Saturday, November 24, 2012

KO Spins Her Lies! Pathetically.

The very first thing I'd like to point out in this blog is that I am not here to quote/unquote "make fun" of the notorious TROLL known as Kathryn O/Karen Nesbit/Misfittoy. That is not the reason why I'm here. Making fun of this Troll KO is just too easy. What I am doing however is EXPOSING her lies, the HARM she is intentionally trying to do to many other people. I am giving people, as many as I can, a voice whereas they have none. One thing KO is, is a complete controlling freak tyrant. KO will attempt to destroy any person's account that would expose her ugly secrets and lies.

So whenever you see her claiming that there's a blog that "makes fun of her" and lists the offense as being just that, with a brain you'll see that she's hiding the truth. She won't ever post my link anywhere. Ever. Because then people could make up their own minds and she can't have that because she knows she's fucked up in the worst way. She'll never admit it, but people would see. And compare notes. And see the screencaptures ( genuine, not faked in any way and some still with active links ! )

My account here, and for the matter DeAnna's blog (not the LJ, the blogger) are in existence to DISPELL the mountain of lies KO spreads like a filthy little gossip. We're on the end that got to see the real deal.

Here on Robert Macs FB group you can see her spinning her lies there when she talks about us. She's not there to talk about Paul McCartney because there's never anything there by her except to bitch about all of us. The Secret Group she belongs to is also all she'll talk about while she's feeding them lies, she's running to the others (like Suzy) and telling them about everything going on there. KO loves to stir shit.

Her latest fb wall is also very obvious with her spins on things. MPC (Misery Pest Control) did not own the LousyBeatleFic LJ or the CatkickClaims. But she addresses them as if they were. Then she finds some lovely little psycho card and takes aim at MOWFO again or what she slings MPC at. How long is that ban on her for MOWFO ? Hmmm, I wonder. ;)

So again, this blog is just to remind people that nobody set up any blogs, ljs or otherwise to "make fun" of the trash we know as KO. These blogs are here to EXPOSE her LIES ! Big difference. Know what you are dealing with. Do NOT let her piss in your face and tell you it's raining! KO loves to distort the truth in any way she can. She is a liar by nature, she couldn't tell the truth if her sad, little nothing life depended on it.

And IF she does have cancer; Karma didn't leave her off the list ! And I have to say that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


The latest insane, Special Olympics retard claiming to be "screwing us" and "winning" as she puts it, is another WTF and point and laugh at her delusional outbursts.

Ooookay. Now to dispell her pathetic lies.

1. She's had several of her own accounts removed already. This claim of hers that she only had one LJ is bullshit and nobody is buying it.

2. Nobody is whining about Alan not talking to anyone about her. Nobody is whining about Alan except for people she's gotten banned from MPL, like Josh and Herc.

3. Her statement "sick puppy with revenge problems" is an exact projection of KO through and through! Oh we've seen her past posts from other forums.

4. MPCs seems to indicate a plural but she, as always, goes right into a singular person by her addressing her target as a "she". Nice try but KO is a totally obsessed sick puppy after all.

5. Nobody is setting her up with anyone because nobody cares who or what she trusts. She only trusts those she can use. That's all.

6. The psycho bitch finally admits that everything she writes is to UPSET someone, us, them, et al. Sounds like a very vindictive, vengeful thing to me. Who's the sick puppy with revenge issues? Oh that would be KO. And she even admits to every post she makes is to spit in someone's face. While she destroys their LJs and they can't do anything to her.

Nice full profile of the Psycho in action there, people !

Now I wonder what the troll who came here acting all important will say to that...???


  1. It would be nice if she really were dead. I've never seen anyone, before or since that is THAT vile, THAT hateful, THAT fucked in the head as her!

    If she were finally gone, we could restore everything and leave them as a reminder of history much in the same way WWII monuments are there to serve as. While we do continue on in our lives and carry on and thank God that she is blissfully GONE from OUR sights, our online stuff, we know she's always going to find some way to harass us and get someone willing to help her. Like her trolls and minions who strangely side with her when they claim they don't know her. Whatever.

    And as someone else has already said, thank you E.L. and keep fighting the good fight! & Though I don't know DeAnna, I thank her too!

  2. Ever since we opened up a few groups of Beatles discussion, and kept her out, our membership has actually grown because people now had a place to go that was Kathryn-free!

  3. KO is a liar. Know this coming out the gate. Her and Suzy are friends and she has whined to AG more times than anyone can count. Suzy is even on her fb friend glob.
    That statement she made about how a "nameless friend" told her about the "secret group" is also another smoke-screen.
    Nobody shares any info with her because she is always on a reporting rampage! My god she's bragging about getting people's accounts banned all the time on other sites and on her Wall of Insane.

    Anyone that would actually tell her anything would not be "nameless"! KO would JUMP at the chance of dropping any name if that were the case. But as always, the liar she is, she keeps it vague and oh so thick with bullshit that you can't tell who or what.

    My best advice to Josh, Robert and Mark is, don't post anything that she disagrees with. Because you'll be an even bigger target.

    1. Check out my blogs, link is in my name. You'll see that she is definitely causing shit and getting people rubbed out.

  4. Poor deluded Kathryn. No you are NOT hot shit. You're just shit. And you're the Crazy One. Please get professional help. You being crazy won't change so maybe even the best doctor can't help you with your problems. Maybe you should just go away... permanently.

    1. So she thinks she's hot shit?

      Um, anyone wanting to see what she really looks like:

      Hot shit like a steaming, stinking toxic-waste pile of the same shit she posts on the internet. That's not a good thing, people!

  5. Both my Livejournal, and Blogger are still around. She has tried to destroy mine too. She also failed to destroy Tina's forum although Tina and our mods did move it or are in the same process of moving it like the others did.

  6. And IF she does have cancer; Karma didn't leave her off the list ! And I have to say that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

    Hear Hear!

  7. Julian Lennon's fan had KO pegged very well! They even gave out a list of her Narcissictic, Personality Disordered, Paranoid obssesive traits! Of course she had to go and try to turn it around on others but that roasting on an open fire sure rang true of her usual threats I've seen from her over the years.

    1. She didn't write it. As you know she doesn't have any originality and that list reads like a perfect profile of her disorders. Not Bill's or Shay's or anyone else she attacks all the time.

    2. I wish she'd stop stalking Julian's fans.

  8. Well and she posted a picture of a dead John Lennon and when some people found it distasteful, she of course blamed it on her imaginary stalker. Nobody has contacted (at least anyone that KO has stalked for years) any of the people KO fights with on FB.

    It's safe to say that if KO is being watched it's by the admins, which is what was meant, I'm sure.

    And why would anyone that has been maligned like that, like KO does to people even try to contact any of her friends... it wouldn't happen. KO is delusional or has another sockpuppet.

    1. If there was any truth to it, it was someone from LJ who had been recently attacked by her. Bibbi blocks KO on FB, and Bibbi also still has her LJ! Good going Bibbi!!! ;)

    2. If only one person was watching her wretched little girl spoiled temper tantrum throwing facebook wall, then why does she keep posting about the hate she has for all the people she's fighting with? Why is she willingly giving ammo to anyone? KO is REtarded in the worst way, I swear.

    3. It's not any of Bibbi's friends. They all have the Catshit bitch blocked as well.

    4. She's always attacked Bibbi with the "stalker" bullshit. On Youtube, on several other sites, whenever Bibbi or someone with a similar sounding name posted anything to rebuke KO's flaming and sick comments, they'd get the "stalker" word thrown at them. It's just KO's favorite word.

    5. Well I can tell you, nobody I know is contacting anyone on Nesshit's fb!

      And I know Tracy, Bibbi, Nacky, Christy, Judy, Guy and Ostarella. So Misery got her ass handed to her on FB again. Nice to see.

