Thursday, December 8, 2011

Misfit Mental Misery mucking up McCartney's site

Some bits from the liveblog of D4 ( thank you )

Another serious delusional post. Get off of it you sick fuck.

WTF does this have anything to do with the topic?

Where? Link please? Oh that's right, another delusion and of course the only reason she's posting is to delude herself further, thankfully no one else feeds into it. The post is not to stay on topic or anything like that, just to say all that nonsense.

Another delusion she'll feed and tell herself for years.

Thousands of people were at that concert and anyone could have yelled that out. This is more like she's taking credit for someone else yelling out something and taking advantage of that. Mental Misery is not on film, and Paul says that at every concert to any fan who yells that out. Get off of it already. You do NOT have a relationship with Paul McCartney.

And she keeps going on and on about her "story" and still no one is buying it.

I mean she keeps repeating it as if that'll burn into everyone's head as the truth. And the first thing a sociopath will do is repeat a lie. A lot.

Further on

What's so ironic here is that the troll shows her gross immaturity, not to mention the creep factor is about a 9, at any hint of seeing something pornographic. Then says something about some other group of people being "immature" !

Yeah show people your hideous perverted nature because every single post that implies some lurid, sanguine offensive thing just isn't enough to satisfy your obvious lack of sexual maturity and self control.

And the immaturity and name calling continues...

Ooh and there's the STALKER showing right through in that post ! Really getting some poor lady's address so you can send offensive letters of rage for being rejected perhaps ? Were you making lurid public statements about her underwear too ?

Also it's spelled "Barbie"...the career Mental Misery has made in insulting and bullying people you'd think she'd learn how to spell her insults !

And more of her tooting her own horn.

And more trolling and taunting. And more mentions of firearms.

Trolling trolling trolling. Laugh in Paul's face? What is this fucking roller coaster love/hate thing she has? Oh yeah she's a delusional crazy cunt.

More gruesome Mary Sues and Martyerdom from a total bitch who spends
all day persecuting others.

And she should learn how to spell the word if she's going to keep using it as her little pity party.

This of course is an outright troll post:

To further showcase Mental Misery's ongoing persecution toward others,
here's another example:

Suzy, who's a nice girl, calls Mental out. Suzy gets attacked by Mental on a regular basis. The mods allow it. The mods also allow Mental's TROLLING because they consider it "contribution". That place is a joke.

Now watch Mental deny she was persecuting anyone and try to justify her endless hatred for blonde sexy women while posting about how popular she is with everyone in Detroit! Reminds me of Libby ( a bully ) in the TV series Sabrina. Libby was a brunette who acted like a total stuck up snob towards the blonde Sabrina.

Only Libby wasn't as hateful and stuck up as Mental Misery.


  1. I see she's still being the plague of the net on Beatles-related sites. Still thinking Paul visits her with candleabras and capes and all that schizophrenic bullshit of hers.

  2. I mean she burdens and subjects people to her off topic drama, and when she isn't, she's talking about really sick things.

    I read somewhere that years ago she'd barge in on some other band's forum and just start ripping into one of her victims and subject that whole bunch of people to her flaming attacks. Then insult the band they were discussing.
    I can see why all those people just hate her and wish she'd go play in traffic.

  3. Haha! I was looking through some of those links and she's posting this

    She just doesn't get what google and yahoo bots are, does she? It will never occur to her that she's just retarded and crazy.
    And talk about an obsessed person, she totally clicked the hell out of our forum everyday, many times a day over and over!
    The psycho Stalker will JUST NOT LEAVE US ALONE!
    But friends are still looking into this issue. See the evidence of what her obsession has done;

    Then the proof she was constantly checking our forum everyday;

    What a stalking psycho. Who enjoys flaming people and as you said before, subjecting people to her delusions and drama.

    And we had unique visitors, 100s a day, not the measley 2 or 3 bots she gets on her teeny-bopper brat porn stuff.

  4. Kathryn has gloated about having the Paul is Dead Miss Him forum removed.

    She hacked my email once to send nasty emails to people.

    She has tried to send me hateful messages after hacking other people's emails, but she failed. What a surprise - she IS a failure. LOL

    Kathryn is a hateful creature whose outside is a perfect reflection of her personality. She is one ugly, jacked-up looking demonic troll. lol She is not even interesting enough to spend any more time on.

  5. And even more sickening self-praise and delusion.

    I guess she's suggesting that people like psycho narcissistic trolls. So when the thread asks what people are thinking of, it's painfully obvious she's thinking of herself. As always. Narcissistic to the bone.

    Yet in the real world, here's what her personality at work is like:

    Erm, the only crazy I see is the poster calling herself kathryn o.