Saturday, March 16, 2013

Take Action Against the Troll

I have been asked to put forth a post that would hopefully help others, local to Psycho Troll, to get a protection order against her. This would be great as she does attend every convention in that area. This is in light of not only years of ongoing harassment she is definitely guilty of, but in light of recent hints that she is looking to put somehting into someone's food or drink to get them to tell the truth (whatever the hell she thinks that truth is). If anyone has any documented evidence or anyone who is witness willing to sign a document to be made as part of a legal proceeding to get a protection order against KO, please comment here and we'll think of way to get the right parties in touch with the people looking for this justice. Several members of the MOWFO group are seeking a protection order against KO.

If you can help; please do come forward and offer your testimony and time to reach out and keep the Troll KO from actually really hurting someone.

And to highlight KO's evil nature, I'd like to bring everyone's attention to a previous blog here.

In which the following was witnessed by someone who used to work with KO at a store in Ferndale, Michigan.

... she [KO] confided in me that she wanted this other consultant to be fired, or harmed. She was actively trying for the latter, in my opinion. She would steal personal items from the other girl, like lipbalms and water bottles, and return them covered in her greasy fingerprints and sometimes they would have odd substances added. The last time it happened my friend blew up, and because her anger was so great, she was fired. Kat remains, gloating at how well everything worked out. She has no friends at work, and the customers she claims to know avoid her like the plague....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Latest Batshit Crazy from Crazy Catshit. Again.

The title of her post is amusing because it isn't about anyone, it's about her !

catkick livejournal

Ah-ha ! We know, she's the crazy minds on the internets !

There are no links to anything she's talking about in her rant there. Of course. Funny she never seems to point out WHAT the flying fuck she's talking about but everyone else can provide actual links or screenshots or both and back-up whatever it is to prove their points and to showcase the truth with undeniable evidence. But all she can do is sit and try to rewrite history while calling people names and attacking their characters. Leaving bewildered bystanders confused and scratching their heads. It's so obvious to the trained eye that she is distorting truth and facts for her own agenda.

And to go into further detail about the latest crap storm that she never fails to unleash on the now-wary public, please check out the previous topic here and here.

KO defines the crazy on the internet alright. Her mirror image is quite horrendously apparent.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Latest Batshit Crazy from Crazy Catshit

Folks, the latest insane rant from the psychopathic, obviously mentally ill beyond all repair; Kathryn O

catkick livejournal

Posting a picture of a middle-finger to a crazy bitch online = getting voodoo curses and burnt offerings served up at you and threats of rape and even more shitty insane rants thrown at you as only Crazy Catshit KO can serve up. Wow, who knew? LMAO!

If we all miss Catshit's point of voodoo curses because she only uses it for evil, then apparently we're doing it wrong. Really? According to Batshit Catshit, there is only evil to be done.

And let us remind our viewing audience that Catshit is the one who attacked all of the members of PID first and foremost with her insane shit from 2009 (about the time she became a Beatles "fan") and for some reason decides to throw some name-calling out at Ringo Starr just because he likes real people, and real and sane women.

God does this Catkick bitch ever read her own shit ? Does she just post shit like that to further confirm how insane she is ? Must be !!!
Kathryn O, you're the laughing stock of the internet. Why don't you get off ?

And as DeAnna has recently commented;

The Crazy BATSHIT skank threatens my sister with RAPE and burnings! Same pattern as always. Same kinda curses as always. Wishing RAPE on someone for "giving the finger" which to Catshit is such a HUGE sin against Queenie that voodoo curses of RAPE is the only way to remedy the insult!

And that bitch as followers? Evil minions. Evil minions!

How do Paul's staff tolerate *anyone* who would curse anyone with rape and murder? Paul friggin McCartney's staff no less!!

See my latest blog and comments for further details.

And since KO is totally going to spend her life obsessing over YET another well deserved kick in her fat ass with a photo of someone flipping her the middle finger... I got some photos to share too ! And let's see how she intends to curse these people LMAOROTFL