Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KO Still Stalking Julian, Another Letter and Curses!

There's a so-called "secret group" which KO actually spoke about back in August. In case anyone's wondering, this group includes Suzy from Macca's forum. Amid KO's barrage of insane wall postings and whining fests. Now that she's on Josh's FB group, she's been doing some sneaky, underhanded shit. Her usual shit. Reporting back to Alan and the mods there. Of course she's leaving out all her sneaky underhanded shit. Especially her hateful comments against Suzy and Herc. Two people that she has kissed up to on MPL. Especially Suzy who had the first instincts to be disgusted by KO. Suzy's instincts were right on, but like a fool she was manipulated into believing KO was her friend when in fact what KO wants is to be in any group that will have her. Little do they know. Little do they know.

So she's still stalking Julian. You had to know that, right?

One of her former friends from FB has given their testimony of why they totally distanced themselves from her. Check it out. Name of sender omitted.

I had finally had enough. I guess. She pissed me off with her obvious made up stories about how Julian Lennon was looking to hook up with her and when she wanted to "get serious" he bolted according to her. I don't think he ever talked to her or had any kind of relationship with her. She even tried to tell one of my friends whom I've known for like ever, that Julian was hitting on her. So when she came to me and asked me to get Julian's personal email (like I even had it) I wanted to know why, if she were so close to him at one time why didn't she have his personal email? She got angry and lashed out at me accusing me of bullying her and asking too many personal questions. All I said was that she should have Julian's email if all she told me about him and her were true. That didn't seem to matter. She was attacking me for asking a blunt and JUSTIFIED question. She didn't want to be caught in a lie and that's what I had done. I caught her in a bald-faced lie.

Before I blocked her, she would tell me all about what MPL would do for her. She could just call on them and they would jump to her demands and defence without question. Those are the only people who are her friends! People who do not even DARE ask questions or question anything.
She did say that Alan was her personal saviour and that she works for him and Paul but not to go around telling anyone that. I of course knew she was full of shit but I played along to see what it was. What her little fantasy was. Sure enough she fancied herself as Paul's personal "warning system" that could detect false fans from real ones. She's no real fan so I thought it was extremely odd that someone like Paul McCartney would even dream of hiring someone who doesn't know smack about his recording history (other than what she read in a book) come the friggin fuck on!
The work she claimed to do for Alan was to find the best Beatles/Paul stories online to share the links. Ok... so that's like what everyone does on the forum for free. Find interesting stuff and post it. But she's playing this game that only she knows about and so all her "shares" are wasted for the most part. Alan is losing money left and right if he's paying her. She did say that Alan did pay off some people for her and that he avoided a lawsuit and so he had to keep her on the payroll. Just such amounts of bullshit.

There is the letter from yet another individual who had been exposed to the "Plague of the Internet" as my friend in Canada calls her.

I understand that MOWFO has been coming under fire again, for the umpteenth time by boring old KO. Predictable old slimebag KO. That whole thing that got her banned was that people there had caught her "cursing" people on livejournal. I saw these posts myself, but so have the members of MOWFO. Naturally the liar that KO is tried to deny it. But she loves to curse people! It's what she's all about. KO just isn't happy unless she's making someone else unhappy.

So for all her denials that she doesn't post about cursing people; here the Troll is offering to curse someone who she claims is annoying her. Oh really? What about the Karma she's got coming for all the people she's terrorized? Apparently with the help of Alan; her personal saviour.

Oh look someone even brought up the issue of someone tattling to the mods. Gee, like Karen Nesbit does all the time? She tried to get me banned. Didn't work though. Failure KO. Failure.

So those MOWFO people were right! She does love to spread the curses. Wonder how a curse will spread around on her? Not that she would ever tell the truth if she really had something wrong with her. She'll just invent things so she can whine. While whining to the mods. Like all she ever does.


