Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Canadian Cops that didn't Bend to Psycho KO's Will

It's really not at all that complicated, it's just the Psycho Stalking Troll KO on another rampage. After two and half months she's back at Livejournal and spewing forth again.

For the recent laughable proclamations of looming disaster for a Canadian woman, see the SHIT before the Crazy Catkick removes it. But if you don't see it on Livejournal, you can still see it HERE. Just scroll a bit and you'll see the screenshot of the post I am referring to called "It's time" meaning it's time to put the Canadian woman known as Bibbinut into a slapping situation. Or some such. Whatever.

After the stupid attention whoring batshit one posted that she flew into a rage at some people in MOWFO. The group that banned her. Well, one of the many groups that banned her.

I post here for you, dear readers, some conversation regarding KO's shitstorm and her laughably stupid post on LJ. BTW, the stupid bitch tried to shock Stu (MOWFO's list owner) with hysterical allegations about what's on my blog ! What a stupid bitch. As if I posted Stu's email or comments without his permission, which I did receive via his contacts. Oh look and I got permission to post the following too, not that I needed it because whatever someone sends me, is fair enough if I want to post it. KO and her minions can fuck off.

One bystander T.C. states:

The stupid bitch even said on her very public post "but dammit, she is behind the attacks on me and needs her hands slapped and told, "What you are doing is wrong." So you see stupid KO is even proclaiming that attacking her in words or comments is somehow against the law enough to have this bibbinut's hands slapped. Maybe it's time that Kathryn is laughed out of court?
Not that Russ ever was laughed out of anything like she loves to keep perpetrating. According to the Miss Psycho, Bibbinut "NEEDS" her hands slapped because DAMMIT she sided against the Miserable Psycho Bitch! And how dare anyone do that! Her own words sound like the typical tyrant villain from a comic book when she so easily reveals that it's a SIN to not be on *her side* no matter what. This is how she wants to get the law involved is to send them after her enemies. Because you know, she makes enemies so easily but they're supposed to lay down and die. Or something.
As for her email shitstorm with you (Stu) about how your email address is on EL's blog, I do know that EL would have never posted an email unless she had permission or it was an actual public email address available on a public website. Her thinking she's going to involve the cops all over bibbinut because her plans against Russ, EL, and all else has failed, is just more of her delusional thinking. Her latest was also put up on the blog about all her insane lj posts. I sent the screenshot to them too ;p and they added what they wanted to from my statements. They wrote it out better though. Yeah you can tell she's got nothing to do on the holidays. But harassing people, of course.

"Leave it to an atheist to try and ruin christmas for me." - says the Batshit One.

Whoa! Who's the one posting and sending shit? Oh but that doesn't count because it's just all about her. It's a CRIME to ruin her Christmas, but it's ok for her to stomp on others because she's like better than everyone else and is privileged.

"I told you guys, this man is a sociopath.  No emotions, no feelings." - says the Batshit One.

Total projection for the Miss Sociopath herself. What about others' feelings when she relentlessly stalks and harasses them for not agreeing with her?

"I have no idea what crap he's going on about." - claims the Batshit Bitch.

Suuure, just blame it on whoever seems convenient.

"He doesn't seem to get that he made the mistake of consorting with my enemies, and I warned him what they do." - Batshit.

This is what I mean by how transparent she is with her obvious narcissistic tyranical personality. Comic book villain has been laughed out of the Court of Stu and so she goes "RAWR! You made the MISTAKE of CONSORTING with MY ENEMIES! Now you will PAY! With what *they* do!" Huh? LOL and then she throws her little fat arms up and unleahes a hellstorm of hairy armpit stench that flies forth like a wave of toxic fumes. Because her enemies must be silenced and deadened right away. No fair for anyone to talk to them. LOL!

Another witness; Veronica comments on KO's fucked up rants:

Really? Is she fucking serious? Of course she is because the bitch be crazy! Good grief EL didn't post anything about getting the bitch banned from cons, EL posted information for people wanting to report the stalking bitch to the police! Because_of_all the harassment_that_she dishes out via electronic communications!
Also I am sure that I was the one who asked permission to post some of your comments in the last few years and I do recall your statement that your comments, email address and everything is okay to share. (side note here; YES permission was given by Stu himself and KO's claims are as always BATSHIT if she thinks Stu can be silenced or shocked that his email is visiable on here) The truth needed to be told about what she did to MOWFO and a way given for any onlookers who might not know the whole MOWFO story to contact you (Stu) as you were there and in the position to answer questions as the list owner. It was simply EL giving people who might fall into Psycho K's manipulative traps to have a way to hear the truth if they wanted to.
Another thing that she just can't get over as now there's more people who know and any potential new minions can talk to anyone here if they don't want to drink the KO KoolAid.