    6. It's Alan from MPL! He stirs shit like that all the time.

    7. Wouldn't doubt it one bit! Because all those people you named have been stalked by Kathryn O for years on end. They're not about to put themselves in the line of crossfire. She could post a picture of a dead pope and they still wouldn't get involved.

    8. AG could very well have been the culprit but there are Julian Lennon fans who've also been stalked and harassed by her that I'm leaning more towards one of them contacting the people who were offended by her dead John Lennon posts. After having spoken to a few already and I did my homework, a few did say they are keeping an eye on her because they know she's stalking Julian.

      So she's just calling them a stalker, and some of them are guys so her "my stalker" shit is just that... shit! I'm sure she still lives in her delusional little world where everything can be blamed all on one person. I've seen KO attack people on YT btw. She did attack someone she referred to as Bibbi and woudln't stop shitting on that comment form with page after page of her "my stalker" bullshit. KO is definitely obsessed with whoever Bibbi is.

      Anyway. How can anyone put up with this stupid bitch?

      She can't "breath", well that should save any poor soul within her mouth range. I s'ppose.

      Oh and no matter what she claims, she's not a real fan. She's a stalker. There IS a difference!

      Tampa falls? Um, stupid idiot who claims to be a real fan...Paul fell on stage in St. Louis NOT Tampa!

      So apparently when an idiot opens her mouth to say that she's been accused of not being a real fan, and then claims to get a reference to something which she clearly didn't, then removes ALL doubt of that accusation by not knowing the goddamn city it happened in should pretty much be enough proof that she is NOT for real!

      But so many others have been accused BY HER of not being a real fan when in fact they were always a fan! She's just so thick and touched in the head.

      She is weird in the bad kind of way. Worse than weird, she's psycho.

      Can't breath LOL and she calls herself a writer.

    9. Mind you, AG is also a member of Julian Lennon's staff online. AG seems to be in control of A LOT of anything to do with Beatles.

  9. She sure flames and attacks people a lot to feel better about herself. Since she never stops her crap, her feeling all good about herself mustn't last for very long because she's always back at it!

  10. Here, no need for Christmas carols, when one can use the Crazy One's OWN words!

    * 1. Schizophrenia -- George Harrison spoke to me from beyond the grave! I talk to John Lennon too!
    * 2. Multiple Personality Disorder -- I'm Kathryn O, no I'm Karen Nesbit, no I'm an exotic dancer, no I'm the hot shit at cons, no I'm a witch, no I think I'm a dolphin.
    * 3. Dementia -- I can go to the city and to the woods and the quicksand pits in my own backyard!
    * 4. Narcissistic -- You think I care about you but think how I feel, it's ALL about me, screw you and your birthday party!
    * 5. Manic -- I will show my armpit hair to all the people in the Halls and Streets and Stores and Offices and Town and on Cruises!
    * 6. Paranoid -- They are Coming to Get Me, I must report them every day now!
    * 7. Borderline Personality Disorder -- Thoughts of Roasting people alive, my curses always work so why aren't they dead?! I'd better get to my witch's meeting and drum circle NOW!
    * 8. Personality Disorder -- You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll Tell You Why <<<That is spot on KO to a T!
    * 9. Attention Deficit Disorder -- They reviewed my fics and insulted me! No, wait they made fun of me. Now boys kiss each other, I have to have a biopsy tomorrow, or was that next week, or next month?
    * 10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder -- My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker, My stalker........................................

  11. you lose credibility by wishing cancer on her, no matter how much of a troll she is. i found this whole world through her fascination with tnn2 and i have to say that both sides of the argument act as juvenile and pathetic as the other one. seriously, all of you need to grow the fuck up and find better hobbies than lobbing insults at each other on the internet. you can't play victim while simultaneously slagging the hell out of people and wishing cancer on them (that rule applies both here and to karen/cathryn)

    1. You haven't had to deal with the troll for many, many, many years...This isn't a hobby of ours either...Nor are we pathetic and juvenile...far from that...We don't threaten to burn people alive, shoot them, stalk them, harass them or send them nasty emails and mail with a lot different addresses and names and stalk a celebrity...then be thrown off a cruise for sexually harassing said celebrity...we're justified in getting a known stalker off the internet for's been a long time in coming...THIS TROLL HAS ATTACKED MANY OF US AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES!

    2. no one ever gets thrown off the internet. you think with your scads of proof against the bitch you'd all at least be able to get her FB account deleted (at the very least for a fake name, harassment, using a pic of harrison as her user icon) but you'd all rather see what she's posting vs blocking and reporting her.

      seriously, it's obviously she's got more than a few screws loose, but calling her catshit or posting about "lulz lennon's kids fB admins don't like her" or "lulz she's ugly, lulz she's fat, lulz she's got body hair" is lame. it's petty and stupid. she is too, but seriously if you guys want to be seen as legitimate victims or at least sympathetic ones, why the hell do you keep posting things calling her names, making fun of her, or wishing her cancer? yeah she's a creepy bitch, but you keep poking that fucking hornets nest, you check all the pages she goes to on FB, you seem to be up to date on what she posts on her own FB page an in other communities..i'm sure you all view yourselves as defenders of justice that are just keeping tabs on the crazy, but in a way you ARE validating her statements that she has stalkers since you have a goddamn public journal dedicated to announcing to the world what she's up to. how can you not see the irony in that?

    3. Now that you've said your piece, uneducated though it is. Let me remind you of a few things. First no one here wished cancer on her that I am aware of. My words are exactly this: And IF she does have cancer; Karma didn't leave her off the list ! And I have to say that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

      That's not a wish, a curse or anything of that nature. It's simply a statement to the testimony of what I feel about the whole goddamn thing and about her !

      Secondly this "whole blog dedicated to her" is still the propaganda she's still trying to sell everyone. Please note that this blog is actually giving her VICTIMS a voice and like it or not some of THOSE VOICES do wish she would fucking drop dead! DEAL WITH IT! How about you grow up and stop gagging at gnats and swallowing camels ? There's a novel idea.

      Thirdly, ALL of her accounts, livejournal, facebook and every single forum she's on is all her actions of dedicating THOSE sites and accounts to her endless lies and gossip about others ! So I have this little lone blog. Oh for fuck's sake have a meltdown now because it exists but go ahead and feel that ALL those sites she's got control of is okay for her to use as the kind of shit and drama she's used them for. Still using them for. But THAT'S okay, right ? God forbid someone call out that self-righteous pig KO. You'll not find ONE single internet locale she's connected with as being free of her vitriol against others. No matter who they are. Although in places like MPL she does it in a more subtle way.

      And LASTLY, and here is where your foot can be introduced to your mouth is that people DID report her to facebook! They also blocked her! They also alerted other entities to her TOS violations! Nobody wants to see her shit but there are people here who DO see it and will come here to give their VOICES to the charges she's alwasy slinging at them or whatever else they see. It's called having the freedom to speak out. Ever hear of that?

      Now go troll somewhere else. Tell KO your time here is at an end. Any more from you and I will post your IP. I will NOT tolerate any KO supporters here because they are ALL out to destroy anyone who dared stand up to her. You are not a concerned citizen, you're a minion. She has no reasonable people on her side. They all either wake up and boot her to the curb or they end up helping her to send her curses and death threats and helping her stalk people.

      Would you like me to start posting those ? We'll see how far you get with your assumptions about what we're doing here.

    4. Hi EL. Thank you. I do wish she were dead. I also wish pedophiles dead, rapists dead, serial killers dead. Hey but that's just how I feel about psychopaths. They've ruined this world and made it so fucked up. It seems evil is always winning though. They always have supporters. That's the real irony.

    5. no one ever gets thrown off the internet

      Actually if they get arrested for harassment they can be legally shut off. But that takes so much effort considering that some of her victims are not even in the same country. A lot of her victims are right there in her local area but they do block her, and they do avoid her. But they will have a voice and EL will give them that place to voice even if she's the only one who will.

      Thank God for EL!

