Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Real Secret Group

A real, long time Beatles fan sent this to me and asked me to post it. So I will considering that it shows the extent of the damage KO has already done and how stupid some people remain to be. Namely Macs of the Facebook group 'Everyone's Talking' or...more like 'Everyone's Bitching and Ranting and Being Hypocrites'...

Read on...

Robert Macs recent rant on Facebook.


We all know to a certain degree Macca has alienated himself from his fans, I'm not talking about him touring here and there, we know Macca will make sure his team will squeeze every last drop of sweat to make sure people knows he's in town, what i'm talking about here is fans alienating other fans, take the macca board or even his page on here for instance, you get psychotic fans who at the mere mention of anything bad against McCartney will go into overdrive by saying they are being bullied if you just happen to disagree with some of the drivel these super loonies spout - then you have the weird fans who are on the verge of toppling over into the dark side because they are so much up other peoples arses that they can't see the light in the hole for the shite t...hat surrounds it, last but not least we have the people who make sure Macca's net groups are ahem run smoothly, for me these people are worse than the above mentioned, from Net-Defence to Mods and admin each have a vital role to play, sadly all those involved in those groups have lost all sense of reality, they actually for some reason think they are important when in fact they are guilty of alienating decent McCartney fans from following there idol, McCartney himself fights a lot of good causes, he even had a dig at the powers that be in Russia for jailing that girl band, don't you find it strange that Macca who has always been an advocate of freedom of free speech allows that tit who runs Net Defence and the nipples who pass themselves as mods and admin to censure decent fans for expressing their opinions? to make matters worse, those who run the McCartney board formed alliances with many of the psychotic fans on his board to remove many a decent fan over the years, lets remember what psychotic fans done to John & George - this question should be put to McCartney, would you feel safe if you were to meet these people in real life?

Well now there Robert Macs, isn't that special?

Here some people actually went to the trouble to let you know that YOU were so far up one of these obsessed fans' asses, that you were acting as her little white knight and even making announcements, stalking other people's friends pages and causing them to get harassing PMs from the Catshit One but here you are bitching about OTHERS doing EXACTLY what you are doing! How ironic!

The truth hurts, don't it, Macs ?

Here let me make some points, from all the info I have on the situation regarding KO - The Catshit One...

go into overdrive by saying they are being bullied if you just happen to disagree with some of the drivel these super loonies spout

Let me begin with this one! There were people of another fandom called Dirk Benedict Central and this KO of yours had went into overdrive when she followed him onto a cruise, got thrown off, and came back to wreck hovac. The drivel she spouted for years and STILL spouts is as super looney as you can get! Yet you seem to agree with HER obsession of Paul McCartney because she likes (obsesses over) your idol?

And this one...

then you have the weird fans who are on the verge of toppling over into the dark side because they are so much up other peoples arses that they can't see the light in the hole for the shite that surrounds it

The weird fans being? Let's talk about the weird fans, ok? How about the one who CLAIMS to be a witch and talk to the ghosts of George Harrison and John Lennon? How that weird fan???

That one what writes all these shitty fics that are no more than her rambling on and on, talking to herself about some sexual fantasies that she just incorporates the Beatles names into that are NOTHING like the Beatles in character or speech.

How about the one wh actually THANKED PAUL HIMSELF for destroying, or trying to destroy other people's LJ's and who posted THE MOST fucked up weird crap in that "Dream" thread on MPL?

Like THIS...

If she "cast a spell" for a Paul concert before and George didn't help her, why would he help her now? Is her sudden obsession with Paul the reason? Oh George, you're so whipped! Also we all know she's only been to ONE concert of Paul's, not the concert she claims to have attended in the early 1990s; that she can't even seem to remember the date of, and was given surprise tickets to by her mom; totally laying waste to her stirring up cauldrons before a concert.

How about her claims that she's been in love with Paul since age SIX and claims to be a long time fan but hasn't shown up in any Beatles sites until AFTER being totally sussed out of Dirk Benedict sites? All of them.

