Friday, December 2, 2011

Mental Misery the Nazi Hitler Squealer

More and more stupidity from the troll who still thrives and inhabits the McCartney site and forum. Katherine O is a complete wackjob, and getting worse all the time. I can't believe MPL actually wastes time congratulating her for her efforts which only encourages her to keep indulging in her hallucinations. The only thing Kathrine O really needs to accomplish is to check into a loony bin for, ooooh, saaaay, the rest of her life?

Read further upthread, what she does is lie about some thing (as usual) as a covert way to call PETA Nazis or Hitler, someone speaks up that it's total nonsense and she claims to have "read" it in several accounts but FAILS to show even ONE referrence or account of it! The trait of an obvious liar. Get out of it by claiming you heard or saw it from someone else. No, no, no, we don't buy that for a second Miss Misery Kathrine O! That whole Hitler thing is YOUR own insult aimed at PETA.

It's just another typical nasty ploy of hers to discredit PETA in some way by calling them Nazis.

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