Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Troll Grasps at Straws

From the latest attacks that came today, I've learn that the stalker troll has launched a string of attacks on her facebook wall. Oh how pathetic. After getting the skinny on exactly what is posted there I cannot believe how this crazy bitch even sleeps at night. But sociopaths are without a conscience after all.

KO's pattern and tactics are always the same; Regurgitation of the same thing she's used for years against other people. Her dictatorship really presents a problem for her when her way is not had. It must really suck for her to be so obsessed with anyone who has brought to light any of her deeds. I being one of them.

It seems her biggest problem with me is that I simply have a blog where people can say what they want to. She has stalked, harassed and manipulated so many people to help her keep anyone from having that simple freedom - the freedom of speech and she has went on the warpath to prevent anyone from having any kind of site, blog, URL on the internet that exposes her for the sociopath she is, the liar she is, we're exposing her lies and so naturally this blog is going to be subjected to her unrelenting abuse.

She couldn't get it reported and hacked, so her last resort is to start the hate campaign on me and keep it going heavily. Now I am amid the number of other people who've been in the same boat.

So in light of her latest total bullshit on fb today which looks like every other day over there, same flaming and then whining about her life and how people hate her and then, more flaming and never realizing that she has a fucking mental illness, I will now dispell her LIES she's posted today.

1. I never said I had "fans", that's just more of the serial bully's way to distort the truth and make me out to sound like her; vain and arrogant. I said I had READERS which are people I know, most of them anyway. I said I get hundreds of unique IP visits A DAY. That doesn't mean all of those IPs comment here. It just means I get hits to my blog. Which bothers her because her lies are being exposed and pointed out. A sociopath HATES that. ;)

2. I'm not online everyday. I don't sit and "watch" her everyday. Nobody does. She isn't being stalked. She just keeps trying to get people to help her attack us and keeps talking about anyone she hates online all the time and so her delusional freak twisted acid-soaked warped thing she calls a brain is so far off base that you might as well be looking at a void of darkness and emptiness. Any logical rational person can tell she is the very thing she's constantly throwing out about others. Nobody can reason with someone that far gone. Too bad people can't make her internet connection mimic that same disconnection from reality that she has. Then we'd all be free of her.

3. KO watches my blog everyday. Then posts attacks against it while running and whining to MPL and BL and tells people there about how abused she is. But most of the members there have seen her attacks elsewhere and they just know better than to feel sorry for her when she's the aggressor. You cannot appease an aggressor. So members just ignore it best they can. It's kinda like she hits you, trolls you and attacks people like Stella and when you hit back, she goes and cries to the www and feigns victimhood.

4. She posted the "bullying stalker" several times on her wall. Maybe if she posts it enough, some fool will offer sympathy to her and she'll get that manipulated attention once more.

And her lies about what I said is another blatant manipulation. Claiming that I said I had "fans", the bitch isn't mis-remembering words or what was said, she is purposefully distorting the truth and putting words in my mouth that I never said. When you see anything here that reveals things she's said, it's all backed up with direct links, screen caps, and other criteria. KO is the liar. Not me. Not us.

Here's a snipper of one of the comments on my last blog. I'm posting it here to address KO's latest fb attacks.

All of us who see KO's trolling don't have to look for them, because they are already in all our faces. We see her whether we want to or not because there's no ignore button on the forums. On FB a lot of us have her blocked so she finds ways to post her crap to other walls we will see.
She attacks EL with the title "bullying stalker"... boy, talk about projection!

I told you ! She'll use the "stalker" word one day and the next it'll be one of her other favourite words! This time she just combined her two favourite words into one slam. Her efforts are tedious. You see all anyone has to do is take her most favourite word in the English language; that would be "stalker" and take her most favourite subject; which would be Kathryn O herself and combine those two things and you got the answer. Kathryn O = Stalker. Simple.

