Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LOL the Kooky O Crazy Bitch Still Obsessed with Me

Here I am featured again on a crappy livejournal with a bunch of horrible writing.

Apparently my parents are assholes just like everyone else's who this bitch hates on. Lots of talk of penises and vaginas and tits. I feel as if I looked into a gaping hole combination of vomit and KO's unsuccessful dildo sessions which makes anyone want to vomit!

And since her English was obviously taught to her by deranged psycho bridge trolls, I had to laugh at her explanation of where and what the meaning of "Lass" is. Lord can anyone be more pathetic? In this day and age where information like this has been available for ages!

Then here KO is claiming some powers again. This is to laugh! I've never been on fire nor felt any heat or flames lashing about me. It's hilarious but yet grimly sad in a way to think someone is spending that kind of energy on me. But whatever.

And anyone who writes;  I know her major organs have turned against her including her blood.  She might need to look up emotional causes of such distress and see if it correlates to her ills.  and that was just pine on black with a major emotional anger directed right at her.

THAT is what a professional therapist would say is a real psychopath who is a danger to others. There she suggests it's this Betty's "stress" that caused some ailment but then KO immediately takes credit for it by suggesting her "pine on black" and her "major emotional anger" was really the cause of it. Whatever it is. Bat. Fucking. Insane.

But we all know how she loves to claim doctors have diagnosed all the people she attacks with her rage and imaginary voodoo witchy spells. Ay-yi-yi-yi.

Also don't forget the screenshots are featured on this BLOG with commentary.


  1. Can you please put my link on your links list?

  2. Oh god she's put another post up about you.

    1. Wow is that all she's got? It's so lame and her attacks on me are dwindling to a trickle. Wonder why she bothered to post at all.