Saturday, February 23, 2013

Robert Macs Attacks...Lame Threats and Whiteknighting Galore...Mac the Moron

The group of KO sychophants have a new bunch of bullshit posted. Laughable bullshit as fact-checking is obviously not something they do because they cannot come out of their troll cave for sunlight will hurt them.

I am of course talking about the recent comments brought to light about our trolls and stalkers (mostly KO doing the stalking and craving attention again) as pointed out by our good friends here.

Robert Macs who acts and sounds just like Alan Grieg, both pathetic morons do seem to spend an awful lot of time kissing KO's ass, has posted his same old tired, oft repeated and yawned at threats of physical violence. I'm in the U.K. and anytime you wanna rumble, you pathetic piece of shit Robert Macs, you let me know. You keep threatening it over the internet and hiding behind your monitor but what have you done exactly ? Nothing. That's what. You're also quite the dumbshit. 6 followers that YOU can see, but I'm up to 116, and I do advise my readers to STAY private because we are dealing with a lowlife troll who stalks people and now a little piss group of 34 measely members (most of which don't even bother to post) who are actively helping a psychopath that you know nothing about ! So best to not let them know who all is here by way of other accounts, twitter and all of that. Especially with Alan trying to hunt down every last person who knows what KO is, and try to demolish them.

Interestingly, the same IP seems to show up when AG is looking for baiting.

Interesting what my stats show on this:

Total Visits:112 Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom IP Address: Talktalk ( Referring URL: Page:
 Mental Misery: Psycho Troll Still Stalks and Trolls - Finding New Victims

There's that showing up again, and what do you know, why he's even got a facebook group too! My my my.

Do you know Kathryn O, in real life ? Do you ? Or do you just sop up all the shit as she wobbles over her laundry piles and empty Cheetos bags while she has you completely convinced of all her drama and lies? Believe me, it's the latter.

But since you're so into helping the Drama Whore create drama, why not post this;

The Real Secret Group

Or this;

The Real Secret Group II

Or even this!;

Julian Lennon is stalked by Kathryn O - she went as far as kidnap threats

Yeah the Catholic stuff is rather eye-opening, isn't it ?

I mean, when you actually PAY ATTENTION and use a brain cell it's kinda easy to spot.

KO: I don't trust and am active against Catholics due to the fact they treated me like crap all my life while growing up.

Now there. What do you REALLY know about KO ? Hmmm ?

Her victim card is ALWAYS played.

As far back as last year, some members of the Catholic belief tried to reason with the Drama Queen and were nothing but polite to her and told her she met at least four good Catholics there. Here let's read more about THAT.

And now here it is over a year later and wouldn't you know, yeah she's STILL against all Catholics.


Not because they're bad people, but because she is a LIAR, a MANIPULATOR, a SOCIOPATH, and a FRAUD!

Kinda reminds me of the sick bitch, another nutjob.

And in case anyone's wondering... no, I am not Catholic. But I'm not out trying to abuse them and trash them all over the place like KO does to them. Like KO does to everybody.


  1. I'm not afraid of KO and her sick group of slobs but I keep all my followed lists private because I just feel safer that way because she would spam me. I know this because she did it before when I challenged her on something else.

  2. Why does it not surprise me that a knuckle-scrapper like Macs is threatening violence against a woman. A Eastern European lady at that. Doesn't he know those Russians are like 6 feet tall and could kick his ass? It doesn't surprise me that anyone who sucks up to KO are the type of peons that have no moral compass. A whole of sociopaths! Nice. Oy!

  3. I'm following but I think my privacy setting was automatic so it doesn't show up when I'm not signed in. Otherwise I can see all 116 followers. Well the module of it anyway. It shows the first 24, then the other 24, and so on.

    Wow and looking at that sick psycho group who loves Psycho Stalker. Yikes! I sure hope they haven't reproduced!

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  5. Ok I just signed out and back in again. I can see the module when I'm signed in, but only a handful when I'm signed out. These would be the public followers.

    But yeah, keep those who are private that way, because I saw some blogs that had some people's real names and some are from that (edited out) site.

  6. I remember Kathryn O's anti-Catholic movement back last year. She was sending people all kinds of links about how evil Catholics are. That they were ALL evil. I even saved the link she wanted people to see

    She went and posted several other anti-Catholic links because there are people who hate the Catholics. But she's more militant than most against them.

    Heh. I mean Psycho Bitch Witchy Wannabe has pissed off so many people that she even got DOXED! (look for her name it's listed under the K's, for Kooky!!!)

    She can always whine to the site admin:
    His email is there at the bottom of the page.

    Boy oh boy it's POPCORN time!

