Thursday, August 30, 2012

George Harrison never met Crazy KO

Since Deanna offered up some screenshots of the troll's antics and lies on the P.I.D. forum, I figured I'd post some of the stuff I have. Mind you this could be a longer post with all the other info and links I have over the course of two years, but I'm going to just present this little bit for now.

Kathryn O never met George Harrison!

Here on 07-16-2011, she says she's fully clothed, see for yourself:

Then, on 03-20-2012 the story drastically changes. (they removed the topic BUT we got screenshots!)

She also changes other details from what she told people in the last couple of years. It's all made up. She's a pathological liar.

ETA: This very issue was discussed before. If you look to the comments around 18 March, you'll see it. So we did save the evidence. People have got to do that because she'll lie big lies and then try to cover her lies and backtrack. KO will also have moderators remove certain posts that flat out catch her in her lies which is what I suspect happened to those last two posts. Just like in LJ, she will try to post the offense and then try to claim it was never there.

ETA: Since Troll KO had apprently ordered MPL to remove the two posts (or entire thread) where she claims to be naked in front of a George Harrison (yeah she's got some sick psycho lies she tells people) to co-incide with her other version of the lie where she claims to be fully clothed, she went ahead and re-posted the lie as of today on her facebook account!

Let us compare from actual live links (as of 6 September) of her lies. This is no selective memory playing tricks, KO is intentionally lying. But we know she's a liar.

Link #1 George Harrison isn't exposed to an exposed hairy troll.
Link #2 George Harrison is exposed to an exposed hairy troll.

Here is the screencap of it.

It really was a waste of time for MPL to remove her posts so people wouldn't see the glaring lies. KO goes and lies anyway and can't keep track of her lies.

And check out Deanna's latest blog for screenshots from the PID boards.
Also check out CatkickClaims recent posts and comments on Livejournal.

Friday, August 17, 2012

KO Stalks Julian Lennon AND his fans!

After being blocked by the man himself, KO has been stepping up her aggression full time and while she apparently is focusing her wrath on livejournal netizens, she's also been using the other half of her time stalking Julian Lennon and his fans who have had to remove, block and try to shield themselves from her insane pursuit of whatever she thinks she's going to accomplish. The following links remind me of some of the other blogs and diaries kept by people from the Dirk Benedict fanbase.

Julian Lennon fanpage

And the evidence of KO stalking a fan of Julian in one of several posts that relate to the stalking this fan has endured.

Julian fan expressing her experiences

This victim's name is Virginia and Virginia has been trolled and stalked pretty much in the same way that those people in the Dirk Benedict sites had been trolled and attacked. Virginia has had to deal with the nasty and unfortunate aftermath of ignoring the troll by having to see stuff posted against her on other public sites (namely facebook) because she refused to respond directly to the troll! See here with the comments intact showing this incident.

KO has been stalking Virginia, thinking she was Julian since the beginning of May. Perhaps even before then. KO bragged about getting under this lady's skin because she simply would not respond to her insane shit.

As you see from later postings, KO got worse. We know. We know.

Another thing to add is that I've heard word from several other people that she has been asking and begging them to send messages to Julian for her. They'd read what she wrote and decided not to send him this stuff. I'm sorry the stalker troll KO has gotten some people yelled at for even speaking up in favour of Julian Lennon.

People have started being pro-active about saving evidence and stopping this hideous troll from poisoning the Beatles sites any further than she already has. Saving screen shots and posting letters and other info so that now people can do some research and find all this, letting all this be known. That KO's lies can no longer stand and fester like the infection of the disease she is. I would like to thank all of them for their help as we must keep on our toes. No doubt because not one single one of us can spend the kind of time of the internet that KO spends on it. It quite literally takes a village!

So for further information for those seeking more answers, please visit some of the following links.

Tall Tales of Catkick

Beatles Fan who had witnessed the Troll on LJ

Showcasing KO's horrid writing and sparse fan knowledge

While she is still being enabled on the Beatles sites to troll and lie and slander and malign people, at least people are starting to question. Most of them, anyway. Besides being blocked by Julian, other good news is that her recent MySpace account was removed (they remember her shit) and she's not welcome there, she's not welcome on that service! She's been DELETED!

Loser loses another MySpace account

And it looks like she got her Kathryn Anne O facebook account pulled too! Good.

Loser loses her alternate Facebook account

KO loses a facebook account because she obviously cannot read their terms and understand that one cannot have alternate accounts with different names. That's a big NO-NO on facebook! And that one was her real name too! Karen Nesbit is a false name. Which is also against their terms.

