Thursday, August 11, 2016

KO the Racist of People's Hair Color

What a arrogant hateful piece of filth. So the latest is she supports Hillary Clinton because Clinton said something along the lines of standing up to bullies. Yeah we all know how Clinton "stands up" to "bullies" better translated as "killing off" people who can expose what she really is. Let's be honest here.

Aside from KO's major projection that she still excels at, let's put this better into words aligned with how KO "stands up" to her enemies. First she sends threats. Check. Then when she is banned from Dirk Benedict sites for sending threats and all the libel she is guilty of, she goes and stalks people, finds their phone numbers and then calls to continue with the threats. That folks, is KO's version if :standing up to what she calls bullies but in reality are just poor site and group owners who were at their wit's end dealing with her sick ass.

But the hate against them is now, at this time, about their hair color! KO is off her meds again! Someone shove those pills down her and get her back into her padded cell!

 Thankfully people aren't as stupid or as bigoted as she is.


  1. So much for KO opposing violence! She'll claim she does while soaking in rage and trying to curse everyone with physical harm.

    1. IKR? What am incoherent rant she's on there! Apparently she couldn't decide if she repeated the word "blonde" enough times.

    2. HA! The stupid cunt is still on this kick about only three blonde people in Ar. I tell you that must be one hell of a place to have only three citizens! Does she not realize how completely insane she sounds and her claims of location and the ratio of blondes is showing people just how off her rocker she is! Her method of trolling has always made her look phenomenally more stupid that she tries to call others. KO is also phenomenally more insane than everyone else I've ever met online or offline! That's a fact. And I've been around enough to have met some real whackos. KO tops the list!

      Thanks for the screenies EL. I don't usually venture over to Krazy KO's face shit. She's so twisted. My sympathies to blondes and anyone exposed to that thing in small township Michigan with a balding head and horrible hygiene.

    3. KO's projection is phenomenal as she vomits on. We are the ones living rent free in her head! We report and document her harassing deeds online. This blog alone rarely sees any activity until she flares up and everyone gets hit with some form of attack by her. Whether on the forums or elsewhere. But with KO it's EVERY single damned day she spins and whines, just being the mentally ill deranged whacko that she claims of others. I can tell you that someone in Arkansas is not only living rent free in KO's head day and night, but she'll be there till the day KO dies!

      It'll be hilarious when KO cannot stalk her targets in the afterlife like she does online. KO wouldn't even know how to travel beyond the walls of her trashed room, let alone past a whole stateline!

      I hope that poor kitty cat is given to a good and loving home after that horrid bitch dies.

      And anyone who sees her for what she is, she will claim all the worse things of you. But yet her friends, one who was an admitted pedophile, these people she calls good people because they bought into her web of lies. And that other freak who was arrested for having CP. Yeah her type of people alright.

  2. Just got thru reading thru all that shit of hers. Good God.

    So many things wrong and contradictory with her shit. One she's still making sweeping generalizations of people based on a fucking hair color and several times people asked what her problem was - she doesn't address the issue, no instead she unloads a bunch of nutty shit in their laps. Doesn't apologize for anyone she offended, and just continues in her foaming at the mouth rage.

    Since I was there pretty much from the beginning and I know these people she attacks on a daily basis I will point out some facts. I also have a blog of sorts and I have helped a victim or two and I know the target of KO's stalking habits.

    1. Avatars. Let's see, once the victim had a real photo of herself on her yahoo account and the stalker, being the stalker she is, took that photo and passed it around to every moron who was willing to pay any attention to the creep who was begging trolls to help her attack N. So N stopped putting her pic on anything. Tracy stopped appearing anywhere also as a result of KO trying to get hackers to infiltrate DBC.

    2. The utter hypocracy of slamming someone for using a generic photo is somehting that stupid stalker filth in Michigan should shut her gob about immediately! Does KO see herself as John Lennon or Paul McCartney? Or any of the many pics she's used on all her sock accounts from Yahoo to MySpace to Forums to Facebook! You know, there was someone who saw themselves as John Lennon too. Yeah he's in prison for killing him, I believe.

    3. The projection of her "stalker" rants is always hilarious as it unfolds and new people who are exposed to her long enough realize that KO is the stalker and wants the full attention of her victims. Otherwise she would not use her multiple various accounts to attack these people and go out of her way to make sure they see her big fat crazy.

  3. 4. KO has made many claims about what she sees herself as. Let's see there was the "I'm a petit BLONDE exotic dancer" there was the "I'm employeed by a mafia kingpin" and there was her seeing herself as "a highschool cheerleader who was so popular with the boys" and numerous other claims. Her hatred of blondes is really her seething green jealousy of them.

    Thanks for your blog. I'm usually on LJ and have moderated a Dirk based community so I was also around to see a lot of this. Her behavior is psychotic and she has been known to go around and claim that Dirk is a drunk to further cause discord with his fans since he "rejected her" on some cruise years ago.

  4. KO is crazy. Mentally ill and emotionally sick like a sickly green plague. What exactly is wrong with being "anti-nazi" anyway? To her that would be against her knowing her family history!
    This stereotyping she does against people of a certain color or hair color is just as bigoted as Trump!
    She goes around to throw this color, location and mental thing at someone hoping it will stick and she just ends up sounding like everything she accuses others of!

    I found out too that this bi-polar thing is something she just made up and ran with it ever since. The lady she accuses of being that isn't of course. She's a healthy, mentally stable person who has been successfully ignoring that Miserable stalker ever since a couple years back when all avenues were shut off from her to go after her anymore. I know this from the very person who is also on the Dirk site.
    Sure she hears now and then of the crazy asshole spinnning in her twisted little town on the outskirts of a city that reeks but she goes back to the beach and enjoys life. Yes she apparently lives in Florida now and KO will never be able to send anymore terroristic threats.

    1. Look at her justifying her bigotry by saying that it's on TV so it MUST BE TRUE! Those "jokes" are sick and her bigotry is really showing through. Yet she tries to use Clinton as a shield. Um KO - I'm standing up against and opposing YOUR BIG FAT BIGOTRY! And your sick continuous bullying. When are you ever going to stop obsessing over all the people who rightfully hate you?

    2. Kathryn is such a toxic little person. It'll be a glad day when she is finally unable to use the internet.

  5. KO was banned permanently from a convention for stalking! And should have been banned when she made a habit to stalk Dirk at those events. Know the facts people. Thanks.

  6. That Miranda seriously needs to get a grip and stop listening to hysterical crazy bitches she doesn't even know before offering to go around telling people off for that psycho.