You ruined my life two years ago (and I'll never forgive you for your sociopathic bullshit) - says Batshit.

Okay I think we've established motive to a nice round 100% definite as her sick little mind twists and churns against Stu. But yet there's even more motive establishment here!

Stu, you're a sociopathic batshit piece of bullying crap.  You enjoy getting your rocks off being cruel and your dick is hard over this one I bet. - Batshit.

Kinda reminds me of that crazy bitch character in Fatal Attraction, the one who was so full of wrath and yet tried to sound sexual at the same time. Scary. What's with the always having to bring up people's sex organs in everything she writes? The Crazy bitch talks about people either being hard or wet and you've seen the screenshots, anyway... yeah she shows her sick SICK mind with comments like that.
Lots of motive just drips from her! It's like she denies the crime while holding the knife or gun or whatever she claims to have but then rants about how much the crime was justified anyway. Tsk tsk.

KO shows motive all over the place. She can't even hide her motives. It's too easy to convict her. Now let's look at opportunity. Okay easy enough, she's always online and stalking people on the internet or staring at photos that contain Paul McCarthney's butt. And she has no alibi. She does have minions and goons. We know that. She sends them to attack people who avoid her. The list of people that avoid her being very long and getting longer.

Now let's tear apart her lies and show what a stupid contradicting bitch she is.

WHo does spoofs and proxies?  My stalkers. They're the ones who enjoy that and did it to me for almost a decade now. Most of what you say is bullshit.  I never said that person is going to prison and I keep complaining the cops aren't going to do shit. - Ms Batshit.

IF the cops aren't doing shit WHY then is she posting on Livejournal about going to them? This has to be one of the biggest LULZ evah! About how one of them is "tracking" people for her, but somehow isn't very capable of tracing anything because the cop must get Bibbinut's personal info from HER?!! Some cop there! He traces the "attacks" on her, according to her batshit post, but somehow NOW they're just not doing anything. Gotta laugh at her e-thugging attempts to rattle Bibbinut over on Livejournal. And the stuff she says about Bibbinut is abusive and bullying. So this imaginary cop who is tracking things must be oblivious to the real bully who apparently sings his praises! Gawddayum!

Note* If the cop really is tracking her drama and stuff, why would she even have to go to him? Wouldn't he just call her? He must be some detective to not be able to make any moves without her say so! In her mind, everyone must be under her control so her LJ posts are going to reflect that and belie what the truth is and the truth is; there's no cop tracking anyone who doesn't like her. End of note*

And the FACTS are that Psycho K is the one who spoofed people's emails from the beginning. It was one of the MANY reasons she was banned from lots of yahoo groups back in that time years ago after she was detained by security on a cruise and came back to unleash her sickness on the unsuspecting peoples of the internet. And furthermore she also bragged about using proxies to bypass bans put on her by such forum admins as the PIA and PID forums. As a matter of fact she bragged about using proxies against a PID (Paul id Dead) forum right there ON the PIA (Paul is Alive) forum. They eventually had enough of her bullshit and banned her as well.
Those are the FACTS but still she insists on still trying to lie her mouth off by blaming her victims of the shit she does and did. Of course Nack isn't going to prison. She committed no crimes. Banning someone from your group is no crime and THAT is exactly what started Psycho K's unrelenting stalking of Nack and her group members.
Same story with Tracy.
Tracy banned the psycho bitch and Tracy became a target. It's a repeated pattern with K. As Russ has said, I hope that K does keep complaining to the cops about all these poor people that have their own evidence stacked against her. Then maybe they'll take action and fucking put HER ass in jail! Oh and she has claimed Nack was going to be arrested soon and that Nack was going to be sued, then burned alive, then killed in this way or that. And guess what, the same exact scenario was said about Tracy, about Bibbinut, about Dirk, about John, about Dennis, about lots of people.

you even kicked me out of MOWFO over shit the stalkers said about Kimba. - Batshit.

Um, we have screenshots of the bitch's actual words and also eyewitnesses of her saying shit against Kimba in real life. ProTip: if one is gonna deny saying anything negative about Kimba and try to blame it on her "stalkers", she might wanna stop spewing on and on about the "years" of so-called abuse she suffered at the hands of Kimba and she might wanna hold back on instructing someone she just referred to as a hard-dicked sociopath to ask other people about Kimba! Really! Come on, it's okay for her to tell people to talk to anti-Kimba folks but she still keeps bitching about EL's blog where people were given a way to ask involved parties about Psycho K's behaviour in MOWFO...????
What a twisted seething train wreck she is!

