Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giving The Victims A Voice: KO's Abuse on Facebook - Ariana

Ariana is someone who had a birthday in October. She is a fairly new member to MOWFO. See what happened. A simple reminder. No malice. Nothing at all to be offended by.



Adding more of Psycho Karen Nesbit's Abuse done on this lady's FB wall.

Her comment had no place there and had already been posted before on someone else's wall. Or a hundred other people's walls as is the case with this Internet-Dwelling Troll.

The comment there should show you how stupid she is and how desperate for attention she is! There was no reason for her to even post since Ariana was smart enough to NOT give the bitch her phone number! It should be obvious that if you don't have someone's number, you can't call it. D'uh. I guess she was hoping Ariana would be stupid enough to see her comment and give her number to her! Ariana didn't. Ariana smart.

How can this Karen Nesbit bitch remain without the admins taking notice? MySpace would have taken this bitch to court by now.

Here is a letter written about this very attack on Ariana's wall:

I'm not sure what touched it off, but something really shoved the sand in her vagina lately.

The first sign of trouble, for me, was when one of our MOWFO members posted about her birthday party.  We have a tradition of letting the birthday person choose the location for their celebration and she was excited.  Suddenly, there was Superbitch, prattling about how hurtful it was for her to SEE all of us making plans to have fun without her!  GASP!

She then lashed out at Kimba (of course) and, for some reason, Brick.  She prattled something about T-shirts, and even Brick had no idea what she was blathering about.  He seemed to half-remember some joke about showing up at a con with some sort of slogan on a T-shirt, but he never did such a thing for real.  Once again, she's simply playing the victim card, going to third parties for validation and then lashing out at those she considers enemies.

I think Mike & Marla's reply was in response to whether they'd be at the birthday meetup.

As for her other possible problems, I have no clue.  She went SOME where yesterday, because I posted a verbal slap-down on her page that stayed up for several hours.  She finally read it and deleted it, comically lying that she "never read what you wrote," yet responding to it point-for-point.  WHAT an IDIOT!

KO has also just lashed out at people for saying anything about her private, so-called sexual encounters with Mike and Marla.

Now let's look at JUST A FEW of her posts here:

How on EARTH can this psycho bitch even complain about others making comments about her so-called "relationships" with others in private when SHE HERSELF fucking spreads it around like horseshit?

Just sayin'

So you see, she does this shit everywhere, not just on LJ and to people like Astrid. The psycho fuck who needs to be put out of her misery does this to everyone. Some are just too dense to realize they are also being used.


  1. All those people that Karen FullO'Shit attacks at Facebook should make formal complaints and threaten legal action if she's not removed.

    MySpace banned KO aka Karen FullO'Shit aka other dumbass user names that Kooky O'Crazy call herself long ago!

  2. Her latest attack on Damian and Lacy on her SICK Livejournal has been noted and reported. She has stalked him and Diane at conventions. Here she's at ConFusion 2005:

    Ugly fucking mean bitch.