Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Unprovoked Attack Against Astrid

The Psycho Troll KO never stops ! That's what people have seen and can attest to.

There is a convention coming up, what does that mean ? Why it means that she will be leaving a steaming pile of bile on her LJ !! Always the same pattern. But she also posts her crazy even when there are no conventions coming up, mind you. Lately the hospital waiting room isn't such a happening place so she's going to a convention to make a jackass of herself around those people. Apparently according to reports from people who have seen this nutcase in action say that going to a convention knowing she'll be there is an automatic 'Buy Brain Bleach' jotted down on everyone's To Do list as she tells people she'll wear a bikini and just wear the TOP and forget to wear the BOTTOM. Seriously, BRAIN BLEACH NEEDED just typing this ! D_i_s_g_u_s_t_i_n_g.

Her latest pre-con attack is aimed at her now-favourite punching bag; Astrid.

Insane KO Shit. Again.

I will quote what someone has already said on JohnCharles Journal in answer to the Crazy Cuntface's latest bullshit rant.

Crazy Bitch. Yeah you who sits there and after months of being ignored just up and decides to be the confrontational e-thug bully that you are by posting another piece of bile for all to see.

I'd like to point out a few things myself.

1. You were the one who started spamming all Beatles sites and communities with your hateful drama, links to shitty stories and acting like a complete psycho clown on everything, attacking lots of people in the process until they FINALLY spoke out! FTR you got MORE than two historical details wrong!

2. You are such a lowlife that you've stalked people long before showing up in Beatles stuff. You even believe Paul McCartney is going to save you from your pathetic existence and make you a star. Troll, dream on.

3. That mod doesn't know what shame is until she wakes up like all the other mods in the past and realize she defended the WRONG person!

4. The ONLY reason any LJ was suspended was because YOU kept on and on badgering LJ staff and bombarding them with complaints and whining and throwing around the word "libel" when in fact those journals were truthful and yet used no real names and had WAY more people to them than your shitty little journal. That and the fact the staff of LJ are the drama-queen cows they are until new staff can tell the difference between libel and a screaming attention whore like you, can be implimented.

And finally 5. YOU ARE THE BULLY, Catshit. You have been a bully all your life and you will always be a bully. All your actions are classified as not only bullying, but downright PSYCHO. Whole groups of people all over the place have testified to the fact that you are a total psychopathic, bullying, drama whoring ugly little troll who has no life! Your latest post proves it!

Now go stalk Astrid some more since she's such an easy target and the others who posted at LBF were keen enough to keep their identities secret! It's really hard for you to stalk people in Europe, isn't it? You can't call Astrid huh? Or Milla, or even Dirk Benedict! Your stalking must be limited to your usual cowardly attacks on the internet.

I'd like to add, again, that the whole reason LJ suspended those journals is because LJ had been given all kinds of demands and threats of lawsuits by KO and she did in fact whine about libel in every one of her complaints to them. So this whole "they know what the word LIBEL means" is another bullshit tactic by KO because that's her favourite run-to word when she's trying to destroy someone's account. MPL doesn't allow her libel against others but they do allow crazy obsessed, obese fans like her to remain and that is REAL reason she's still there.

Not because she can throw around the word "libel" whenever she gets her ass handed to her, but because they like the crazies.

So according to her, she's still there because her libel against others isn't noticed or someone else asking MPL to remove libel will do so without removing the cuntface who posts it. Thusly they are "professional" because they will only remove her shit but they won't remove her. That's her version of professional. It never occurs to her that she has an obsession and they know it and can profit from it.

Oobu is obviously got a drinking problem. Hey_kittay is showing signs of drama-queen syndrome and Audi has distanced himself from KO. So she works on these others and tries to get them to fuck with her victims.

And Robert Macs is still banned from MPL for saying they are unprofessional while pandering to the obsessed fan who loves MPL. What a laugh riot. What a fool.


  1. I'm sure Miss o'dimwit over at BFFD is just thrilled that she didn't ban Catshit. This just proves the point that people were trying to make to miss o'dimwit that Catshit wasn't and never will be good for her community. Unprovoked Catshit randomly attacks Astrid. I'd love to see the look on miss o'dimwit's face. I bet she'd feel pretty foolish at discovering who the real bully is and that 'poor little' Catshit is just an act for sympathy.

  2. And once again KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's insane, liar, psychotic, stalker, ugly.
    Did I leave anything out? ;)

    1. Stupid, illiterate. ;)

    2. Delusional and narcissistic. Obsessive to have stalked some people for a decade.

  3. I heard she was at a convention and thusly offline for a few days. A few days of peace and quiet for all the netizens. But of course, she'll be back and the crazy on the net starts up again.

    1. I rarely venture over to MPL because it's a Catshit Zone in every sense of that phrase. BL's I check in on because there are subjects on there that interest me. She hasn't been as obnoxious there lately (but then again I don't look for her screen name), but she's still around. For someone with a medical condition *snorts* she still finds plenty of time to post on BL, and LJ these days.

  4. One more thing to add. How much of a loser do you have to be for people at conventions to not want to have anything to do with you?

  5. Wow. This must be a record for her not to purge her mean, lying bullshit. That LJ post is still there. The twat must have been distracted... maybe found that long, lost twinkie underneath some dirty clothes... *shudders at the possibility of truth in that speculation*

    1. LOL.

      I think she's trying to prove people wrong by keeping it up. Eventually, she'll delete it.


      Maybe, as you've stated she's been distracted. I can't imagine with what though. She doesn't have a life.

      Probably hoping that someone will respond to it. Astrid won't be bothered by her, and no one else wants to get involved in her obsessive bullshit.


    go here and check for Catshit's name.


    huntress2 just gave catshit a heaping helping of her own medicine... even stooping to quote her about a fic she is saying she's going to write. GO HUNTRESS!!!

    I think I'll screenshot this delightful conversation. Catshit has gone silent. LMAO!!!

    1. Looks like Miss O'Dimwit will be reporting Huntress now! How dare anyone say anything stressing like the TRUTH against her little pet Catshit! And good God! Catshit thinks attempted rape is "juicy" and she still wants to write out her sick rape fantasies and show what a sick creep she is.

    2. That Miss O'Dim-dell, she'd probably, knowing her, will report Huntress. Oh boy another sane person who isn't going to drink the KO Kool-Aid ! Better start reporting that Huntress account like you did all the others, Miss O, and your little troll pet K O. Oh. Yeah better hurry. There's a report button, start hitting that. Yes.

  8. Oh look. Misery still being the fucked up fucked in the head psycho she's always been. I can see nothing's changed except that her enemy list is longer and it was already quite long to begin with!