But that's not all, Robert Macs, oh no. What KO did in THAT fanbase was even worse than her scary, creepy behavior in Macca's site. She would stalk Dirk and his fans through emails, snail mail and phone calls. The police had been contacted several times because of her conduct, and she has sent numerous threats involving, but not limited to, stabbing someone, burning people's houses down and casting spells that they are killed in horrible accidents that may befall them...and THIS is what YOU claimed had done nothing to you and your members on your little group on facebook!

How about hiding these facts from you and your members? Isn't that what you're railing against in your rant, is the fucking insanity of these "fans"?

from Net-Defence to Mods and admin each have a vital role to play, sadly all those involved in those groups have lost all sense of reality, they actually for some reason think they are important when in fact they are guilty of alienating decent McCartney fans from following there idol

And THIS^^^^ is what you've done with your group. You've cut off any way that people can shed light on anything there by your own actions of censoring, backstabbing, trying to get people who couldn't do anything about Alan's ban-hammer to get your friends unbanned, and when they couldn't work any miracles for you, you slammed the door on them. How can you even post what you did when you're just as guilty of the actions of Net-Defence as they are?

And PLEASE DO NOTICE that KO never gets banned and fits right in with those other obsessed crazy weird fans. KO is the top of the list when crazy fan is even brought up! Between KO and Suzy, they've reported so many people, so many other accounts, and you can see some examples of it on some of the blogs that have gracefully SAVED screenshots! But while you're bitching about all that you are bitching about and straining over, the very enemy has ALREADY pulled your strings, told you what to think and what to believe and you followed right along like a good little sheep.

Robert Macs; you are an idiot!

That is all.


  1. I think it's safe to say that Robert Macs has proven to be a complete idiot. He posts more flaming lies on his group towards one of Stu's friends. Before that KO tried to get Stu slanderized for owning a gun. Calling him a gun nut and now this Macs idiot declared that people are stalking KO for no apparent reason. Is he really that thick?
    I see he's not only got his head so far up KO's ass, but he's wanting to lead everyone in his micro group to go ahead and stick their collective heads up her ass, as well.

    OK, at first I thought Alan's ban-hammer was him acting like the cunt that we all know he is. But I feel (now anyway) that Alan was certainly justified with his ban on Macs. A ban that was also driven by reports from KO herself! That's gotta be the icing on the cake, don't it?

    But he won't ban KO. No, Alan still believes she's got money coming out the ass and that means more sales for Macca items. Also Macs is retarded to think his target of flaming can see his bullshit when he claims to have blocked. Hello...if you block someone, they can't see your SHIT!

    1. ^^^THIS^^^

      Basically Macs' group is full of disgruntled fans who got banned from MPL. What KO is doing there is what she always does! To spy on them, stalk them and use her drama to rope people in who have NO IDEA what she's really all about.

  2. Alan banned Robert because Robert would not stop posting what is called "flame baits", harassing the mods and making demands of MPL that were, quite frankly, ludicrous.

    If I have this right, Kathryn O did the same thing to DBC, correct?

    1. YES! But she took it beyond that level of whatever the idiot RM is doing on his own. Yeah she not only harassed members and mods there, she STALKED them, followed THEM all over the internet, tried to destroy every little thing they'd say to dispell her slander against them and Dirk because she is beyond the disgruntled fanatic, she absolutely BELIEVED that Dirk and her belonged together. She went out of her way to cause as much chaos and drama that she could. She is insane. Highly manipulative and fools like RM are a dime a dozen.

      The shit she did would fill 20 of these blogs!

  3. Dear stupid crazy prick Robert Macs,

    You go right ahead and back the Crazy One up when she contacts the police. Here's some information for your stupid little noggin' that you fried inside your head from too much acid, weed or glue; KO has ALREADY been to the police trying to get people removed from the internet and conventions when her witchy curses don't work. She casts spells first and then when they fail (as always) she runs to the police. They know her locally as the Crazy Woman from Bloomfield Hills. They call her the mental patient on outpatient status there. So you back her up all you want to, idiot.

    Here's a reality check for your pee-sized little brain, the police have actually went to HER residence (she lives with her mother) and have given warnings and handed over restraining orders against her. OH you didn't know that, didja? Yeah it's no wonder she's went out of her way to paint everyone else as stalkers and crazy and all that, because she can HIDE those facts from pissants like you who don't have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel!

