Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Trolling of KO Knows No Bounds

Oh God, Psycho Troll brings in all her hateful drama once again to MPL. She had no one to attack on other sites today so she found a thread she could inject that negative toxic personality into. Arguing with EVERYONE on the thread here:

The Hypocrite Barges Into Thread; Attacks Everyone

Hmm, KO doesn't like the title of a thread...yeah what about the title of "German Turd" on her Livejournal page of her stupid account called Catkick? Yeah what about that?

FFS she doesn't even pick a side, she's just trolling her usual trolling tactics. She even posted that she hates Peta!
KO hates Peta. KO is all about the hate.

Gee now I wonder what Paul will do? Stop being a member of Peta ? Does she even realize all her posts are nasty and projections of her trying to convert people to her hate circle ? She has such lame excsues for why she's even barging in on that thread to derail it. Lame as her lop-sided fucked up enlongated head.

And what Jags posted was SPOT ON and yet she just HAD to turn it into an issue about her delusional drug hippy friends (the ones we don't hear from except a few who confirm she is a psycho liar) and of course she takes little time to turn the thread into an issue about her filthy twathole !

KO is the LAST person to worry about birth control because she owns the body and face that she does, and there's not enough money in the world or enough beer !

Further on in the thread she starts spouting some really shitty self-righteousness and Jags even calls her out and shows what a hypocrite KO is and what does KO do ? Why she starts on some jackassed dance and claims that Jags lost the argument because of "name calling" !! This same KO who posts ugly name-calling against Astrid, Kimba, everyone else on the planet...yeah THAT HYPOCRITE and she nailed her own coffin shut on her OWN ARGUMENT because KO IS A HYPOCRITE and JAGS WAS RIGHT !!!

And no, little delusional KO, you certainly did NOT win any arguments, you name-calling, immature trolling psychopath. Take your shit and get lost already!

Anyway THANK YOU Jags for your post! Wholeheartedly agree! It's unfortunate that the TROLL who had NOTHING to contribute but just had to fuck it up with something that had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the topic or what you said, but instead she wanted to make it be all about some faceless person shooting up heroine. Oh yippy, another attack on yet another person who isn't there to defend themself.

Jags said this very right on and RIGHTEOUS that's right RIGHTEOUS statement:

Do not ever ask me to respect your "personal choice" when you're eating dead animals whose lives were not respected!

Do not ever tell me that vegans are not tolerant, since you are the intolerant one with animals!

Never tell me that we think we are better than you, because it is you who think you are better just because you are a human!

Do not call us radical or extremists because justice doesn't have an extreme!

Do not ever tell me that we are part of a cult, because you are part of an industry that knows no ethical or moral anything, and you are cowards because you are very comfortable and you dont question what you doing.

Do not ever tell me that there is no alternative, that this is the life, and always has been, because you know vegans, you see what we eat and see we are alive.

You, you're not as ignorant as you pretend, because you really know part of the truth, because we have opened your eyes. But you wanted to close them again.

And certainly do not tell us that this is unnatural and goes against evolution, precisely because you base your position on custom and tradition.

I will be passing on Jags words to everywhere I can. KO can just suck her ass into one of her foaming at the mouth screaming drama attack-campaigns. She can go fuck off anytime and buh bye KO - you sick piece of shit !

THANK YOU Simplyrahil for your post! I wholeheartedly agree!

Telling it like it is !!! Go Rahil !!!

kathryn o, this was not about drinking soymilk per se
we are all aware of the negatives of many things which are in the vegan world also, but note well: the same soya that you speak against is what all the animal-eaters also eat and drink huge amounts of either directly or indirectly by 'virtue' of al the flesh and milk they consume.
almost all the animals are fed soya hence their flesh and all has the same 'bad stuff' and most products these people purchase which are non-vegan have added soya also, including milk drinks.

i don't even use soya much.
once in a while only do i consume soya as in a drink.
not regularly by any means.

if you took that literally, then i'm sorry for your thought process.
it was a statement to mean it could mean anything vegan, anything not from an animal in the metaphorical 'cup of kindness' that was being thrown about

also, you should use this mood you came on this thread with to speak to the animal-eaters, because they are the ones who are filling themselves EVERY MINUTE with unhealthy flesh and other related 'products' versus the average vegan's diet.

