Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Real Secret Group II

Remember that imbecile Robert Macs, and his big flaming announcements against anyone peeking in on his little micro group ? Well yesterday he got some new members, and started on some egotistical parading about his group becoming more popular than MPL. Right. He's got less than 30 members last I looked. Oh yeah I looked at your trolling Robert Macs. Your FB group is about as popular as an aligator farm where the main attraction eats the visitors. Yeah good luck being such a winning admin in the network world. You can't spell worth a shit, your grammar is fucked in its ass, and your attitude is beyond insane, contradictory and ridiculous. Just like KO. Your group is basically some odd lot of tossers that don't have a life. You have no people skills and neither do your sheep (i.e. members) and the person really running things is KO over there.

To top it off, Mac's also been sending Alan (who is notoriously side-stepping and will feign the act of not being involved when he has helped the very psychopaths that inhabit the MPL boards) all these letters that include crap about one the members on MPL named Peter. He posted his letters to his little whiny group of bannished troll-lifes and the psycho bitches he takes orders from where he shoots first and asks questions later. Getting psycho himself and ready to kill at the first little gruntling whimper by KO and Jen. He does everything exactly that he admonishes Alan for. Only instead of Suzy, his favorite psycho fans just happen to be KO and Jen.

So now onto the Real Secret Group part 2....

Peter is being STALKED by Robert Macs!

His group is watching his posts very closely! He doens't like Peter slandering him on Macca's board ! Imagine that ! But he sure had a big stick-in-his-arse problem when others had voiced THEIR concerns about HIS group doing the SAME thing he is NOW bitching about !!! Peter should post on MPL what Robert Macs did to Milla. That's only fair.

Here is what the crazy, idiot, psycho troll KO ass-kisser sent to Alan.

Hello Alan,

I suggest you do something about you're resident bigot "Peter" I take
 it he is referring to myself and others when he says "confrontational
 idiots" this is the same guy you're team never took to task when he
 called catholics and celtic supporters murderers, I trust you will do
 something about this clown, please don't write back saying this is
 nothing to do with me, no one refers to me as a idiot and gets away
 with it, I can tell you many groups were unhappy at his past comments
 and i can assure you they are watching his posts closely - he upset
 many catholic and Celtic supporters groups with his vile comments, the
 funny thing is, he seems to get away with anything he wants yet you're
 team sits back and does nothing - must be that age old favoritism
 which was and still is ripe on the board, as far as i can see on this
 thread the only person being confrontational on this thread is the
 boards resident bigot.

Best Wishes


Robert.... hypocrite much?

One thing I can applaud Alan for is his ability to NOT post some flaming annoucements to HIS forum about people he hates, like YOU do to people you hate. Or more correctly, to people KO hates, and people who have tried to tell you EXACTLY what you're telling Alan in your letter there, Dumbfuck Robert Macs !

And tell me, Robert Macs, if you're so FOR the Catholics WHY ON EARTH are you kissing your favorite member's large ass? Why are you even letting KO around you? KO is the biggest bigot of all and has filled up many a forum with HATEFUL TRASH-TALK against them! Catholics, by her own words, offend her. Read the fucking threads I've provided here.

BTW; KO gets her fat ass troll knickers in a bunch over any slight insult and has hammered on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....about it.
She must not be a real witch then ! Because she keeps groaning on about any insults directed at her (and rightfully so) on every single forum and post she can inject with her toxic hatred. If she's always talking about it or more accurately; bitching about it, she's obviously a dredge of the biggest proportions I've ever seen!

Robert Macs; Hypocrite. Idiot. Banned from MPL. Prick Elite.

Another gem from Retard Robert.

Dear Alan

Please tell you're bigoted member i would gladly fight him - its easy
 for him to be brave when i can't reply - hmmmmmmm

i did too actaully when i got the connected at my home rather than
 mothers, so it is a pain even now typing in password on 3rd by
 CouponDropDown"computer ( my porn is much better). Jon it might have
 to do with me eventually having a word with another brit and him not
 being here any more. face to face i would offer him a fight even with
 my artithisi of the spine. i would win belfast always does over
 glasgow. we are nastier in a fight.

Robert Macs; E-Thug. Threatening to beat someone up.

