Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Jena

See the pattern. See the Troll, the desperate Fail Troll attack Jena on Jena's OWN wall!

And below; snipped from Original Screenshots for easier viewing.


Note that this is over the fact that people in MOWFO actually witnessed her typical LJ drama bullshit. The shit she does, deletes and then tries to deny. Back then she claimed everything from religious persecution to Kimba having a secret plan to kill her and it's gone from one crazy delusion to the next. Her recent claims for being banned from MOWFO is because everyone there is on medication and while she keeps saying she will have nothing to do with MOWFO, she sure keeps shitting on their members' walls on Facebook. Just like she keeps shit stirred on LJ.

For the record, Jena did nothing to KO. Nope, KO just used anything Jena said as a way to turn the whole discussion into a KO discussion. Jena did not need that shit and KO used Jena. People are not people to her. They're just rags to be used and tossed away and of course attacked and maligned for the rest of their lives. Or for however long KO lives.


  1. Trim the screenshots down in this one because I can't see them because they're too big.

    Great posts, EL! The victims (the LOOONG line of them) do need a voice without fear of being silenced, like she always seems to get her way of ordering gag orders and silencing the many voices!

    The dictator.

    1. I will and hopefully that'll resolve the issue. I do notice how the Trolling Troll KO repeats her attacks on all these other people's walls. Typical of her. Screaming as she does about everything she's the one actually doing! Blaming others instead of where the fault really lies; ON HER OWN DUMB and PSYCHO self!

  2. On that INSANE bombardment of SHIT that Karen Nesbit spewed on Jena's wall, she says something about not being censored anymore and this is ON SOMEONE ELSE'S wall. YET on HER precious wall of INSANE NUT, you see her censoring everyone!

    Including her own minions.