Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Crippled Dancing/Dancing Cripple!

The Poor Me Routine As Always

I suppose this is another dig at Stu. A guy she hates. You don't have any kind of Bowie relationship, KO!

The Crippled Poor Me Routine!

"I have cerebral palsey and am crippled"

This is strange considering that you described yourself as an exotic dancer, someone who walks around naked in forests in nothing but a hat and tennis shoes and as someone who has multiple sexual partners! And fucking learn to spell palsy if you're going to claim to have it!

And KO can cut the act now. We all know that at age 12 she had no clue who Paul was. Her first obsession being Dirk Benedict.


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    1. You should see some of the emails she'd send to the people she stalked from another fandom. I have them somewhere and if I've lost them I can always login to the private support forum and find them. I'll try to get that and add that onto the blog here. It's really disgusting. And you have to wonder would a real crippled person say the things she has to someone else! Even though the target of her bullying wasn't crippled.

    2. EL, I am so sorry I had not gotten back with you until now. We are all busy people so I know how it goes. Yes I recall her ugly and incoherent ranting letters very well.

      What she sent to me, thinking I was the target of her stalking obsessiveness, was very disgusting. Nobody should say those things but we are talking about that psychopath Kathy after all.

      I uploaded a copy of the email I got after I had to ban her. I stated very specifically the rules of the group and explained why I banned her. Then I got this crazy email from her. For one she believes me to be the person she is attacking and then goes on to claim that she was attacked when the very reason I had to ban her was because she showed back up on the group attacking people there!

      Here is the letter in question that was also shared as a FTP on the private support forum, but I uploaded it to imgur.

      I mean who talks like that? She comes off like a crazed woman who can't even form a sentence without sounding like someone who could never hope to graduate from kindergarten. I also recall that she loved to throw around the word "bi-polar" much. She attacked our group, then attacked me then claims she's attacked. Along with the bi-polar obsession she's got and the rest, her projection on others is quite frankly astounding. Kathy O is just a very disturbed and mentally insane person.

    3. OH and I almost forgot to add this bit of info. When she sent that letter to me, and she speaks of a "number" that "Yahoo can't do anything about" she is referring to the fact that she posted the victim's personal telephone number to our group. A phone number that she actively STALKED someone to get a hold of. So that's what her email came right off the bat saying. That Yahoo couldn't do anything about her posting people's phone numbers because we had removed her posts. All of which were the nastiest posts you can imagine.

  2. I just saw this. Sad and pathetic.

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    [quote="oobu24"]Beatle Boots? haha

    OMG...those are Roots. Would I have loved to have seen this when I was 12. That's when I first discovered Roots. I have cerebral palsey and am crippled. My parents tried a few things to help me (I refused surgery) including physical therepy (which is what worked), braces wrapped on my body and special shoes. Those special shoes came from Roots which also make clothes for special needs. things that fit over prostetics and braces and things like that. I thought that was all they did, and being 'handicapped' I was very embarrassed to drive into that upper class city Birmingham and be seen going in there while my classmates stared at me since they were always around that place. Watching me and the other kids with physical challenges trying on shoes and stumbling as we learned to walk in them.

    I didn't even know they were more known for athletic clothing until decades later. Boy, would I have loved to have seen this picture of Paul back then. It would have lifted my broken spirit

    1. Except that she wasn't into Paul until around 2009 thereabouts because someone in MOWFO was into the Beatles and she got into them since her Dirk phase was getting her well known as the creepy stalker she is.