Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Troll lashes out at MOWFO

The shit-storming of a psycho on the internet is still raging on. BTW just for the record, what I post here is NOT copyrighted material and is from very public sources which allow it. Anything else I have been given express permission to share such content as songlyrics and letters.

Ok so here we have the latest from Psycho Troll KO.

This is about some poor soul named Kimba who is known as the Fudge Goddess, and whom, from all accounts I've read, is a very sweet lady who has been victimized by the TROLL Kathryn O. This is the group in which is KO was banned from and refers to: MOWFO

Now let us present THE FACTS, those things KO loves to hide from everyone who is too stupid to get a clue. The FACTS that the psycho TROLL KO loves to hide and twist to fit her version of reality and well, just hide because she doesn't think people know she's a full-blown sociopath who is better off locked away from society or better yet, locked in with the kind of people she is; a ward for the criminally insane.

Here are the FACTS from a gentleman who is a moderator of the group. This is shared with permission.

She has been a member of MOWFO for a very long time. The group is fandom-related, so there's a lot of diversity as far as religions, lifestyles and on and on. We're a very inclusive, accepting group. Kathryn claims to be a witch, although she's a member of no coven that I know of, nor does she adhere to any of the traditional Wiccan philosophies. (In fact, she makes a point of saying she's not Wiccan.) But again, this has never been a problem since we have other witches and pagans in the group.

Although she's had some personality clashes and other beefs with several members over the years, it really came to a head when a friend of mine slipped and fell, seriously injuring himself while working with me. She posted on her LiveJournal blog that she'd cursed my friend and took credit for his misfortune. He was hurt by her nasty attitude since, up to that point, he'd thought they were friends. (Apparently they had one big argument at a gathering, and after he had long forgotten about it, she continued to stew on it.) Flash forward about a year or so. This time, our group's organizer had her house broken into and lost several thousand dollars worth of electronics. Once again, Kathryn posts about how "my curses always work," since she's had an ongoing tiff with our organizer for years.

This time several people saw it. When our organizer saw it, she felt hurt and blindsided! She posted on our group's forum about it. Although she didn't use profanity or epithets, she did violate group TOS by posting what could be seen as an "attack" on the group forum. Realizing her faux pas, she apologized online and quit the group. (I'll also say that she was dealing with several other traumatic things at the time and felt piled-on. She's a very emotional, heart-on-her-sleeve type woman, so she sometimes just plain reacts.) Kathryn wasted no time; she posted a diatribe against her that I would describe as thermonuclear; no words, slurs, expletives or slanders were held back. Members began to ask to be removed from the list and/or simply quit. When our organizer left, she made me and two others moderators.

So now I get a flood of calls and e-mails from members saying, "Make this stop!" (Kathryn kept on posting and posting more of the same.) Several threatened to quit unless "you guys DO something." So I began to gather data. I polled members on various issues. Since we had no policy to ban anyone at the time, I asked if we needed one, how it should work and so on. I created a survey, and since Kathryn was the instigator, I included a question as to whether or not she should be banned from the group. Some interesting results came along...

First, even though it wasn't a question on the initial survey, when members found out that our organizer had left the group, they DEMANDED that we beg her to come back! (I had no idea she was that popular, but the members were adamant.) So I included that question in later surveys, too. We got some great suggestions for our policy. We called an emergency meeting, enacted our new rules and asked for member input when we posted them to the group. To make a long story short, the ball was now in Kathryn's court: our organizer had posted an apology to the group and they demanded that Kathryn do the same. Of course, Kathryn has maintained a stonewall "I did nothing wrong" attitude and has refused to apologize even for offending members who were basically innocent bystanders in her flame war. She flat out refused to take any responsibility for her actions. She claimed she never posted anything about curses. When we told her we had seen her posts with our own eyes, she demanded proof. When a transcript of a complaint turned up that contained a cut/paste of her blog and the post in question, she dismissed it as a forgery.

In short, nothing is sufficient for her; she takes no responsibility for her actions and, instead, casts blame to anyone who has ever said a single word of criticism or anger towards her.

The members banned her from the group for six months. When she continued to badger members on their personal social pages -- a violation of our new rules -- her ban was extended for a year. She was told that any further actions would make her ban permanent. Her predictable response: you didn't ban me -- I quit! She made a big deal out of being persecuted due to her religion (which had nothing to do with it) and then made a big deal out of attacking atheism, since I'm an atheist and created the survey. And get this: the whole time I was in constant contact with her via e-mail, trying to reason with her and giving her the best, most positive advice I could muster. (I have no malice towards her at all. In fact, up to that point she'd never been anything but nice to me.) Needless to say, she disregarded anything I had to say.