      And all the other brave people who've stood up against that evil force. KO has way too much power because there are so many stupid people just giving it to her.
      But even tyrants fall.

    6. AG did the same thing. Claim that he wasn't involved with Kathryn O. Next thing we know, we're getting heavily trolled, harassed and made fun of. AG knew NOTHING of our plight, our history with that filthy stalker in BH, MI. and he just decided to up and one day become some kind of know-it-all on the subject.

      P.S. AG is still just as ignorant, foolish and pathetic. Derp!

  12. And also KO is known for harassing people via phone...We ARE Credible and the troll IS NOT.
    Enough said.

    1. Ignore the troll. She's been on a flaming frenzy for the last couple of days. She's obviously got another sucker to come in here and start shit again.

      AG changing his minion's diapers again or else it's some bleeding heart minion. I wouldn't give it another thought. She can't destroy me so she's sending in the trolls!

      That's her pattern.

    2. I am ignoring the troll. The troll does indeed belong in the garbage heap of history. ;)

    3. See you give KO too much credit. I don't even like her, I came to this site to get more info on her or to see if she was as shady as I assumed. Instead it just seems like a self aggrandizing circle jerk of name calling. You guys have what sounds like legit complaints about her, but you foot bullet it with all the pettyness

  13. Here's the deal, to the person who is posting the "both sides" crap. Okay even a flounder takes sides and I'm going to take the side of these people like MOWFO who have legitimate complaints against one of the sickest, most disturbed drama queens I've even seen! I am talking of course of Kathryn O.
    She keeps claiming she's so sane and yet everything she says and does is contrary to that. Everything.

    So here's the deal, person who thinks we're all screaming victimhood. You don't have a clue. Not a single clue. We are victims to varying degrees, some more victimized than others but we are victims and yes we are standing our ground on that. But please note the BIG, HUGE, COLLOSSAL difference between us and Kathryn O.
    One, we don't go around to every single damned website and start immediately on the whiny story or claiming to even know her. While she makes it a POINT to introduce herself as a victim RIGHT OFF THE BAT. Everywhere.
    Two. We don't make all our private or even public accounts about her. We do not talk about her everywhere we are. But she talks about us EVERYWHERE she is and is ALWAYS playing the victim card. We go on with our lives despite that we do have this relentless bitch who will NOT stop trying to get people flaming us while she does it every day on her own. It's clear she wants her own personal army. But we don't. We don't want to be victims, that was never our choice. We are good people and bad things happen to good people sometimes; like a Kathryn O who suddenly becomes fixated on you. When that happens, you know there's gonna be shit. So this is our defence tactics if you wanna make it out like that. You can't have it both ways, either we are going to be silent and bear the burden of being targeted and hope she'll find another person to obsess over or you go on the move to be a voice added to the other voices who've been there. Who know what it's like. Being Kathryn O's target is no picnic. Believe me.

    Anything she sees, she can use against you. No matter how innocent or benign it is. You will have lies posted about you, you will have ugly rumors spread about you to total strangers who don't even know you and normally no one cares, It's when her targets start getting attacked by others and seeing the horrors that it becomes something that cannot easily be ignored.

    So while she is making use of the interent in all sites to play her victim card, know that we are not engaged in the same activity. That is where you and your statements fall short because they are without merit and lack the insight that her targets know too well. & if it wasn't enough that she plays her mindgames and victimhood on the internet, she will actually spread as much vitriol as she can in REAL LIFE! She has even done more damage to local people in her area than she's done online. That is saying ocean's full! She is a cancer. Forget having cancer, if you've got her in your midst, you've got cancer.

    You really have no idea how evil, twisted and sick she is.
    We are victims but our testimonies lie in designated areas. Her war against the humans is wide-spread, loud, massive, there is far more spew against all the people she hates than they have against her. When you weigh it all, she's the one with all the hate sites. They just happen to be other people's sites where she plays the poor-me victim and thusly, gets away with her slanders and abuse because stupid people feel that she can attack now that she's just been sooooo hurt and stepped on. Bitch please.

    And to think this whole thing started when she was banned from a Dirk Benedict cruise and website for being a creepy stalker. Everyone else since then and seemingly always will, pay for HER psycho behaviors. I say it's about time she takes responsibility for her own actions. But she never will. Sociopaths are never at fault, according to a sociopath and Kathryn O is most definitely a sociopath. No doubt at all about that.

    1. I actually went ahead and unblocked her to see her fucking insane facebook wall. And grabbed some screenshots. She'll of course claim they are doctored but the link is very public for those who still buy into her poor-me dramas.

      I'll be adding those to this blog.

    2. Wow. She's still bragging about getting those ljs removed. She must really be miserable to have to go to those lengths to keep beating a dead horse. The only people that want her banned from MPL are the old members who have abandoned ship because she's a psycho troll. Plus they haven't even been reporting anything that she posts.

      So her score is based on the FACT that she whined so much every day while people went on with their lives and ignored her. She was whing to lj about 4 people. Wow.
      She really does spend all her time on the internet.

    3. Not 4 people, LBF was the account and LBF2 was the community both belonged to LBF (JohnCharles on JF), catkick's tall tales was the other community also made my LBF, the other one was Angie's account. Angie is a long time member of MPL, other Beatles locales. LBF can be found on several JournalFen locales. He also has blogs on this service.

      In the past, according to the people who tell the truth and CAN back it up, unlike the liar who can't even provide a LINK, someone kept an online journal/diary of sorts and because they didn't want to edit out names and places because drama-queen catering LJ didn't want real names and places, that diary was moved to They just opted out of LJ's format and went with a better one. So the owner just actually left it for LJ to do whatever they wanted. While the nasty LJs by KO and her ex-friend Betty there were scads of them removed! HA!
      Maybe people should start gloating about that?
      One thing KO can *never* stand is a taste of her own medicine! Her psycho, crazy, horrid little medicine.

  14. I wonder what little Miss O'dim will think about Catshit's "I post only to upset you" and post stories to upset you, will think of THAT?

    Everyone knows Astrid was her latest target. Everyone with a brain that is and there Catshit is, actually ADMITTING IT!

    1. People with a brain in their head never bought her bullshit that her "revenge story" which it was, wasn't about Astrid. We know damned well it was aimed right at her!
      It's amazing isn't it? She preaches about sick puppy and revenge and then within a few sentences afterward actually proves SHE'S the one WITH REVENGE PROBLEMS!

    2. You know what's fucked up is that she's now gloating that no one can touch her and her abuse is now getting more and more apparent and you know what they say about what cometh before a fall?

  15. You see? It doesn't matter to her how many people's lives she tries to upset and harangue, it's all a game to her. Talks about "winning the game" so there is no doubt she starts all these flame wars and fights. The negativity, she feeds off of it.

  16. That facebook post of hers! spoken like a true PSYCHO! The only thing missing was a photo of her holding a sledgehammer or butcher knife. Yep that's her all right, the same nutjob we've all dealt with in the past on many of our BSG sites.

  17. Um, she didn't succeed in getting much of anything deleted. But she sure acts like she's done something. lol at her pathetic attempts to claim something major was accomplished. That's why people save save save. Becuz there are psychos like her on the prowl!
    Since no one has even been talking about the LJs, why is she so obsessed with talking about them all the time now? She must really miss the attention on LJ these days.

    1. What you're seeing is a spastic, hysterical psycho rant because that's what it is, of a sick mentally deranged woman who couldn't get my account deleted. Who couldn't get DeAnna's account deleted, who couldn't get that FB account deleted, who couldn't get Tina's site or the LJs that belong to Astrid, Stu, Bibbi, Suggesto, Oneafter901, and the long line of others in that community.

      So if she thinks she's winning, she obviously has a very backwards claim on that. What exactly is she winnning ?

      The Retard of the Year Award. That's what she won.

  18. Hey troll who came here. These people have it dead on right!

    KO is the one posting just for revenge and hate and stirring up shit.