Further, the commentor is absolutely right, we have to deal with this bitch all the time ! Good grief she uses the "stalker" card so much that people know she is a fucking mental case who stalks people. My blog is in her thoughts 24 hours a day, but she won't change her ways, stop stalking, stop attacking me or anyone else for that matter because then she can't whine about her miserable life and drain people's energy and suck out all their life energy. So this blog that seems to really fuck her up because we're showing her for what she is, is a nice work of some retribution. It really pisses her off that she cannot stop anyone from talking, seeing, discovering and having a place to go to. KO just thought she had silenced everyone. Not quite ! Not even close.

So of course I'm now her target and now the one she'll focus all her hatred on. Oh excuse me while I yawn. I don't see her fb wall of rage and hate and tantrum throwing. I just have to see it on MPL and BL and her constant posting of her retarded catkicker livejournal links. I can see why the only place she can live is with her mother. I can't imagine how any other human being could live with something like that. The sister who had escaped the crazy nuthouse where KO lives makes so much sense ! Too bad that mother she lives with is totally oblivious to her online activities because KO flames her too.

And KO was bullying members of MPL long before this blog came into existence. People should know that.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Bully calling others a Bully!

There's something you see from the sociopath everyday. The latest trolling and bitchfest by none other than the Bully who came into our midst to bully some people, and troll the Beatles forums ! Isn't it just typical that she would use her same old tired tripe again and again ? Yep.

It's really something, ain't it ? Kathryn O the Troll has bullied and made herself notorious on the internet as a bullying stalker with no life yet constantly sets out to remind whoever is present that it's everyone else that must be the bully. Zzzzzz. Look at her own history. Mmmmkay, I rest my case of who the bully really is.

It's as if she feels she just doesn't bitch enough on the forums, or on her FB or to anyone who ackowledge her in any form or all over the whole world wide web. KO just spreads her shit everywhere, while we, who deal with this psycho nightmare everyday, are keeping it simple and keeping it real! The truth and the fact I know it, really has her knickers in the biggest twist! It's absolutely hilarious.

This troll has now made it official that she does read my blog everyday ! Confirms she's a bully, by her own projections and puts as much vitriol and hatred out there that nobody can possibly see this bitch as anything but a total psycho stalker. What did I do? I put up ONE blogger account for a place to vent about this creep. No other place do I even bring that insane bagnag up. Nowhere. But she brings me and everyone else up, everywhere. Every day. All the time. I suppose her claims that we're all "stalkers" wasn't on her list of name-calling today, so it's bully. Next day... it will be bi-polar. Then she will be back to stalkers. Yeah we're very familiar with her pattern. You can set your clock by her. KO is as predictable as the Pope is Catholic.

The Troll has also totally deluded herself into think I'm "riding her coattails" and wanting to ride "other parts of her"! WTF ??? OMG ! Can she be any more off base and revealing her own perversions ? OMG! Isn't she the one writing smut against Anna from MPL ? KO is sick. No doubt about it.

Then she goes into some rant about (I'm guessing) Alan. As if I speak with him or any "authority admin" or something. She is a fucking moron. Then she deludes herself into thinking she's got more traffic to her porn stuff. Maybe the curious folks out there who want to see a real life psychopathic crazy troll in action is looking in ? It's like looking at a train wreck. People know they shouldn't but morbid curiosity kicks in. Otherwise she doesn't have the stats I have; there are other people who feel EXACTLY the way I do about that little fat troll on the net. What's more, I don't have to promote my blog, and I still get hundreds of unique IP visitors. Google kicks LJ's ass anyday! And pretending to defend any admin from the forums is an obvious ploy that she's kissing their asses. Funny she had so much hatred against Alan not too long ago and told one of the other members that she doesn't trust him and felt he should be fired. Is that what she tried to do to Tracy (Dirk's friend)? Yeah she needs to keep flapping that big gum of hers until someone puts her in a mudhole. Lord knows she'll never shut the fuck up.

The troll even has to spam her link everywhere to get all of two or three replies to her teenybopper porn, and she gets NO replies to her hate entries. I get comments all the time. Proving I do have more readers than she does and I can promise you that most of the comments are by people I know and the ones I don't know all have different static IPs. Gotta suck to be her to be so wrong and crazy ! And ugly.