She does indeed have a group of people she's pissed off that she calls her "stalkers." To me, it simply appears to be people from fandom that she's fucked with who have gotten together for mutual support.

I'm completely unsurprised that Kathryn won't let this go, learn from it and move on as she should. She is a narcissistic sociopath and, as long as she doesn't have to actually do the "dirty work" herself, I'm pretty sure there's nothing she'd hold back to make a point/cause a scene and take revenge. It's good to know that you and your friends are smart enough not to be made into her tools. I guess it never occurred to her that the very savvy computer-literate people she was approaching were smart enough not to be played for dupes. (Duh!) Bravo to you!

I once considered myself her friend and gave her every opportunity to keep from being banned from MOWFO, but I have found that she seldom, if ever, does anything positive (give an apology, cut someone some slack, admit when she's wrong). Instead, she's totally negative; she'd hack and destroy someone's page rather than create her own, readily commits character assassination as currently displayed on her LiveJournal, accuses others of things she's done and so on. In short, she's quite toxic. *

And we even have some lyrics that some members from that group even wrote up while dealing with her constant onslaught of facebook attacks. These are also posted with permission by the different authors. Written some months ago.

" health, my job, my soul and my car,
my feet on the table, and a Cuban cigar!
"But sometimes that just ain't enough to keep a witch like me interested...
(Oh, no) No way! (Uh-uh)
I've gotta go out and have fun at somebody else's expense!
(Oh yeah!) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
"I prattle all day about all things inane
while the people around me are going insane...
I'm an asshole (She's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's an asshole, such an asshole)
"I post selfish crap on acquaintances Facebook spaces
and imagine the looks on their MPC faces!
I'm an asshole! (She's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's the world's biggest asshole!)
"Maybe I shouldn't be singing this song,
Cursing and flaming and carrying on,
Maybe they're right when they tell me I'm wrong...
I'm an asshole (She's an asshole, fuckin' asshole)
I'm an asshole! (She's the world's biggest asshole...)"

 Yeah... sounds like her National Anthem. :)

Then this brilliant little number....

Imagine there's no Kathryn
It's easy if you try
No hell on Facebook
Live Journal or online
Imagine all of fandom
Living without fear....
Imagine no more Catkick
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to screen grab or report
And no witch curses too
Imagine all of MOWFO
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday it really happens
And all fandom will be as one
Imagine there's no Kathryn
I wonder if you can
No need for blocking or de-friending
Or any members to ban
Imagine all Beatles websites
Sharing a troll-free world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday it really happens
And no psychos will claim to have a gun!

Needs to be recorded. Played at conventions. Performed by celebrities. I wonder if that Dirk Benedict fellow can sing ?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KO the biggest FAIL!

To begin with, she is a horrendous troll that has emcompassed too much time from far too many people.

KO's had droves of her own accounts deleted and the people she has tried to hack are still going strong (in otherwords we all still have our lives and that's far more than she'll ever have) so what exactly is her whole "You fail" thing? What have we failed at? Because as far as I see, we succeeded in getting her ugly posts deleted from MPL and a few other forums. We succeeded in reporting her to facebook and her livejournal posts disappear as soon as she posts them anymore because the abuse team have been clued in on her constant bullying omn livejournal. Not to mention so many people have blocked her there too, not just on facebook. So actually when one knows the truth, it's KO who's the failure and we, the successful netizens who just happen to have to put up with her shit whenever she has the opportunity to dish it. Oh and KO's curses all failed too. Yep. People from that Dirk Benedict fanbase. All still alive and doing very well, thank you very much. KO is really gonna have a meltdown over that fact.

So where is our failure? My blog gets more and more hits a day and I notice nobody even bothers to respond to her crap she posts anymore. Where is this "failure" she keeps hammering on? Yeah I don't know either. Just because she escapes detection on livejournal by the abuse team there doesn't mean she'll get away with it forever. KO just can't stand it that she can't see what people are showing about her and saying. It's really ripping her black innerds apart. So she's beating her hairy chest like she's successfully killed someone or somerthing.

First the idiot's links:

Then her "bio warning" rant:
WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, presentations, or duplication - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile, posts, pictures, or name in any form, forum, or other media form in both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of privacy rights and will be subject to legal ramifications.

