Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Creep at FB is KO

Let's see, KO has been sending emails from her fake email shit she uses, then claims she's being victimized with ID theft. KO is "laughing" at "fatherless children" showing her cruelty in all its nastiness. But all of what she vomits is just more projection. She can't get a man, and she's not married and she's a stalker. Who would marry such a psycho? It'd be plausible if she didn't look like a maggot-filled garbage pail bloater.

While using fake emails to send threats, she uses her drama queen self to claim others are, claim others are doing ID theft and her usual claim that people are stalking her and now going off on someone who unfriended her.

Maybe nasty KO pissed off someone who is blonde and they decided they had heard enough and washed their hands of that nasty, bigoted bitch?

But what do you wanna bet that whoever this was, was asking questions and wanting proof and KO went and unfriended them to avoid answering a direct question? I VOTE THE LATTER!

What's really strange is that her crazy and her psycho is plain as day yet she's still got fools who still believe her psycho and let themselves get bamboozled.

And dear readers, some of you already got some of her nasty emails but a heads up to all of you: BLOCK THIS EMAIL anonymous@foto.nl1.torservers.net as that would be the crazy stalker bitch who now has several of my subscribers contact info.

Full of crazy and batshit stirred into a little psycho post!

KO is going to do a "ritual" to talk to some dead guy that she's never met in life about his own kid? And when said dead guy explains that he can see all things from the Other Side and he has undeniable proof that she is absolutely batshit insane, can see how she harasses people and what she's written and done, wonder how her ritual will go then? Will she make things fly around the room in her typical rage or will it be the dead guy who had to listen to a crazy bitch moan and groan about his own kid? Hope it's the latter!

And no, little crazy nutso. Nobody's "shivering" about your post that you intentionally made sure was seen due to your trolling tactics. Just laughing and maybe some head shaking. But that's it.

So NOT reality in any sense of the word! One, she does NOT live on her own terms, she lives in a total dark misery where she is constantly thinking about all the people who've distanced themselves from her because she's toxic. And she certainly care what people are thinking that she will stalk them endlessly.

See? She even admits to being poison (toxic)!

 HaHaHa! So I guess she does care about what others' opinions are of her after all!

This is hysterical. KO claims she is right about everyone else including the poor guy who is now her target and spends all her time being obsessed with everyone else, but then claims everyone else is wrong! The fact she keeps dedicating all her internet accounts to people who want nothing to do with her and that she constantly bitches about and slanders, is proof enough that we are all RIGHT about her!

The bitch needs slapped. Hard. Her own parents never gave her an ass whipping for being such a psycho brat!

And the psychopath that she is, she reveals that she abuses animals!


 Batshit Cray of the Day!
I think she answered her own question! That number in red is the number of people who stupidly love her. The number in green is the real number of people whom she has attacked, abused, maligned and stalked. So 414 people hate KO. 2 idiots and a couple of relatives love her. And even that is sketchy lol.


  1. I'm very familiar with her fake emails and fake accounts bullshit. That's her usual M.O.

    And laughing at children who are fatherless? WTF did any child do to her? Oh yes, but of course, they are the products of someone else getting laid and so she'll hate them too!

    Death festers within her soulless nasty self! Maybe that's why she wants people's souls. She also wants their lives, their looks, anything. She is demonic.

    1. She goes like "nobody wants your drama" but she's creating it and unleashing it every single day! Maybe she's looking in the mirror when she posts?

      And her roleplay shit is just pathetic. Goes off with her imaginary husband in her imaginary hellish and twisted world where she is still an insane creepy stalker.

    2. I noticed that anytime she goes off which is all the time basically, and anyone questions the latest drama she spins, she always tells them people are going to go after them next! Wow.

      1. Nobody's gone after anyone for anything. Nobody wishes to involved strangers into KO's black nightmare she lives for.

      2. KO will herself use her little fake emailer and make it look like others are doing shit. It's KO herself!

      3. KO sure doesn't want ANYONE who is fooled by lies and psycho shit to know the truth and to be informed of her shit and who the real stalker psycho drama queen is!

      So there you have it.

  2. Her latest fb psycho is featuring some couple from Arkansas and she snorts on about knowing those people! Of course! KO cuddles with the psychos but no, dear crazy bitch, that is NOT who you're trying to imply. That couple is exactly like you KO. They called their child an idiot and you were on your own LJ making all those ugly statements about all the women you stalk and their babies. You're JUST like the creeps who abuse children! Glad no child has to be under your care as those particular people are right up your alley.

    Also who does she know in Arkansas since the victim that KO stalks no longer lives there, hmm?

    1. Here's a good one

      Kathryn O'Connor - found guilty of child and animal abuse!

    2. You can just see her now, calling up the Arkansas police and being psycho on them. But yeah, Nacky is no longer within KO's stalker-ish reach.

