Thursday, November 29, 2012

KO - Catkick Still Attacking and Obsessing over Astrid

The Troll KO goes and shows more of her insane ass. Further showing that she has this cruel little mind that spends her mortal LIFE stalking Beatles communities and forever lashes at them with tons of vitriol on LJ, FB and everywhere else she has access to.

First the LINK


And a great reply by a sane, real Beatles fan, Molly:

Catshit's new LJ entry is the same typical bunch of insane. As usual.

This nut-fuck actually dragged up an OLD post and is trying to flaunt Astrid as if Astrid is now back to not knowing what a psycho KO is. Why is KO so stupid ? We can all see that the post she's pointing to is dated 2010 !!!

Astrid has NOW as of this year we're living in, already been shown what a psycho Catkick is by Catkick's OWN actions.

Her whole "Here's my proof she doesn't think I'm as bad as she claims.  She only claims I'm bad to fit in with a certain crowd" is laughable and astonishingly obvious in its own retardation and desperation. Is THIS what she calls proof ??? Oh really ? How desperate and deranged. We can see she's talking about Astrid because she states that it's the last comment made on her shitty story.

That's got to be the LAMEST thing KO's done so far, in the last 24 hours, since she's as lame as a one-legged clown on crack.

And to mention this other claim about some facebook mole. LOL Okay shithead. WHERE does anyone CLAIM to want to set her up on facebook? WHERE?? Link, letter, screenshot, anything please ! You don't have it because your mental diseases cannot manifest and manufacture evidence that just doesn't exist. I have looked all through comments here and many other sites where your crazy is documented and have not seen one_single_instance where anyone claims to be setting you up. People are REPORTING your fucking fake, abusive account on facebook. But FACTS aren't your cup o' tea.

Please stop lying because you're too easily proven to be a LIAR.

Astrid can also think for herself despite what Catshit says to try to present her as someone trying to fit in with the other Beatles fans who find Catshit/KO equally creepy and crazy as Astrid does. Astrid can make her own mind up and nobody dragged her into any brainwashing sessions and after Catshit wrote that really nasty, mean, cruel and crazy story where she slams Astrid, Catshit has way more to do with Astrid's eyes being opened than anything else.

But of course it's never Catshit's fault, oh no. It's gotta be the other fans who did it.

Oh and there's more than 5 people who know what a crazy twisted fucked in the head asshat KO is.

Way more than 5.

They all know the truth about Catkick/KO/Karen Nesbit/misfittoy who seems to like the number 5...


  1. As usual the troll who is also a coward deleted the comment.
    Too late KO we've read the brilliant comment by Molly. ;)
    KO is beyond stupid and she's proving that more and more each and every day.
    And KO no one is setting you up. You're just doing everything to yourself by attacking/harassing/stalking people and posting insane rants that you make absolutely sure everyone reads online. You simply can't STFU. Can you KO?
    And you KO can't stand it when we fight back and do know the truth about you.
    And yes there are way more than five people who know how crazy(beyond crazy) you are KO. A hell of a lot more than five.

  2. You covered it well, EL.

    Here's another write up of it.

  3. So Catshit writes gobs and gobs of more of her rambling shitty fics and as usual doesn't get any comments so she posts another fuck-o rant because she's just not getting enough attention from LJ members or from Astrid. So Astrid gets dragged into another one of that Crazy Asshat's diatribes.

    Oh look, everyone is right about Catkick! She DOES do the same thing over and over. Insane! She's INSANE!

  4. It seems the twat either got her FB yanked, or she has privatized it. I would be happy with either one. At least the general public won't be exposed to her slash stuff. Only her FL will be exposed to her sick Beatle musings--including pictures of a murdered Lennon.

    1. If she privatized it see at least the fb site and there is the notice that that page is private. If she blocked it for some users only, they would not find her...but different users had the problem already.
      Maybe at least some complaints worked. We can be sure that she will whine about it soon enough.

  5. Highly doubt that she privatized her fake Facebook page.
    She always wants everyone and I mean everyone to read what she writes on the internet.

  6. YAY her foul facebook HAS BEEN DELETED! The service didn't welcome her. Didn't want her filth on their service anymore! How does it feel BITCH to be reported?! Fucking bullying bitch!

    Oh and regards to her lj shit. She says she "just happened to notice that link that she posted. Oh really now? NO she fucking dug and dug for it! She obsessively LOOKED and SEARCHED for anything by Astrid that she thought she could use! Fucking dumb bitch troll.

    1. True, she dug for it until she found what she wanted. It drives her crazy not to understand a person and to think that this person might be like her and bitch about her in her "friends-only" LJ. As if Astrid would ever spend a second to step that low or even to spend one of her thoughts on that bitch! She has a life, something the bitch does not have, and that is something catshit hates: people with life, friends, a functioning brain and spine to stand up against her and tell her right in the face that she is a fucking troll.