Now that I can get this posted, here are a couple of letters I was given permission to share as long as I hid the names. There were other letters I've been forwarded but with strict confidence that I won't share those letters as of yet as they would be too telling and KO would definitely harass those people. But there are two I can share that the recipients felt safe enough to share publicly.

The first one, only the parts concerning Julian Lennon are included.

...I didn't know what she meant at first about having time off. I did feel maybe she was planning on going to New York to try to get close enough to Julian or maybe Sean, since Sean lives in New York City. But I didn't know what she meant by taking time off and going and visiting a Beatle baby. That's what I took it to mean. I don't know.
Her thing is that she was so convinced that Julian was somehow captivated by her and really concentrated on his comments about seeing his soul mate and calling out for her on facebook. She told him that he needed to meet her and go out with her to cons and clubs and whatever to see that there's life out there (of course WITH her, is what she was driving at) and she wanted Julian to forget all about this other lady he mentioned. I was like wtf the whole time she was on this kick of hers. But never said anything because she struck me as someone who would act all injured and hurt if I said a damned word.
Then she started getting really creepy and wanted to talk to him all the time and sometimes she'd ask me to send him a message for her. I politely declined her offers but she kept on trying to get someone to tell Julian things for her. Pump her up, make her sound like a real catch.
I stopped communicating with her when she mentioned that she was going to do something to get Julian's attention and that he wouldn't be able to ignore her after she did whatever it was she had planned on doing. I didn't want any part of it after that. I knew she had already convinced herself that her and Julian would be a couple. Now that she's been blocked by him I can imagine that she went ahead with her plan to get his attention.

The second letter. Again, only the parts concerning Julian Lennon.

I asked her to not harass him. she did not listen. she wanted me post stuff to him and add notes that mentioned her name and she wanted him to know all about her other relationships with married couples so that if he was seeing someone, that she should also be included. Not just a "I dont' mind your other affairs" kinda thing, but a "I want to be the one IN THE MIDDLE of your affairs, but I would ALLOW you to have other affairs" kinda thing. She sees herself as in the middle of any couple. Even made some comments about wanting to see herself in a Paul & Linda photo with HER in the middle of them. So I already knew she was a nut, a creepy freak.

I told her that Julian was a busy man and that he probably doesn't read her stuff, she was rather offended at me that I would suggest such a thing like as if she had to be the first person he thinks of when he goes online. OMG it was then I knew I had to get away from her. I did. She is seriously ill. One sick perv. The stuff about married couples was enough for me. Swingers are not people I would associate with.

So there are two people who have come forward (anonymously) to tell of their experiences with Psycho KO.

Over on LJ it seems they have uncovered perhaps one of the sickest things about her. She's into cannibalism and vore. Her stories are rife with it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Further Witness Accounts of the Troll, Bully, Stalker KO

Remember there are LOTS of witness accounts from people who are from all over. This Troll sure gets around and when people call her the Plague of the Internet, it's really not an exaggeration. But the Troll KO also gets around locally and tries to inject poison into real life communities of people. MOWFO being one of the most famous groups she tried to destroy. But failed to.

Recently I added more screencaps in a previous entry here so people can see what she tries to hide after she attacks the intial victims. Another fact to keep in mind is that she also attacks far more frequently in emails and private messages. Fortunately people are smart enough to save these pieces of evidence and she can't destroy evidence from someone else's inbox. Though she has tried. But failed to.

We are working towards getting someone to offer some server space for the screencaps so we can host them safely without having her try to destroy the links.

Here I present a letter that was written to one of the victims from another victim of stalking, another stalker, but this woman has actually known the Troll in real life and has witnessed for herself the kind of psychopath KO really is. This person asked for the link to the forum because KO was trying to get people at some health food store to hack into it or attack people there. Nobody took KO up on her offer and instead asked for more info from the victims! Nice :)

This is a witness testimony from a witness to one of KO's victims. The person's name is not needed here as I don't wish to give away the name but that person reached out to one of the main targets of KO's abuse. Here is what was written some years ago. 2007 to be exact, via MySpace when KO was terrorising people there.

