so rightly deserve!

  3. Now she's on a "MySpace sucks" tangent.

    Then a WTF post, obviously aimed at vegans.

    And then MORE myspace rantings.

    Aww did myspace kill her dozens of accounts like "Dead Body (whatever victim she targeted there)"? Serves her right!

    Yeah she was reported by several people! Thank goodness! Yeah we reported her ass, and if anyone wants to know, it was her that used the PM system to send threats while posting about killing people! We remember that shit.

    And facebook has already killed two of her accounts so far. I guess she must suck up to facebook because her suck-up minion midgets are still there.

    Also facebook didn't delete these so-called 70 fake IDs she's been complaining of. More exaggerated drama from drama psycho bitch. Furthermore her "online problems" are ALL caused by her alone. The problem that she's online!!!

    1. Really and her trying to terrorize people on myspace and being thrown from it was years ago and she's STILL bitching about how they removed her ass ! Not about myspace actually sucking because they went cheap carbon copy cookie-cutter internet interface, but because THEY removed HER !

      She thinks of herself as the Almighy Queen of the World.

    2. Here's another good link to describe KO, and her "relationships" with all these celebrities she's obsessed with...

  4. There was a troll on MPL some time ago and I thought it might have been KO, one of her aliases anyway but then, when I saw that everything was spelled correctly I knew it couldn't have been the drama bitch.

    1. This article describes very accurately what she is, because she absolutely REFUSES to better herself in any way! Read:

      Although the article uses a "he" as the prime example, it can easily be applied to Miss Crazy Bitch Psycho KO



    Here! I'm gonna use this as yet ANOTHER opportunity to talk about ME!

    And now...for yet another creepy post to prove what a cunty jealous bitch she is!

    And nobody cares.

    And still...nobody cares!

    Her version of fun is staking out someone's house at night.


    Michelley, femaleanimal & Eeee Cor Blimey are smart enough to know this was another troll attempt by the TROLL!

    Just another reason for KO to bring up any argument against Stella or vegans in general.

    I love the .gif that Eeee Cor Blimey put with that reply to KO's BS. Too funny!

    Yeah because her goal is to take over the board!

  7. Hey guys. I added the latest Catshit psychoness to the Insane Journal of Catshit blog. Check it out. Thank goodness for LBF's Journal Fen too.


  9. is kapoop retarded or something? haha
    no wonder he does so jealous all the time..

    1. I feel sorry for that kid. His dad is such a retard.
      The kind of dickweed that KO keeps as minions!

    Make This Journey Last

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    Dang, that's awful man. You need to re-write nearly everything. No wait.. Yeah everything. It's pretty bad dude, just being honest. Now don't go crying to the mods. You post this stuff apparently seeking opinion on it, so I'm just providing for you.

    And what are those trophy's supposed to be!? For the cheesiest music ever made?? Lol. Peace and love there.

    And again, not to beat a dead horse, but you basically sound like a horse whose been beaten near death on that 'All'. What the hell kind of performance is that!? It's kareoke to a horrible tune. Man, seriously, what's your plan B cause you need to be preparing for that.

    Can't wait to hear more crap. Thanks.

    1. apparently the mods removed kapoop's jealous post

      seems like kapoop is 'taking bullets' again for katshit (since simplyrahil dealt with her crap on the cosmically conscious section earlier on)

    2. Amazing he should post his "opinions" on someone for what he calls crappy yet he supports one of the SHITTIEST hacks to ever plague the Beatles writing groups!

    3. not to mention his (kapoop's) own 'music' if one would dare to call it that, STINKS to the max!

    4. now they send more minions to do their dirty work

  11. what is that troll trying to do?
    who's the biggest derailer of them all?

    see from posts on page 1 with the 'cake' (this was originally on a thread on the main Paul section but martin moved it to here because simplyrahil posted what martin felt fit to be put in the cosmically conscious section)

  12. this asshole

    Kathryn O'Connor
    October 3
    Gotta love flame wars with teens. They're texting that you're ugly and a whore and you text back, "Your father really isn't your father and never loved you," and they're all upset you're saying trigger words at them for suicide. I'm just better at flaming then you, kid.
    2 people like this.

