Saturday, November 10, 2012


The ever psycho flame-filled Nasty on the Net who loses friends due to her abuse and bullying, finds more unsuspecting people to add to keep her numbers up. She does fancy herself as a BNF (Big Name Fan) in all things Beatles. Previously a BNF (or more accurately NIST) of the Dirk Benedict fanbase. So Nasty Nesbit went and trolled her most favourite and safest place on the whole wide world where she can troll without consequences; MPL!

When Paul McCartney's facebook posted something about "weirdness" she didn't hesitate for a second to use that as a three-way attack! With her latest attacks against all those big bad mean people whose only crime was to discover that she is the sickest psycho on the planet!

Her newest pile of steaming shit made its way onto Macca's Facebook wall, then to hers then right onto MPL, OF COURSE!

Weird Topic by a weirdo who enjoys writing John Lennon as weird and even calls him weird! Boring, KO Katshit, boring.

Now the screen captures of her using Macca's FB to spew her usual hate and abuse, and the tamer comment on her own wall.

You see, she would get more views posting the hateful comments against sci-fi members of the sci-fi community on Paul's FB than she would get on her own wall. As nasty and hateful as her FB wall is, she saves the uber-vicious comments for other people's walls!

One thing she does love to do is shit on other people's facebook pages. That's how she did Yahoogroups for the longest time, folks! Too many witness accounts of that and exact links to her shit despite all her sockpuppets! Or had since Yahoo removed her accounts.


It seems I spoke too soon and nasty KO has decided to re-rant her stupidity on her own wall that she put on Paul's FB.

That right after Bill (one of the people she loves to annoy, stalk and harass) had posted a 'Get Lost' message to her, and rightfully so. Yes, we know she removes anything that would show the truth but she's not going to hide the truth no matter how she tries to spin her twisted web of lies. Check it.

Bill finally stands up to the bully:

Hmm, sounds a lot like what everyone else has been trying to tell the stupid sow. But of course she's all about the lies and lying. So she posts this in an effort to cover up what Bill was actually saying. Mind you, this was NO "bratty temper tantrum". Bill was finally at the end of his rope with her and her constant obsessions, stalking and harassment.

The Bully just does her usual act of stupidity:

The cyber universe is begging for Karen Nesbit (KO) to unplug her mother's computer because she's too damned stupid to realize social networking programs and the lags in timesource, get offline, toss that machine out of the window and leave everyone alone in peace! AND TO GET A LIFE!

So anyway, after Bill finally made her antics known and given her the boot, she went and re-posted the abusive post about females in the sci-fi community who KNOW she's a psycho nutcase. This is exactly what Bill was talking about. The endless abuse done by her.

And it has been quite confirmed that the only reason Alan hasn't banned her sorry ass from MPL is because he actually likes psycho obsessed fans. Go figure.

BTW, if people haven't caught on, KO is the one behind a lot of bans on Macca's board! She runs to him everytime someone says anything she doesn't agree with.

Another place KO trolls and shits on:
Facebook Group

They must not know she's spying on them there. Shakes head. Yeah they're bashing Suzy in there and KO is just sitting there watching it all, without one remark or comment in the favour of Suzy. If Suzy thought KO was her friend, she's sadly mistaken. KO is nobody's friend! But oh how KO sure SCREAMED about an LJ that showcased her crazy! Hypocrite KO! Therefore it can be concluded that Alan is keeping the crazies on MPL. What is his problem? He must have a thing for the crazies.

Anyway time for some more helpful links;

Lousy Beatle Fic Blogger

John Charles' Journal of Catshit

Stu and his Crew Not for the Timid

Stu states his case against KO's slander

And now for something to cheer up the downtrodden and targeted;

Grabbed from DeAnna's blog.

And something SURE to cheer you up!

RT before it's deleted! It's GREAT, isn't it? The psycho nut can finally claim her Big Name status in Beatle fandom. Just like she managed to do in Dirk fandom, and sci-fi fandom and all the other fandoms she's oozed into and tried to take over.

And Sarah (of BeatleLinks) kindly go fuck yourself. KO deserves to be thrown in a little cell with bars all around so she may sit and rot the rest of her life away, instead of what she's doing now; trying to drag everyone down with her to the Hell of her own making!


  1. That Kathryn O is indeed a nutcase! Agreed!

  2. Today, Bill had finally had enough of KO's shit and defriended her. Long overdue if you ask me. So what does the psycho do? She posts that the "cyber universe" is trying to tell him and her something! OMG as if facebook really wants to get involved in her petty little drama. She slams Bill but then tries to make it sound as if he needs to friend her again because he apparently likes some of the same communities she does!

    No little psycho, it's just you stalking Bill now. Facebook is set up to ask everyone who visits a page to "Add Friend" and it's on every single page you haven't been blocked from even though there are MANY pages you've been blocked from. Including Julian Lennon!

    Still KO doesn't get it. Too stupid and too far gone to be helped.

  3. Bill,

    I just heard that you finally spoke up against that nasty Kathryn! I applaud your bravery and courage to stand up to her. So many people know, and those before you know that she will unleash such harassment on you as you can't imagine.