    Oh look, here are her OWN WORDS:

    each story I write, I write to upset you. Each post I make on Paul's forum is a thumb right in your nose. Each post that I make here, is me spitting in your face.

    How charming.

    People actually defend this bitch?????

    People actually cannot UNDERSTAND why there are blogs like EL's????

    Some people find the responses to KO's shit as shocking??? REALLY? Please do find yourselves a documentary on other victims of other such mentally sick assholes like Kathryn O

    Oh and for the record she would have been banned from MPL a long time ago, she DID break the rules on many occassions BUT because she has the staff completely manipulated, and believing they are her "protectors" and "saviours" because she gave them that title, they are somehow too dumb to realize it's a head game by a sociopathic serial bully and therefore gets away with murder.

    FTR she has actually broken the rules on Paul's forum. Another LIE by KO claiming she hasn't done anything. Bitch whatever.

    And apparently every post Astrid makes spits in KO's face, every breath taken by Bibbi is a thumb in KO's big fat nose, and every day that we live on and have our good fortune in life upsets KO!

    Why, because she sure keeps sending in the trolls to harass these particular beings. Still trying to report their LJs and stuff. But failing. Failure failure failure. They're STILL there! KO's rage shows.

    It's that obvious.

  19. It's hard to tell if it's Astrid, Kimba or Bibbi she's gloating over. LBF is a guy but since she never says "he" and claims everyone is a "she" we must assume she's going to keep trying to report Astrid and her friends. MLL is still there too! And we KNOW she's reported that and LJ told her to basically fuck off.

  20. WTF is she blathering on about? She doesn't even make any sense! Who's saying what, where? How? Who? She just makes shit up all the time. Nobody contacted any stupid Marla or Mike! And Marla is a full fledged idiot to even think KO's post is in any way cute!

    1. Nobody knows what the nutjob is talking about, I think that's the point. She wants her rants to be as unintelligable as possible and they are. Like all those other people have always said.

      Mike & Marla's idiocy is the dollar signs they have in their eyes. When they are supporting her, and putting up with that psycho bully, and there's still no cash flow because KO doesn't have money nor will inherit any substantial amount of it, they're really gonna be wearing that egg on their faces.

      But let them learn the hard way.

  21. And she wonders why people hate her

  22. If MPL were smart, they would just ban her due to the abuse she dishes out on everywhere else using them as a sort of fall back on, making people think this is what MPL's all about. Defending a crazy bitch like her. Shit she causes trouble right on their forum anyway. She's had prior warnings. She's been trying to get trouble there started lots of times.

    They should flush the cancerous, cankerous shit away and ban her. But THAT would require for them to wake up.

  23. Hey first time poster here. I can say and safely say that Karen Nesbit has more than proven that she has no life if every post she ever posts is for the sole purpose to upset people or whoever it is that she's still obsessing over. She apparently wanted this. She wanted to keep pestering, annoying and stalking and everytime she gets handed her ass, she keeps whining and gloating and I've never seen such a troll like her before. One who whines and gloats all at the same time! Jesus.
    Where once I felt sorry for her, I can no longer bring myself to feel the slightest concern for her after seeing her behavior, actions and the resulting destruction she has willingly brought upon others and it really is like the movies Orphan or Misery when the true monster is revealed the rage comes out.
    And some people have been her focus for many years too. That's really pathetically psycho. The kind of psycho that even Hollywood dreamed of. So she thinks nobody can touch her, huh? well she's gonna find out that her delusions and dementia have once again slapped her with a stupid stick.
    The look on her face whenever she is removed, banned and kicked out will be priceless.

  24. The MPC's are winning(Misery Pest Control) Evey single one of her myspace accounts were removed and KO has been banned from myspace. Banned from Dirk Benedict Central. Banned from Digital Spy. Banned from Trekspace. Banned from MOWFO. Several of her Yahoo sock puppet accounts were deleted for violations of TOS. I have no doubts that she'll been banned from Facebook. She's had an account removed from Facebook already. She's also had several LJ's removed already too. As for the trolls we've got our troll repellent at the ready.

  25. At least she also admits that we are victims of her extreme bullshit. Oh and another psycho piece of revenge-problems posting today of her wanting to collect knives for stabbing people in the back. Like she's ALREADY done to Kimba ans MOWFO. But she wants another opportunity to do it! Wow.

    She sure is bent on that old revenge that she in fact brought on herself and won't ever take the responsibility of her own dirty bullshit deeds.

    On another note, she is NOT a light, she is a darkness so she never had any candle (truth) so the ENVY and Jealously is all hers. Who else would spend so many years waging war with people that are simply sane, prettier and smarter than she is? Goddamn.
    Oh and Diane who is NOT a hooker, can put a claim on her OWN material because it is, UNLIKE Catshit's, actually copyrighted by way of an agency. Catshit couldn't get anything she scribbled copyrighted because they'd show her the door and possibly call the police. One thing Catshit is, is fuckin' stooooopid.

  26. So is everyone that don't like her and know she's crazy automatically labelled by her as an MPC?
    Is Astrid supposed to be an MPC?

    Does Catshit just go up to people with her "hot shit" attitude and tell people immediately that if they don't fall down and worship her that there's something wrong with them?

    The reason I'm even asking this is because that's exactly how she behaves online. As if nobody is allowed to dislike her obvious mental problems and if they do, THEY get called crazy or something worse. Is that how she's been all the years online?

    1. Yes. She's been like that foever. On and Off line. She spends her pathetic existence online so most of it is online. She doesn't get out much, if anytime at all.

      Several people and members of DBC (Dirk Benedict Central) have their own websites and stuff and in the beginning she joined all of them, and long story short, one by one she was banned and removed from every single one. It was her behavior, her flaming and attacks and yes, even death threats and curses she would post when called out on her lying and stirring trouble and making the sites a really unfriendly place until they got rid of that little Psycho-job and for that she went around to other sites who didn't know her and spread her hateful Dirkette Mafia bullshit. Extreme Bullshit at that. At one point she tried to get people to think that Tracy (one of the site's admins and personal friend to Benedict) was actually plotting to kill him.

      At another point she tried to tell people that Benedict himself was a wife-beater, had sexual encunters with his own son, and other really horrible disgusting bullshit that SHE made up and tacked on the name Dirkette Mafia as if all the people who banned her were some group of people out to get her.

      There never was any Dirkette Mafia. She also called people from the cruise Dirkette Mafia, the same cruise that she was booted from.

  27. Go ahead and post my IP address. i've spoken to bibbinut about this a little bit on livejournal, which is how i found this blog. she warned me against karen after i got into an argument with karen on her livejournal. the main reason i am posting anonymously is because i specifically DO NOT want to deal with her drama. but if you want to out me in some weird display of white knighting for yourself, go for it, i certainly cannot stop you.

    That said, I'm not one of her minions, I barely know the woman outside of her posting sexually inappropriate things on a band page i am a fan of. before i knew about this whole clusterfuck of drama or her potential to be shady, she had made allusions to her fiction writing and i asked if I could read it (i'm on disability, i get bored, and in general i like to see what other people do to be creative), not knowing it was slash fiction about real people (something i am not a fan of). so when i saw her lj which was alternating between erotic fiction about dead people and throwing vicious spite at some invisible army, i was very turned off and told her she wasn't doing herself any favors by keeping this fight going. i'm sure that, since y'all keep tabs on her journal, you might now have an idea of who i am, since it seems like you guys screencap the shit out of everything and i think i'm one of the few who straight up argued with her when it came to her fighting you guys.

    i think what she writes on tnn2's page and their fan pages is inappropriate at times (either sexual innuendo about the lead singer and his wife, or making nasty comments about his wife), but by all means if you want to play the victim card and then out people who a) aren't disagreeing with you b) are voicing an opinion and then simultaneously post their IP, go for it. It goes a long way in showing your true colors. for people claiming to stand up for victims, it seems terribly ironic and twisted to then turn someone else into a victim too.

    my point is, and i even told her this over a year ago, is that you ALL (karen included) are responsible for dragging this out indefinitely. every barbed lj/fb post she throws at you and every barbed journal entry you make. it's just a vicious cycle and no one is going to ever "win" this. she can keep making new fb/lj accounts and you guys can do the same. it's just going to go on and on forever and every thing you write is going to trigger some nasty response from her and she's going to feel validated to keep on doing what she does and her nasty responses are going to keep you feeling validated to keep on doing what you do.