Ahem, ok now any lawyer or for that matter any person with intelligence would immediately laugh in her pudgy face. There is NO copyright on anything she posts on the internet. There is NO privacy rights she can claim when she is posting her drama queen crap every day and making it PUBLIC, that means that anyone can see her shit, her big fat ass and they have every right to use it in any way they want to!
We realize she's too thick to get the concept that once something's on the internet it's there forever but she's a stupid trolling bullying bitch who also happens to be a stalker.
Even IF she managed to buy herself a copyright, if she posts illegal content and slander, that copyright still does NOT hold and she can face charges.

Furthermore, this whole "don't let me catch you again" bullshit is just another fine example of a bully on a power trip and boy has she been power-trippin' and all for naught. When she is finally handed her ass to her, George Harrison will still be passed on, and blissfully unaware of the pathetic existence of KO.

And the bully shows herself even more at MPL.

For anyone who missed it, she's basically saying she flames people but it's ok because she does it "better". Seems to me she's a one trick pony, the only names she calls people are all the same broken mentally ill record she plays over and over.
Then her taunting, power-trippin' contiunues.

And KO must be Rush Limbaugh's devoted follower considering how alike they are! Considering her hateful hooker comments, because like Limbaugh, KO couldn't even give it away. She keeps calling someone a Ho, at least Hos make money though. KO is a HO just the kind that nobody would pay money for, let alone even touch! I guess the human race just isn't into filthy fat bitches who've got a Rush Limbaugh personality.

KO = Fail. The bitch found herself a new word to repeat over and over again. She can now add the word "fail" to her one trick pony list of shit she keeps stuffed in her big rotting mouth and add that word to her other favorite words that also describe her so much. Stalker, bully, bullying stalker, stalkers, bullying stalkers. Fail fail fail. Oh and MPC PID and CIA and whatever else her creepy stalking comes up with.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Psycho Troll KO claims to talk to George Harrison!

The title says it all! The recent flaming attacks that psychopath has posted on her insane catkick livejournal and confirms to the world that she is hearing voices and talking with them and telling her things ! And that the voices talking to her are none other than George Harrison ! If anyone needed any proof that she makes these claims, there you go !

Now let's look at the other totally insane shit she posted, shall we ?

First she admits (again) to stalking people having their message boards deleted and naturally this has to be about the PID forum and the support group for Survivors who've stalked which has scads of evidence against her. PID is not deleted and the other one is still undergoing the DoS attacks by the hacker she hired to destroy their stuff. All of that so she can gloat.

Then she goes on and on about crap that she claims people have done to her to try to get her banned and fired and all that. Here are the facts, get them here because you won't get them from that crazy schitzophrenic abusive crazy spouting nutjob.

No one sent any messages to MPL calling for them to ban her. They reported her slanderous, abusive posts that she posted there. That was the extent of anyone's actions. That right there. The admins removed KO's ugly and insane posts so people were actually successful but the twisted psycho twists everything into the psycho mess that she is. People who have to work with her, I'm sure, are damned glad they don't have to live with her so if she's being fired, it's her that her fired. Nobody else.

So her George Harrison delusions which are so insanely ludicrous to think (even if there is an afterlife) that George Harrison would even know who that lunatic was let alone talk to her from beyond the grave is so completely INSANE especially those who really knew him in real life. We all know her George Harrison story that she tells different versions of is so laughably a lie so Mr. George Harrison talking to that particular psycho nut is even more insane that I don't think there's even a word for how insane that is.

If she's not going to be "hurt" anymore then why keep attacking people who have banned her (so there's another success story for those who have been badgered by that loathesome troll) and why keep trying to lash out and (in her twisted mind) hurt others?
Why keep ragging on and on about it? Because it's to gloat about her little hacker buddy who's also been removed last I heard. Seems that she failed there. KO also fails when the truth comes out. The only reason, and the ONLY reason her facebook and livejournal haven't been deleted (yet) is because she keeps removing the evidence before the abuse team can see it, and facebook gets thousands of reports everyday. Give it time. She is violating many of their terms. Not just the forged name she's using but the ongoing abuse as well.

And MPL, do you not notice that they put a pretty thick muzzle on her gob? So she hasn't been banned yet from there because all her abuse is hidden and admins generally go after the obvious and she's being her manipulative self. All this that she believes is Paul being in love with her is a DELUSION !!! KO remains simply because she knows if she shows her real side, that will be it and she'll be toast.