    I implore you, no I BEG you to go ahead and contact her local authorities. Please do! See what they say. Your empty threats about backing up a crazy person that you have no idea about is so laughable and sick in and of itself, but you march on, little boy! You do that.

    1. Yeah I bet those who jumped to the defense of Charles Manson feel really empowered too!

      It's like watcing a group of people display every stupidity and boneheadedness you could easily see in any film about those who are taken in by a sociopath like KO!

      She has Alan kissing her ass, she has this Robert kissing her ass, she has these people who don't even know ONE SPECK about her, kissing her ass and totally believing her bullshit lies and she's obvious in her bullshit but they want to play like, omg, my new friend GLOMP!

      What the fuck ever. So people tried to warn them and now they're going fuckin' nuts and having all kinds of fits of "How dare you!" and blocking people left and right. Oh goodie! Now KO will be able to inject her poison in private with them and they'll lay there willingly and take it up the ass.

      So Robert, are you just like a moron all the time or just where you think your pecker's gonna get wet? Maybe you should see the face of the little princess you're defending before sacrificing your willie? It might not forgive you if it falls off from turning green and shrivelled...or is that your goal?

      Here, as you wish, please DO contact the police in KO's hometown:

      It's a very public number. Call them. Ask them about her. I dare you. I hope you do and when you are talking with them, do us a favor and film your reaction and put it on youtube! You're really a total idiot like they say.

      Ask yourself why she joined your group. Started talking immediately about her favorite subject; stalking and then ask yourself why she shares links to her flaming to all the people she can. Ask yourself this BEFORE going on the attack.

      Oh but wait, you can't think, because well, you're an idiot. Nevermind.

  4. Did you see her posting shit on her catkick livejournal?

    Another bunch of psycho and it looks like "amazon" was on Macca's forum before KO showed up but KO still acts like she was followed!

    For the record Amazon was trying to get to the bottom of the recent shit KO stirred up elsewhere and there's Mark and Robert doing exactly what they are famous for. Alienating people.

    Screenshot time on the Catshit One's LJ.

    1. Yeah I saw it. I still don't see why Mark got fucked up over that. They were caught backstabbing MPL members and they knew they were caught and now they're using KO's predictable shit to further their agenda which must be to attack everyone.

  5. Let it be known that Mac and his group are a little crop of cunts. There was no reason to do that to Milla. If telling them what a stalker and liar KO is gets you the censor-hammer and to be dragged through the shit by KO because they handed her personal info, then let it be known to the world!

    I have alerted everyone in my circles about Mac and his deeds.

    @Mark, nobody is "defo" after KO. Idiot. They just don't like her using every available nutjob like you to publicly attack people. She is a sick tyranical fanatic. Just your type.

    1. I appreciate what Milla was trying to do. She should have known that she was dealing with an idiot who can't come out of KO's ass long enough to know the difference between fresh air and KO-Assair.

    2. Milla's already posted on her facebook wall about the situation.

    3. Her Star Trek account. Not her personal one, I mean.

  6. It looks like Robert has done far more to alienate Paul's fans than Alan does! Ok you've had your say; or I should say, you allowed KO to use YOU to speak through. Leave Milla alone now. & Milla is her real name so whatever the fuck you call yourself, Macs, I call you a slimebag because that is what you are. Milla was well within her right to say her piece but you couldn't take it that she wouldn't email Alan for you. Enjoy your bannishment that you so well earned.

  7. No Longer On The FenceDecember 12, 2012 at 10:44 PM

    Holy CRAP! I won't be sending Mark anything now and I had some news for him! Scratch that.

    1. Yeah he said he'd keep everyone's confidence, and such and then turns right around and does that shit. Looks like neither he nor RM can think for themselves when there's a whining manipulative creep like KO around.

  8. To Milla if you're seeing this blog...

    KO a/k/a Misery has done shit like this for years. The harassing pm that you got from Alan may have well been KO herself. She does that, she'll create an account that looks just like someone else and then cause trouble. She has a long history of this. The first I saw of it was when she tried to send messages as my friend on BattlestarGalacticaRevival and tired to foment trouble for him.

