Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ringo Now?

Hire extra security, Ringo !

Suddenly the twatwaffle stalking psycho likes Ringo. Despite that she has called him dumb and other belittling names.

KO says Ringo is dumb.
Scroll down till you see the screencap of her post she entitled "open legged cunt".

Extra security. Get it. Be safe. That is all.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kathryn O and her ALL CAPS Rage

Well the sadistic bitch KO just started a screaming match with another member on MPL. That place is such a joke. Turned into a Troll Zone for their queenie KO.

So she derails yet another thread and flamebaits other members there. Again, over Animal Rights. One of the things she just can't stand and never fails to remind people all the time about, is how evil they all are for ever snubbing her or whatever the fuck she thinks they did to her big ego while disguising it as if they are all bloodthirsty hellions but we know the real reason she hates on vegans. It's all about her ego, nothing else. Like whatever in the hell Stella did by mentioning hippies in an article. KO picked at someone until they finally said something. They didn't insult her, they just put her in her place for being a troll. Because she was being a troll and starting arguments with people who just don't feel like kissing her ass. Or bow down to that Retard Macs asshole who is a big fuckwit cunt like her.

So someone didn't back down over some statement that was said concerning Karma. The thing KO loves to preach about when it suits her purposes.

Then KO goes ape shit...

Vore Fetish Bitch: Off With Their Heads! (you have to scroll up and down to see how the thread is going - another thread about animal rights that KO has derailed)

She REALLY wants to paint a picture of vegans being "sadistic" wanting to fulfill "sadistic fantasies" because she makes sure to mention this numerous times. The projections that KO keeps flinging out there never cease. I suppose she'd try to justify her sadistic fantasies about killing Dirk Benedict's press agent in a wicker hut of fire and all the other stuff I've seen her post via the documented archives that people have saved over the years BEFORE she slimed into Paul fandom. KO is the last person to be railing out like that since she's the epitome of sadistic fantasies. More like she's got homocidal fantasies !

Now for some examples of her shit spewing:

YOU ARE BASICALLY JUST LOOKING TO TAKE OUT YOUR SADISTIC FANTASIES - KO screams at someone who just said they didn't wish harm on anyone.

I AM POINTING OUT HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY - KO screams as she lets everyone know that she knows best and has to be the biggest authority on any subject.

YOU MIGHT NOTICE THAT I AM PRETTY GOOD AT GETTING MYSELF NOTICED - KO admits that she's an attention whore but is too stupid to realize it.

THE FACT THAT VEGETARIANS WHO DISCUSS A DESIRE TO KILL HURT MY BRAIN - KO repeats herself again and still nobody cares because she's obviously begging for attention about a wound in her head now. Cry me a river. And what about her sick vore fetish? For someone so hurt over vegans disliking murderers of animals it's kinda hard to see past her message when all her message contains is all about HER! KO's brain is already fried anyway so nobody can buy the "it hurts" part. You can't hurt something that doesn't exist.

As for the rest of her insidious rant, the other member did see the big picture. KO just can't stand to have anyone disagree with her and not be all "Oh that is terrible that your brain hurts, little dear. How can I make you feel better now?" and since that didn't happen, she went right into her ALL CAPS rage.

And BTW, notice how she said in her screaming tantrum that she stopped reading at a certain point YET she addressed everything that person said in that post. LOL! Whenever you see her claim she didn't read all of it; don't buy it for a second! KO reads it all then acts indignant and aggressive. Bullying whoever said whatever she is screaming at them for saying.

It's really fucked up that she's one of the members who'll never be banned because the KO KoolAid is running too thick in the veins of the owners. If only they could see the same side that's the REAL side of her ! Like that one member finally did. If only...