Friday, October 5, 2012

Educational Tools for Power Enough Against Cruel Evil sociopaths

I bring these URLs for the victims to read through. Country of Liars blogger has a sociopath in his family, the name? Kathy. Imagine that. Now that I have time to post today, I present these pages for anyone to read through and realize that this individual's story isn't unlike others in the same boat. I wanted to share this here so my readers can understand how a very disturbed person (like Kathryn O) premeditates and does, in fact, set about to destroy other people's lives.

How to get revenge against the sociopath
Taking on a sociopath
What makes a sociopath so dangerous

And as promised, I have finally gotten around to sharing further educational pages with you from other sources.

Bully playing the victim

From that page, we learn about Bullies who play the Victim. A very consistent and broken-record role played eternally by Kathryn O. Everywhere. We start to understand why people from virtually everywhere, like MOWFO for example, have become more than wary of her tactics and have realized just how apparent it is now. Even if in the past they didn't catch on.

A bully pretends to be a victim in order to manipulate others. Because most people are good and compassionate, this is bullying at its worst.

When a bully acts like a victim, he also gains the unwitting compliance of others into bullying you. Naive, compassionate people will chastise you for not caring about the bully's victimization, and not changing your behavior to meet the bully's desires.

Although this particularly nasty form of bullying occurs occasionally in the workplace, it is more common at home, where it represents emotional blackmail.

Note also that the page points out the "Favorite Phrases" used by a bully who plays victim.

"You deserted me in my hour of need."
"You betrayed my trust in you."
"Why are you ruining it for the rest of us?"
"Don't you want to help us succeed instead of standing in our way?"
"You hurt me when you did that."(or said that)
"You hurt my feelings when you did that."(or said that).
"You hurt others when you did that."(or said that).

Is any of this sounding familiar?

It should. It's repeated daily, if not hourly, by Kathryn O on every internet website she's on.

So I urge people to read this LINK even if you don't read through the links about sociopaths I've provided here. Which I hope you do anyway. But please read the link provided here!

Some key points.

Puts a positive spin on his/her behavior and intentions.
Casts his/her behavior as reasonable and constructive.
Casts the behavior of others as unreasonable and destructive.

And one of the most glaring points to be made since there are so many people who have come forth with their testimonies...

Charming in public, but attacks you in private.

It's really difficult to defend oneself against such a thing because only the victim sees the real personality, the real face. Others who are lead to think that the real bully is a victim will see any rebuttal as an attack, rather than a red flag. Because, sadly, most people fall for the act. Bullies and sociopaths are experts at controlling people that way.

And read on here. In KO's case, omit "company" for knowledge in "fandom", especially the memorizes and quotes the company's vision and values... And just replace that with memorizes and quotes Beatles-related subjects or anything she has gotten hold of to appear to be geniune.

KO is hypocritical... her spoken philosophy and behavior don't match. (Glaring examples of this on KO's FB)

Calmly demeans you, but is angry because you don't respect her. (See above)

It all fits.

At work, KO is a bully just as much as she is online. One of my readers has contacted me personally. While this man doesn't know if KO is still working at the same store, he did want me to share some things with all of you.

He states that Kathryn is an arrogant self-righteous know-it-all. That she loves to stir up contention between the boss, managers and other employees, especially if the employee is even remotely better looking than she is, and I can imagine that practically everyone in Michigan is better looking than KO! That she spends more time flapping her gums and rumour-mongering than actually working.

FWIW, they don't call her the "Beatle girl" either. They call her something else.

I want to thank my readers for their support and documentation. I see I have gotten quite a few more readers and my stats have gone way up in the last couple of weeks. Education is important and while I use this blog to excerise my freedom of speech, I see that I can do some good by providing educational material for those who are suffering and still suffering the oppression of the Bully we all know as Kathryn O.


  1. Maybe Catshit's FB falls under this category.

    1. I've reported her FB and her LJ, but nothing ever seems to be done. She whines and throws in threats to bring lawsuits against them and they jump as high as she tells them to.

    2. Couldn't agree more. When are those fools on her FB ever gonna realize that she's the one who obsesses and keeps bringing the drama and keeps asking for all their support when there is nothing they can do about her problems as she's the problem and wants them all to be in that constant state of kissing her ass? That she ultimately controls them through their emotions, their sympathy, their guilt.