    He is a moderator of that group so she really had a case against him because he banned her. I was there. She was on my group too and did the same thing there. I'm just saying, that it might not have been Alan that contacted you with harassing messages. But I can't say either way.

    Be strong, it is a bully's way to get others to bully whomever has got her figured out. What you're experiencing is no different that what me and my friends have been through in the past. She'll accuse you of being anyone she has a seething hatred for. The names Bibbi could come up because she is Astrid's friend. Be prepared to be accused of being everyone. It's KO's way to disorient the blind fools and keep them from seeing her real self. Better to lose friends like Mark than to keep with someone who obviously cannot use a lick of sense.

    I would have commented on your FB wall, but I don't use FB.

    1. This is she. Thank you for your words. On KO's livejournal post entitled itself to claim I was contacting everyone on Macs group. I only contacted the two people I know from Macca's forum. That was Macs and Mark. That's IT!

      Oh I've already reported them and I can see why people from the forum were upset with them! They want to trash talk Paul McCartney and that's fine but don't act surprised when some people take offense!

      While I never found any problems with their opinions on a man in the public eye, I did take issue with them censoring others while their little friend KO blasted other members that I know there.

      You may be right, Alan may not have contacted me but I did save the PM even though he blocked me. Which is weird because I wouldn't have known of its existence had it not sent me anything. Macs has turned to shit. I was willing to help his friend Josh but you can be sure it isn't happening now.

    2. Milla, as has already been proven, that crazy shitstain will refer to EVERYONE who knows about her as "her stalker" it's her ONLY line she can use that (for dumb fucks like Macs, etc) will take the focus off her and onto the person she has already targeted.
      Macs already proved what an imbecile he is when he posted what he did with the rant about helping her with any police matters. Doesn't he know that the police would look into his and KO's shit too?
      And they'd quickly find that it was THEM; him, his group and KO that went on the assault! ;)
      All you did was try to talk to them.
      There was NOTHING criminal about what you said.
      However, their actions are very clearly bullying, and cowardly.
      If he would have just asked his friend to stop passing your link around that would have been the respectful thing to do. But instead, look what happens! They went apeshit and baffooned around like the flailing maggots they are.
      Like all trolls; like KO, Macs is just another sad basement dweller. He has really went off the deep end with his thug-talk. The police would ask him to stop bothering you if he wants to act like KO's saviour and send your link to every damned troll there is on facebook!

      Anyway since everyone is sharing private letters, here's one that KO wrote to Suzy about a year ago.

      lazy D is starting to get on my bad side. Why does he always have to talk about Paul in that way? Paul has given me so much and I love him so in my eyes he can do no wrong. can you help me say something to the mods about it? Please Suzy, now that we're friends and all. i just want this bad vibe coming from him to stop.

      Oh and I have MORE because Suzy has been gracious enough to send some of these gems to me over the years. Suzy's opinion of KO's letter was that she was too creepy and clingy to Paul.

      I will be sharing more. Stay tuned.

    3. I can confirm this. KO a/k/a Misery started calling people "stalkers" when the word was used to describe her actions back in the days of her terrorizing BSG groups. And Dirk's sites and its members. Misery would call Tracy (the site's admin) a stalker simply because Tracy would join all Dirk related sites!

      HELLOOOO! Tracy is Dirk's press agent, she's SUPPOSED to join all the related sites to promote him and his appearances on TV and other venues!
      She called another admin stalker RIGHT AS SHE WAS stalking that admin right to her OWN groups on Yahoo!

      The fucking beejesus! Fucking insane MISERY: Kathryn O the Psycho One!

  9. Another update on KO's bullshit against 17 year old girls...

    I know she's claimed to go to a private school but told BeatleLinks that it was in Indiana. So why is she even bringing up her current neighborhood now?

  10. Hey Milla! Welcome to the Club! So far Macs and his group have attacked pretty much everyone on MPL, from members to mods to people he don't even know! Then claims his group is just about "talking" about stuff. His whole group is just one long strain of Macca fuck-ups, being banned and talking shit. He's attacked people for various (in his mind) reasons and then has the gall to tell another off about getting help. Jesus F. Christ.

