Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Numbers Are Increasing

Hello Readers, and fellow seekers of truth and advocates against a Psycho Troll who has become (as many rightfully call her) The Plague of the Internet. I wanted to post the following note that I will be keeping links of the various other websites and what all in my links section so people reading here will know the people that this blog has featured as subjects of the attacks, threats and harassment done to them by Kathryn O the Plague of the Internet. That people will see them as they really are; good people who've been unlucky enough to be in a fandom that Psycho Troll KO has decided to obsess in and insert herself into.

Not that she's a real long term fan, she is in fact a stalker of mostly the Erotomania and Morbidly Infatuated kind but she fits all other of these types as well and sociopaths like her always attach themselves to someone of a high social status to make herself feel important. All her life, I reckon, she's been attaching herself to any man with money or fame in the only way she can; through fandom. She'll never obtain these men in real life by the way, so she makes up for it by convincing herself she is the foremost authority in all fandoms she's stalked her way into. Paul McCartney living or dead would not touch her. And she knows it.

For instance all the facebook blogs featured here as part of the Giving The Victims A Voice blogs I've posted: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 and other people from her long list of targets she keeps handy and focused on, I want my readers to know these are real people, with real lives and see them as people rather than the shit KO tries her whole life to drum up as nothing but figures in her delusional psychopathic little dream world. I want to give these people a FACE! That they are the victims of a very disturbed and mentally insane woman who has nothing but internet time and lives with her mother.

So my newest addition is Rahil's site and his support. The more word gets out, the more we can keep this sick thing from making fandoms the toxic grounds she always seems to turn them into before they see what's happening and ban her toxic ass.


  1. KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET was thrown out and banned from the Dirk Benedict Fandom, banned from TrekSpace and IMHO will be banned from the Beatles fandom. And not soon enough for me!
    Wish Paul himself would kick that sorry excuse of an admin from the MPL site and have an admin that doesn't cater to trolls and give that insane, psychotic, ugly troll KO the boot permanently from joining any Beatles related sites. KO sure as hell ain't no long time Beatles fan. Never once mentioned during her stalking of Dirk Benedict. This PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. She IS that INSANE!

  2. Hey guys, watch out for that sorry excuse of an admin Alan. He searches for any posts that he can report so he can continue to kiss the psycho ass of that inhuman thing. He's on a mission to help her get revenge on anyone who doesn't spend the kind of money on Paul (i.e. his questionable takeover of MPL) that he thinks should be spent on him.

  3. Well I'm glad that more people have come forward. I was glad to see new comments in the last few blogs. Even the casual person from MPL.

  4. That morbidly obsessed KO is STILL going on and on about the MPL spam. She keeps bringing up the time her and Betty spammed our BSG group. KO can feel free to get over it.

    But we know she won't.