FACT noboby said anything against Kimba. Kimba was at first thought to be a spy for K some years ago when she joined the support group, but that thought was soon put to rest when Kimba explained that she was just getting all input that she could; that she wasn't going to pass judgement on people she didn't even know. That's what really pissed K off. Someone thinking for themselves! Incidently K would also spoof Kimba's email to the owners and moderators of the forum and say that she was indeed on K's side. Or post publicly that Kimba was never going to be against her and that Kimba hated K's enemies as much as she hates etc etc etc. Just more of K trying to cause a rift in the community.

they are claiming you're trying to get me kicked out of cons.  At least I pay the membership and don't ghost the small struggling ones that will probably die in two years....) - Batshit.

Nowhere on any blog are there any such statements, and of course she provides no link. Of course people would like to see her kicked out of cons because she HARASSES and STALKS people there! That's a legitimate reason! But EL makes no mention of trying to do anything. It's just telling the public what options are open to avoid Kathryn. Might also add that she does ghost them, in the way of trying to hang out and see who her next victim is going to be.

Tried to keep me from pissing off most of MOWFO? YOU'RE THE FUCKTARD WHO NEVER LISTENS.  You're so sociopathic you don't recognize Kimba's long history of abuse against me. You don't even realize her abusive cycle and how apology is part of it. (ask Mike about Gale, the real  fudge goddess who used to be Kimba's best friend.  Mike says that everything Kimba did to me, she did to Gale too). - Batshit.

I think she just proved everyone's point about pissing people off. The immediate angry and seething rant against Kimba shows exactly what her behaviour was like towards MOWFO. K wanted Kimba gone and hated by everyone, to boot. K didn't get her way and now it's Kimba who must be the big bad villain. And as mentioned before, the whole instructing a "dictating sociopathic fucktard" to ASK some idiots about Kimba is really fucktarded in and of itself!

I figured you were a cunt when Paul's staff asked you not to contact them anymore.  They really only do that to the bad cunts. - Batshit.

How the fuck does she know what Paul's staff said to anyone? Are they passing along info to her, kissing her ass THAT much? Nice though that she does recognize that Robert Macs and company is a bunch of cunts since Paul's staff (her favourite little army who kowtows to her every whim and her favourite champions that she namedrops whenever she can) told Robert Macs to never contact them again! Ever. But there she is manipulating the thick dickweed and using him while manipulating MPL and using them too.
Robert Macs is a bad cunt. We know this. But nice of Psycho KO to confirm that. Even against her OWN minions!

Stu states the following:

To address a few points:
 1. I have no clue as to who Bibbinut is, nor do I care.  If she is indeed in Canada, she's lucky to be in a different country than Kathryn.  Go Leafs!
 2. Kathryn was kicked out of MOWFO because the membership voted her out.  They voted her out due to her flames on the list that caused several members to leave -- most have not returned -- and her unwillingness to own what she did or apologize for it.
 3. She saw me at Conclave where I was an invited member of the press.  See, I write part-time and was doing an article on DJs at sci-fi conventions.  But she doesn't know donkey dick about what arrangements were made.  I was also an invited speaker at Penguicon.
 4. I love the deflection: I reminded her of all the long, patient e-mails I sent her trying to warn her of what was coming and advising her how to avoid it.  She then dodges this point, once again whining about how I never listened about Kimba's blah blah blah (how could I NOT have listened -- it was all she talked about for weeks!) and then drops the Gale bomb.  Never heard of her.  A fast train to irrelevancyland if you ask me.
 5. Nobody from "Paul's staff" contacted anyone.  Some bozo from the place where one of McCartney's websites is hosted asked me to show him some e-mails where she'd stated that McCartney himself had done something or other.  I dutifully asked Kathryn if she minded if I shared those e-mails.  She gave her OK.  The guy seemed to get really pissy after he got what he wanted, defending Kathryn.  My attitude: "Whatever dude.  If you're happy, I'm happy."  I'm still not sure if he was a plant or something.  I even "held his hand" and found the specific e-mails, highlighting the portions where she specifically said how "Paul" had "shut down" some website or other himself, but the dude basically said, "That's not what I see."  So again, whatever.
 She says she's blocked my e-mail now.  If I'm really lucky, that means I won't even hear from her by accident!  Yay!  She needs to just go away and STAY away.  I can't imagine what her goals are since she claims she'd never want to come back to MOWFO, hates me, hates Kimba and wants nothing to do with us.  We're all FINE with that.  She just can't seem to stay gone.  Ooo-wee!  Wutz up wit' dat?  Wutz up wit' dat?