    She'll stalk you and try to tell the world you're the stalker. She'll bully you and defame you as a bully. She won't hold back. You are now a target, but you are not alone. Someone did save the screenshots of your post and your side will be known no matter how hard she tries to hide the facts! The screenshots of her attacks have been saved too, as her attacks have never ceased and her focus on you has now begun.

  4. I added the further screen captures. Thank you people!

  5. I've noticed that when a stupid little girl like Kathryn calls people bullies and all that it's because she's insane in the brain and has been kicked out of numerous forums and people's lives and communities. When Kathryn talks about other people's doctors and zeros in on females in her latest attacks, I find it's because she's boring, retarded and has not a single shred of intelligence.

  6. Thanks for the FB link! I had wondered where the other guys went. If it's any consolation, there are a few other blogs (like this one) about Alan and his underhanded tactics. I know from one of the blogs that he had other people's work destroyed, or tried to destroy. Alan is criminal, it shouldn't surprise you that he controls (or tries to control) what's being said on the internet. That's why he loves Kathryn O so much. They're two peas in a pod.

  7. She must really be miserable and at the same time happy to be so miserable! I mean she wakes up in the morning thinking about her imaginary cyberbully, spends ALL DAY talking about her imaginary cyberbully, and goes to bed at night STILL thinking about her imaginary cyberbully!

    For the record, nobody told any one of Katshit's detractors about her fake facebook account! Nobody so she can get off Kimba's case already. Not that she ever will because the REAL cyberbully IS KO aka Kathryn O! And Kimba has been horribly bullied by her and now people can see why all those OTHER people were RIGHT about that lowlife cyberbully cuckoo nutcase! Yes.

    1. It's really killing her that neither Kimba or whoever (Bibbi?) isn't even looking at her big fat retarded ass making even more of an ass of herself!

    2. Karen Nesshit is really obsessed with her "victim act" and she shows how obsessed she is when she admits to still being hung up on anyone from the Dirk sites; by continually calling someone "her" cyberbully. Another "I own you" statement. She plays her victim act while still trying to maintain control over the real victim.

      TAKE YOUR MEDS Kathryn O! You can get off your crazy horse any time now. Skank.

    3. Bibbi says that Katshit will be in the garbage heap of history. Great comment! ;)
      More and more people everyday are being made aware that Katshit IS the cyberbully and her dumbass cohort Alan is one too.
      Katshit has no control over anyone. She is evil, psychotic, ugly and totally pathetic.
      And be careful how you treat others.
      Karma has a nasty of biting you on the ass if you treat people very badly. ;)

  8. Oh she's just regurgitating her same old bullshit on that facebook page that she has been doing for a over a decade now. Anywhere she goes she plays the same broken record over and over.

  9. She's playing her "I've got some aweful terminal disease" card again. I knew that was coming up and of course the whole reason she comes up with the same old boring tripe again is because she wanted to call Bill a douchebag. He is supposed to know when she's going to play the "biopsy" card and predict her mood swings. Fucking Christ.

    1. I know! She just keeps playing that 'feel_sorry_for_me' card whenever she gets her ass handed to her. And these fools keep sending her well wishes. I wonder when it will dawn on them that she's just making fools of them. Uh-oh! Someone blocked her - TIME to post about another doctor's appointment and another biopsy! For the 37th time. Idiots.

  10. We all know that Katheryn Is not happy unless she can make other people unhappy.... I am tired of her threatening me and my friends. Making people choose by threats and lies who they stay around with. The BS she spews seems endless. So when is she going to get busted for the drugs she likes to transport with her in her car to events?? Or the Knife she carrys in her purse?? I think some one needs to point the proper people to her direction.... I am tired of all the Harm she causes and wish the Karma Train would run her ass down.

    1. Yeah hear hear! And not everyone is fooled by her act. She says on her fb wall that she's getting "ready to go to the doctor" but she's still posting on fb when she's supposed to be at a doctor's office! No she's just home spending all her time on the internet and facebooking. Gathering her workers comp. But there's no doctor or biopsy. When she starts the round of "I've got to go get another biopsy" again, MAYBE some people will wake up.

    2. Munchhausen! KO knows how to get sympathy, but like all her other lying, this lie of hers is NO different! i.e. Obvious.

      Let us compare!

      November 12, 2012 KO states: Tomorrow, I go to the doctor's to hear the results of all these test I've had, what the prognosis is and my options for treatment (if any). [snipped out stupid bitching about Bill]

      November 13, 2012 KO states: Okay, Dr is scheduling a surgery next month to remove the polyp and fibroid. They will be biopsied. It's going to be next month probably on a thurs. I am waiting for them to call me sometime by the end of this month with the schedule. (We weren't in a hurry to do any of this since I am not ill)<<<<<< yeah we know, you're just MENTALLY ILL and getting a biopsy is pretty standard fare *rolls eyes*. [snip] Right now, after the incident with Bill, my kidney has been hurting really bad.<<<<<<yeah that Bill can do voodoo on your innards so go and make sure to piss him off!