    On top of that she's going to forever feel validated that you guys are stalking her because you are posting things in a public forum that DO illustrate that you (or multiple people) are monitoring her facebook as well as her profiles on dating sites. if you really want to have a support group for people who have had to put up with her shit and maybe protect yourselves and other people from putting up with MORE shit, why not do it privately? I'm not saying that karen/cathryn/whatever should have the right to censor or silence you, but in the same vein, it should be glaringly obvious to both sides that these strategies aren't working particularly well. your journal is just making her madder which in turn makes her lash out at you more.

    1. She's still out there slagging all of you and seemingly using this blog as her sole source of information, and you're still out here calling her names, body shaming her, and overall doing things that, to a stranger, do not at all make you seem sympathetic. If someone was totally on the fence or sympathetic to her, reading this would totally seal the deal. Honestly if I had come to this blog and not read allusions to her getting cancer, calling her fat or ugly, calking her names, i would be 10000000000% sympathetic to you guys (instead of like 95% - though for real i find it hard to feel bad for anyone who dedicates a journal to attacking another human in a very public and very humiliating way, no matter how shitty that person may or may not be).

      Instead honestly, it seems like 2 sides of the same very angry, very obviously in pain coin. This doesn't make what she's done to you guys ok, not by any means, but really, you give her substantial proof to point at if someone were to ask her "so karen, who are these stalkers that you keep alluding to?" since this journal is fucking full of spite and anger and hostility and again you all DO seem aware of her every move on the internet, which sadly, even if your intentions are NOT to stalk her, kind of look like you are. I'm not saying she is right, or that how she is acting toward you is right, but honestly by reading this journal, it is very easy to see how she may think she is right. Cause really, if you just posted the facts without editorializing it all and hurling insults at her left and right (because obviously you know she reads this) i just think your position would be a lot stronger.

      In addition, people here ARE saying that they wish she would die, that she get cancer, and let me tell you something, as someone with a rare form of leukemia, it's kind of hard to feel sympathetic to ANYONE who would wish cancer on another person regardless of how internet-mean someone has been to them.

    2. A word about your posts, they do seem trollish. You're complaining about some people who wish she were dead. People can feel that way and honestly, EL's blog isn't for the "stranger" on any fence. Do like? Don't read. Simple. Why is it that people who have some disease automatically assume the things said here are about them? I'm sorry but I'm not going to feel guilty for also wishing she'd drop dead. It has NOTHING to do with you.It has to do wih he relief people would feel knowing the nasty bitch was finally gone. Lennon's killer being dead would bring almost as much relief.

      You keep on with the both sides thing but you really don't know the whole history, even now she is trying to get herself an army of trolls to bombard the old report abuse button on all our accounts. Even addressing "stupid blond" on Macs FB group and all her comments are directed at her imaginary stalker. Since I know Bibbi is blond, and Tracy, and some other MOWFO members, it's hard to tell which person she is attacking but she is attacking.

      EL didn't make this blog for the stray person to stumble upon. She made it as a way to voice her opinions and feelings about a troll! Please read the header and you'll get that. This is simply a place some people can go to voice, vent and have their say. Let them have their say, for gods sakes!

      What you're not realizing is that she stalks this blog, other people's stuff and there are VERY PRIVATE forums that have loads of documentation of her long abusive history of so many other people!

      EL told you she'd post your IP because other trolls have come in here and started crap with the people here. So she posted their IP. So it's already happened and maybe EL thought you're the same person wih a different IP now?

      Regardless, you don't even know the half of it. You're obviously seeing only the insults but not the content to which the well-deserved insults are attributed. It's clear she stalks everyone and keeps her delusions that she's being stalked when in reality she stalking people and one of the ways to stalk them is by getting people to HELP her stalk them by sending them to comment, and whatever all. She loves to get others to do her dirty work for her. Thusly why EL thought you were a troll.

      Plus, I don't see how these people are wrong for expressing something that leaves no other recourse of action unless you know something we don't.

      As one of my friends said about her insane presence on FB and LJ, this is what I say, Stu says, my friend from another state says, etc.

      As far as I'm concerned, she's living on borrowed time. Maybe she even knows it. The more she pushes -- and she always does -- the faster everything will come to a head. My only hope is to be as far away from the "blast zone" as I can -- LOL! It's been blissful being out of her noxious proximity. I don't even care if she runs her mouth about me, because people who DO know me will know she's full of shit and those who don't like me, who would believe her, don't matter to me one whit. (Nor could I ever change their minds.) You know the old saying about paying more attention to your character than your reputation? Because your reputation is only what people THINK you are, but your character is REALLY who you are. My real friends know my character well.

      So in the end, she loses anyway because her targets really are wonderful people and anyone sending them threats and harassing content which we SEE because - GET THIS - she makes DAMN SURE we see whether we want to or not, it will never fuck up their lives, we still live on, her insane rants and ugly self and beyond ugly personality won't stop anyone from living successfully.

    3. i'm not on both sides though, something i repeatedly said. she bullies you guys, sends death treats, stalked some actor, and posts slash fiction about dead people. it's shady.

      but in the same vein, you guys aren't above reproach when it comes to the low blows element either, you know?

      Here's what I know:
      -she makes sexual remarks about george harrison's son and wife
      -she constantly insult's dhani's wife for being a barbie
      -she uses dhani's photo for her profile pic on a fetish site
      -she stalked some BSG guy on a cruise
      -she writes creepy slash fiction that gets little to no comments
      -she bitches about you guys on her journal and in tnn2 fan sites and their main page
      -she apparently bitches about you on her FB page
      -there's a whole lots of paul mccartney stuff going on that i don't know about because i don't like paul mccartney
      -she's apparently a witch who put spells on everyone and sends death threats and shit
      -when i got into an argument with her on LJ i got a TON of pms from strangers telling me to stay away from her, which i since have.

      she sounds like a very bitter, lonely, very unwell and possibly delusional person who believes her own fiction. she obviously lives for her fanfiction and for attention both good and bad. while i get that this is supposed to be a white knight forum for her victims to rally around, in the end you are giving her exactly what she wants, which is attention, a reason to complain about you guys, a purpose in spiting you and existing solely to further infuriate you.

      while this journal might be well intended to some extent (and forgive me, but i find it hard to believe anything that hurls insults and posts private pictures in a public forum is entirely well intended) it's completely not serving it's purpose. You just give her more ammo which she can turn around and feed to more gullible people and make more friends who will just pick on you guys more. it never ends with people like her. she probably gets off on every ugly comment you make about her because she can brush it off as you being jealous haters or something along those lines.

      Seriously, you want to piss her off? ignore her. If you can't ignore her (which it seems you can't) then just post the facts about whatever nonsense she's up to. don't post stupid nicknames or call her ugly/fat/old because then, to a stranger, it makes you guys look like bullies. Cause really, what -I- see is one woman who writes fanfiction and bitter tirades against an invisible army who seemingly gets little to no support or comments or feedback from people (my exp with her is limited to her journal and tnn2 stuff) and a journal dedicated to picking her life apart which gets a lot more responses and traffic. I'm guessing she's more active in other communities (since you guys mention mccartney's fansite a lot) but yeah, i know what i've found on the internet out of either boredom or being directed there by strangers trying to warn me off from her, and it seems like there are more of you than there are of her.

      and i don't take the cancer stuff personally, i'm not that much of a victim of my body malfunctioning. HOWEVER having had the pleasure of experiencing said disease, i think it takes a damn fool to wish it (or death) on someone else, no matter what they've done. maybe i'm too much of a hippie to feel that way about anyone.