I know she'll read this too. If there's anything like justice in the world, it's gotta be slapping a troll like her down and getting under her skin everyday just for existing!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stalker's Location: At her computer and still going at it!

There's such insanity in any of her posts that it's like watching a train wreck. By way of the LJ community who has seen many a "spew" raging rants from the Troll, we are confronted with yet another hateful abusive post for the day. Just bringing the news to the forefront here, folks. This is the same Troll who dominates MPL (she even confirms this in her facebook rants btw) and calls them "professionals"... these are the same people who've lied to another bunch of folks and made an ass of themselves. Now here we have the troll's protests against my blog. Warning: May cause hysterical laughing.

First is her "my stalker" card she ALWAYS pulls out at the beginning of ANY psycho ranting she does so people reading that know up front that she's delusional and attempting to play her "martyr" card. Then she shows everyone that she's obviously not concerned about "being stalked" when she addresses her targets (that's right folks, you heard me - TRAGETS - HER TARGETS) in the very public way she does.
Let's also not forget that I made NO attempts to post my blog's link anywhere. I did not even post it in any of my profiles or any other site publicly, she found it because she STALKED ME here. Look back at all the archives and you'll see this is the case. Also when she claims she doesn't come here all the time, THAT is a LIE! I see her IP here all the time.

Second she copies everything being said about her and repeats it on her teenybopper porn journal. All she's doing is throwing the things said about her out at me. She so fails at any kind of a sane combat that it's embarassing. She must feel that showing her ass is alright. But it just makes for more lulz. Her posts read like a pissed off brat who's been outed and is now playing the only card she ever plays. Boo hoo.

And finally, there is NO excuse for her hate of Stella. This is the troll who joined all our Beatles sites and started her trash talking stalkerish rants in the first place and Stella was her main target for her abuse. Again all her bullshit and drama is based on NOTHING! It's all in her twisted, insane, dried-up druggie brain.
Then after her whole bully routine which she proves herself to be, she then writes this thing about why did she bother to post in the first place. HA ! Why indeed. Because shutting the fuck up isn't what she can do. That will never happen.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apparently everyone who doesn't like trolls are "stalkers"

I knew KO the internet Stalker who's been kicked out of other celebrity sites would eventually slap the old "my stalker" label on me ! Wow and this amid all the other nasty shit nagging cuntish posts she makes when she can't control people's thoughts. KO is now so desperate for attention today that she is involving Julian Lennon's facebook page into her drama since she can't seem to make and force members of BL or wherever to hunt down and kill people who have vocally opposed her shit.

So after having witnessed this beast, this troll, this crazy windbag who joined into some forums where I have been years long before she showed up and showed her ass all over the place and we've been exposed to her whether we like it or not ! Because I used my voice to speak up against this horrendous non-stop troll crazy freak, I have now become among the many. The many who are and will be constantly referred to as a stalker or a "my stalker" while we get these unknown pissants who have no clue what she is or know anything about her, to help her troll us and send nasty little threats.

I spoke up and since doing so, I've been trolled by her "white knighting idiots", I've been sent some threats about destroying my blog, and some lame hack attempts have been made against me ! So this is what happens when you speak the truth and the truth you speak against the evil one has some power and influence. Mainly her power is manipulation over MPL (Alan & Craig and whatever idiots listen to her and believe her tripe) because they apparently need to sell Macca stuff to the deranged "fan" too. Can't miss a shilling!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Basher Projects All Over The Place

Dhani can "rebel" against hippies but Stella, she says one innocuous thing about hippies and she's to suffer for years (oh pardon me, the REST OF HER LIFE) for saying it !

And again the same "30 years" repetative bullshit. Used books are available everywhere. How many obsessive times is she going to claim to be a Beatles fan for 30 years ? Like she claims to have been a writer, a witch, a Dirk Benedict fan and every other thing under the sun for "30 years". And how many years has she claimed to be whatever but the "30 years" thing never changes ? Odd.