  1. KO has told lots of people that she is in direct contact with Paul McCartney. People know she is crazy and schtizoid (sp)

    KO is at the computer again! *sigh*

    All women are people too, KO? Really is that what you say for now? Being as how we all KNOW how you treat any woman in the media, private or otherwise! How you will attack them more viciously than any man. Even going after them like a pitbull when it was a man who finally banned you from all those forums! And what about making fun of PMS? Yet the men from Macca's Fun House never got the same names slung at them. Just the women.

    Let me be clear on this to you, KO, you hypocritical misogynist bitch, you stand NOWHERE with PETA, they would never hire you to be naked before their cameras and THAT'S what really bites you. That's what you're really pissed off about. You're a fat ugly piece of shit. Nothing is going to ever change that. Be honest.

    But you go ahead with your wild insane stories of how you posed naked for a picture while you held a snake, stood by a cop and was meeting George Harrison.

  2. KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET has proven 100% that's she's a liar, psychotic, insane, stalker, troll...
    Did I leave anything out?
    ah yes! KO is ugly too both inside and outside...

  3. And apparently it's mean and sick to point out how mean and sick she is. And what a liar she is.

    FTR she never wrote any Beatles slash before 2009. That is a fact. Never even mentioned the Beatles, members thereof or their offspring until she started stalking Julian Lennon.

  4. To all you guys, going all the way back to Dirk Benedict and BSG fans she's stalked; whenever KO the Nasty on the Net spouts curses, threatens karma on you, wants you dead, in pain or whatever that foul evil troll wants to see happen to you, CONSIDER YOURSELVES LUCKY! That means you've done SOMETHING RIGHT! To have such an evil, life-lacking bitch like Kathryn O obsessing harm and spitting all day about you; YOU are choice, beautiful people! Never forget it! Otherwise such an evil force in this world wouldn't even bother with you. You are of the light!

    The thing is, she is too stupid with her -165 IQ to realize that karma has bitten her really hard already and you guys got to witness some of it! Being banned from every social group in the Michigan area, and countless groups online, it's gotta kill her! Nothing she can do about it either but her usual tactics of bitch, stalk, moan, stalk, harass, stalk, threaten, stalk and spend her life in her mother's house on her mother's computer being the foul piriah she is and being known as the world's most hated liar and sociopath. It's gotta mean something to those she attacks. That you've done something RIGHT and did something worthwhile!

    Keep up the good work! Keep fighting the good fight!

    1. Did you see her fb wall where she even admits to having a "list" of people she wants to bring harm to?

      Creepy little creep, being a creep like all she ever was, ever will be.

    2. Gee. None of the people she constantly attacks with her constant running of her putrid mouth, have any lists. But then they have lives and don't keep lists.

    3. Yeah here here!

      KO figures some 6,894 people is a short list! You know she keeps her little scorepad handy, ready to get cursin' her curses on 'em and flaming them on the internet with all the vitriol she's filled with!!!

  5. That KO sure loves to spin things in her delusional spins. All these blogs she hates so much isn't doing anything other than telling the TRUTH! A sociopath HATES the truth.

    I wonder how many times in a day she will bring up suspended journals? I guess it's fair game to bring up her bannings from MOWFO, DBC, MFH, PID, BSG, CF, etc etc all the damn time! She sure is a crust stain of something that should have been thrown out long ago.

  6. Wow. Thanks for this blog English Lass! Great documentation!

    I know Kathryn from the Battlestar Galactica groups a long time ago. Early 2000s. She didn't even know anything about slash before the year 2000. When she did contribute any material it was mainly a Mary Sue, one consisted of the Apollo character having sex with his sister (Athena) or Starbuck being devoured by a vagina monster woman and one that was truly disgusting and written like she writes everything; to attack someone who just didn't kiss her ass.

    I moderate several slash websites, a main popular faction of the Battlestar Galactica communities and I remember Kathryn. Her going on that cruise brought back her psychotic true self when she didn't get Dirk Benedict to do anything with her. She went on that cruise expecting her delusions to be fulfilled. Our community was there for the slashy goodness not her drama or her psycho out-of-control tantrums that literally went on everyday. She obviously doesn't get out much because according to several people who were there on that same cruise, she acted a total psycho bag and got herself in trouble with ship's security.

