Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ringo Now?

Hire extra security, Ringo !

Suddenly the twatwaffle stalking psycho likes Ringo. Despite that she has called him dumb and other belittling names.

KO says Ringo is dumb.
Scroll down till you see the screencap of her post she entitled "open legged cunt".

Extra security. Get it. Be safe. That is all.



    Now is this "certain friend" one of the four imaginary ones who weren't actually her friends, but someone else's friends that she griped about having to go with?

    Or the one the mother bought tickets to?

    Or the one that her "boyfriend" bought tickets to?

    Paul was sure in Detroit a lot during that time considering he only did one concert there at that time.

    KO keeps getting her story twisted and changed a lot.

  2. Now she's got some fool to go in there and start more shit with Rahil. Probably because she couldn't beg those others to keep whiteknighting for her on MPL. So now she's got some doofus to go in and post about how precious she is and wondersul and super. BARF. So she could come back (as if she didn't know anything about it) and make more nasty remarks against Rahil and play her "I'm a martyr" card.

    Then the bitch goes and posts this other equally harassing thread about hw vegans are just not going to save anything! She really wants vegans to die and give up the fight so she can stuff her FAT FACE!

    What a piece of shit that KO is!

  3. Hmm her new little minion seems to think she doesn't "deserve" the backlash that she herself is bringing! Boy he's really oblivious to what she is! Oh she deserves so much worse! Believe me. Sooo much worse.

    1. I know right? And if her new chump thinks she doesn't eat a lot of meat, boy is he/she ever totally gotten the wool pulled over their eyes!

  4. Yeah the same person who posted this back in January:
    You know, wishing harm upon someone gruesome enough to kill a beautiful, innocent endangered animal so that they can no longer continue to do that, could be argued to come from an altrustic desire to serve the greater good...

    Has suddenly taken up her ugly psycho side. You know where she's right and everyone else is wrong and she knows way more than everyone else and so you know she just had to pm that person and start laying in with the poison and lies. Now he's all whiteknighting for her in the threads.
    They do say a sucker is born every minute.

  5. Homeless.....yeah right!!!

    Kathryn O'Connor I'm going to have a good time. You guys may not know, that I messed up a chance to see Ringo Starr back with the first all stars band in the late 80s. I was homeless living with a drug dealer who gave me odd jobs so I didn't think I had a chance of going. He would go to bed at 7AM and not get up until about 5PM. His phone rang ever three minutes and I was to answer it. most of the calls were the same people calling back, "Is he up yet? Is he up yet?" I was getting annoyed and he and I had a fight about it. He wasn't going to change the situation at all. I refused to answer the phone one afternoon of the concert. The next day, my friend Charlie said to me, "I had tickets for Ringo and wanted to take you but there was no answer." I was crushed. The drug dealer joked, "Did you learn a lesson?" Yeah. he messes things up sometimes. (Not the lesson he wanted me to learn)

    1. Yeah she keeps changing her stories. The first incarnation of it that I've seen was that she was MARRIED to the "drug dealer" and the next incarnation was that Charlie was the drug dealer, and now it's just some drug dealer. And it's kinda hard to be "homeless" when you live indoors and are getting phone calls. Unless she trying to drum up some story about living in an alley next to a pay-phone. Pfft. It's all bullshit. Ringo was never mentioned in her Dirk obsession phase and neither was any Beatle for that matter. It's all a bunch of fabricated nonsense drama. She thrives on it.

      Also, Charlie is one of her past aliases she used on Yahoo. He doesn't exist except for in her mind.


    LMAO! They alerted the police on her because she kept sending threats and harassing the fuck outta them! It's actually a well-known pattern of hers!

    Still trying to embed that lie of hers. Funny that she always mentioned Dirk as being who she dreamed of in her teens and early 20s. Never failed to mention that plenty of times while trolling Battlestar related sites.

    And Erik...KO is not kind or intelligent. Just a FYI.

  7. Wow that Nancy R is a real bitter little bitch. She so totally revealed what an ass kisser she is too with thanking 3 people for "sticking up" for her and one of those 3 didn't actually stick up for her at all! That would be KO. All KO did was add her stupid moronic drama about how some PID folks tried to "shut her up for arguing with them about clues" PSHAW! Riiiight. I'm fairly certain that PID peeps have lots of people saying whatever they'd like to say about the subject. They don't go try and put anyone in jail for not shutting up (which we all know KO is incapable of doing) but KO believes that HER opinions were so devastating to them that they called the police!
    Um no. The police incident reports involved the fact that KO sent death threats and kept harassing them. THAT is the reason. But KO will lie her ass off and create drama where there isn't any. And nowhere did she defend little snippy snarky Nancy R.

    But asskisser to KO of course has to credit KO for coming to her rescue even though KO only came to be a drama queen. KO is only for KO. Nancy R is sad, really. The only thing those clucking hens ever add to that forum is a bunch of drooling over Paul being naked and who obviously needed to shave. Much!