And Bibbinut had something to say that I missed before, but it's great nonetheless:

Bibbinut calling it like it is.

Could THIS be the whole reason Batshit Bitch KO posted about having Bibbi's info and her wishes to have Bibbi slapped by coppers ? LOL ! Golden.

And if anyone is interested, here are the blogs of March 2013, that the Crazy Batshit KO keeps trying to twist into something other than what it is. Simply a way for people to stay safe after a whirlwind of KO's shit of batshit insanity and threats.

Also this today.
KO making sure to say something nasty about Julian again

Oh yes, another snide remark against Julian. Make sure to add that typical nasty shit, KO. Which is so typically nasty of you.

Another added link. Stu; who is the guy that KO had verbally attacked over the holidays, does have an LJ of his own. He wrote about his experiences in this entry.

His Journal link can be viewed here. In case anyone would like to get to know Stu as a person instead of whatever KO is trying to paint him as. As anyone with any brains can see, he is not a trigger-happy dictator with a Freudian issue, but a really nice guy. Don't believe that nasty bitter psycho stalker KO. Best to think for yourself. I know her minions cannot think for themselves, but they are KO's minions so what does that tell you? He has also posted about the MOWFO incidents that KO brought upon that group in the past. His Journal is public and he prides himself to be an open person. So any questions arising regarding him or MOWFO is best addressed to him. He is the active list owner there.


  1. Yeah because nobody uses poxies except "her stalkers" and none of her minions, or other people use them...juuuusssst "her stalkers" since she's so imbedded in her own drama and narcissism that proxies are used only by people she says are using them, while she uses them for justifible reasons, eh? According to her psychotic meltdown of her drug-addled brain. Reality check: millions of internet users use proxies everyday, some without even knowing a fucking proxy is! Like KO who has no clue what the flying fuck she's blathering about. The fucking ignornant junkie.

    & her constant repeated YOU JUST DON'T SEEEE how YOU ARE and blah blah blah, yeah how come she can't see anything beyond her own sick demented shit she does to people? The twisted whining of a complete self-centered repugnant shithole of a person.

  2. Bibbinut here!
    KO THE PLAGUE OF INTERNET once again has proven to me she is beyond a shadow of a doubt totally and completely insane, a stalker, psychotic and ugly, ugly, ugly.
    I never laughed so hard in my life when I read that post about me in her LJ.
    Yeah... the cops are after me... BULLSHIT
    Who's KO gonna blame next? The pope? *snorts* *giggles*
    I had a great Christmas! :D

    1. Hello there ! I added something that I had missed before, I had no idea that you posted something on your journal on 1st October, and that must be the big stick in KO's ass. Love it ! I added it to the post.

      Glad you had a great Christmas :) Very nice to hear from you !

  3. A friend of mine said:

    I got directed to something that's just too on-target not to share:

    The only cure for the crazy chick that’s been known to work on at least a few of them is The Wall. A headlong splat and total invisibility to men is worth more than ten years of therapy and annual pregnancy scares. When a young hottie has lost her source of power, her crazy stops befuddling betas and testing the tolerance of alphas. She gets ignored, and learns through Instant Feedback that her crazy antics, once so entertaining and lovable in the form of a 21 year old vixen, now isolates her from every social circle she knows.

    Except Catshit wasn't bright enough to learn.

    Then my lovely friend Stu said:

    Yeah, except she was NEVER a hottie or a vixen, as far as I can tell. She has all the charm of a combat boot.

    I saw this and said:

    Here's another attempt to get everyone's attention over at MPL (Misery's Pandering Land)...

    Another sad, pathetic attempt to trash Stu. On a big forum where nobody even knows who the fuck she's bitching about and she's gonna act like an ass anyway.

    Let me guess, her imaginary conversations with scientists and their quotes says that gun owners who are atheists must be sociopaths, right? And what about the drama queen who posts that things just "write themselves" even though she's the one writing all the garbage?

    Stu replied:

    She seems overly interested in my dick these days. Guess you obsess over what you don't have. :-)

    And does she even have a CLUE as to how Freud is regarded by modern psychology these days???