    4. She stalked Dirk Benedict onto a cruise. She followed him around and when he wasn't seen, she'd freak people out on he cruise with all kinds of creepy behavior.

      BSG stands for Battlestar Galactica, which is a TV series Dirk Benedict starred in as Starbuck.

      As for the facts being presented here, they are being presented and the words fat, ugly and fucked in the head only come up mostly in comments. Screenshots are part of the facts and they are the evidence that shows the facts. No stalking required. Saving a screen capture is just that. It's documentation and if saving evidence is stalking then the police, authority figures and anyone else wishing to compile the deeds of a dictator would be labeled as stalking. It isn't, but KO stalks people that's for sure. But she'll never show a link or any evidence of her deeds anywhere. So you don't have to worry about her pointing anyone to this blog. She would never do that because she knows the evidence against HER is here. Therefore she'll only refer to it as a vague blog somewhere in cyberland and none of her minions are allowed to see it. Because then they'd know she was the one up to no good, causing the problems.

      The insults are not given passively. In some countries there are leaders who are nothing short of psychopathic killers, killing people, citizens. Bloodshed like you've seen on the news. You see the people out in the streets holding up signs calling those leaders ALL KINDS of names. Insulting them verbally in their own language and voicing their disdain, their horror of what they've seen. Against a dictator who has the same attitude about "winning" that Kathryn has. Dictators who've got the same tactics that Kathryn displays all the time. Naturally there's going to be a backlash against said dictator. Why should it be any different here?

      People are people and when pushed to their limits and seeing gross injustice, they will react. This blog if anything, is human. It seems you're asking people to edit out their comments, not post any screenshots or anything like that because then Kathryn can turn around and scream STALKER! And if we were to fear that happening, there wouldn't be any resistance to her tyranny. That is ultimately what she wants. The dictator is going to hurl her insane worst at us. We know that. But we won't be silenced and that is what she doesn't want. We are more than happy to keep fighting the good fight until the disease known as Kathryn O is wiped out.

      Arg and sorry for the misspellings and typo in my previous comment. I was watching two different things at once on TV. lol.

      KO is full of narcissistic rage. She is the biggest sociopath I've ever known. She beats all and only the likes of the Syrian leader or a notorious killer could top her in the psycho department. That's not an insult, it's just the way it is.

  28. She HAS pointed people to this blog. she did it in at least on tnn2 fanpage.

    i'm not asking anyone to do anything other than maybe evaluate their behavior. i mean, it's obvious a lot of people here are really hurt, but you are handing her more ammo on a silver platter whenever you write anything about her. it would just seem (to me) to save the catty shit talking for a private space and keep this one as cold and clinical as possible.

    the big difference is is that she doesn't name names on her blog/fb/groups when she trashes you guys (at least that i'm aware of, i don't really pay attention) but you guys do name names, which again is gonna make her feel vindicated and make anyone who comes here looking for answers feel like she's being picked on. obviously it's a very frustrating situation, but i guess you have to ask yourselves if it's more important than you protect people from KO vs writing things with the express intent to hurt her, cause honestly reading a lot of this, it's very clear she is part of the audience you have in mind...and as long as that keeps up, she's gonna keep raging and keep attacking. if you guys want peace so much, you might want to think about how you're going about it.

    as for comparing her to a dictator, that's kind bordering on histrionics. people who fight back against dictators are fighting for their lives, for their physical safety and it doesn't matter if they take to the streets or secret back rooms. where it seems (and i could be wrong since i admittedly don't know a ton) at this point she's predominantly a creepy internet person who could essentially be ignored out of existence, at least for your lives.

    1. I guess what i am trying to say is you are giving her exactly what she wants. you're paying attention to her blogs, dating profiles, FB page, the communities in, you're giving her tons of attention, documenting the fact you're giving her attention, and that makes her feel like she has power over you. and in the end, in a sad way, it does mean she has power over you. hell, if you wanted to wipe her off the net, post her docs on 4chan, they'd have a field day with her.

  29. fyi the 4chan thing is a joke. you'd need to be insane to step into that mindfield.

  30. oh and i just noticed your update to the self important troll, which i am assuming is me. you want to know what i think? you are feeding into everything she wants you to do. you might be all self righteous in what you're doing, but you are still giving her what she wants. so in terms of winning, no one is ever gonna win this as long as you keep tabs on everything she is doing and she does the same in regards to you. it's almost like you all have an abusive relationship with each other. though i can also understand how backing down might make you feel victimized, what you're doing here is hardly empowering.

    1. Why are you here? I mean you do come in here and start telling people how they should conduct their feelings on this relentless troll who has caused a great deal of frustration. You admonish someone for petty things. EL and others do have a right to see you as a troll.
      And no we do not "feed" into everything she does or says, if you've paying attention, we're DISPELLING her myths, EXPOSING her lies but because you seem shocked by that very fact and call it whatever you're calling it you are assuming so much and honestly, you are wrong here.
      Nobody is keeping tabs on her shit! We get the shit sent straight to us if we ignore her on forums, she finds a way to send shit to us privately like on livej.

      It's also not very smart to cut someone down for using a name or two and then start doing the same. You've been slinging subtle insults all over the place, whoever you are.

    2. but her bullshit is all out in the open. her fb page is open, anyone can see what a bitter and angry person she is. she deletes lj stuff but people still see it. what are you actually exposing? who are you exposing it to? like, are you exposing it all to yourselves or are you trying to expose it to strangers who have heard about her and her drama? cause for me, i came here to learn more about it (again, not a fan of hers) but I can't help but feel like this all out war is leaving both sides feeling entirely justified in their behavior.

      it just honestly seems like both sides want to drag this out forever. for real, you want to end her internet reign of terror, post her shit to 4chan, they would love a furry wiccan fanfic obsessed person. it's not altruistic or even particularly mature, but it would get the job done a lot more effectively than posting FB screencaps anyone can find and calling her catshit.

    3. Yes, all her shit is out in the open but you even said it yourself, she posts the threats, and other revealing-of-her-true personality self and then removes it. Also the kind of PM's she sends is FAAAAR worse than anything you'd see on her Wall of Insane or on her Drama Llama LJ. So exposing her lies is what it is. She lies like she breathes. People should be able to stomp out the false witness that she is.

      4chan might be a good idea. There are already some instances of her shit on Fandom Wank or somewhere on the Wank Report anyway.

    4. well seriously, either that or make an ED page about her. it's a hell of a lot more useful than blogspot for counter trolling. believe me, i get that everyone here is an internet tough guy, but there are way more effective avenues than what you're doing now.

    5. Nobody here is trying to be an internet tough guy. If that's what it seems, I think you've missed the boat. But thanks for the ED link. I'm all for getting this bitch featured on that site.

  31. Okay troll or whatever you role you wanna play here, I have had KO's minions come in here before stirring up shit and ALL of them have played the same broken record about "oh don't insult her" routine and saying we're "just as bad as her" and THAT right there will get your ass handed to you quicker than anything!

    On that count you are 1000% WRONG! Nobody here wants to deal with her. They don't comment for the sheer enjoyment that she's going to blow another fuse! What they do is defend themselves for the most part because she WILL fuck with them, like she's always done.

    My blogs have been like you say this blog should be, just state the facts. But I'll state the facts with the links, with the screenshots, with the proof and I have went to all the trouble of posting very imformative, and educational blogs about psycho/sociopaths like KO. This is also just ONE of my bloggers, I have others but since I don't even want the name KO to foul up my other, FUN blogs, strictly for MY own pleasure and that of my friends and followers, I set this account up for all the discussion you see here. I didn't want KO's filthy presence mucking up my other accounts. This is a seperate account.