and if you are not a vegan, but i assume some sort of vegetarian, then decide which side you're on and speak out for the animals (which is what we have been doing here) instead of attacking those who are defending them strongly. (amen)

and this is not about 'you winning a debate' or vegans 'losing the debate'
facts are facts - killing and eating animals is evil and paying for it makes one equally accountable and responsible and to BLAME for its perpetuation.

as for the title of the thread, (is that anything like KO Catkick's German Turd thing?) you'll have to take that up with 'phillip' wherever he may be.
i have no idea who or where he is.

i am only responsible for my posts defending the animals and opposing the insane mindset that animals are simply 'meat' on here.
*shakes head*

p.s. you said you 'stopped being vegan' quoting some lame reason. (THANK YOU Rahil for saying what everyone was thinking ! KO certainly harped on and on endlessly about it in MPL much too much ever since she's been there !)
if you truly understood the real reasons for being vegan and felt compassion in your heart for animals, then no external reason would sway you from still being vegan. (That's just the problem. KO has no heart. Or conscience and you should hear about what she did to a poor innocent puppy when she was like 12)

in short, you weren't convicted enough about the right of animals to not be murdered and eaten, to stay away from such yourself.
don't blame others for your shortcomings as a human being who actually saw the facts and still chose to be part of the murder by not being vegan.

accept that if you are not vegan then you are part of the network of this murder of animals as a consumer of anything non-vegan.

And poor simplyrahil, he probably doesn't know that KO came into that thread with her "mood" so she could attack someone. Anyone. Not at all to contribute anything other than to lash out at someone who happened to be in her line of fire. She only posted in there to do what she always does; to PLAY like a victim, bring in her own stupid head games and psycho issues and show her ass. She wanted to simply PICK A FIGHT with someone. That is the ONLY reason she is even ON the internet. Word.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Unprovoked Attack Against Astrid

The Psycho Troll KO never stops ! That's what people have seen and can attest to.

There is a convention coming up, what does that mean ? Why it means that she will be leaving a steaming pile of bile on her LJ !! Always the same pattern. But she also posts her crazy even when there are no conventions coming up, mind you. Lately the hospital waiting room isn't such a happening place so she's going to a convention to make a jackass of herself around those people. Apparently according to reports from people who have seen this nutcase in action say that going to a convention knowing she'll be there is an automatic 'Buy Brain Bleach' jotted down on everyone's To Do list as she tells people she'll wear a bikini and just wear the TOP and forget to wear the BOTTOM. Seriously, BRAIN BLEACH NEEDED just typing this ! D_i_s_g_u_s_t_i_n_g.

Her latest pre-con attack is aimed at her now-favourite punching bag; Astrid.

Insane KO Shit. Again.

I will quote what someone has already said on JohnCharles Journal in answer to the Crazy Cuntface's latest bullshit rant.

Crazy Bitch. Yeah you who sits there and after months of being ignored just up and decides to be the confrontational e-thug bully that you are by posting another piece of bile for all to see.

I'd like to point out a few things myself.

1. You were the one who started spamming all Beatles sites and communities with your hateful drama, links to shitty stories and acting like a complete psycho clown on everything, attacking lots of people in the process until they FINALLY spoke out! FTR you got MORE than two historical details wrong!

2. You are such a lowlife that you've stalked people long before showing up in Beatles stuff. You even believe Paul McCartney is going to save you from your pathetic existence and make you a star. Troll, dream on.

3. That mod doesn't know what shame is until she wakes up like all the other mods in the past and realize she defended the WRONG person!

4. The ONLY reason any LJ was suspended was because YOU kept on and on badgering LJ staff and bombarding them with complaints and whining and throwing around the word "libel" when in fact those journals were truthful and yet used no real names and had WAY more people to them than your shitty little journal. That and the fact the staff of LJ are the drama-queen cows they are until new staff can tell the difference between libel and a screaming attention whore like you, can be implimented.

And finally 5. YOU ARE THE BULLY, Catshit. You have been a bully all your life and you will always be a bully. All your actions are classified as not only bullying, but downright PSYCHO. Whole groups of people all over the place have testified to the fact that you are a total psychopathic, bullying, drama whoring ugly little troll who has no life! Your latest post proves it!