  7. I LOVE Milla's post to the crazy fucker Macs on her facebook! Why does this fuckwit penis-wrinkle always send her threats or have threats sent to her. Another one of KO's infamous tactics. Why are people attacking her? Is it because she's for animal rights or has the goods on KO? I think it's both.

    1. The only thing Milla ever did was warn someone who turns out to be an asshole about a psychopath. And assholes loves psychopaths.


    Oh look. Crazy stalker's favorite lame bashing. A coworker who is OF COURSE bi-polar and drunk!

    Everyone who ever called the bitch out on what she is, they get called these names by her all the time!

    Someone who "pretended" to her boss? Is that why crazy bitch fur_vore (aka Kathryn O) was fired?

  9. The so-called "sick" plan as the moronic douchebag cunt puts it, was actually just a way to contact the person who has all of KO's pms saved up. The ones that would show without a doubt that she did report that stupid cunt Robert Macs to the admin.

    That was "the plan" folks. That was it.

    But nobody's going to help him now.

    BTW the Rahil links are still up on KO's minion's little bashing group against Rahil. It's NOT Astrid's group, it's not anybody here... it's KO's hate group.

    1. That's right. I wanted him to know who got him banned, but the person with the letters isn't someone you can just go up to and say 'hey fork it over' and so groundwork had to be laid down for that person to be willing to trust that the letters would be seen by the banned, but he isn't getting any of my help now.

      It's actually quite entertaining watching a jackassed fool throw those kinds of tantrums over bringing KO's evil deeds to light and defending her when she was the one who got him banned in the first place. Him and LazyDynamite both. And both of those numbskulls were banned due to the VERY person they're tripping all over themselves to protect from the "big bad public".

    2. Gotta love it when stupid people rip themselves. Robert Macs reminds me of one of those idiots you see on America's Dumbest Videos or whatever when you see some brute hurt himself trying to show off his new 4 wheeler or how far he can bounce along on some sports equipment before getting himself nutted hard.
      Gotta laugh at him and his collection of sychos

    3. It's actually quite entertaining watching a jackassed fool throw those kinds of tantrums over bringing KO's evil deeds to light and defending her when she was the one who got him banned in the first place. Him and LazyDynamite both. And both of those numbskulls were banned due to the VERY person they're tripping all over themselves to protect from the "big bad public".


      The idiot obviously doesn't have a clue. All you can do is laugh at him.

  10. This is EXACTLY what the Crazy One does! She finds new people and new groups who know NOTHING about her or her history and gets them ALL feeling sorry for her. This is like MOWFO all over again. Sad to say, but they acted just like those idiots in the Robert Macs group before they saw the light. It's an exact repeat. That Robert Macs has been totally convinced that the Crazy Kathryn has told him the total truth and what he's been spoodfed is nothing but lies but since he feels important now he'll go along with the crazy circus she has going on with him and his group.

    Robert Macs is a troll and yes we saw the total SHITE posted at his group by those flaming fuckwits.

    Oh look he's even convinced himself that there's only six people here! That's delusional in a whole new level of the abyssal drop in his failing brain capacity since it should be obvious in this day and age that people can hide their status.

  11. Question: Did Rahil send some people the link to this blogspot via pm's in Macca's site? Word is that he was letting people know about it too.

    1. KO's been trying to get him banned since he didn't cower to her bullying about the slaughter issue. Alan would have a cow. KO causes this everywhere. It's why people are finally taking a stand. Unfortunately idiots like RM and AG are too busy self-admiring themselves and little Esther, I mean KO, knows how to control the weak-minded and simple.

    2. KO has gotten other people banned, but yes she tried and apparently failed to get Rahil banned. I think she did get Jags banned though.

      KO was aiming to get Jags thrown off in a big way.

      Go to the link here:

      Go to page 5 (scroll down to bottom) and you see her ALL CAPS of:


      In response to Jags' post. There was no need for this, she could have just taken out the picture link altogether, but she wanted everyone to be aware that Jags used a word or two.
      This was her public shouting at Jags and thinking everyone would gasp in shock at Jags post because it might have a swear word in it. We won't go into how hypocritical KO is here but suffice it to say that KO sent the mods probably around 20 plus letters demanding they remove Jags posts and remove Jags too.

      You just know the mods got so many emails from her with walls of text all bitching about Jags posts. Holy cripe.

      KO also said on that same thread this:
      the title of this thread is why i left the vegan movement

      So the title of a thread is her excuse? But if you keep going on, she goes into these excuses:
      every vegan or macrobiotic I knew smoked crack shot heroin, chain smoked and drank themselves into stupors all the time. the hard drugs were too much.

      Way to go there asshole KO. You've proven that you're a complete fucktard.

      Basically what you see here is what you can expect everywhere with that troll, she's posting the be THE CENTER of ATTENTION! To play her victim card everywhere she gets a chance to while attacking someone in the process. It's her M.O.