    Furthermore I never post my link publicly, but apparently she does. Free promotion ! I do have private entries here that you don't even see. You really don't know what you're talking about. I had one of KO's trolls come in here and post someone's really private info just as an attempt to get my account shut down.

    You say: She HAS pointed people to this blog. she did it in at least on tnn2 fanpage.

    Okay, let's see the link. Please do share. Because on LJ when several other communities had finally had enough of her psychotic ranting and Julian Lennon bullshit she makes up, they ALL asked her for the link to this blog that she kept screaming on about. No matter how many people asked her for the link, she would make up stupid excuses of why she couldn't post it, why she wasn't able to find it, couldn't do it because it would "spam" the community and the bullshit got thicker. So she purposefully kept my link secret. Not that I care because those LJ members found it anyway. They, unlike her, are smart and have IQs above 0.

    So please DO share this info with us ! You claim she posted my link, now show me where. Back up your claims.

    she uses dhani's photo for her profile pic on a fetish site

    Where? If you're going to make the claim, LINK please! We're all about links and screenshots for docs. I can't take anything at face value especially from someone who thinks we're crude.

    at this point she's predominantly a creepy internet person who could essentially be ignored out of existence, at least for your lives.

    You have no idea how many people actually went that route. So then it's like they got bombarded out of the blue with flaming attacks on their personal groups and profiles. Year after year. She keeps watching everyone and even when they go ahead and abandon an account and get a new one, she always knew where they were. Of course I was told that her ex-friend Betty had spied on people for her but she had other people also spying for her.
    So ignoring her when she has made you a target, won't be easy. And the attacks continue as long as her pathetic ass is still alive.

    documenting the fact you're giving her attention

    Wrong. We're exposing her lies and evil doings. While it is a form of attention, it isn't what she really wants. She doesn't control us either. You've somehow convinced yourself that we're all incapable of thinking for ourselves here.

    1. nah see, if i give you all the links, i am inevitably going to end up another target of hers, which i really don't want. she has mentioned this journal (not a link, just by name) as well as her fetish site account in this FB community (she didn't give out her profile name, but it was easy enough to find a beatle slash fetishist using a picture of dhani)

    2. Yeah she's not given this LINK anywhere and I knew it. Naming it is a step she took because she feels she's going to get herself an army to help her take down this blog. But I knew she wouldn't post the link. Naming it, she feels nobody can find it on google. Apparently you have and here you are. So much for her shit for brains and thinking you're all stupid. She's stupid and stupid is as stupid does.

      Funny because when she claims to have a short list of people she'd like to kill, she seems to be filling up all her time raging against so many people from MOWFO to LJ to other sites I've only recently heard of. She's been banned from virtually every forum except from the ones that are milking members for money. FB and LJ have no idea what she is or they'd boot her too.

      Yeah she's been trying to get me deleted and is on her little sad, pathetic quest to get everyone deleted that ever saw her for what she is, that ever posted the truth about her. So she's working on getting me all deleted. It isn't working and the abuse team here are probably pissing themselves laughing at her hysterical "they can't say that about ME! I'm the QUEEN of the internets and I call the shots!" rants that she's so famous for.

      Infamous for, I should say.

      So she's now on her desperate little nowhere mission to shut me and my readers up. Checking out your FB link I didn't see any mentions of my blog there. She must be PMing people like hell after being told GET LOST by the corp.

      That KO, she thinks she's gonna censor the net while filling it with horrid psycho bile and rotten spelling and grammar and creepiness. Censoring the net... LMAO ! Yeah how is she winning in her game that nobody is playing ?

  32. oh and i just noticed your update to the self important troll, which i am assuming is me.

    Yeah I noticed that you seemed to have totally glossed over the screenshots and focused, ONCE AGAIN, on some words. You seem to only zero in on the words fat, ugly and troll but ignore the overwhelming content that shows WHY there is this blog in the first place.

    as for comparing her to a dictator, that's kind bordering on histrionics. people who fight back against dictators are fighting for their lives, for their physical safety

    Okay I'm going to try to not slap you upside the head, but KO has threatened and tried to carry out her threats in the past. She has a history of claiming to make good on her threats, curses and death wishes against others. She plays the victim but if any of her supports actually SAW some of her REAL personality and READ any of the letters she sent to many a person over the years, that victim card would be scorched. So people's lives can be in danger when you don't know what a psychopath will do next. Do NOT underestimate this NUTJOB KO!

    Here, let me tell you of the lovely lady who lives in some Southern state in the USA, a very good woman who has her own family, a satisfying business she runs and a couple of gorgeous children. Someone recently, from LJ, emailed her and was afraid for her life. When this lady I know asked what had happened, the LJ person sent her a copy of a letter that KO wrote in LJ to that person. In KO's letter she had given details of how she found where this lady lived, where her children were going to school and that she would wait patiently until one day she could kill them and see the look on a horrified mother's face to see (insert very graphic descriptive death scene on kids here since I don't even want to repeat what KO said) and that it would happen and then she'd make use of the blood for further curses since children tend to be more pure.

    Tell me, is it really histrionics when you get something like that ?

    And I'll tell you, she also posted very public graphic details of her targets dying. One entailed burning Tracy and the lady I mentioned alive inside a contraption and watching the flesh burn off their bones. Another she wrote about Dirk Benedict raping and killing someone or eating someone alive. And Dirk himself has been slandered by KO for very insane things. He ignored her. She up the stakes and started sending him stacks of letters some of them 20 pages long of insane rant after insane rant. THIS has been documented as well.

    Yeah, let's ALL ignore her. She'll up the stakes everytime and the more people ignore her, the worse she gets. You see already what the lady with the children just got. And believe me, she's been ignoring that horrid little crunt KO for years.

    And everytime someone plays that "don't insult her" card and comes off as all well-meaning, the next thing we know, trolls are trolling and someone gets their site hacked or pulled down. Ain't that right AG ?

    1. yeah because it really sounds like she's financially able to even leave detroit? ANYONE can make threats, it doesn't mean they can make good on them. have you seen the shit anonymous threatens constantly and never actually does? it's easy as hell to be an internet tough guy, which is all that anyone here is doing. her lies and stuff that you claim to expose are just screencaps from her very open FB page in which she just baits the shit out of you guys and you fall for it, repeatedly. it just sucks because she doesn't deserve the attention.

    2. I don't know. If someone threatened the lives of my children, I would not just take it lightly given that KO is a very notorious stalker, of even celebrities and actually bought a ticket to a cruise to stalk Dirk Benedict on. Tell me how much of her mother's money is she allowed to spend? It seems like quite a bit that this mother will keep enabling her psycho daughter to do shit like that. She sure keeps proividing her with internet service and a computer to do the shit she is doing.

      You keep showing up with subtle little insults. Nobody here ever sought out KO, nobody ever just up and decided "hey let's stalk KO". No, she finds YOU and makes you a target if you happen to not kiss her ass, play her game or downright ban her. So take your internet tough guy routine and go to your own site.

      BTW the FB link you gave said "Page Not Found" and you won't give any links although you know you are posting anonymously.

    3. look up "His Worship, the Most Glorious TNN2 Panda Lord"
      that's the page. it exists, if you can't figure out how to use FB, I don't know what to tell you. I'm not even a member of the page and I can see it. the fetish site is called fetlife. it can't be -that- hard for you to find a beatles slash fetishist with a picture of dhani harrison as the profile pic.

      And yes I know I am posting anonymously, but at this point I'm 99% certain she's going to know who I am. That doesn't mean I'm going to make it 100% transparent. Also what are my subtle little insults? That i think you guys are doing this the wrong way? That's not subtle at all. What I don't understand is -who- are you trying to protect her from? each other? new people who encounter her crazy? cause really this kinda seems like a big group of people picking on an equally vicious if not moreso individual. it's kind of hard to say that anyone is in the right, because as someone without all the knowledge, i came to this page and saw a lot of people talking trash about someone in some fairly petty ways. and obviously since she's still a thorn in your side, it's been pretty ineffectual.