    Marla Rudas *Sigh*
    October 3 at 3:08pm

    Bett Hines stay out of flame wars - there isn't really a winner. You are better at wholistic health products than almost anyone I know.
    October 3 at 3:26pm

    1. Funny that she, of all people, should be even bringing up something like that when she is the one who goes around blaming Kimba and others for saying and doing stuff to make her "relive" her childhood traumas. And to think this is around the time she posted on her shit LJ about someone else's father hating them. Whoa! So KO is just like those teens, only the teens are far more mature than KO could ever be.
      What a wretched twat face.
      That Bett Hines hasn't gotten a clue though. KO is usually the *cause* of flame wars, and she sure loves to start them!
      And Bett must not know many people if she thinks KO is better at wholistic anything. FFS.

  13. Well this weekend is a Convention in Dearborn mich and I hear she is there stalking and bothering people.......

    1. It's amazing how this bitch can continue such blatant harassing activities and never gets arrested. I hope that someone finally complains to the right people or call the cops on her!

    2. It's about time that she gets arrested.
      Stalking and harassing is what she likes to do best!

  14. I told friends of mine going to the con if she comes up to them and trys to talk to them to yell out loud no Katheryn I dont want any drugs from you Why do you keep tring to Give me Drugs????

    1. She probably tries to that anyway. ;)
      Would be nice to see her finally arrested and realize that she truly is not above the law.
      Can you imaging having to see her in real life? "blechhhh"
      Everyone get out the brain bleach!

  15. oh stfu


    KO just doesn't get sarcasm. Just like her minions don't get it either.

    1. I know right? Hint to the minion: You mistake sarcasm for racism.


    Oh please! Is your little group of whiteknights not letting you get away with blatant ass kissing to Paul?

    1. After a nice week or two of semi silence, the thing shows up again.

      The usual.

      Self promotions, following Miss O'Dell's posts and sucking up rather nicely to keep Miss O in line...

      KO just reminding everyone that she writes fics about everything she wants to ramble on about. KO really reminding everyone that she writes fics SO TAKE NOTICE ye internets!! KO has to insert her self greatness into the topic, don't you know.

      And here the self promotion is sickeningly so close to her "If Paul does it or did it, then ME TOO! Oh and please everyone do take noted that I write fics and desperately need readers to comment on them!"

      Yeah right...

      KO quickly learned about that video from that thread and following the link to the video posted in it. *eye roll*

      KO laughs hard at "common fantasies".


      Well. Should Paul be afraid? Diving at his feet sounds creepy but she didn't mention her steel dildo so...


    You know most people would say they wear what they want because it's comfortable. But not KO! She has to show her narcissism like she waves the flag of self-centeredness.

    1. KO and her usual vulgar self. She's been dropping unnecessary innuendos on MPL and writing more idiotic teenage wanking fics. And Susy's been weird. Well when is she not?


    Not right. And WTF? Who is the new figment of her imaginary friends/readers asking for a sick shit fic like that?

    Sooo not right.

  20. States the obvious after watching the YT clip and then replies to the OP as if she saw it.

    Another repeat of the same lie. Yeah she was so in love with Paul at age 6 that it took her all the way until the year 2009 (her join date of Beatles fandom) to even talk about him on *any* online board, group or site.

    Well I must say though it's been somewhat quiet for us, but I hear that she's been really tearing into another site or person(s). Also her suck-up Robert Macs has been concentrated on some other facebook rival. After he harassed that kid, he moved on to a bigger target. KO & RM seriously should be put back into their holes but they are the biggest "holes"....:/

    1. Agreed.

      And LMAO about KO's statements here:

      Let's compare her statements here to ALL the posts she's made about being such a "popular" and "cool" person who's well liked, while she spewed some of the most ugliest vitriol ever seen against everyday, hard working people.

  21. Nice.


    Well gross and quite untrue KO's claims are. KO doesn't have much experience with men and NancyR's following comments are just as stupid as KO herself.
    Yeah KO is an expert at staring at photos but not the real deal. KO is still a middle-aged hag who lives with her mother and spends all her time in front of her computer.
    But they'll fill up those threads with drivel. Better there than other boards since that place is wanky anyway.