      As to who those other people are, I'm sure N would have been the one to turn them in if she were in the right place at the right time.

    3. Well for one thing, KO is trolling as usual.
      The woman in the story is named Jennifer, 30 years old and lives around the Hot Springs area. So the name alone would kill KO's little campaign right off the bat. Not to mention the intended target of KO's sickness is older and doesn't or ever lived in Hot Springs.

      But there are plenty of arrests made in Detroit of fat little skank Cheetos addicts like KO to feature a whole blog on its own!

  3. Her fb is filled with memes that were voiced by her victims long before she used them. KO made some comments to another insecure bully about libtards and spelling. Funny that KO thinks anyone should go to her for spelling advice! Excuse me while I laugh a big hearty laugh!

  4. It's really telling when she goes and bashes actor Dirk Benedict for being such a misogynist, but then posts such anti-female posts in her own LJ! Really - she reached the conclusion that someone's baby was fatherless based on someone simply being seen with a man that wasn't her husband??? Women can't have male friends unless they're the father of their babies now? How backwards that nasty KO is!

  5. The creep's latest fb psycho rants include such gems as her imaginary conversation with "random woman" and the bit "and accuse you of not having a job and other facts"

    LOL! KO's Freudian slips are hilarious!

    KO's projections are so dense and thick, they just drip and when she claims people talk about her from projection, she then proves that it's HER who she really talks about. OF COURSE! She is her most favorite subject!
    God she's such a psycho.

    1. She is an abuser so insecure and has little control over her own life.

      She's miserable, and misery loves company. Her mediocrity forces her to use manipulation of others to conceal her deficiencies. When questioned or challenged by subordinates, she erupts in tyrannical rage.

  6. On her fb today she is posting how she doesn't care what people say about her..... oh really?????

    Coulda fooled me! That insane cunt has been going around the net, stalking her victims for anything they'd breathe about her psycho and then she'd report them like crazy, hoping to take down their accounts, even trying to take down entire groups and forums. The host of one even had to have his client move their entire forum to another server because he was sick and tired of her constant bitching about what was being said about her IN PRIVATE!!!!

    So much for her so-called "claims" that she doesn't care what people say about her stalking ass. She most certainly does care and stalked people for more than a decade to prove it!


  7. The creep's fb prayer of narcissism is one she should have tattooed on her big fat ugly head. It's her whole M.O.

  8. christine@mail.postmanllc.net

    1. Did you want someone to email you? What is this about? I need to know before emailing someone I don't know. This is just for safety reasons as KO is a stalker. This is a matter of record and we all just want to be safe from her.

  9. Her latest spew of filth is a bunch of whigning and drama. As usual she is pathetic. She constantly projects. Is a mentally ill asshole while trying to claim celebs care about her lies and made-up drama.

    She is crying over Trump's win, wow, really?
    She makes ignorant statements that Trump will not grab her pussy and she'd be right! Nobody wants to grab a diseased ugly bulge of stink like that COME ON!

    One facebooker called her out on her shit. This is entertaining.
    *pops popcorn*

    1. I had a huge laugh at her little meme from a known psychopath MADeleine Albright about places in hell for women who don't help other women! Really? For one, nobody should help a psychopath regardless of his/her gender and two, KO is not to be helped! How can anyone help someone who goes out of her way to demonize, abuse and stalk other women?

      The sleaze is even a self admitted pervert, with sickening perversions. That's not to be defended. She loves Satan obviously. Some of her posts are absolutely disgusting and SICK! While she projects her sickness onto others. KO is a known liar like her idol Hillary.

      And if there is a special place in hell for women like that, count Hillary as the first that will be found in that special place in hell!
      Does Hillary defend her own gender? Especially a rape victim?

  10. On FB she is such a creep. Everywhere she is a creep. Earlier she is making sure her drama goes on and on spouting about stalkers and how her first account was pulled down because of "stalkers and cyberbullies" because her breaking their terms and harassing everyone couldn't possibly be what got her ass removed. Like Hillary's Psychopath Teachings has taught her; blame everyone else for your evil deeds. KO was caught but still tries to lie her way out of everything.

  11. One of these days KO will really piss the wrong person off. hmmm...wait a minute! she already has! She's pissed a lot of people off. She doesn't have my personal contact information and I haven't received any emails from her either. THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET lies so much she wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the ass! Someone unfriended her? Good for them! Wondering if she still reads this blog...of course she does... *rolls eyes*

    1. That guy keeps dying! The stupid bitch has told this same story before about some idiot she claims was with the Dalai Lama being her friend. These people only exist in her head!
      And this one keeps dying whenever she needs to write about her victims that she wants to call stalker. So she uses a death of a fake person to do this with!