Now let's look at KO's projections literally clogging up a thread called "deleted".

First some facts about KO that can be easily looked up. She writes ugly bashing blogs all the time and then deletes them herself! Why? So she won't be found in violation of a service. KO is the one with the bashing blog. Not me. I'm only presenting facts here and I have backed them up. Whether by links or screen captures. I have done what anyone else would have done to prove my case. Which is why she's so pissed that people *gasp* save stuff! Now she can't deny it so easily. Life sucks for liars, don't it...

Secondly, what others have to say is, in her delusional opinion, is wrong and ILLEGAL but when she starts her mouth to running, it's all a must-read from the acid-soaked twisted mind of the sick troll who stalks and tries to intimidate people. This blog is NOT about her, though I'm sure she loves to think that and misrepresents it all the time. What this is, is a way to giving other members who are fed up a way to express their thoughts without her attacks on them because we have all learned that there is NO talking to, reasoning with and debating anything with her. KO is INSANE to the bone. So this blog was necessary for the enlightenment of those who seek the truth and the other side of the story because KO will lie and fill up whole forums with her poisonous venom about other citizens who have had the misfortune to have been in her path on her way to the Troll Hall of Shame.

Third, why is what others have to say wrong and illegal ? Why isn't what we have to say important and worth reading ? Well it is worth reading. KO's mind is fried to a point that she believes it's only her word and none other that counts. KO thinks she's God. and Misfit is a SOCKPUPPET of KO on the Macca forum as people suspect. Or someone she is coaching. I believe it's a sockpuppet.

I don't have to delete my posts. Someone already does it for me.

She sure deletes a LOT of nasty stuff off her own LJ so she's not caught and removed.

and apparantly certain whiners do too.

Please see the following posts and tell me who's the whiner....


Crap Post about Reporting

By the way, I haven't reported anything for long while bcause I know she's taken over the place because too many idiots bought into her lies and fake abuse stories. Just an FYI.

Crap Post about Defeat

And guess what, Troll, we're not defeated either ! We can defend ourselves, stand up against you and your lies and speak out ! Despite your constant stalking and then playing the victim while trying to destroy people's websites. The troll can fuck off and die in a fire.

Crap Post being Important (The Self-Important Troll)

What KO has to say is very unimportant because it's always the same thing people have already heard a million times. Some horrid little gripe or nag against someone or some being that people have not heard their side of things. So we've heard enough of KO ! To hell with the Troll KO !

Taunting Post and Showing her Obsession in full view of members
but I've not still gone away

but I'm still here

but I persist

And she claims others have no outlet :/ Oooookay. The troll's ever repeated pattern. Never stops. This is why people don't want anything to do with her!
KO "persists" and there's the very words of a geniune stalker right there folks. Normal people usually give up and stop trying to force themselves into sites or homes like that.

KO is such a Stalker

Well this really shows how low she stoops doesn't it ? KO gets hackers to DOS things and then she sits and calls her victims the ones breaking the law ! OMG really ? KO even threatens to do it again. Saying something about numbers coming up and all that. So she's going to keep stalking. It must really amuse her. It doesn't amuse anyone else. I can assure that.

So according to KO, we were right all along ! She can say and do whatever she wants to but others, not at all. KO's trying to control and oppress their freedoms. KO - the dictator. KO sure has the nerve to talk about people being raised badly. People she has NO clue about or know the first thing about. Especially after spending so much time WHINING about how she's been so abused when being "raised". KO was bred to be the biggest and ugliest bully. That isn't guessing, either. That's fact from the evidence I've already witnessed for myself.


You see how she wants everyone to not "delete" her but she's still trying so hard to delete anyone and everyone who sees she's a total psychopath.
Eventually the people will get their way, and we will be able to delete her once and for all from all our lives. She will become a hated memory and one not reflected upon and spoken of because that puts one off their food. But sadly, we don't know when we'll be free of her. But you know what they say? Eventually, her number will come up. ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stella Bashing (What KO's Life is All About)

...Of course KO can't get through one single day without bashing someone, it's not just Stella McCartney that has somehow caught the obsession of a deranged disgruntled troll on the internet, it's practically everyone within whatever fanbase KO latches onto. For those who have come in late, check HERE

I got threatened with punishment by the mods on Paul's forum for making fun of Stella's clothes recently.