    Kathryn has no social graces. She's a pig. She's loud and obnoxious. Usually when she posts it's always something negative about some other person who just didn't seem to be controlled by her manipulations. From reading these blogs I see she's found herself a new favorite word; suspended. Right next to her other favorite word; stalker.

    Yeah we were ambushed with her and we're SO GLAD to be rid of her!
    She even stalked one group owner because that person suggested she stop posting about the cruise and banned her when she had had enough. All because of that person who weighed in both sides, listened to Tracy (Benedict's webmistress) and wanted to keep a good natured flow of topics on her group and for that she got stalked, threatened, bullied and harassed horribly by that crazy girl Kathryn.

    According to Kathryn's last bunch of vitriol on our community, it was Tracy's fault for spilling the beans, it was Betty's fault for not reporting everyone and their cousins to Yahoo, and it was Dirk Benedict himself who "mislead" her. Whatever the hell kind of drugs she was on to assume Dirk had been sending her mental thought all these years.

    But I can certainly guarantee she never wrote any stories prior to 2002-2003. We still have archives of her posts.

    One in particular dated March 17, 2003.
    Quote: I never wrote slash or anything like that before I started using the internet. i couldn't believe there were even such groups and people who wrote this stuff. It's all new to me. My first love is Starbuck so i'll write about him and hopefully he'll read it.

    We do have a Karen author in our community but it isn't Kathryn! This Karen can actually write and knows the differences of the words then and than. You're and your. Too and to.

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences English Lass et al!

  7. Boy you were right! That ugly troll is keeping a score-pad! Well let's see, first she had far more accounts on LJ removed over the years and five of them recently when she got her vore crap reported. I lost count of her yahoo IDs that she's used to send all kinds of harassing and threatening emails and focuses on attacking Astrid. Oh and I've lost count of how many real people in the real world have banned her from their social groups!

    FINAL score, people, is that KO has reported a few LJs and whined like a crazy ape to get just that much done. On the other hand, many more people are spared from having to look at her ugly face, many more are spared from her life-long mission to shit on the screens of dozens and dozens of people who have blocked her. Score on that is considerably MORE than 4 people that have blocked her evil presence! And many, many more are free of her because they took the right steps, got the police involved and gotten restraining orders. Hey that Bill can take action now!

    FINAL score: KO still a pathetic miserable piece of trash living off her mother and a family who can't stand her and a town full of people who wished she'd croak already.

    US: Migrated to JournalFen. Oooh. Yeah so inconvenient. *eye roll*

    So it seems her latest Wall of Insane is more of the Same! Projecting and complaining about the fact people have saved evidence of her nasty deeds.

    Keep that score-pad handy, pathetic lowlife KO! Let's see how well you do on whining to the admins at JournalFen, private journals on LJ and the oher sites you've failed to destroy.

    As a matter of fact, skank, you failed to destroy any website or group. Go whine now. Go live your life posting about how people make YOU the center of life when what's really happening is that they are responding to YOUR attacks because YOUR existence is all about the vitriol you endlessly have for the human race. Post about the Pest Control team like you always do. Be sure to use someone else's words. Be sure to project yourself like you always do, you bully.

    KO's never had an original thought in her life. Such a loser. Such a failure.

    1. Another one of her LJs was also removed for attacking that Vietmanese kid. So her account got removed fairly quickly. She was spamming him because he is now a member of MLL.

  8. I see the little miserable Troll KO has been real busy acting like her usual idiot self again. Is she really serious about bragging and scoring over LBF's LJs and CatkickClaims LJ? Uh huh, let's see her brag about the LJs that are STILL there!

    Stu's, DeAnna's, Suggesto's, Astrid's, MLL, Ostarella's, and all the other LJs that have documented and discussed her fucking insane shitstorms of psycho! My my my.

    Coming up, me dispelling more of KO's psycho lies and pointing out her mindgames on unsuspecting people.