    His attack on you isn't because of anything you did to him, it's all for KO because you DARED have knowledge of her real shitty misdeeds! This is what he and Mark are basing their whole campaign against you on! To attack you FOR her! KO got her way, and with that people will report Macs group. He brought it on himself. You didn't try to join and stir up shit - KO did!

  11. Thought I should add something on my own here. It's nothing to do with the idiots with their heads up KO's ass into her lower intestine, but KO has been having her friends attack Stu lately too. Still calling him a gun nut and trying to get to Stu.

  12. Well well well looks like Catshit got her way again! She's at the CENTER of all attention AGAIN!

    Hey Macs, why don't you really impress us with your reenactment of eating Catshit's litterbox contents? You know you want to. Pathetic cunts.

  13. Milla's Friend HeopiDecember 13, 2012 at 3:54 AM

    Evrything Milla said was true. I see Mark is just as much of a backstabber as KO is.
    Wow and the greasy faced piglet even posted mac's idiotic rant against milla so her target will be SURE to see it!

    Why bother blocking anyone when it's all gonna show up on one of KO many, many other profiles somewhere?

    Again, the Catshit One has proven she is the stalker and WANTS the ATTENTION about stalking to be all about HER!

    Typical KO pattern.

  14. Jen just lashed out calling everyone that knows KO as the troll she is, calling them internet stalkers. That's rich! Of course any private messages she shares with the REAL stalker; KO... will end up public anyway. Yep. KO sure gets those fools everytime, she knows how to manipulate them.

    Pretty soon, old snotty Macs will have numerous KO-styled attacks aimed right at all of us who DARE come against that crazy sonofabitch KO!

    1. Hilarious because Jen called KO a hypocrite! Jen must be dense because KO makes all private messages public if it suits her agenda! Even private messages between other people! But Mark is to thank for that. What is this about honor and respect again? Well you ain't got neither! Just think how gross it is that you are kissing the very ASS that sat there and reported you to Alan!

      Yeah yeah, she just LURVS Paul sooo much! You had it coming! Why not send Suzy your personal savings in the bank while you're at it, dull-blade!

    2. Hey JOSH, I know you're reading this. Yeah let's talk about those over-sensitive, obsessive freaks! Shall we???

      Yeah there's this TROLL named Kathryn O who had SUCH a big obsessive problem with some LJers who just didn't like her because she's crazy and a troll and stalked them, tried to take over their communities and they blocked her from joining their own, so what did she do??? WHY - SHE REPORTED THEM and REPORTED every_little_thing they posted and said! YEAH I SHIT YOU NOT!


      Then she went and reported them everyday and trolled them with nagging psycho posts on her own LJ and attacked people in JHP and other groups, sent them numerous harassing messages and wrote revenge stories against some of them like Astrid, and kept right on reporting them and reporting them until they were deleted! YEAH! And then she bragged, and squealed and flamed some more.

      Yes Josh! Let's bring up that MIRROR for you to show KO! Keep right on talking about people REPORTING stuff because KO is the QUEEN of reporting ANYTHING that remotely offends her.

      And judging from your avatar, it looks like you've crawled out of a hole. KO's hole. No wonder you're blind!

  15. LOL someone on the "let's bash Paul and most importantly; kiss the ass of a psychopath" group has asked "WHY are they so against KO?"

    Gee, why not just ask the citizens of Syria what they have against their leader? That should cover it. Or ask WHY people who have put up with her UNrelenting abuse for a long time, and still getting crap done to them while watching her launch attack after attack through dumbasses like Mac/Mark and getting the shitty deal and ask them WHY! Or just watch the movie Orphan or Misery or even the Night Listener and ask Paul Sheldon, or the family WHY they are so against Esther. Anne Wilkes. Etc.

    No shit.

    Internet stalkers shesh. Yeah like the ones that have their heads up KO's ass because she was able to get to them first and spoonfeed them her brand of poison. They can wear all the tin-foil hats they want but they cannot hide the fact they are the enablers. The bullies and sychophants for a very toxic person.