And here's another KO FAIL... she has been trying to get my blog removed. Deanna's blog removed, still trying to destroy PID forums, and still trying to get another hacker since her last one was arrested for drug-related charges. KO should be familiar with drug charges. And KO has failed miserably in all these insane conquests she's been on. She has no life, she writes out these lurid fantasies and claims to have lived them. Folks, you're reading the insane ramblings of someone who lives with her mother and sits on the internet all day and stalks people. KO hasn't done anything other than that with her life. KO has tried to infiltrate groups of people and tries to go out to conventions looking to get laid, never does and that's the extent of her "life".

I guess logic and reason were right when they dictate that psychopaths like KO do themselves in. When she is banned and her facebook and livejournal are deleted, it'll be because SHE did it to herself. As always. Nobody is to blame. KO is the blame. KO is the problem of KO's problems. KO is a psycho problem that refuses to die. KO is the sickness and has become the abyss.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Karen Nesbit the name KO forged to issue her 'Daily Psycho Drama' on Facebook

The facebook account Karen Nesbit is of course a fake used and abused by Kathryn O. We're establishing this fact first and foremost in this entry.

Ever since she found a way to use those piccies to insert her own nasty attacks against people on facebook, she has done so several times a day everyday! This is the same troll we've dealt with on the Beatles forums. Namely MPL and BL. This is the same psycho stalker KO, catkick and misfittoy person. The same one who claims to have a life but uses it to 1. attack everyone who has seen what a psychotic sick woman she is and 2. count everyone elses' so-called "sins" that she in her twisted warped delusional version of what she thinks is 'reality'.

Now to address that ugly troll where she is harassing everyone on a daily basis with lies and abuse toward them and doing so with a forged name! (All of which are against FB's TOS) KO should re-name her fb account to 'Daily Psycho Drama' because that is what it is!

There are direct attacks that name Bibbi & Nacky! KO is getting worse and worse with her new-found tool to use as harassment. The psycho is really obsessed and still attacking left and right!

More facts concerning the 'Daily Psycho Drama Facebook'

KO posts something about counting "sins" and this is shortly followed with another icon and spewing of her accusations where she acts like some saint (because she can never be wrong or be the problem) while listing off the lies about people who've been trying to avoid her for years; The Misery Pest Control.

KO keeps getting her lies all messed up and now thinks no one can trace the facts when there is a mountain of documented proof. Namely her attempts to forge other people's accounts on Yahoo that she started way back in '04 and the threats of being banned is not the kind of threat the cops got involved in.

That's right folks, her whole life has been all about getting even and trying to destroy the people who rightfully banned her. That is not a threat nor is it against the law. Except in twisted psycho drama Karen Nesbit aka KO's insane head!

The cops got involved when those people called the cops on her! Psycho KO sent threats to THEM! Get the facts folks and don't be fooled by the Psycho on FB who's forging someone else's name to post all that abuse! And that is also a FACT! There is documented proof of this! This is what KO is trying to punish people for; the fact they saved evidence. KO wants to call it 'counting her sins' now. It's 'counting her CRIMES' more like.

The cops were called on KO!

KO sent threats, posted threats on myspace and other boards. KO was banned for doing just that! Her lies on FB are nothing short of criminally insane.

When KO had the police visit her on multiple occasions to make her stop harassing people, she went back online and found other methods to harass them. You're seeing this now on FB and where she posts.

KO was so pissed that the cops were called on her but she tries to use that fact to create this lie that she called the police. KO was content to call and harass the victims until an end was put to THAT! Then she really went into hyper insane and started forging people's emails.

Everyone out there reading this, please do your part to report KO's fake forged account to facebook. People are being abused by her in the sight of others who don't know what's happening and so far I've heard from fans of Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison who are seeing this creep post wall after wall of this unrelenting abuse. It is constant and it does violate fb's tos. KO did the SAME damn thing on myspace between the years 2006-2008. She was finally banned from using their service permanently. Let's take back facebook from this bullying stalker troll, now!

Please report:

And since she's been indicating death threats and killing people with abusive remarks to follow, you can also contact her local police department and let them know about it.

Here is their website:

I will be sending them a letter about KO and her online activities and her forged facebook account that she is using to continually post abuse. I have finally had enough. We can't do anything about her trolling MPL or BL, because she's already manipulated enough people there but we can report her to facebook as it is a global community.