Now go stalk Astrid some more since she's such an easy target and the others who posted at LBF were keen enough to keep their identities secret! It's really hard for you to stalk people in Europe, isn't it? You can't call Astrid huh? Or Milla, or even Dirk Benedict! Your stalking must be limited to your usual cowardly attacks on the internet.

I'd like to add, again, that the whole reason LJ suspended those journals is because LJ had been given all kinds of demands and threats of lawsuits by KO and she did in fact whine about libel in every one of her complaints to them. So this whole "they know what the word LIBEL means" is another bullshit tactic by KO because that's her favourite run-to word when she's trying to destroy someone's account. MPL doesn't allow her libel against others but they do allow crazy obsessed, obese fans like her to remain and that is REAL reason she's still there.

Not because she can throw around the word "libel" whenever she gets her ass handed to her, but because they like the crazies.

So according to her, she's still there because her libel against others isn't noticed or someone else asking MPL to remove libel will do so without removing the cuntface who posts it. Thusly they are "professional" because they will only remove her shit but they won't remove her. That's her version of professional. It never occurs to her that she has an obsession and they know it and can profit from it.

Oobu is obviously got a drinking problem. Hey_kittay is showing signs of drama-queen syndrome and Audi has distanced himself from KO. So she works on these others and tries to get them to fuck with her victims.

And Robert Macs is still banned from MPL for saying they are unprofessional while pandering to the obsessed fan who loves MPL. What a laugh riot. What a fool.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Psycho Troll Still Stalks and Trolls - Finding New Victims !

Before reading this, you need to be up to date as this link was posted at a silly little sychophant facebook group. - 24 February, 2013

The loathesome beast calling itself KO (since her Karen Nesshit account was rightfully removed) is still on the internet and making herself even more hated and well-known as the cyberstalker/cyberbully she is !

We'll start with the fact she's been stalking someone from Russia named Milla who happened to try to warn her then-friend Robert (the troll) Macs about KO. Milla who had been in the Star Trek network of TrekSpace has already been warned by others who have been victimised by KO in the past, namely Jen who admins that site along with co-creator Alec Peters. Of course Milla is just one of thousands of members on TrekSpace but she's also on Macca's forum even if not active there after KO showed up. Who can blame her ? So what KO has done now that she discovered that yet another person (a pretty woman from Russia) who has seen what a lowlife pathetic troll KO was, KO has sent out all her minions (all ONE of them) to try to further stalk and harass Milla !

This is what the bully who screams BULLY and STALKER has done to Milla; some ugly little pathetic piece of shit requested that Milla add him. What he did beforehand was add someone on her friends list so it looked as if he was someone connected to someone she knew. In this case a fellow named Andrew. So this thug that KO had sent to harass Milla started messaging Milla and asking who she was, and demanded her phone number. He requested HER friendship and when she unwittingly added him thinking he was someone that Andrew knew, he began sending very demanding and abusive letters to her. She ended up blocking him and she's having him investigated.

I would post what she's told me and what this creep said to her, but she's waiting for the right time to share that info on her own. I was however given the go-ahead to post what happened from what I've seen and that's what I've done.

Now let's talk about the furthering insane bullshit she heaps on forums and how the BLIND still follow the BLIND !

On BeatleLinks, she is still acting like the trolling attention whoring, drama queen she is. The recent BS, and I can point out more, but for now the recent flamebaiting is discussed on Johncharles own journal.

And the TROLL is still at large on MPL !

MPL are KO's heroes and saviors!

The Troll herself posts this:

I've also learned that websites with professional staffs are better at handling the type of problems I encounter on the net then websites run by volunteers or fans.

Um, and what kind of fan site isn't living up to your standards, Miss Little Psycho ? Did Robert Macs not kiss your ass properly enough lately ? Gee those official sites that are so well run for your kind of problems, are so grand ! First let's look at the other professional and official sites of a celebrity that have BANNED KO! Well DirkBenedictCentral is one of those such sites. Why yes it is ! They banned the psycho troll posting under the name Kathryn! The same exact Kathryn who is still the plague of the internet with a new obsession she claims she's followed since infancy. And TrekSpace is another professional and official site (Alec is actually a CEO of an entertainment business so that does make it an official site). Yeah the skinny on their handling of KO is that they perma-banned her and her filth and her minion ! Nice professional and official staff. Et al.

