Sunday, November 20, 2011

No ! She is NOT a long time fan !

Since she joined the PM forum sometime in 2009, and proceeded to fill it and other like forums up with her contrived and ridiculous drama, she went on and on about attending a PM concert in 1993. Always stating it was definitely in 1993, and seemed to get her "details" of that concert mixed up (she was with people she didn't want to go with, yuppies and whatever, then in another version of her story she claims she was with good friends and her story always seemed to change from one version to another - like her 'I met George Harrison' fiction/lie) anyway now that she's buried herself as stating MANY times that she was definitely at a PM concert in 1993, she has finally proven she is a big fat liar with her trying to claim she heard certain songs which he never performed at the 1993 concert ! I knew eventually she would slip up and start making up details about things that could be proven to be lies and she did !

PROOF from a TRUE (long term) PAUL MCCARTNEY FAN that kathrine o lies and makes shit up !

Read Drivinfan's post and further posts ! She was NEVER at any Paul
concert before! She was stalking some other celebrity or persons in 1993 !

Notice how she never replied to those people after they produced evidence ! Notice how she's acting all oblivious to the glaring light exposing her lies !

But that is just one lie amid many, many others she tells on the forum. It's like watching an episode of 'Dumb Criminals' try and think of excuses when caught red-handed.
And she's been using my name in her creepy sick sick porn journal again ! She has no life.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mean Mental Case also trolls YT

As many people on the www have said to her:
By the way, try learning to dictate, punctuate, and spell for once!
Always in SUCH A HURRY to post shit that people see her furious typing style.

Links to following content are hidden right now, come back later when I can get the javascript working properly.

The Public Evidence

All posts are public, and other info I have since come to learn, like the issue with her imaginary "marriage" and the constant contradictions that I will be pointing out in this blog along with other info from her victims of the last decade or so.

Still on her obsessed rag of rage over...yes, folks, NOTHING ! Poor Stella.
To those who don't know, Mental Misery has made a heap of shit over Stella McCartney's article. Because Mental Misery is a delusional self-absorbed troll who thinks everything is about her personally.
Also she ain't saving the world...she's still wasting its air and resources. She's also home on a Saturday night when everyone else is out at Halloween parties.

And yet another version of her "Ringo" story. First it was her so-called "ex husband" that she wasn't answering the phone for, and she was "mad at him (the husband)" and NOW it's; mad at some friend. An imaginary friend that everyone is supposed to think is still going strong. Please note that Mental Misery can never keep any friend. The horror on Skank Street always manages to shit on them. Anyway, does she ever keep a story straight ? NO ! Music every Wednesday night ? Oh yeah little finger clankers in a place that closed down last January according to her whining about it last year. But it's still open for her ? Gimme a break.
And yet another version of her made up shit story !
This time it's not a "friend" she's mad at, it's now a drug dealer ! How many lies does Mental Misery spin a day ? The number must be astronomical !

And there's lots more documented thanks to a few of my chummies who are also disgusted this thing has landed on our sites with no end in sight !

I have heard from the horse's mouths themselves ! All of Mental Misery's claims of having a "stalker" is total and utter BUNK ! She is the stalker who delights in calling people "her" stalkers because she can't label them as any other thing other than "enemy" and I'm sure those people would much rather be labelled her enemy than something she sickly and full of delusion tries to put on them. I actaully read somewhere how she uses the term "My" stalker in every sentence as if to put some sick twisted ownership over that person or persons. She can't own them or claim to have any relationship with them so she invents this fantasy world where she thinks they stalk her because she cannot accept the hard cold reality and truth that someone out there had totally and utterly rejected her and her insanity. So she tries to name them in a possessive pronoun in there somewhere betraying her own sick insecurities and inferior complex and wrath at being rejected by dubbing anyone with a noun preceeded by a possesive pronoun; "My".

The people she claims as "My Stalker" is actually a long list of people !

Anna Marie
Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict's staff

and the list goes into infinity of all these people she has tried to "possess" and "own" with her false labelling of them as "her stalker", folks, all those people I mentioned are NOT stalking that wretched little cunt. She is stalking them! She wants them, cannot let go of them, cannot accept the rejection they have of her and so she holds onto them by naming them "her stalkers". They rightfully think and know what a lunatic she is ! She is barking mad !

If she'd just call them her enemies, that would be the truth. But Mental Misery is never about the truth, she is about hiding the truth. But everyone knows how pathetic she is, how she lies and how she maligns people who she feels need punished for the due deed of telling her to FUCK OFF ! And if someone sends her a bunch of magazines to drive home the point of LEAVE US ALONE and GET OFF OUR YGROUPS and STOP COMING IN HERE & STOP CALLING OUR HOME ! Then so be it ! I wish they had sent her a nice package that made the point even more obvious to that braindead who doesn't have a clue, but that would have been illegal. Too bad too. Misery's like the thing that won't die. Misery shows how bad she wants a stalker every time she posts the words "My Stalker", because she posts about it like everyday ! She wants these poor souls, to suck the life out of them. She wants them. If she didn't spend all her life obsessing over them, why does she keep...talking...ever always...every fucking day...about them! About "My" this, and "My" that? Misery is obsessed ! She wants herself a stalker to validate her life. Barf.