      They've even tried to tell her numerous times to stop with the best intentions. She won't, of course. Because trying to destroy other people and their lives who've already seen through her act, are always going to be her #1 priority.
      Her little friends are just, right now, serving a purpose of being a visible support group helping her bully and send her kind words. When they are drained from any possible positive outcome for their efforts, they'll cease. And like Chris and so many others before, they will be added to her hate list of people to destroy and defame to new people who don't even know them or know them but don't like them.

      Amazing these friends of hers haven't seen this pattern yet.
      Even more amazing that she claims to be a Beatles fan for so long when people who've known her for years have never heard her say a thing about them even when they were fans themselves! Kathryn never said a damned thing about them at all even when the opportunity arose. Nope. Before it was all Dirk Benedict. And before that, some local man she was stalking. Even trying to get people to drive by his house and check up on him. Stuff like that.

      Oh yes. Very familiar with her history.

    3. Man you were RIGHT!

      Her friends are all like 'Let it go!' and she just calls some people more names or abbrevations and accuses them of lying and keeping the shit flinging. If that Marla wants to visit her on Mondays why doesn't she just go to the nut's house?

    4. HA! The world's biggest and foulest liar complaining she's been lied to!! That takes the cake! (shakes head) and as her usual M.O. she's as vague as always. Not one referrence to anything, anyone or even what this alleged lie was. Yeah her letting go of people who've seen her real self, it'll never happen. She'll be on them to the day she dies.

  2. I haven't been able to read any updates for a while but coming back today, wow. I can't believe that KO piece of crap was able to get everyone's LJs removed! >:-( Some people just have too much power! While her LJ with all that DREADFUL writing remains! Injustice doesn't even begin to describe it!
    I'm glad people saved and I do recall someone saying something about backing up everything with such a nasty one on the loose on the net. Like a premonition.

  3. She's bitching about what Dhani said in some magazine. He didn't really say anything negative about any city. He just stated what he saw and what it looked like to him. He was right. Furthermore, Detroit is NOT the troll's city. Her little town is Bloomfield Hills! NOT Detroit!

    1. Dhani didn't "insult" any city. He just made a observation and she claims he didn't meet any cool folks. Yeah he just met the one crazy bitch who claims to have met his father while she was walking around naked and had her picture taken by a cop posing with a snake. You know, her GH story that always changes and gets more and more obviously insane and people know she's lying out her ass.
      That's who poor Dhani was made aware of. A pathetic, basement-dwelling troll from Bloomfield Hills.


    Well I knew she'd be back to using MPL to manipulate its members for sympathy after she was blocked and banned from even more MOWFO members! The bitch is now claiming to have saved Brick's life which is a crock of shit. Fetching his pills for him, check this, when he realized he didn't bring them up from his van when he was at a convention and mentioning having to go all the way down to get them and her jumping up offering to get them instead to save him a trip is hardly classified as "saving his life" the fucking lying sack of shit!

    He was never in any mortal danger. He just simply was saved a trip that he would have done anyway. She just happened to want an excuse to get inside his van. That was her opportunity. I'm sure she was majorly disappointed there were no drugs in there for her to smoke or stick on her tongue! Fucking lowlife.

    1. Wow she even got responses to her baiting thread she created there. One of the members simply says to "Kill 'em"... wow Paul fan. That's really fair. Don't bother knowing the whole story or the fact that KO's a fucking liar and isn't telling the truth just go ahead and suggest she "kill 'em" because that'll solve everything. You fucking idiot.

      BTW she's said the same thing on her FB wall too. No responses (at least any that she liked) to her baiting there so OF COURSE she's going to run to the one place where the stupid will play her game; MPL!

      And OF COURSE it's always something "she's going through" nevermind that she's the one attacking the poor guy privately and now publicly. What he's going through has no merit because it's ALL... ABOUT... HER!

    2. Here is what a friend of mine told me about her recent attacks on Brick and well, everybody else. I could state his name so I could back it up, but it's really not necessary. I don't think it is anyway. This is what he said:

      I'm not sure what touched it off, but something really shoved the sand in her vagina lately.