AAAND this is the guy who claims to be alright and sane. I can see why he loves a troll like KO so much.

Robert, Josh and Mark; the 3 trolls from The Hobbit.

Oh and you can be sure that Jen probably went running crying to Macs like KO does. Good luck with having your big bad bully help you bitches out. You have proven what kind of people you are. It's popcorn time.

Macs IS confrontational and an idiot. He's already proven that. Threatening to beat someone up is confrontational, btw. KO knows all about threatening people so Macs is in his own ilk there.

Just pointing out the obvious here, folks.


  1. I can't believe how psychotic and blathering that Robert Macs is!
    FFS he's claiming that he could run MPL with fairness when we just saw what he did to other people on his own FB group!
    What he would do with MPL is the same exact thing Alan's doing with it.
    Pick favorites and threaten other members (no doubt at the wishes of his psychotic favorit pet KO) and he would ban anyone just based on who she hates.
    I am really starting to see how Macs and his group of idiots are really the obsessed psycho fans that a couple of people have been saying.

    He then writes back to Alan (after telling him that he would physically attack Peter) and asks him to let him back onto MPL.
    KO is feeding Macs all this bullshit about Alan.
    And Macs words echo in the very truth that MPL Mods and Alan have, indeed, kept troublemakers on their forum - one of the BIGGEST being KO!

    1. That Robert Macs is unbelievably insane! How does he figure he's fair or just? Especially after offering to beat the crap out of someone. This is all along the lines of KO's mentality and her never-ending quest to go around defaming people on every board she can against others who have first-hand experienced her mentally ill threats. So it seems Robert has found himself a leader to follow.

  2. His new members are really not new. Jen just made another account.

  3. More of KO trolling and flaming.

    Gee that's funny. The science fiction fandom says the same about HER! Hey I have experienced some mentally ill, middle-aged in her mid forties psychopaths in the Beatles fandom! Yeah her name is Kathryn O, to be more precise.

    Yeah her life was saved by some apparition of a guy toting a rifle in the street where she was about to be attacked by a pack of wolves in the street.

    And she calls other people mentally ill. She should know all about that mental illness.

    Did I not say that she would bring her pink-shirt hate up again? So predictable.

    Wow. Attack the mods. Moderation is a good thing when trolls like her run rampant.

    1. So she doesn't know the difference between bi-polar and BPD? She should read up on it! But she won't because those websites that describe those illnesses would actually be too much of a descrition of her!

  4. How retarded is this Robert Macs anyway? I mean he is harassing this Alan guy. Sending complaints about a member is one thing but he is actually THREATENING that member with violence! That is something that Alan can action. AND IF this retard KO ass kisser Robert Macs does indeed have a lawsuit against Alan, it's null and void now. All Alan has to do is show the judge the letters and his posts on that stupid group.

    Case closed. Robert would also face jail time if Alan wished to push it.

  5. Robert Macs: thats what its all about - having our say without the shit that came after.

    Translation: letting Robert macs say whatever nasty things he wants and censoring anything that disagrees with *his* bigotry and prick-behaviour.

  6. KO is still trolling and stirring up shit on BL.

    Her latest;

    What she means to say is: I don't have anything constructive to add to this thread but I will use it to post more bitching and accusative accusations at people and annoy the OP! I can't name them but I sure want to bring them up so people reading this will feel as if I've got some super secret and that'll put me back in the CENTER OF ATTENTION again!

    Then more trolling today on MPL.

    Her latest;

    Wait a minute, I thought she was born into rich broadiness. WTF is she doing in gang-areas?

    OF COURSE her stupidity of bringing up witchcraft must be brought up. WTF do witches have anything to do with guns? Crazy witches maybe?

    I'd have like to see her little make-believe world of witches explain why they couldn't stop being at a stake. She's such a loss.

    That's right, pretend to care. Even after all the threats against some other children I've read from you. Psycho.

    Seems the word "crazy" bothers KO the most, and yet she uses variations of it all the time in all her nasty online shennanigens.

    1. In the first link I like how the original poster of the fan fic topic just ignores Catshit. Stuff like that amuses me when she says something for attention and is ignored by the person the comment is directed toward. LOL.