In reality, these people tried to walk away or rather run away from her crazy shit and obscene behaviour but she would not stop stalking them !

Nobody is stalking the Mental Misery. She's still trying to get to some woman out there somewhere and to all her friends - and yes I know Mental Misery claims her friends have been accosted by "her" whatever, this is simply not true folks. Misery likes to set people up and those that were once fooled are starting to realize how manipulative Mental Misery is !

The InsaneJournal of Mental Misery

Here she taunts some other forum of people who believe Paul is dead, and she taunts them that they can't block her because she'll use proxies !

And the rest is just -god- insane !


The rest will be posted in due time when I can get this organized. But you get the gist !


Here she comes right out and CLAIMS to have contact with Paul McCartney to the degree that he is calling people names for her. Nope. She is the one coming up with those DUMB, insipid, banal names trying to call her name-calling brilliant. It's all her. Not Paul. Paul wouldn't just automatically jump to her side or jump right in with her lies as even the admin at MPL has stated that he knows the people she blames is innocent. Oh and Paul doesn't even know she exists. He's one lucky guy! Wish we could say the same.

Here is a slew of attacks against Bibbi, who has commented on my blogger offering her testimony. Bibbi is from Canada and a member of DirkBenedictCentral, Digital Spy and one of Tracy's friends.

And here is one of the many examples of how she accuses all kinds of other people for her stunt on Hak5 - and we have the proof that it was her posting on Hak5 asking them to hack PID's forum and she even asked them to hack MPL because she wanted to know who was talking about her there in private. It was KO! Not Dirk, not Nacky, not Bibbi, it was KO herself. But here she blames Dirk.


*Note. Dirk's security people kept Kathryn O well away from Dirk when he was at Comic Con. She never got within 20 feet of him. He really did avoid coming to her area for a long time because he knew she would show up! Dirk can tell you himself that Kathryn O sent him insane amounts of insane letters to his P.O. Box, stalked him on a cruise, was blacklisted from any further cruises where he might be on another one, and she stalked him at every convention he went to that was in her area.

So her claims are bullshit that Dirk isn't aware that she is his stalker. He is very well aware and still she is a non-entity in his life. Welcome to nothingness KO! All your scamming and attacking was all for naught. Beotch.

Monday, November 7, 2011

She Thinks She's A Witch !

There are multiple posts that the MPT claims to be a witch that studied witchcraft all of her life. Yet knows nothing about the true Wiccan beliefs or seems to even be aware of them! Completely ignorant of the belief insomuch that everything she keeps putting out into the universe is returning negative and rage back in her path. She has fed the evil in her and starved the good. Never once acknowledging the pain and suffering she's caused others and still causing because she has severe issues. She lives in a make-believe world that is obvious to everyone else except her.

She talks about being able to curse others, and only posts in the positive when she's gushing over Paul or some other Beatle. Mostly it's not even real praise but lurid sexual innuendos and x-rated remarks that get so old. She doesn't seem to think like an adult, more like an immature little girl who's found a pile of dirty magazines in her brother's closet. This woman could not maintain a healthy relationship with anyone. She is just too psycho and unrealistic. Her whole world revolves around whether or not Paul might be reading her posts and she absolutely believes he reads her teenage smut on her livejournal. Oh the truth would shock her. She might become suicidal if she could actually use logic long enough to realize that Paul doesn't even know she exists !

You'd think a witch could get a clue like that. Not this one !


Well I had set up another account on another thing but it wasn't doing the javascript exactly how I wanted it. I eventually began to move everything to here for the time being until Gorko is back and I can set up a new account with his server.

Things are kinda slow. For a couple of months I haven't been able to sign into the support forum because they've got it closed off to members for now. They're moving the entire thing because Misfit Misery / Mental Misery, in otherwords the TROLL and the one who keeps STALKING people has forced everyone into various other areas outside of their one forum. Seems like she wasn't content with one PRIVATE forum being in existence so she managed to spawn everything into various other sites and so on. Yeah she could have left everyone alone, stopped trying to hack into their site, stopped posting about them all the time in all our Beatles forums, and from what the support forum was, was to document and offer moral support to those who are being, you guessed it, trolled and / or stalked! So here we are !

They call her Misery, some call her Psycho Stalker, we call her the MPT (Mentally Purile Troll) and that's being nice compared to what we really think of that misfit !

I felt I needed this little corner to share among my friends who've been exposed to that toxic troll & with kind permission I will also be adding content from other sources to show how we're enduring since the mods will not stop her from trolling for sympathy and posting general craziness.

I will use the name Misery from time to time as that's easier to describe her, but if I use her other online names, it's generally because I've been taking notes since the MPL won't stop her and allows her to continue using our once peaceful boards as a way to wage war and hatred to the people who are being subjected to her stalking and terror.

I'm being subjected to it too because I refuse to give in and let her win and take over the entire place.