 No, she didn't get threatened, and no she wasn't talking about Stella's clothes. KO (misfittoy) was bashing Stella again for something that she alone seems to take great offense to. A single comment by Stella in a magazine some years ago that was innocent and not at all brash. From what I have found out from other people in other fanbases, if a celebrity says anything that KO don't agree with it's OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !

The mods deleted another topic that KO managed to ruin; KO barged in on the topic with her same Stella hate over a comment that KO alone sees as an attack against hippies. KO has made damn sure NO ONE is gonna talk about Stella McCartney on Paul McCartney's forum ! Like a hound from Hell, she's waiting to attack anything that mentions Stella. KO's posts had nothing to do with anything other than her own delusional rage over Stella's article about MFM (Meat Free Mondays). But wait, she even goes further with her delusions...

Yep. I'm not even the one who started it but I'm very vocal on what I don't like about Stella so I guess they picked on me. I challenge a lot of her nasty comments publicaly.
I have liked some of her tops but I wasn't impressed this go and rarely am at fashion shows with the clothes or people.

That post is one heaping pile of bullshit rubbish that I've seen on BL and of course it's by the bitch Troll KO!

Let's correct any misconceptions that KO is trying to railroad people with. No, she didn't start it (THE TOPIC - THAT IS) but she DID start bashing on Stella because lo and behold there was someone making a thread about Stella and KO saw that and like she's ALWAYS done, landed in right on it and started bashing Stella and got the thread/topic removed ! Another thread gone thanks to the TROLL !!!

Then she claims she "challenges" Stella's "nasty comments publicly" WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! What it is, is KO bashes Stella publicly with NASTY COMMENTS about Stella ! Stella made NO nasty comments to KO or anyone. Ever. It's ALL in the deranged troll's head ! As far as "challenging" someone, one usually uses legitimate arguments and valid evidence to challenge someone else's views or what have you. What does KO do ? NONE of that cause it's all about KO's head damage and imagined wrongs. Then if anyone else challenges KO ! Watch out ! The nasty comments and stalking begins. KO doesn't challenge anyone other than their patience. KO aims to cause pain of any sort to whomever happens to be the misfortunate soul for the day. KO doesn't challenge anyone. KO is a coward and insults and bashes people from the safety of her mother's computer and or from behind the wheel of her mother's car. KO would shrink into a pile of the slime she is if confronted by the people she bashes on a daily basis.

In KO's psycho twisted mind, she challenges people the way a bully does, from behind the safety of her monitor or a group of people who think it's cool to be on the bully's side. No doubt she will get up in people's faces on the internet because she can't get her foul mouth slapped there, and she does send some of the most criminally insane emails you've ever seen about death and curses and "invoking" and all kinds of insanity, but she'll act like such a victim when called into account or "challenged". Note how she's already playing the victim again right after hurling all over Macca's board about Stella and getting another thread shut down. She was the aggressor but see how she plays the martyr to a different set of people.

KO's version of "challenging" people is to harass them with no end in sight, and to call them mental patients, crazy, bi-polar, drug addicts and stalkers. That's how KO "challenges" people who have opinions that go against her make-believe world that she lives in.

Oh and WTF she doesn't go to fashion shows. She has made such a stink about the fashion industry; a real hypocrite going to and paying for any fashion show. I guess she must be stalking someone there, too.

Desperate Acts of the Insane KO

I've been given the heads up that KO is now trying to hire hackers to hack me and several other sites. This sounds like her. So in the event that she tries to hack my blogs, I have backed them up and saved everything and am in the process of saving the latest stuff. I'm also looking to create a domain where all this evidence of her trolling can be readily accessed. Google is also installing new security measures so she won't get very far.