    2. Oh yeah and Jerry's already warned her so what does the TROLL do? Why what she always does! Use another way to harass someone...using the PM system to bypass the admin warnings! Apparently she's already attacked infogal when infogal opted for the ignore button feature. Hmm seems I remember someone else saying something about getting nasty pms from her. Oh that would be Ostarella on the Digital Spy forum... Ah, now I remember!

      Now onto the trolling of MPL today.

      Goddamn! She just totally ATTACKED someone!

      So much for her speech that "someone up there really loves me" she would post when bragging about how powerful she is due to her George Harrison conversations she has with herself.

      And this...

      Totally contradicts her posts from last year.

      Except that she didn't write in her teens. Period. Let alone anything about Elton. But of course she's JUST NOW bringing this up as if it is and really fucking matters to everyone.

      How does this bitch keep being allowed access to these forums? The mind truly boggles.

    3. Jerry may have warned that little misfitbitch but he's going to keep allowing her to inject her poison onto his forums. Most admins worth anything would have an automatic rule in place that forbids a PM to be used as another way to harass another member. But as always, Jerry doesn't care.

  7. She's not only harassing infogirl thru pms now, but she's also been pmsing everyone else too!
    She keeps claiming that info's first posts were "attacking her" poor widdle ass :/ NO, NOT the truth! Info's first posts were in a thread that was deleted DUE to MISFITTOY's ATTACKS against other members. Info hadn't even posted anything directed AT the psycho clown misfitbitch and I remember that they were more or less about the bootlegs or some other music topic.
    When Infogirl did address the Julian Lennon BS that Miss Misfit kept bringing up it wasn't even attacks, it was DEFENDING THE INNOCENT! Big huge wide muthafucking difference!
    So the only one doing the attacking IS MISFIT-TURDFACE!
    STFU KO! Everyone knows you're a pathetic piece of shit. Go join your heroes Chapman and Manson in prison. You won't be a misfit there!


    Hmm. So is she going to go out and kill some people that don't like the insane troll?


    Yes Julian called Crazy, Crazy. The hypocrite named misfittoy in that thread however calls them names that are MUCH WORSE! And UNLIKE Julian, she actually spends HER LIFE taunting them. Even people who aren't suffering from any illnesses, she'll use those same words on them too. Because they live and breathe and have things she'll NEVER have!

    Incidentally the hideous bitch has also been PMing infogirl and PMing everyone else and Info's friends too, everything.
    The hideous bitch also posts on her InsaneJournal asking someone she doesn't even KNOW "why are you lying" and the biggest LIAR is actually asking someone else about lies?

    Excuse me while I adjust my laughing chair.

    Plus, Amazon is actually from Europe. So Hideous Bitch KO is of course acting like the retard she is.
    Talking out her ass. Being the attention whore she's always been.

    We'll still be here after the 21st, so put away your knives and guns, little crazy ho KO.

    1. Catshit is the world's leading authority on lying. She'd hold a high position in it if she weren't so horrendously bad at telling a lie and having people believe it.

      She should not quit her day job. Providing that she actually has a job to begin with. Which I highly doubt.

    2. Yeah I see how catshit with her "we both know..." crap. Still trying to establish some kind of relationship with her targets and victims. How creepy KO is!!!

      WE ALL KNOW what a PSYCHO KO is!

  10. It's really something that she claims to be harassed when she uses not only the boards but PMs to harass, pursue and accost infogal and others! She seems to not even realize how crazy she is, that KO.

    1. She goes and stalks people from site to site, rails against everyone on every site. Goes directly into yahoogroups, myspace, and a plethora of other sites and causes trouble. Posts outright harassing crap. Then pms individuals with more harassing (and more threatening crap) and then turns around and points the finger at everyone else for doing exactly what she has done and is still doing!

      Ask Astrid's friends how many of them she contacted with BS about Astrid. And that's just one of KO's targets.

      This stalker bitch in Michigan has been at her sickening quest to make everyone miserable for a long time.


    KO: I'm not a dictator.

    KO again: I have resources coming out my ass at my fingertips and can snap my fingers for any problem I come across that most people don't have!

    You be the judge.

