Monday, February 25, 2013

Special Update

Milla shares her experiences from the creeps and psychopaths and the strangeness. From the trolling of KO at TrekSpace to the hostile Facebook war KO and her minions have waged against people and her.

It will be in both Russian and English. Login with the name Milla's Story and the passcode phrase that we all know very well best describes what is happening.

Milla's Diary

I'd also like to thank another wonderful lady for sharing her slideshow gadget with us to feature on this blogspot.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to come back and finish reading all of everything but it was nice to see Milla's real face on her non-Star-Trek side since she also included her links in her diary too.

  2. I'm so sorry that Milla is having to deal with these JERKS!

    Please don't think that the scum egotistical cunt Robert Mac represents the rest of the U.K. please God no!
    He's obviously full anger and backbiting. Seems his trolling on MPL wasn't enough now he's falling for and trolling for a skilled manipulator who's playing him like a fucked up washboard. It's about what he amounts to.

    He obviously has very poor writing skills so naturally he aligns with KO right there!
    I mean I can understand the Alan Grieg hate, but every damned person who isn't kissing KO's ass or his ass, he's gotta do that crap? He needs to go check himself into the sanitarium before someone ends up beaten up for real.

    And keep him away from children, Jesus Christ! What the hell did triplets ever do?

  3. I appreciate her taking the time to write her experiences. I feel so bad for her because they've made her their personal punching bag. I'm sure KO is just gloating about that.

  4. Milla has my full support.
    Having had to deal with KO sure ain't no picnic!
    And this Robert Mac is also as insane as KO!

  5. I see that Milla was actually trying to warn that idiot Robert about her. Naturally with his usual know-it-all personality and closed-minded views on the world, he just keeps proving what an asshole he is.

  6. Brain dead Robert Macs. He and his troll buddies who've fallen so easily for a lying psychopath. I mean people were trying to tell him she was psycho. One person was even invited to say something by Jen no less, and Jen turned around and proven what a braindead ass she is. Those idiots are easily manipulated and KO isn't even a Jedi. Just very manipulative to idiots who don't even SUSPECT anything. Robert Macs is trying desperately to add people to his whining fest of a group. Sad pathetic Robert Macs.

    Oh and remeber KO's posts about primal screaming and scream therapy? It seems Herc has been exposed to some of her shit.

    Yeah I grabbed that from the asshole Robert himself! Maybe I should leave his stupid group? We all know NOBODY who knows what a mental case KO is would be allowed to stay there anyway.

    MPL is to Paul what Robert Macs is to KO. A safe place for the psycho to dominate and regurgitate. Anyone not being a sychophant to HIS Psycho Bitch gets his shit. He'll announce shit posts for his Psycho Bitch. You watch that sychophant do that shit.