Sunday, November 20, 2011

No ! She is NOT a long time fan !

Since she joined the PM forum sometime in 2009, and proceeded to fill it and other like forums up with her contrived and ridiculous drama, she went on and on about attending a PM concert in 1993. Always stating it was definitely in 1993, and seemed to get her "details" of that concert mixed up (she was with people she didn't want to go with, yuppies and whatever, then in another version of her story she claims she was with good friends and her story always seemed to change from one version to another - like her 'I met George Harrison' fiction/lie) anyway now that she's buried herself as stating MANY times that she was definitely at a PM concert in 1993, she has finally proven she is a big fat liar with her trying to claim she heard certain songs which he never performed at the 1993 concert ! I knew eventually she would slip up and start making up details about things that could be proven to be lies and she did !

PROOF from a TRUE (long term) PAUL MCCARTNEY FAN that kathrine o lies and makes shit up !

Read Drivinfan's post and further posts ! She was NEVER at any Paul
concert before! She was stalking some other celebrity or persons in 1993 !

Notice how she never replied to those people after they produced evidence ! Notice how she's acting all oblivious to the glaring light exposing her lies !

But that is just one lie amid many, many others she tells on the forum. It's like watching an episode of 'Dumb Criminals' try and think of excuses when caught red-handed.
And she's been using my name in her creepy sick sick porn journal again ! She has no life.

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