  16. dear stupid crazy bitches of the macs group, u r so much the stupid way you act. amazon russian is technically not a fake name as it impersonates no one. like say karen nesbit did! if u were smart u culd evn see that she says on the very same place it is to keep in touch with google yahoo n other entities. blow out your ass, u asses, amazon russian is a description of a person using her affiliated company name with her birthplace. which is well within the tos.
    perhaps reading the tos would serve u well? if u can even read which i doubt since u act retarded enough loser jen!

  17. idiot on fb: she is defo after you kathryn

    Milla: Can you please tell Macs to stop giving my link to every crazy asshole

    Yeah THAT really proves she's after KO....NOT!
    It shows someone had it in for Milla from the beginning!

  18. What's the deal with Macs saying the Macca is afraid of fans on MPL? Looks like the ones he should be avoiding is Josh, Dynamite and Macs HIMSELF! These people have a real problem with him.

  19. What's even sicker is that she has also gotten strangers people who don't know her from Adam, and causes them to feel so sorry for her because her martyr act is very effective on usually vulnerable people and when she tries to destroy other people's friendships, these other idiots don't think it's anything but they'll sure jump all over anyone defending their friends from her vile hidden actions!

    Anyone who contacted those people had good intentions to stop further abuse but Macs and his ilk seem to feed off of it. Stu's friend had a right to say something. Those fuckwits are still carrying on over there and I'm surprised they haven't tried to get KO elected as Queen of America ffs. They seem to believe people were trying to fuck with them personally and no, it's KO they wanted to expose as the liar she is. But Macs, he doesn't see it. But what can you expect from people who spend all day on facebook, have thousands on their friendslist, you know they don't know most of them personally, and read each other's Paul bashing opinions day in and day out? What can you expect from people like that? Perfect for someone like KO to move in and begin her usual gruesome headgames. WHY is KO even there when they are bashing Paul???! Paul is her SAVIOUR and he talks to her all the time, according to what she tells others on livejournal. Or has told them.

    At any rate, I applaud Milla for having the courage to contact the group owner and try to talk to him. Not that talking to that guy works because he's a tosser. And having enough restraint to keep from joining the group and letting them have it!
    That's a KO tactic to do that anyway.

  20. Trolly trolly trolly Troll!

    Still trying to pick fights. Still taking shots at Stella, and still as always LQ posts!

    Shitty writing, nonsense and bullshit posts. Still acting like she's some long time fan.

    Oh STFU! You know nothing about fashion and you have a problem with *any* female who happens to be attractive! It means she has MORE than you and you can't STAND THAT little Miss Prissy Privileged Princess from the Bloom of Psycho!

  21. Hey JEN DODGE, if that's even your real name, you get all pissy and panty-wadded over getting your shit reported by people who are tired of being dragged through the mud by your little pet? OH really now ? I guess I can say HOW DOES IT FEEL, BITCH? You sure spent enough time reporting every little thing FOR that assfaced troll friend of yours. Reporting people's journals, reporting MY blog all the time and reporting someone who PMs you with some facts that you immediately ignore. Thanks for letting eveyrone know that you're either one of the stupidest, most gullible idiots alive or that you're really a sockpuppet of KO.

    Robert Macca Macs, what a sad, pathetic deranged loon you are. Do you know how ridiculous you sound defending a person you have absolutely no clue about? Then trying to sound all butch and tough-guy claiming you can "back her up" when she calls the PO PO.
    LOL the roars of laughter from the internets couldn't have been louder. And where are you now with that plan ? You say she's alright and we're the loons, yet you know nothing while some of us here can predict her next move like clockwork because she is very predictable! And she is a schizoid narcissistic attention-addicted orc-lady that some people have been exposed to for years and you, how long? Please DO tell us HOW she is "alright" because this I gotta hear! Instead of backing up her imaginary SWAT team with lit torches and raging imbecilic villagers, back up your OWN words and SHOW us HOW she is alright. Please do tell. Fucking moron.

    Josh Gill and Mark whatever the fuck you call yourself, we'll see how many people want to share private info about you. You get what you give. You're so good at sucking up to a psycho queen, I'm sure you can suck it up when the shit hits you in your pasty little face.

    These deeds of yours will be long remembered. But you all like making enemies as much as KO does. That much is obvious.

