Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Do not come here and start shit.

You don't want to fuck with me. I don't delete comments. Unlike the liars (KO) who like to remove evidence, I won't. I'm not afraid of KO or her minions. Be warned, I do fucking bite and I bite hard.

KO has been trying to destroy my account since its existence. Failure KO. Truth hurts. There are no fence-sittters here. If you don't like the TROLL KO being talked about. Do not come here.

All IPs including KO's which is always showing up here, are being listed on my private stats. I see everyone coming here and where they are from, what service provider they're using and all the computer jargon that comes with it.

Comment at your own peril.


I'd like to add something given that I have heard from one of Bibbi's friends. The person I thought was trolling here is not a troll. My apologies. Someone gave me the scoop on things and Bibbi is someone I know enough that if anyone vouches that this person is her friend then I believe them. So it's been cleared up. Hope everything's alright now.

But to explain why everyone, including myself, will be quick to raise the shield I must say that I have had to come in here and literally remove some comments before because they contained very personal information like social security numbers and street addresses. These could have been faked but nonetheless the IP posting them came from a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan IP although it wasn't KO's regular IP. It was the same location she lives at and that was enough for me. She was trying to get my blog deleted. She could have signed in with a different browser to mask her usual Comcast IP but I wasn't taking any chances. No doubt she knows where people from MOWFO live because she can easily follow them in a car when they gather at their meetings and I'm sure she's done just that.

I have also heard from people that KO is still trying to get my account wiped out. That she's asked someone to hack me, asked another person to find a way into my blog and leave comments that will go unnoticed so she can report them as if I posted them. And on and on. You see, KO is retarded and beyond stupid. I see ALL comments coming to my account, and the IPs of those comments.

Point is, I can't be too careful. Another reason why I thought there was a troll coming in here again was because there have been other trolls before. I know from another person who admins a forum had trolls from the U.K. come in and BADGER the fuck out of them. They all had this motto about not giving KO any attention and could not, would not understand that nobody is feeding that troll in the traditional sense that one would feed a troll. KO is a stalker and a stalker like her makes it damned near impossible to ignore especially since she cannot actively stalk all her targets over years like she'd want to. But the trolls came in and disrupted the threads and came off like self-righteous know-it-alls. They knew nothing of the grief and years of harassment this one bitch KO has caused.

So please accept my gratitude that you were brave enough to come here and comment. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I truly wish Kathryn O would just go away and never come back.

However my message to any potential trolls, the same message in the beginning of this blog entry, still applies.


  1. KO has really been trolling Macs group on fb lately. Spewing her usual bullshit, and we all know she had a hand in getting some people banned from Macca's. And seeing Deanna's recent blog with the screenshot where Karen Nesshit is actually saying that Macca's mods didn't like a LJ that only, ooooh, said anything about HER and not Macca's place and implying THEY helped her get even other people's accounts shut down that weren't even ON the official site - it's quite obvious she's been handing out destruction and bannings with Alan's help.

    Someone should make Macs aware of this. It's no wonder people would LOVE to see her banned. Although I doubt anyone is even trying. But you know the drama queen... yeah everyone is just out to get her. She's got that guilty conscience! People want her BANNED? Oh looks like she found something in her size on the Guilt special.
    The fucking waste-of-air.

  2. Anyone involved with Alan from MPL is just as corrupt as he is.

  3. Hey just a note to those people who lost their LJs due to the nasty stalker that LJ lends a hand to... read this:


    You can also contact:

    And tell them your story of how Catkick has been abusing members, writing vicious attacks on them and whining to LJ abuse when people finally had had enough to start posting their own experiences of the TROLL Catkick!

    Be sure to let them know that Catkick WILL try to email them too and start her drama with them. Let them know all her tricks. Like contacting anyone and everyone to try to manipulate them.

  4. Bibbi, check your email.