      This was also posted by KO

      "the only name-calling or personal insults I do are simply reflecting yours right back at you"

      "Also, I don't parrot"

      Trolls are the dumbest, aren't they?

  12. This fooking idiot RobertMacs brags that "NONE OF US" listened lol I hope he remembers he said that. For there will come a time when that shows to be their undoing. He can't seem to decide whether several people contacted him or just one person! He can't seem to decide who and where of anything because he's been told how it is by little Drama whore kathryn. He can't seem to make his mind up.
    He claims we're NUTS when he's the one with his head so far up the ass of a real pscyho the cunty tit doesn't even know that he can't see he's the one spewing the hate. We're just presenting the facts. And at least WE'RE not drinking the KO Kool-Aid! Hey!

    Drink up pal! You'll feel the poison eventually and you won't be bragging about that.

  13. Suzy defends Paul on his site that Robert Macs calls "sychophants".

    Robert totally goes ape shit if anyone says anything to upset his queenie Kathryn O and so his site far more the collection of sychophants because saying ONE thing against her requires an OFF WITH THEIR HEAD! And he calls others "nuts". Does he ever like, back off and see himself? He's a fucking imbecile.

    Yeah this blogspot accurately called it. That's why he's been showing his ass all over the place. Robert; the sychophant of KO a Troll Psycho he doesn't even know anything about and his merry band of bandwagon jumpers ready to help him whiteknight for that Drama Attention Whore.

    Many lulz to be had.



    The Astrid she attacks all over the net is a real person.

    The member "vintage" asked who was "German turd" because he saw her LJ a month ago where she openly bashed Astrid (the real person) and here she's trying to pass it off like he's asking about a fic. See what she did?

    Because people who know she removes the evidence of her abuse and stalking after she does the deed, are the only ones who are aware of it! This guy isn't even aware of it so she waits over a MONTH before coming back to that thread and bullshit people some more.

    But we got screenshots and we DO remember!

    That guy don't even know what's going on. But she accuses him of being a gossip anyway. Such snapping at someone for asking a question that she *claims* is about a fictional person.

    Gossip is KO's middle name. She does project much.

    1. Ruining fun is what KO is all about. She loves to come into fandoms and ruin it for everyone else and if she can't become whatever fandom's attached marriage to a celebrity, she'll take the notorious destroyer of it.

    2. Thought I'd share this.

      3 Only bad writers think that their work is really good.

      - Anne Enright

      3 Style is the art of getting yourself out of the way, not putting yourself in it.

      - David Hare

      You see the Catshit breaks every rule but I wanted to point those two rules out especially because of all her little Mary Sues and how she always injects herself in every damn rambling "fic" she churns out like she churns shit out her ass.

  15. I'm going to try to get my English page set up and then you can post that link EL. That Robert Macs even went as far as sending me direct threats! With all I've been through just because I came forward, I am so ready to get my experiences published.

  16. Hey I went private too. Just letting you know.

    1. I tried taking the module off the page, so nobody not associated with the blog could see any members at all, and somehow I can't make it work so I moved it. Hopefully that'll help. But yes, not all the blogs I follow are shown on my public profile. Though one day maybe we'll all feel safe enough to come flooding the gates and show our real numbers.

  17. Not afraid of KO or the sick group that follows her.
    This isn't my real name either. ;)
    There a lot of people and sure a hell lot more than six that have been attacked by KO.
    I'm one of them.
    We are not nuts.
    We speak the truth!

    1. I appreciate it! Honestly if the idiot wants to think that KO hasn't caused so much trouble and grief in all these years and that there are only six people here, it shows the rest of us, it actually PROVES how blind he really is! He wants to act like this is just some little thing while totally lapping up every lies she tells him. He's "sleeping with the enemy" so the one that will be "beat up" will be his big fat ego. That rude awakening deal is a harsh bitch.

      And Alan has been making the rounds. Apparently the facebook group gives him more of a headache than anything. Looks like Paul McCartney is pretty much owned by Alan and his thugs. Some blame the republicans, but I figure Alan is another money-grubbing asshole CEO wannabe and Macca is just his meal ticket. I have no sympathy for Alan or how he's being ripped apart in RM's group. Just think, we could have all been united if it wasn't for his pet Drama Queen troll KO. Where Alan can't control the masses, he sends her in.

    2. I too refuse to be afraid of that joke of a witch! I'm going on public setting too! ;)


    Another swipe at Julian.

    And that Robert Macs, well he certainly got real quiet about this site. Hmmm. Wonder if he's trying to come up with another way to threaten physical violence on someone for daring to see the truth about his little Queenie KO.

    It seems his group has to add members to join too. This is hilarious.