Now let's address the whole professional staff issue. Yes she has gotten MPL to jump when she snaps her fingers. This is a staff that embraces the psycho obsessive fans and won't boot them. Is it really any wonder why KO is still there ? And why KO is singing their praises ? KO; having already gotten a good number of the people thrown off MPL who now populate the blind tosser Macs group on FB, she is still singing Alan's praises and the staff of MPL are so incredible because she has them lead around by her short leash of obsessive #1 fannish gushing that they must all be on her side. The admin and mods alike have kissed her gruesome evil ass and now they are secure that she won't spray her projectile green vomit on them. If they step one way out of line she can cause Paul McCartney some record sales. Or something like that because she does profess to be his biggest fan. In truth she's just his most obsessive stalker who claims to dream of him at the drop of any sign of internet attention she'll get from it.

Now let's discuss what kind of problems KO has. KO has the problem of stalking people to a point where they do feel compelled to warn others about her. THAT is her problem. I imagine the clanking gears in her head working something like this;

Don't you dare go and tell on me and let other strangers know that I lie all over the place - waaaa waaaa don't you dare expose ME! I need to play them like I've done you before you woke up! I'll still post about you, stalk you and get others to help me stalk YOU and I'll get someone to harass you for your personal info and post what I can about you and lie about you and your site, your reputation and your business, just anything I can make the fuck up! But don't you dare snitch on me! I can't have that! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

(note that she would have misspelled and messed up all that with her usual poor writing)

That's pretty much what KO's problem is. That's what she encounters on the net because you see, she's already sent numerous threats, harassing and bullying bullshit emails, pms, messages and even found some people's telephone numbers to further stalk them, for so many years and towards so many people that she is notorious in her insanity and people know what her tricks and tactics are. That someone might shed light on what she is. That people who don't know her will finally know and avoid her ! THAT'S the thing she's most afraid of ! What about the problems all her victims encounter because she stalks the shit out of them ?!!??!! We all know KO won't stop doing that. So her problem is that a victim that she thinks she's silenced will actually have a voice and use it !

MPL is of course her savior because they simply don't care she's a psycho and a liar. As long as she buys Paul's stuff... who cares, right ?

Then after posting that BS, and the dick-kissing she gives Alan and Net Defense, she seems to realize she can't get everyone banned so she posts this:

I have enemies HERE ! OMG ! That wasn't supposed to happen ! Everyone has to love ME ! Let me make sure to mention it though because I want them BANNED like Josh, Lazy and Macs because I feel they were not real Paul fans

And what enemies are there at MPL, praytell? Could it be that you're just the world's fattest, ugliest troll and some members have seen you for what you are ? YES ! That's why you call them "enemies". Where's your favourire word "stalker" little drama whore ?

And there's oobu, still licking and slurping at KO's ass. Oobu doesn't want to upset KO in the slightest. Oobu has seen what KO has done. Isn't that right Oobu ? According to the PMs you've gotten everytime she's successfully gotten someone removed. Go ahead and pretend that you don't know anything about it. Yes people can be mean, but KO takes that fucking trophy for it! She sucks because her psychopathic meanness sucks like mean people do. And she's excells at mean because the very people she's had banned (or had a big hand in getting banned) think she's their friend ! One says that she never said anything bad to him so he just laid right down and let her walk all over him. Another goes and posts insane flames at Milla because he likes pandering to the very cunt face who had him banned and he wanted to kiss the ass of that same smelly ass. He also has no problem with KO hating Catholics to the degree that she harasses them on other forums. So Robert Macs loves the skank thing that got him banned from MPL, got his friends banned from MPL for not being true and geniune fans AND he doesn't care that she hates the very beliefs that he holds closest to his heart ! He still thinks she's "alright" and that others are wrong.

That's some real sheeple attitude there, Macs. Bravo. For being such a sucker ! Why don't you go and suck the wee dick of Peter next? It seems you enjoy being abused like that. If you have no problem with KO and think she's "alright" then why not go and find a dick to suck that belongs to someone that hates everything about you, your religion and your views ? Because you do an excellent job of that ! We're all laughing at you, bitch. You're just sad. Why don't you go get help ? Or is ass-licking of the shittiest cunts you can find just your everyday hobby ? Might interest you to know that KO has also made fun of your relatives who've passed on. Why on earth would they go to a place where they have to face a witch who was burned by Catholics in ancient times ? Furthermore WTF would they even have to do with the Inquisition ????