      The first sign of trouble, for me, was when one of our MOWFO members posted about her birthday party. We have a tradition of letting the birthday person choose the location for their celebration and she was excited. Suddenly, there was Superbitch, prattling about how hurtful it was for her to SEE all of us making plans to have fun without her! GASP!

      She then lashed out at Kimba (of course) and, for some reason, Brick. She prattled something about T-shirts, and even Brick had no idea what she was blathering about. He seemed to half-remember some joke about showing up at a con with some sort of slogan on a T-shirt, but he never did such a thing for real. Once again, she's simply playing the victim card, going to third parties for validation and then lashing out at those she considers enemies.

      I think Mike & Marla's reply was in response to whether they'd be at the birthday meetup.

      As for her other possible problems, I have no clue. She went SOME where yesterday, because I posted a verbal slap-down on her page that stayed up for several hours. She finally read it and deleted it, comically lying that she "never read what you wrote," yet responding to it point-for-point. WHAT an IDIOT!

  5. Yep. Old Psycho KO has been using FB to cause problems for others.

    I can see why Julian Lennon banned her.

  6. Has anyone noticed that NO MATTER where she goes, whatever account she's got, she's always got someone or some people that she's got a hate campaign going against? On LJ it's Astrid and MLL, and God knows who else. On Yahoo it's MOWFO and Dirk Benedict's mailing list. On FB it's Julian Lennon and countless people there. On BL it's Colonel Agnus and any of his friends. On MPL it's Anna, femaleanimal and all the regulars that have disappeared ever since they realized she was going to be allowed to troll there. There's always all these people she is everyday actively bashing and attacking in some way or another. It's not surprising that some people fucking wish she were dead!

    Pretty much my sentiments after her shit over Julian.

  7. Yeah she's always spazing on FB. Since she's the same nasty Kathryn that many people have known for a few decades now, she hasn't changed at all. So I wonder who her wall post is directed at when bringing up the subject of change?

  8. Oh look. She's had her ass handed to her big time over on FB so now she's back to her "biopsy" sympathy grabbing game. Of course the stupid people who still don't have a clue are sending her well wishes.

    Oh she'll play the Biopsy record for years now. When she finds new ways to get sympathy, she milks it for all its worth. It'll be a broken record before too long. Her threat to "haunt" people as a ghost sure proves that she fully intends to stalk people no matter what. Good grief. But she'll have a really hard time doing much in the spirit realm in other people's houses (especially when she doesn't know where they live) when the abyss has called her back.

    Her FB post is more like a "Gimme sympathy, biopsy, death, dying, poor me, poor poor me! I'm so going to stalk people from beyond the grave and terrorize them! Send all your best wishes and prayers to me now you little peons! I am sooo the center of the universe!"

  9. Uh-oh! Misery KO gets exposed as the lying troll she is. Time for another BIOPSY to keep her followers from thinking for themselves and focused entirely on being drained for more sympathetic support!

    Sooner or later she's going to run out of biopsies and she'll have to settle for the old threats of suicide.

    BTW I never believed that 'they posed as me on the internet' CRAP! It's just so obvious she was caught and wanted to hide the fact she was caught. Lame.

  10. Another tumblr documentation of the Psycho Bitch KO's trolling (FB posts) etc.

  11. Hey new reader here! Glad to know about all this stuff. So many people from LJ has clued me in. And she (catkick) is fucking crazy. First her profile "warning" about privacy when her stuff that SHE HERSELF makes PUBLIC is like the stupidest thing I've ever seen and sinc she's a troll, she doesn't need to make sense since she's obviously been smoking crack.
    Second she repeats herself in her own warning, how many times does the word "form" have to be used? WE GET THE IDEA and third, her fucking name, posts, pictures and content can be used anywhere anyone likes.

  12. The Crazy KO/KB FB today is as anyone would expect. For some reason she's calling people who own guns "bullies" so is she admiting that she's a bully finally? Her LJ that declared she owned a gun and talked about how the gun culture was part of her life seems to include HERSELF in that statement. Let's not forget that she also claimed to be able to get guns as easy as she can get drugs on MPL.

    Then she takes another bullying swipe at Julian Lennon.