I have been stalked before, granted my stalker was a jilted lover and not a psychopathic "witch", but fear is fear at the end of the day. That being said, I totally understand. So no worries. Kat has told me in the past how she wished to harm you and others, so my only thought right now is for your safety. One of my friends and mentors worked at the same health food store as Kat and I, and one of the wonderful things about this woman was that she had absolutely no problem calling out Kat's insanity. Kat trusted me, and called me a friend (only because I do not treat her badly like the rest of the staff, but it's not in my nature to treat anyone badly), and confided in me that she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter, in my opinion. She would steal personal items from the other girl, like lipbalms and water bottles, and return them covered in her greasy fingerprints and sometimes they would have odd substances added. The last time it happened my friend blew up, and because her anger was so great, she was fired. Kat remains, gloating at how well everything worked out. She has no friends at work, and the customers she claims to know avoid her like the plague. She does know some basic herbology, but she's not all that she thinks she is.
Unfortunately for me the last time I visited my old job I told her how wonderful my new job was working out and how my employers said mine was the best application they had seen in years, only to find out that she had applied at the same location multiple times and was always turned down. You could feel the jealousy radiating off of her. When I tried to change the subject she talked about the only thing she ever talks about, you. With her it's either you or Tracy , or her "relationship" with Dirk. Once she told me about how he came to see her and took her out, just the two of them, one night a few years ago. Then she said that she calls him every once in a while to let him know how bad his mafia treats her. Or she's just lying in general about something or other. We got into it really heavy once because if there is one thing I know, it's the entire works of JRR Tolkien. I am more than a Ringer, more than a movie fan, but a walking, elvish spouting, Tolkien encyclopedia. She interrupted a discussion I was having with a customer (I noticed he was wearing the ring of Barahir, but one he had designed himself and made custom, not the movie replica) to interject bits of nonsense and movie trivia. I don't mind movie fans, but if two people are talking about the book, you don't keep interjecting about how hot this character was or how this or that scene was awesome. It's annoying. When she saw that someone was out geeking her in a major way, she desperately tried to turn the conversation to Battlestar Galactica. I was pissed, especially since the guy kept saying how he didn't know too much about it and was more of a Tolkien fan. She kept at it, and he politely excused himself and left. Now it’s not everyday I get to talk Tolkien with hot guys, so I was beyond pissed. She played the victim and blamed me for not involving her more into the conversation. That was when I knew something was really wrong with the way she thinks. Around the time that I left that job she felt comfortable enough to talk to me about her vore fetish, and to this day that is the only thing I think that she is real about, and not saying to impress or shock. Other stuff I think she made up on the spot, but that is real. She gets off on it, and let me just tell you, it’s disgusting to see.
I skimmed bits here and there on the message board you sent me, and found myself unable to sleep. She is terrorizing you guys, and it isn’t right. I thought very seriously about taking this to my old boss, as he’s a man I love like my own father, but I haven’t decided yet. He knows she’s nutty, but he doesn’t know she’s this bad. I know she doesn’t hurt for the money, she lives out in Bloomfield Hills with her mother, and there aren’t too many poor people out there. I laughed when I saw that she claimed to thrive on the richness of the city of Detroit, as she once told me that she never goes into the city because she’s afraid of the black people (odd thing to say, as I’m black myself). I told my old coworkers to watch out for her tricks and treat her civil, but she has made herself so hated I doubt they can do that. If I find out that she has tried anything funny with any of them, I’m taking this straight to the boss.
So, dear Iggy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information, and I appreciate you letting your guard down for a moment to reach out to me. I understand the caution, and respect it. You have given me a wonderful resource to gain some insight about her, although I am unable to feel sorry for her because she has been so hateful and evil to you all. She is a poison, and one day she must be stopped before she hurts someone. I sincerely to hope and pray that she grows up and leaves all of you folks alone, you all seem like wonderful people who are just fed up with her crazy ass. I thank you again. *

I think that letter sums up what all of us have come to learn since she's been injecting poison into the Beatles fandom as of 2009 !

Stand out parts of the letter are;

she wished to harm you and others

she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter

to interject bits of nonsense

Or she's just lying in general about something or other

She played the victim and blamed me for not involving her more into the conversation

That was when I knew something was really wrong with the way she thinks

With her it's either you or Tracy , or her "relationship" with Dirk

she talked about the only thing she ever talks about, you


Other stuff I think she made up on the spot

That imaginary relationship with Dirk. And she still couldn't manage to hold down an imaginary relationship.

The rest just goes to show how creepy and seriously ill this psycho KO is !

I shudder to think that those people of the MOWFO group would somehow let their guard down and not know they're being followed home so she can see where they live. You know it's happened. You just know it.