    4. also yeah, if you're not logged into FB you're not going to see the page. maybe if you're logged in and try using the link it will work. i really hope i don't have to provide any more IT support.

    5. Look. You claim you see trash talking in petty ways. Some comments by some people may come off that way, but that is NOT the majority of this place. Trash-talking is what that psychopathic bitter little troll does. Trash talking implies that lies are being posted. There are no lies here.

      Recently Diane has come under fire. The psycho calls her a "hooker" and THAT is trash talking. Diane is a set designer and actress. Here is her IMDb profile:

      Nope. No hooker there. KO projects SO much, that anything she spews is about her and we all know that in her mind everything IS all about her, so her overuse of the word hooker or stalker and all her vitriol is KO. Exact as exact comes.

      Insults you are pulling out here are things like "internet tough guy" and believe me, I'd say all of this to the bitch's own face, I don't hide behind my computer the way she does her mother's computer.

  33. There's no doubt she totally gets herself off on the attention she harasses people for. You've seen by her own words that it's all just a game to her. Sure there are idiots who will help her bully others. There's always a sucker and KO finds them.
    As per the suggestion to ignore her. Technically we are. Nobody is directly contacting her and that really pisses her off.
    The scenario is this and has been her tactics and pattern that never changes.

    She says something uncalled for and ugly.
    Someone reacts.
    She trolls further and gets them to finally block her or ban her.
    Well, she'll just keep on saying ugly things and then go whine to 100 different sites that someone hurt her non-existent feelings (remember sociopaths don't have the capacity for geniune emotion) and when the original target has been ignoring her so successfully, she's still been watching and flaming and finds a way to disturb their peace and quiet by
    emailing them or pm them directly.
    Emailing her target with links to HER flaming of them on various other sites; like MOWFO and MichiganFandom and RecRoom (she's long since been banned from all those sites) but that's an example.
    The crunt will make sure to carry it on even further if the target still doesn't respond.
    Her usual and overdone next trick is that she rubs her cheetos covered hands together and goes and posts on public forums that such and such person (actually naming them and sometimes even giving out their personal email) and claims they are a rapist, or murderer, or pedophile, or spammer, or tax evader, or whatever else sounds like a devastatingly enough charge to get the target to respond to her.

    Tell me, people who claim she can be ignored, how do you ignore that without going to the police, or some other action to get slanders like that against yourself removed from a public forum where she's got IDIOTS who are agreeing with her LIES and UGLY war on you?

    Police action = a response to her and she gets off on that. Someone had to go to the police.

    Admin removing your personal info = a response to her and she gets off on that. Her target had seen and read her utter insane fuck twisted shit and she gloats because she knows her target had been put in a situation where they HAD to take action.

    Ignoring her = keep watching your back, because sooner or later she'll find a way, get some equally twisted asshole, or create numerous sockpuppets to hunt you down.

    Really everything she's done is criminal or actionable, harassment, slander, stalking, willful intent to disrupt and destroy. And that's only online! Can you imagine this thing, livinmg around it?

    It's no wonder she's kept at her mother's house. There's probably some kind of watch on her, she's got to be some kind of out-patient who lived most of her life inside the looney bin. She does seem very preoccupied with how nuthouses are run, what goes on there and her unusual amount of references to an institution, like she's been there a long time.

    1. Thank YOU! It's THIS that onlookers just don't get or believe could possibly be happening. The fact is Kathryn O'Connor has gotten away with so much over so many years and like an screaming idiot declares nobody can do anything or touch her. Next she'll go into a crowded room and start calling everyone names and flashing money around and someone will give her that long overdue ass kicking she's got coming. From the way she's acted, she's never ever been disciplined before in her haughty life.

      It's kinda stupid to flash and brag but she is stupid. Emotionally an eight year old has more maturity than she does, and her intelligence is non-existent.

      To the person with all the white-knighting talk. White knighting, if you know anything about it, is where one person helps another without knowing wtf is going on. Psycho Kathryn has all kinds of idiots white knighting for her. Sad, looney people who don't have enough brains to question anything.
      On the other hand, people here are not white knighting for anyone. All are well versed in the victim department though NONE wanted to be. There's a huge difference because we all have been there. We know the history and we've been the unfortunate ones who've dealt with that Troll first hand. Nobody here is just "taking anyone's word for it", we've ALL been there and it's like preaching to the choir. In the same vein we're not out trying to amass strangers into our situation. We only deal with people who know, who've been either directly or indirectly affected by this cyberbully calling herself Karen Nesbit on facebook.

      If you white knight for someone, you are just doing it for gain for something personal, and nobody here are mercenaries.

  34. Um. Just to clarify. No one said lulz she got body hair. People have commented on her blatant bragging about the fact she doesn't shave and she has been known to create whole threads and topics on her armpit hair. She is a gross little crusty skank, she actually BRAGS about her body hair and grosses people out about it and shows it off to people who have had the displeasure to see her ugly in real life.

    1. So would you say the same thing about Amanda Palmer, a successful musician who also stands up against the whole patriarchal attack on women's body hair? Probably not since shes conventionally hot and has an even more famous husband. Like say what you want about KO and the real issues she causes, not wasting time mocking her appearance or grooming habits. It just seems on par with her mocking the mentally ill constantly.

    2. What Deana was saying is that KO makes a POINT to use her lack of bathing to gross people out. Whoever this Amanda is, I doubt seriously she does anything remotely like that.
      And KO making fun of the mentally ill is like her making fun of herself. Lots of LULZ there.

      So why are you posting here? To me, it just seems you're looking for some confrontation. Just my feeling.

    3. So would you say the same thing about Amanda Palmer

      Oh hi Quizoooo.

      Look you and Psycho K may have taken down some people's accounts elsewhere (like on LJ) but neither one of you are going to succeed in taking down EVERY single site or account on the internet that exposes the BEAST, the TROLL that she is! Stop trying to get EL's blog deleted.

      You're wasting your time. There is NO slander here! Fuck there wasn't even any slander on those LJs or anywhere else! You and KO just HATE the truth!

    4. Who is quizooo? I haven't taken down anyone's sites. I don't hate the truth, I just find the presentation lacking.

    5. Also I haven't tried to get els blog deleted, he'll I gave you suggestions to put KO on blast way more effectively than you currently are. You people are paranoid, though it sounds rightfully so based on her behavior toward you. This is all of my second visit to this site, I have no intention or desire to see it taken down, though it would be awesome to see it run more efficiently

    6. Perhaps Apple might think you are this Quiz person. Of course there's really no way to tell if you are even the same person who was posting here last night, only EL can make that call as she's the only one who can check ips.

      I, too, would love to see KO featured on ED. But I would want to talk to a mod there first and make sure that any work put up, would STAY up.
      That is
      my take on it anyway.

  35. What I find incredibly offensive about her is her constant nagging and then posting sexually explicit stuff when she knows there are minors present. NOBODY wants to know about her diddling herself and her orgasms (the way she'd gross people out at MOWFO dinners with talk that really does put you off your food - I'm talking REALLY gross graphic descriptions of things I won't even repeat here - she's SICK!) nobody wants to read about that fat cow's masterbating habits when she watches some Paul DVD and she'd sure post that same kind of shit on MPL and was posting that on MPL before the mods curbbed her trolling on that subject.
    And who is this Claire O'Connor fool?
    I smell another KO sockpuppet.

    Someone should make a comic strip

    Troll: I'm going to go watch Paul on my dvd player now.
    Troll's mom: Please close your door then and try not to be so loud.
    Troll: But mo-ooom! I want the neighbor's to think I have a real man here, I have to be loud enough!

    Troll's mom invests in a pair of ear plugs.

  36. Well well well...

    Haha! See it before the troll deletes it. She will.

    1. The troll deleted the comment to it.
      Gutless coward.