    1. Not only that but she sure has a big jealous rage over any woman who's pretty. She just HAD to shout on her psycho account about some pretty girl with some random guy and screamed and complained about not being photographed with hot-looking guys. As if she isn't as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

  13. Check out these huge fucking lies:

    Looking up Lennox statues of any such Lennon sculpture turned up no results.

    No such PBS show was found either.


    The book never said that to my recollection. Notice how she tries to back out of the lie by adding some stupid nonsense about her phone which we all know isn't ringing at all. From anyone.
    Also more evidence that she knows NOTHING of their history! Getting L.A. mixed up with New York? Bitch please! Stop.

    BTW I own The Beatles cassette with the infamous version of 'Lordy Lo!'


    1. She's made those claims before and she can't make up her mind if Lenox is spelt with one L or two. Since we know she makes shit up all the time and couldn't get through a single day without telling, at least, a dozen lies about something or someone, the Lenox statue thing is bogus.

      Here's the website for Lenox crystal:

      This company isn't making naked statues of anything.

      But her "Lennox" claim on here:

      Doesn't seem to mesh with her "Lenox" claim here:

      Or here:

      Why has the spelling of "Lenox" changed between then and now? You'd think if it was her most prized possession, she'd know how the damned company's name was spelled since she loves to drop their name everytime.

      Why doesn't she mention anything about it being crystal on BL? Is it now made of bronze?

      But I knew she was a bald-faced liar when I read all her "dreams" in this thread:

      At about the 10th or 11th page on, she trolls all over the thread with such nonsense and bullshit that anyone with two brain cells to rub together would know she's lying and writing little Mary Sues on the Macca board.

  14. Kathryn I feel is very lonely and got upset when she saw that a type number of us mowfo people were going to a great birthday party that she is being left out of including m&m. this Monday we are having another birthday this time for Kimba at another restaurant she would like. again she is excluded and sounds like per moderators of mowfo that her ban to mowfo dinners and special events is never going to be rescinded. mind u that Kathryn did this to herself. none of us trapped her or tricked her into making her bannings worse she did it all herself with attacks on members personal pages and refusing to apologize for any of her actions. She will never learn and never change. she will be alone and even one day her cat will run away or die.... if her mom ever gets wise she will kick the catkick to the curb and stop supporting her insanity....

    1. Her mom is 77 years old so it's more likely she'll croak before she ever kicks her 45 year old retarded daughter out.

      And I feel very sorry for any animal being in Kathryn's care. That poor thing is plotting an escape, you just know it.

    2. Did she lose her job in ferndale??
      I hope the Karma Train hits her ass ASAP.
      I know the other nite we had a Mowfo party for Kimba
      and M&M did not show cus they went out with K for dinner at
      a Middle Eastern place not far from where we were......
      Weird huh????

    3. Sounds like M&M are trolls too.
      Some people are beyond stupid. *rolls eyes*

  15. So what are the ways to get her Facebook Page removed. Please do a step by step explain and I will gladly link it to other people. I have blocked her from my face book and can't report her or can i??
    Her current mode of operation is if someone post something that she thinks has anything to do with something she might of liked that she is no longer allowed to go to she goes nuts. She post crap and takes large craps on peoples pages.
    Here is an example but her post are not there cus on my page she is blocked....
    If you do not have her blocked you will see her crap as Karen Nesbit.

    1. Concrete proof to show that her she's using fake name on Facebook which is against the TOS of Facebook.
      And there is a lot of concrete proof. Quite a lot.
      I've got her blocked as well.
      I refuse to pollute my computer screen by looking at or reading her anal rantings.
      I've got better things to do on my computer.

    2. I have looked up options for reporting her. Here's one and you can sign out to use it:


    Translated: She got kicked out of another establishment.

    Translated: She was too busy stalking Dirk Benedict at the time.

    1. More attention whoring.

      If someone is handing a joint to a store employee, I'd have to question the people who run the business!

      And she's been posting more of her usual claims of being a longtime fan. KO always plays the broken record and keeps trying to spin it in new ways but the jig is up. People know she's a lying fraud.

  17. Karen Nesbit's-Kathryn O's dumber then shit political statements!

    KO like any greedy, self-serving idiot that loves to grandstand says that all blondes are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to vote based on THEIR HAIR COLOR!

