Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Chris

Late last year, and early this year, KO attacked Chris, Kimba and Brick with such hateful scathing emails and posts on their FB walls that they literally had to block her and block all her email aliases and sockpuppet accounts. Here is some of what she did to Chris, who is a very nice and gentle soul.

Attacks on Christopher's Own Wall

Ask for a friends request if you are not one, and check out more of Psycho KO's shitting on other people's facebook walls.

So much for demanding others to behave themselves when the real bad mannered, beyond bad mannered cunt does shit like that!

"I don't care how you feel, but think how I feel"

to paraphrase her shit on Chris's wall. Basically she doesn't care about anyone but everyone MUST bow down to her self-appointed special needs. FFS!

Chris posted the following on 29 February, 2012:

Here are some comments and emails shared during the big attack on Chris:

I've been watching to see who comments on those posts.  Nobody.  Not a one.  She's broadcasting to all her LJ followers that her "haters" do not write anything to her, do not give her comments... do nothing except watch, if that.  If she got hate mail, she'd post it.

All but the dimmest bulbs have to have realized by now that she's the stalker.  I remember when I came to that realization, and I can only smile at the thought of her getting tossed out of yet another community and being so clueless (as she is) as to wonder "how did `they' get through to turn these people against me too?"

And it all happens while we do nothing but sit and smile.

- as stated by a local resident in Michigan in referrence to her LJ posts against people he knows.

When someone jumps to conclusions about every post online being about them...they need to get offline...and into a rubber room with a straightjacket.

- A comment by someone else on Facebook observing Karen Nesbit's constant attacks against people he knows.

When KO says she's "through being bullied and persecuted" like she's repeated over and over AND OVER AND OVER again, she makes sure to post it on other people's walls where she is, in fact, bullying them with unprovoked attacks and slander against them!

- as stated by a fine lady who has been maligned horribly by the stalking KO and who had been followed around at conventions.


  1. Yeah this Cunt of a STD come live has labled me Unstable because I went and got Psy Help when my best friend who was also my roommate took his life in my back yard with my shotgun....... Yeah I took pills that were perscribed for me and talked to a PSY and a Therpyst for 2 yrs till I got better. She self Medicates with Illicet Drugs that you do not get at Rite Aid or Walgreens. She is a Sad, Ugly inside and out Individual who is not even human. She craves any attention good or bad it is attention. She is a danger to herself and others. She is known to carry a knife in her purse and transport drugs in her grey pt cruiser. She spreads lies and filth any where she can. One day I hope the whole Karma train runs her ass down and leaves just a greassy spot behinde.

    1. What you did was perfectly normal. Seeking help is a very strong and rational thing to do! There is NO question in my mind about your psyche. It's HER that is mentally ill and mentally twisted! She won't even admit she has a problem (in her case a multitude of problems) and she is nothing more than a plague out to ruin as many lives as she can!

      It won't work in the end she'll be the one who is destroyed. She'll get what she gave. I wouldn't want to be anywhere around her when that happens. It'll be epic.