    1. You Know What You Can Do With Your CrackpipeDecember 15, 2012 at 12:31 AM

      Very well said EL!!

      Adding of course that those idiots don't know us and sure made quick decisions to just act like that without question. They think they already know us but all they know is what the psycho-nugget has spoonfed them. & for christsake, even the way they talk is like a recording of KO's creepy psycho-speak!
      They managed to get themselves banned from MPL but can't use a lick of sense to think for themselves, but they can sure stand in front of their computer screens and demand refunds, demand justice for an unseen online bully who's hobby is stalking celebs and their fanbases and demand to be taken seriously with names like "Macs".

      Bitch please.

  22. I don't understand how anyone in this day and age can blindly follow anyone without doing just a little bit of research on this wonderful thing called the internet. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to check up on Catshit and her lies and you'll realize that you've been backing the wrong person. I suppose some people like to feel like 'white knights' defending the honor of an ugly troll...opps I meant 'fair maiden'. LOL.

    1. You nailed it LBF! Really how can these half-fuckwits not even get the concept that GEE this KO person just might be a big fat LIAR and all her claims just sound like the wailing of a fallen superstar (in her mind) who just happened to be not seen as the wonderful everything in the universe queenie that she fancies herself as, so they'll be her door-mat! All because she's showing herself off as a "fan" of Macca. But people like Robert Macca and Lazy D would be the people she'd work on. They're stupid and gullible and so easy to manipulate. Thank God for people like you and so many others who have realized she was Bat-Fuck-Insane from the start!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. When I first came on the scene. I realized from the get go that Catshit was a bat shit liar, but I thought she was harmless because I didn't know any better. My eyes were opened to the truth and I started doing research of my own. I stumbled upon this site, nobody told me about it.

    4. Same here. Even before I found out all this other stuff about her I knew that she was a liar. She lies about everything. I got several good laughs out of her lies from when she saw Paul in concert in 2011. She lies even though she knows there were other people there that realize what she was saying was just crazy stupid shit. But yet she still defends herself and makes herself look even more crazy.

    5. She's really not giving up that seeing Paul in concert lie. She can't give any vivid details. Just that she saw him in detroit.

      At least she's not still telling that I ran into George Harrison skinny dipping story, right? LOL.

    6. Oh geez, I almost forgot about the George Harrison skinny dipping story ha! ;)

      Yeah, all she keeps saying is that Paul shouted "I love you" back to her LOL! In her dreams maybe!

  23. Well and the psycho spaz is still starting shit in BL. She purposefully responded to infogal who had addressed the issue of Misfittoy (one of KO's goofy aliases) about her always dragging other people into ANY thread about an attacker like GH's or JL's killer. But then KO goes and tries to turn it around like she was talking ONLY about GH's attacker all along. THAT is how manipulative she is! KO knows that everyone on that site knows she's trolling. Good thing they're ignoring her.

    KO claimed to KNOW people who know GH's attacker in real life! My GOD does she EVER stop lying??? Of COURSE there are no names mentioned because IF she really DID know someone like that, their names would have been THE FIRST THING SHE'D MENTION... "Well so-and-so said blah blah blah" so you can always tell when she claiming to know people she really doesn't know by the conspicuous absense of their names!

    So anyway today's trolling of hers that I caught.

    This will be repeated over and over again. For the 100th time. This is just another cycle of her pink-shirt hate. Pssst, nobody fucking cares.

    In a writer's group? Then LEARN how to write! You suck at it Catshit.

  24. Gone again on facebook...anyone else not able to read her fb account?


    The link has been posted before, but I had to post it again. I think johncharles might be baiting Catshit. We know how she loves to fly off the handle, especially if you're reasonable with her. Catshit can't handle it. It might lead to her having an outburst. Ha. Keep an eye on that thread.

  26. Good grief, she's SUCH A TROLL!

    Her post there is only meant to disrupt the topic and bring it all to be about her again and now she's acting her usual creepy self.

    Oh where's her "30 year" claim? She's claimed to write slash (and write for that matter which is total bullshit) since she was 6 or 7.

    How special! A mentally ill troll trolling about gun control and mental health!

    She also claims that spiders, cats, mice and cows have saved her life from drug dealers to quicksand pits.