    GEE KO, I guess fighting for equality isn't the issue with you, is it? It's about your personal agenda and grudge against blonde-hairs! Linda McCartney was blonde and so are so many great women (including your very own victims, whom you've stalked and bullied) but go ahead and try to stop blonde-women from voting! Run for office and use that as your political platform!

    Let us watch you get slammed by the public! Nice going, you fucking cave-troll with thinning brown ugly hair.

    1. And she starts talking about Paul's staff again and just has to insert her crazy shit about them "protecting her" but nowhere is safe from her! Because these dumb administrators don't want to deal with her bullying!

    2. Paul's staff doesn't tolerate her bullying and we all know SHE tries to bully on his site, the only reason she really joins any site is to bully someone out there, but she doesn't get away with it all the time.

    3. Because Kathryn O is crazy, anyone that says anything contrary to her delusions is going to be labelled a "cyber bully" and of course she'll report anyone to Paul's "staff" if someone isn't kissing her ass just proper.

    4. KO tried to get Anna banned from MPL. Didn't work. So she still trash talks Anna any chance she gets. You know how obsessed KO is with everyone who's ever seen through her or anyone KO has just chosen to bully right off the bat; like Julian Lennon and his fans.

    5. If "Paul's site" is her only refuge, why hasn't she posted there today? Why does she lie to the members there all the time and try to bullshit/manipulate them all the time?
      Look we all know that when she says she's "safe" there that what really means is that she can lie and bully people there and the mods won't ban her.

  18. Misery's facebook is one long bullying psycho smorgasbord. However we are FREE of her bullying in several places where WE are SAFE from HER!

    DirkBenedictCentral to name just one.

    I'm sure those PID folks have been enjoying their freedom from her since they banned her stalker-ass, not that she doesn't keep trying to do shit to them.

    And while people had to move WHOLE forums and their own LJs to somewhere safe from her creepy stalking fingers in cyber space, she can sit and spin herself into all her little delusional fantasy worlds thinking Paul or his staff give a shit about her mental illnesses. Meanwhile her LJ *snicker* goes without any notice or comments to her really shitty writing.


    This is the same bully who has never taken anyone's advice that she needs help. She won't seek any kind of therapy, because they would tell her the truth that she's the bully and she doesn't want to hear that.

    And here's the big problem with KO.

    1. She will never reshape her attitude
    2. She will never change her behavior
    3. She will never stop bullying people


      Yeah people! How about Paul or SOMEONE do somehting about the BULLY in Bloomfield Hills Michigan named Kathryn! How about someone DO something about THAT!???

      Yeah Kathryn O! That's right, blasphemy against YOUR self-appointed Center of the Universe-dom is a victimless "crime" that is only against YOUR (read: tyrantical) LAW!

  20. Geek-N-Proud-Of-ItOctober 21, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    Hey idiot KO! You do have a bullying problem alright! You keep bullying people on facebook and the internet!
    You copy people and whine about them then keep on contradicting your own self with your own spreading rumors about people you claim are doing it to you!

  21. KO not only bullies people, but she creates an illusion that she has a whole group of people under her control. KO only has a few. She spouts shit all the time then posts some referrence to ignoring her detractors, but then goes on to post dozens of bullying comments against them. I guess her version of ignoring is to publicly slam them on whatever facebook, forum or to other peopel as possible.

    People have had their own support groups targeted by her, she has attempted to silence everyone who has spoken out against her bullying but she is a sociopath and therefore always seems to have some small group of people willing to help her bully by playing the victim while she relentlessly attacks and abuses people. Her followers just don't see it because they've already been suckered into a belief and lied to by one of the world's biggest liars; Kathryn O

    It might also interest some, that Kathryn has tried to put real curses (witch curses) on her targets. She uses the name of Horvath, her intials K.H. to stir up these curses that she thinks will work against her victims. None of her curses have come to pass, she has not been the cause of any bad thing happening to anyone. The curses have come to their own conclusion and therefore made null and void. The working have played to their end and she is without victory. The only thing she has left is to keep bullying (and stalking you guys) and play the martyr. When these people she has fooled start to realize (if they ever get educated and get a brain to think with and put down their bongs) then she will become more and more obvious to them that she's the real monster. Exposure is the one thing she has spent years trying to hide and has done much destruction to others to keep the truth hidden.