Oh better go and tell KO how right she is about those evil, evil Catholics who have done so much evil and wrong to...(drum roll) to KO !!!! Yeah forget about the Jews and Druids in Midieval Europe, it's the EVIL of the Catholics who abused HER ! So naturally your passed-on loved ones are going to Hell anyway because they had to have known better to stay Catholic when the All Important Queen of the Universe has been "mistreated" by some Catholics at a school that she still refuses to name, even when asked directly !

Not to mention that KO actually hates real witches ! There's a woman named Jane that KO has harassed and stalks now and then. KO has attempted to stir up some of Jane's friends as of late or one of KO's minions who hate Jane. Either way, Jane is one of Michigan's well known figures of the Pagan religion (i.e. wiccan, witch, whatever).

And how sick that MPL still allows the x-rated posts. We all know KO don't have anyone's penis to be sucking unless it's her brother's or her dildo!

KO's favourite subject - anything to do with her TWAT, saggy boobs or Imaginary Boyfriends !

She seems to always delude her herself into seeing stuff that isn't there!

KO sees dead people - and probably their underwear too

Um. What snow? Is this like the imaginary scarf Nancy was wearing in another pic?

Then there's the slip up she revealed when calling a famous Beatles song "Life Goes On" ! Goddamn.

As Macca Fan has pointed out:

And for another GLARING PROOF that she is no long time Beatle fan!

The George & Martha thread that never existed but only in Psycho Troll's head !

She claims there's a George & Martha from a song called Life Goes On and someone points out that the WELL KNOWN SONG is "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" which even a casual Beatles fan or even non-fan would know! And that the names are Molly & Desmond NOT George & Martha!

So the lying psycho tries to cover her obvious lack of Beatle knowledge, to a degree she doesn't know the name of the song, doesn't know the names in the song by throwing in some stupid thing about a children's book! GTFO you fucking fraud KO!!!

Yeah some 30-year Beatles fan there! That song would be ENGRAINED in the head of a genuine fan! It would be something a longtime fan would be able to recite on the spot!

GTFO KO! You're sick. Go to a medical forum and attention whore over there!

And KO's multiple biopsies and surgeries that she never seems to be away from the internet for more than a few hours at a time during the day so she can post about them, yeah I've got some links here.

Vodka is clear liquid (13 September, 2012)

This was just a "test" but her Karen Nesbit FB that was much of her Karen Nesbit daily postings during September. October. November. December. 2012.
The MPL posts where she rambled on about her surgeries must have been removed or she edited them. And of course, her Karen Nesbit was wiped out but screenshots are still around.

Vodka again (10 January, 2013)

Oh another "test" before surgery! The surgery that was much of her now-booted Karen Nesbit daily postings during September. & October. & November. & December. 2012.
The MPL posts where she rambled on about her surgeries must have been removed or she edited them.

More about her feigned illnesses are documented by witnesses' comments here:


To add more:

The objective of most of those who suffer from this disorder is to receive hospitalization, medical care or even surgery. It is believed that most of these people have backgrounds that include lack of parental attention or a feeling of lack of control. The attention brought by their illnesses will be extremely gratifying to these individuals, who often have personality disorders or are alienated from family and have a difficult time sustaining meaningful relationships.

True or false:
People who deliberately fake disease or illness or injure themselves to get medical attention are very good at deception, but leave definite clues that will lead to the truth.

Such clues include keeping the doctor away from family members; incomplete or false past medical histories; normal behavior or lack of symptoms when they are not in the presence of a doctor; worsening of symptoms after negative test results; and lack of improvement when sent home without treatment or with just a prescription.

And more trolling today. As always.

KO's favourite pastime: Dumping on threads !
Oh so KO will be the main dump on that thread for sure!

The Folks Who Know KO as the Scary Stalker She Is !
People in real life have told horror stories of KO's stalking and harassment habits. One even came forward and confessed that KO tried to get him to make phone calls to some other guy in her area. Pretty sick that KO is and even scarier face to face!