    1. HA! And she is still as self-centered and narcissistic as ever.

      The men in white coats are waiting there for her to show up...

      Joy as in? Joy of darkness, drama, terror and eternal nagging?

      Oh yeah what joy!

      Yeah these are the fans that Macca should avoid with every effort he can summon.

    2. Oh really? The horrid pathetic miserable demonic disease called Kathryn O'Connor or should I say Horvath thinks she's going to dazzle the Paul McCartney with her sparkling psychotic obsessive stalkerish personality? Excuse me while I FOOMCL!

      Oh bytheway, speaking of the horrid little piece of crusted shit, she's been asking other people to stalk that Russian lady on facebook. The patbhetic Catholic-hating "joy" has been sending some people some pms to watch her latest target!

    3. Yeah some "joy" when everyone else actually contributes Beatles content to BL all she can do is post more of her crappy, badly written, no plot 'n rambling journal shit from her Catshit side.

    4. She thinks she's a "joy"??? *facepalm* she REALLY IS fucking delusional!

  12. A Catshit free for all

  13. she's calling all blondes dumb again. Her jealousy is rearing it's ugly head again. Wonder if she would ever dare say that in front of Paul considering Linda was blonde, and far from being dumb.

  14. KO is dumb, so she's projecting again. Of course she'll claim Linda doesn't have her superior IQ because dumb people show it by bragging about high IQs they really don't have.

  15. I can't believe she believed this!

  16. LMFAO!!! Way to go 30 year Beatle Fan!! Now she'll claim she has been a Royal Watcher since she was a fetus, and the JHP people should take note. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait, maybe she'll convince herself she has royal blood now!! Yes, that's it!! And she can read the Queen's mind, and can verify for us all that indeed the Queen thinks this.

    GOD. Keep stuffing those feet in your mouth, Catshit. It is entertaining as all hell...

  17. Someone needs to feature all KO's insane emails, like this person did of insane emails.

    And since she's sent so many thousands of crazy from now-removed accounts (most on yahoo) it should be no problem even posting the headers of her emails.

  18. Oh that seriously ill troll KO!

    If you go around hurting people, like she has a whole HISTORY of doing, it is a lack of morality! We know she boasts about having no empathy everytime she squeals about being able to do shit to someone.


    What do you wanna bet that she'll not say a word further about where she was fired from...and FFS she's still trying to sound like she has celebrities coming around her all the time. Psst Nancy, she worked in some food store as a stupid low-grade shelf stocker and she's STILL on the internet as a stalker.

    As a matter of fact KO is so cheap that she even says stupid shit like this:

    LOL Amex cards are like the Gold MasterCard now LMAO! Thankfully sommeone else points out her stupidity. Thanks maccascruff.

    And this:

    Did she really learn to watch her back? And to not go around bragging about joining hacker sites then and trying to get Paul's site hacked? Since we all know that was her on Hak5.

    And who are her real friends? Ah yes, idiots who don't question, don't think for themselves and don't see the obvious for what it is. Them.

    Um, KO is the one who misspelled Australian, Nancy, not Yahoo.

    1. Is she really suggesting that hurting people is moral? She seems to say that hurting someone it's just a lack of empathy not morality! Huh? WTF? So she really does justify her vicious nature and her sick personality!

    2. Well she certainly doesn't care about hurting people who are Catholic, Jewish, the Young, the downtrodden or anyone who happens to be more human than she is. Which is basically most the population of Earth.

  19. Oh yeah, Gd forbid that someone might see that KO is a complete fucking crazy windbag and post their opinion!

    Meanwhile she makes everyone else dread seeing anything she might put out there when she goes into her usual tantrums and pedo-accusing BS.

  20. Now you know she's faking all her illnesses (except for her mental illness which is obviously too real) but this is just a broken record!

    Repeated word-for-word since last year!

    There's even an imaginary "aide" at the hospital-in-her-head who calls her Beatle Girl! The aide was also found helping the caterer set up a red carpet for the VIPs driving up from the limo! Um stupid bitch, hospitals have what is called "nurses" just so you know how obvious your lies are.

    But her trolling produced the results the attention whore was looking for! A string of well wishes and sympathy that was once again manipulated from the peoples!