    Her hatred against Mitt Romney is strange, considering he's right from her own neighborhood! She has always said she's so proud of her area and richy rich neighbors. I don't like Romney because he is from Bloodfield Hills, MI.

  22. Ah the Facebook of KO's Psycho Drama today.

    Attacks against MOWFO again. Usual bullshit as expected. And more harassing comments against Julian Lennon!

    Incidentally, just so she can't deny anything later like she's trying to do on FB, Stu saved every email she sent to him!

    She just loves to spin lies.

  23. Thanks for all the comments everyone and I'll be saving evidence from links provided by you all. I see the psycho has been flaunting that guy Brick on Macca's forum and has tried to get members there to say something against me. As always, she's desperate.

  24. Lousybeatlefic has a knew account not associated with livejournal. The only thing they've posted so far is a hello post.

    1. Thank Goodness! And there's gotta be a way to get all the stuff that was on LJ over to there. EL did say she would create another blog just to store all the content from the targeted LJs too.


    This is his blogspot page. All of his screen caps from his LJ pages are there except for the comments made to those threads he posted.

    1. There should be a way to get all the content. Maybe someone in JF might be able to help. I know that lots of stuff has been saved from other people who've been targeted by such psychos like KO, and I have been trying to get all the stuff from those LJs including the Maccaminx one. It's all still there, but we either need someone who will send it (which is possible) or get a court order.

    2. It's great that you got another couple of accounts set up! Not that she won't try to report those too!

      The imbecile left another pile of shit on her LJ and some blathering on FB today. For one, I don't know any hookers and whatever "hooker" used the disclaimer she using, she just admitted fully that she copies others and furthermore, her disclaimer is null and void when you consider that the original person using it probably has a private page.

      Second, her FB racist remarks are ugly and bullying towards lots of ethnic groups.

    3. HA! She claims to have a life while responding to EL's & Deanna's blogs! Copying an alleged hooker's disclaimers and still writing really BAAAD shitty shitty ramblings she calls "fan fics".

    4. Typical of KO's brainless and utterly stupid and insane rants *rolls eyes*
      Racist remarks are also not permitted on FB and are against their TOS
      We also know for a fact that she reads EL's and Deanna's blogs every day and probably every single minute!
      What a loser! I'm so glad that I am me and not her... "blechhhhhh"

  26. Oh look. On KO's facebook of trash today she talks about her trash talking. And all her posts meant to slander people.
    Wonder if she'll admit to doing much worse through private emails?

    We all know she loves to cause fights publicly anyway and she sure loves to use the CAPS LOCK!

    1. She wants to silence the truth. The bully that she is, she wants people to think what we say has no merit and that's how she fools some people into her web of lies.

      She just posts all that avalanche of shit everyday. KO has no life or job to go to. & she's always playing her "biopsy" broken record.

      Some other points on her stupidty... all "not-born" blondes are dumb because jokes "tell her so"? Wow that's some education there, Einstein! So she's admiting to being dumb now? As well as admiting to showing how stupid she is on the internet! Too funny.

    2. KO is the the laughing stock of the internet!
      She's also jealous of us blondes since she's so fuckin' ugly she'd crack a mirror everywhere she'd go!
      Everything we say does indeed have merit and we've got concrete proof that she's a psycho, stalker and a troll!

    3. "Wonder if she'll admit to doing much worse through private emails?"

      KO just denies that does that she claims that she hasn't done anything wrong and is a victim, far from it!

      She's sent me nasty emails that I've forwarded over to the police where she lives.

      The email's showed her IP. dumbass


    1. Good to see that!


    You see, she's got one TOOOOO! And after all her claims of being really into octopuses, star trek, dinosaurs and witchy contacts with dead people, now all the sudden it's COWBOYS! Because someone had a copy of something, she of course has to have it too.

  29. Oh boy. The cunty troll is still blasting on about MOWFO and the Sci-Fi fandom in Michigan. Adding that they're must be the problem and then alienates them even further with HER intolerance of them and her inability to accept people as they are. Her "meds" statement is just an example of why people have distanced themselves from her. But she'll never see that. She'll never see that it's her racist, bigoted, ugly gossiping ass that has made people digusted to even know her. Still she blames others for her own shitty, narrow-minded, negativity-directed psychotic nature.