    Start from that link there and scroll down to see how every goddamned religion just persecuted her and how she's SUCH A MARTYR! Even more mistreated than Jesus himself!

    She is even claiming to have been burned alive during the Middle Ages! (Funny that she has no problem threatening others with that fate) But why can't people see the fucking drama whore for what she is??!!

    Then she goes into how risky witchcraft is but then, still standing on her warped soapbox, she then brags about doing it all herself!

    Oh but the fun doesn't stop there!

    JennyLP says basically to move on and live and let live. But KO cannot do that because by fuck those Catholics need some bitch slappin', I tell ya!

    KO: "and what of those Catholics who put down my beliefs every day? I am speaking directly about being abused and persecuted and scarred."

    Why, KO's personal army of, let's see, Robert Macs and some basement dwellers will be helping KO to confront those Catholics and strike them with lightning from the SKY! Or fart from their asses in their general direction. But either way, yes JennyLP what about THAT? What about what Catholics did to QUEENIE KO? You're an idiot for even suggesting for people to respect others when KO is around! It's KO who is the CENTER of the UNIVERSE! Didn't you KNOW THAT? JennyLP you will be taught a lesson! (sarcasm)


    She'll use the thread to play her drama and burden everyone there about it.


    Yeah nevermind how KO spends her pathetic life doing exactly that to everyone else!


    Yeah yeah yeah, cry me a river. We're all going to go into whiteknighting overdrive now and really fuck some Catholics up for you, little princess snob snotty witch writer of the gay porn! We'll beat some Jews up too. Just so you can feel so much better about your empty life.

    She goes on and on, and Catholics, no matter what...are evil just fucking line 'em up and kill them!

    Or as she puts it "fighting back".
    By what? Defaming them on the internet with bullshit claims of abuse? Bitch, you can stop right there.

    Fucking troll.

    1. And once again...AS innocent thread is FILLED UP with KO's hatred against people who've WRONGED poor wittle her...and she's so obsessed with casting spells against someone who (of course) has done something just horrible, yet her wanting to force feed someone something of God knows that's not horrible or wrong because it's about making them realize how much KO really does bring such JOY to the universe! And DAMNIT if you can't see that, OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!


    2. Yeah getting someone to take something isn't creepy enough alone, gotta announce it on the internet to a bunch of folks who are thanking their lucky stars they don't live anywhere near her!


      Catholics are putting her beliefs down EVERY DAY?

      For such a liar, she sure can't tell one convincing lie to actually sound feasible.

    3. She did the same thing about the Dirk cruise. It never ended.

      Literally demanded everyone to give her sympathy and make right what she made wrong. Of course she won't see it's her that makes the wrong, it was all everyone else's fault and Dirk's fault and the cruise director's fault but she demanded her ass to be kissed in every way.
      she returned with a psycho attitude unleashed on a hapless bunch of people who were asked to magically make everything right by her. People who weren't even THERE on the cruise! She still demanded them to set things right and give her unlimited sympathy.

      Her war against Catholics is no different than the shit she did back then with the whole Dirk cruise and Dirk Benedict obsession she had on him.

      And we know she lied about everything to do with that cruise. So we know she's lying about abuse by Catholics, Jews, Atheists.

      And we KNOW she was never asked to join the Knights Templar. I won't even go into how obvious a lie that is.

    4. Yeah she's so cool turning down a certain group (as she alleges) but she's busy trying to slip something into the food or drinks of groups that want nothing to do with her!

      That's fucked up. But what else do you expect from a full-blown sociopath/psychopath?

    5. So claiming you turned down a Knights Templar is "cool"? Yeah last week the Illuminati came and asked her to join, and she flung up her hand and said no. The CIA came next and wanted her to join up with them and again she refused! Then the Knights Templar came and wanted her in their group but she is (in her mind) so cool that she has no time for them either.
      However she'll spend all her time posting on some lame message board about cursing people that she refers to as "dumb, poor and crazy"!

      Gotta love how much of her true ugly and obsessive personality she reveals with each passing day.

    6. Hilarious because any group asking her to join... she'd be RIGHT THERE trying to get laid and unloading on them all her drama and poor-me help-save-me bullshit at the drop of a hat.
      That KO sure has some little fantasy world going on in her warped and twisted head.


      Oh the lies continue.

      And...what? Her post doesn't even make sense!

    8. Who the hell is that batshit butterpie? Why would she even start a topic like that? I smell KO sockpuppetry or minion-hole. Probably that Robert Macs being a female witch now. I'd say he might be pretending but he is really insane so something like this to help Psycho K troll brings out his alter ego much.

      I like JennyLP's posts though. She's the only sane one on that thread!

    9. KO has a lot of sockpuppets!
      I too like JennyLP's posts.
      I can't help but wonder if KO gonna have her banned too.