      November 13, 2012 KO states on Robert's FB group: I had horrible fast food but I'm having body parts removed for a biopsy next month and I got bullied pretty bad this weekend so....<<<<<<she turned another thread into her drama and shifted the focus all on her. Thread killed.

      It just doesn't add up. If they've already handed out results, how come they're still doing a biopsy?

      Oh and while she's at it, throw in the word "bullied" in there. Nevermind it was just that Bill blocked her and got rid of her and kicked her out of his life! Now he's a "bully" too!

      So, having nothing to do with the Crazy One = being a bully. Wow her delusions are astounding!

      Is anyone getting screenshots of her claims?

    3. Yeah, right. If they really found a polyp or a fibroid they wouldn't wait a month before doing a biopsy. And hasn't it been about a month since she had her ultrasound and "other" tests? It doesn't take a month to get those results back either.

    4. THANK YOU for pointing that out! We need all the screenshots we can get!

      I found more links, the wikipedia link wasn't working for me so I add it here without the German letter...

      individuals may misuse these Internet groups at times, offering false stories of personal illness or crisis for reasons such as garnering attention, mobilizing sympathy, acting out anger, or controlling others.

      It's all about attention and control with KO.

      Remember when KO accused Kimba of being disloyal when she found out KO's dirty tricks? Then KO went and claimed the whole group was persecuting her?

      Classic examples all.

      What you see hoaxers do to those medical online communities, KO does to fandoms. She moves from one to another when exposed. And speaking of faking a crisis for attention; remember that time she tried to tell everyone on facebook that her sister had died? KO is disgusting.

    5. Holy shite! She's been getting a biopsy for over two months now!

  11. I haven't gotten any screen captures of her latest claims of illnesses, but I was browsing and found one that NEEDED to be shown and exposed to the public!

    Please see my latest blog:

  12. Yeah I know only one person who uses her mother's computer and she shouldn't even be allowed on it. She should also learn to use soap, a razor, or wax some of that gross body hair off herself if she insists on dressing like a Detroit ho.

  13. Formal complaints have been to made Alan's ISP.
    Facebook has also been officially notified about KO's fake Facebook account.

  14. I wonder if Suzy is aware of KO bashing her behind her back?

    I wonder if Mike, Marla, Bett, Stephanie, and all the others are aware of KO bashing them behind their backs? Of different things.

    Like for instance Marla, yes let's talk about how she treats Marla behind her back! So someone is unable to function in life because she doesn't own or drive her own car?

    Hmm, seems the same can be said about KO! The only car she has access to is her MOTHER'S car! That's why her stalking of local people has been somewhat derailed. Her mother would know something was amiss. Too bad she doesn't know anything about the drugs.


    Except that it's been proven that the abili was really, very, paper-thin weak!

  16. Well the Crazy One is still stalking Julian Lennon's FB. She challenged his staff to unblock her, calling them hypocrites if they didn't because Julian likes to post about forgiveness. Well because we all know she doesn't have a fucking clue, and she is FAR from ever being capable of such a thing as forgiveness (even in imagined injuries and her delusional paranoid fantasies) it would be a waste of time to explain to her that Julian didn't block because he didn't want to "forgive" her, it's because she's a fucking crazy stalker and he doesn't need her posting on his FB!

    She also attacked MOWFO again. Oh yeah, right AFTER bitching about Julian and his staff.


    That coming from someone who exploits women in the most disgusting light as possible.
    Demeans them. Attacks them. Posts ugly stories about anyone is fair game.

    I could go on, but she's so two-faced.

  18. She still thinks some higher power got LBF's LJ deleted. No, stupid ho skank of Detroit, your constant whining and reporting of people's free speech did that.

    Her wall is still the same mentally ill garbage you'd expect. She has no inner peace so she can stop using positive quotes so she can turn them into the negative things she's always doing. KO lives by making something positive into something negative. It's her twisted nature.

    So getting people's voices silenced is her life's quest. I wonder how that's working out for her?

    1. Not very well. We're still here. We still save everything. She can't touch where we are. It really kills her.

    2. Her idea of "inner peace" is to have no responsibility, no remorse, no conscience. Not exactly what the quote meant. But yeah she does turn positive things and ideas into her own hateful thoughts and wrathful lash-outs.
      She didn't succeed in getting anything deleted. The people will NOT be silenced! No matter what sites she signs up for and gets caught in the act of asking people to hack shit for her.


    We can ALL agree that if we ever saw KO burning inside a building, we'd save the rats and roaches and let her burn. Because THEY are far more important to me than she will ever be. Ever.

  20. EL, sometime you gotta compile all the troll's links on tumblr.
    Here's another bunch of whining, lies and delusional bouts of KO's usual temper tantrums:

    1. Yeah I was going to get all that copied down, tumblr hasn't been commented on much and those fans are just as sick of her shit as livejournal is. It is sickening for her to keep bullying people, behaving like the total ignoramus cunt she is, but we won't let her disturb OUR inner peace! She is spinning her wheels. Got some brand new info to share.