Wednesday, June 7, 2017

CatShit's LJ Makes Another Hysterical Rant

The Whacko of CatShit returns with more of the same, tired old trolling that only a Kooky O'Crazy can spew up.

Here are the screenies;


OK so there are the screen captures of her rant against DJ Stu and yours truly, so let's dismantle this easily debunked catshit storm.

1st; the last part of her psycho rant is just name-calling and unhinged screaming, so we'll set all that aside and give it a rating of .0- and the stuff about Stu seems like she took something he said in jest and twisted it. Whatever.

2nd; she lies straight up when she claims she has never posted about me. HA! But KO lies coming out the gate and her English really is horrid. I guess she still can't define the difference between haven't and ain't.

3rd; The school table mentality is her projection of me. And others. She accused Astrid of the same thing. Poor little psycho. Must have been hell for her to go to a school where people mingled at the table and avoided her because she's toxic and talks about cannibalism, grossing other students out.

4th; I never had a problem with anyone liking Paul McCartney but you KO, sure must think you own him to make so many posts to him and about him personally. Even to the point where you lie such obvious lies about his relationship with you. But that's your projections again.

5th; Your obsession with me is stalkerish an creepy. This blog was a response to the crazy you would continue to post on all McCartney related sites. Glad to know you still read my blog!

6th; Where is this Gordon thing coming from? LOL! How am I latched onto an internet stranger that I probably only had two conversations with?

7th; toxic people into drama? The projection meter just broke! Shattered gauge and plexi-glass everywhere! HA! Nice Freudian slip there, CatShit! Which you then lead into your same old mantra again with no cease or end in sight about those people you refer to as mental! LMAO! The ones you use the "bi-polar" label on so much that if it's been tattooed to your fat slob of a body so that no matter what you're doing you can look at yourself and say BI-POLAR! Yay for you!

And PIDers? Nice folks, really they are. I don't mind that yet another group of people are subscribed to me who find you completely vile.

But here I have the honor of gracing your little livejournal with a crazy ranty rant against me that you will end up deleting and then deny, being the agitator, and keep playing the victim card. So Kathy of you! Kathy Griffin, right? HA HA!


  1. Her English is so atrocious and yet she thinks she is correcting someone who has a MUCH better grasp of it than she EVER will!

    Check this out!

    My Gawd! Not only does she misspell "capisce" (her version is with a K of course!) she also fucking thinks that the guy she's arguing with should spell "your cats" as "you're cats"! WHAT THE...????

    What a complete ASS she makes of herself!

    1. LOL oh yeah she claims she always saw it spelt with a K! Her lying is so obvious.

  2. The psycho likes to refer to Dirk's members as "mental patients" so there's her projection again.

  3. Jesus. Is that insult bag of hers all she's got? It's always "your mama didn't raise you right" "your dad hates you" "bi-polar" and something to do with crotches. All those insults are fucking old. Her cruise story is as old.

  4. You should see the latest crazy! KO is literally as deranged as Hillary Clinton! Like Hellary Rotten Clinton her sense of entitlement continues, unabated. No acknowledgement of her own failures, misdeeds.

    KO literally is taking credit for causing someone's sickness! She thinks people are being made sick by her "spells". The dumb bitch doesn't do anything but sit in front of her computer and troll with all the gory oozings of a melted sick mind.