Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Crazy KO still stinking up the Macca boards

The first batch of crazy for 2016

Drama Queen on her Drama Spleen throwing out more stupidity

Newsflash bitch, they roll up the streets in Detroit too, and most of it during the day is fucking desolate.
The shithole she's got never ceases to ooze. Her mouth is the shithole and Detroit is a result of being the diseased host for that twatwaffle.

Grand Rapids is a much better place compared to run-down, dirty and dangerous Detroit.

What's the streets like at night in tiny little Bloomfield Hills? Rolled up at dusk, huh? But you still harp on about Detroit being the best because it's like Forbes #1 Most Dangerous city? Isn't that right, stupid cunt who likes to bash other people's cities and countries?

Thankfully other members responded to her crazy with great posts. It's also hilarious that all her topics are being ignored.

Here's some more whining and bitching

Paul, you're a great guy! Thanks for doing Beer City! Lots of good folks and lots of green this time of year.
What's Detroit got? Another body count and more drug dealer corners where Mental Misery hangs out waiting for her meth connection?

The second batch of crazy for 2016

The stupid bitch troll has posted several anti-PETA posts and claims the education about where animal products come from isn't working and yet, it's working. People are becoming more aware and won't buy those products. Yet she's only posting this shit to troll people who love animals because she thinks she looks cool in dead flesh of an innocent.

Like those fat ass bikers wearing leather; nothing but a stink hole of filth. Pieces of shit love to stink like dead corpses. KO must be right at home with her outhouse and armpit-stench combination smell.

Yet she seems to shed some crocodile tears for birds? Birds are just as important as cows. So fuck off, hypocrite!

The third batch of crazy for 2016

And her George story (lie) takes yet ANOTHER turn!

The never-ending, twisty, naked, cop, snake, George Harrison story that keeps changing states, times, who was there, etc.

So now it's in Alabama and the snake is still there but George Harrison isn't present nor is the swimming pond on an estate in some National Forest. LOL! No this time she's at some gathering. She seems to write a lot about being naked everywhere!

First it was Michigan meeting George Harrison, then it was in Colorado, meeting George Harrison and a cop and some guy with a camera, NOW it's in Alabama with a crowd of strangers who seek to promote peace and mary jane with a cop and a guy with a camera! And this time the snake slithered onto her instead of the guy with the snake asking her to pose with the snake. Everybody got that? It won't matter. The story will change again.

One could also note that Suzy made a topic about something that happened to her, and KO of course took that opportunity to turn the topic AGAIN into being about her fucking skank hole.

Too late KO! You're already That crazy fat bitch!


  1. Paul is obviously plotting against her! How dare him play to a city of people that she hates because someone from MOWFO comes from there or is living there now. How dare Paul of such a great injustice to the crazy bi-polar world of Krazy KO Katshit!

  2. There are some crazies out there who think they own Paul, but I see she definitely makes the Top 5 of the creepiest and craziest! Lennon's killer being #1 on that list.

  3. I recall a time when she trolled our sites and groups. I had a recent look at her facebook pile of her usual crap and just had to shake my head. That bitch once stalked and attacked one of the members on the ABBA group and left a pile of scathing insults against ABBA themselves. Not only that she has no knowledge of the group or its history but there she is on fb trolling again.

  4. Fucking Christ! That windbag is still at it!


  6. LOL she's on facebook spouting about nutjobs and guns and how mentally ill people should never own guns.... well she should hand in her (imaginary) gun right away!

  7. Any way to have Paul's site ban her?

    1. Lots and lots of members have complained about her on Macca's main forum. The admin there doesn't care about crazy being on that forum and she lies so much that she's gotten a few suckers to actually believe her shit.