    *** LOL ***

    Thanks for a another great blog EL! And thank you Bibbi, for the LJ post, I wish I had seen that before. Better late than never.

    1. KO has no clue at all. KO is unread, unlearned and has no ability to get a clue.

      Freud was also a cocain addict. Her type of guy!

  4. LOL what's with her always bragging about having people's personal info? LOL her stalkerish intimidation tactics haven't waned at all!

      This royally ugly fucking idiot can't seem to say anything different.
      Can she? Nope.

  5. She will never learn untill she is publicly put in her place like at the upcomming con. where people should publicly snub her or loudly say hey creep I don't want your drugs don't you try to sell your drugs to me go away. Or some other social embersement.

  6. Amazingly, nature handled itself just fine before idiotic rednecks started shooting animals.

    In response to KO's totally assshit post about her stupid drama against the fish or whatever other living being she feels doesn't have the right to exist.

  7. Wouldn't it be really, nice to see KO no longer having access to the internet or a phone or being able to send snail mail to anyone ever again.
    I'd love to see that in the New Year! ;)

  8. bibbinut here!
    Well it's now a brand new year and the police haven't been to my door nor have they called me. ;)
    KO is so royally beyond stupid and insane and ugly and psychotic...and that's and understatement!

    1. Meant to say "and that's and understatement"
      also if KO's a vegetarian or vegan...then I just a flying pig fly out the window!
      I am so glad that I'm bibbinut and not THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET which is KO!

    2. should be "that's an understatement"
      *typos* LOL
      And KO is probably reading this blog as usual...
      And I'm sure EVERYONE would agree with me here...
      KO should never ever use the internet again and not be seen ever again in real life.
      I'm so happy that I live in a different country.
      I really feel sorry for the people who have had to deal with KO in real life.

    3. Hey there! Yeah whatever will she do with all your private personal info? The cops just aren't knocking down your door with a SWAT team, so she's going to have to go back to her curses that just don't seem to work. LOL.

      I added more to the entry of this blog, you might want to check it out as Stu, our MOWFO friend has a link that was shared with me via one of the other MOWFOians. ;) Enjoy.

    4. KO doesn't have my private personal info.
      *same old BS from KO insane, psychotic, stalker, troll, ugly, ugly, ugly*
      Is she did...she'd send me a letter or card in the mail with a fake address!
      Or harass me via telephone...which she can't!
      Read that entry by Stu. Brilliant! ;)
      Glad MOWFO is finally free of that troll.
      I'm having a WONDERFUL start to the New Year. :D

  9. It appears that blogger is fucking up, but it's good that you got your comment posted and I do see it. If there are any further problems, please let me know.

    1. I've seen computers do some really weird shit. LOL
      anyhoo this is bibbinut having a WONDERFUL 2014!
      And no...the cops haven't been at my door. *rolls eyes*
      Same ol' bullshit from Kooky O'Crazy.
      I am so glad that I am me. :D

  10. well i hear bill putt was in a roll over acident i bet that she will claim that one of her curses worked..

  11. Since blogger seems to dislike this one comment, I am re-posting it myself.

    countless decades?

    LOL yeah right. So a few years now counts as countless decades! She sure plows that into the ground and now it's "countless" decades! Good grief.

    Still a lie no matter how much she wants to keep her mouth running.

    All through those Dirk-obsessing years, she'd say the same thing about her family being tired of hearing about Dirk Dirk Dirk. Oh yeah, for countless decades and all. *rolls eyes*

    And when she obsesses into another fandom where she isn't known, she claim she's been into that for a lifetime.

    Now if it disappears again, I will repost it again. This was the comment that was posted 3 times already, and it kept getting taken off. Although there is nothing but truth to it, someone sure has a problem with it. Well if it keeps happening, I will post a whole new entry for it. I save everything and so this comment will be here and if pushed enough, it will be on many other blogs too.

    Hmm wonder if that Retard Macs is somehow censoring us while still on his dick crusade to not be censored himself. It's always the minions of KO who are the MOST hypocritical.

  12. Kimba here.

    A small point of fact. Stu is not now, nor has he ever been, the MOWFO list owner. That duty has been mine, and mine alone, since the list was created. (I tried to get someone else to take it on when I stepped away back in 2011, but no one was willing to take it on.)

    Stu is, however, one of three "Super Moderators" for the list. As such, they took over handling the list when I was gone. Not an easy task, given the situation at the time. Stu was front and center for the K debacle, and so is able to give insight into it, as am I.