    WTF is she on about?

    Oh I see yet ANOTHER version of her ficticious meeting with GH. Now she implies GH took her hat. This is the one she was wearing when she was fully clothed then was wearing when she was naked except for the hat, and had a guy standing nearby with a snake and a cop and a photographer that GH just happened to be near when she was strolling by when she was skinny dipping and walking back to her car trying to avoid being seen by the police or the owners of the pond in a national forest. This same hat she claims GH wore on a famous photo! Yep that was her hat! And she also knows where Elvis is hiding because he faked his death and she was also invited to the Queen's birthday party last year, but couldn't make it on account that she had a very important meeting with the U.N. about banning Catholics from going to Macca concerts.

    And for another GLARING PROOF that she is no long time Beatle fan!

    She claims there's a George & Martha from a song called Life Goes On and someone points out that the WELL KNOWN SONG is "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" which even a casual Beatles fan or even non-fan would know! And that the names are Molly & Desmond NOT George & Martha!

    So the lying psycho tries to cover her obvious lack of Beatle knowledge, to a degree she doesn't know the name of the song, doesn't know the names in the song by throwing in some stupid thing about a children's book! GTFO you fucking fraud KO!!!

    Yeah some 30-year Beatles fan there! That song would be ENGRAINED in the head of a genuine fan! It would be something a longtime fan would be able to recite on the spot!

    GTFO KO! You're sick. Go to a medical forum and attention whore over there!

    1. The aide has now become a "ward"! And even AFTER a whole surgery there's STILL another BIOPSY waiting! How many of these has she had so far? 10? 20? A biopsy, for those who care about the truth, don't take months to obtain a result. So she's claiming to have many biopsies!

      Stay tuned for the NEXT biopsy and surgery next week when Psycho Troll KO has another mysterious illnesses that she miracously recovers from!

    2. KO needn't worry about woopie. Unless she means she can't use her steel dildo.

    3. What's even more disgusting is that oobu and that other person actually believe all the shit KO spouts.

  21. She obviously has a real problem with seeing, her steel dildo has made her blind because on BL she thinks a straw hat must be completely circular and the photo of John Lennon hiding a straw hat in his shirt cannot possibly be a straw hat because she says it looks "square". She obviously has a real problem with that little thing called depth-perception. I can see why it would take her over a decade of being in "art school" ffs!

    She's even claimed other photos look like something that isn't there because she can't understand the concept that photos are not three-dimensional. Goddamn.

  22. So she claims she yelled out Paul's name after she came out of surgery. Yes, tell us more of your lies KO. Again, if her Doctors were fearing cancer, they wouldn't have waited 3 months to do a biopsy. And also, any sane person would NOT be on a computer updating facebook if they had surgery like that. Sorry don't buy it!

    1. She's only posting all those lies because she gets sympathy from the suckers who believe her! And as mentioned earlier, hospitals don't have aides and valets, and wards. I don't know what kind of make-believe medical fantasy she's conjuring up for herself but if she's going to lie about medical shit, she should try to stay within the actual real world of it. But she won't. Sooner of later she'll start claiming the doctors there fell so in love with her Bovine-highness ass that they are sending her flowers to her house with Paul McCartney items attached to them!

    2. Misery, KO, whatever you wanna call that psycho clown, has made a life (not just a hobby) but a LIFE of whining about what people post on the internet and how everyone isn't paying her enough attention!

      She is literally a waste of space. She takes up a LOT of space too.

  23. You ever notice how on BL whenever she directly addresses johncharles he ignores her (intentionally) and posts a reply to the thread, addressing another member? LOL. I always get a laugh out of that.

    1. She can't bait infogirl anymore because info blocked her ass, so she's trying to flamebait johncharles. She is always following him around and replying in her usual argumentive tone to everything he says!

    2. The only thing that concerns me atm is she'll try to PM that new member Vintage. He's a computer guy and he doesn't know what she is and he might give her some way to find people or something. I just got a bad feeling about it is all. Don't write to him or anything. Let her bury herself.


    Catshit eyesight FAIL!

  25. Thanks everyone for all the updates ! I will put as much in my newest blog. Hopefully over the next couple of days. :)