Monday, December 19, 2011

Creating More Drama or Committing Real Crimes

I guess it's up to the reader to decide but here is the latest on our troll who still stalks and haunts the forums!

What the troll failed to mention in all of that is that she posted on a U.K. site that will always have different time stamps than in the U.S.A. since it's in the feckin' U.K. ! Apparently the police are investigating some crime she commited (or has some need to say the words "supposedly" in reference to a crime as if it isn't really a crime) and she fails to even say what the crime actually is ! Red flags should go up when someone makes such a big deal out of something they're claiming innocence of, but doesn't want to say exactly what it is. She did it and of course gotten away with.
Probably some shoplifting or public drunkeness and she does seem to be fond of drinking and driving since she posts about vomiting on herself and her car.

Someone close to another source asked around and it was an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen, so NO, the police aren't going to "go after" the person who reported her. Her "alibi" was that she posted on the Paul forum the time of the crime, which as I pointed out, she failed to mention that their time stamps are always different than where she is.

Might wanna mention this to the police and let that Alan continue to follow her narrative since he's all about keeping a well-paying troll around. If she goes down, please let it be that she takes him down with her ! He does relish lying and condones liars after all and he has ruined the site enough already.


  1. HA! The creep thinks you're with PID! But she's so delusional. I do offer my condolences that she still trolls forums you have been with for years.

  2. Since comments are screened, I'll have to post this myself so sorry for any inconvenience to my readers.

    The following comments are from December 24 - 27

    Mishissyfit, kathrynO, whatever she calls her troll-self; she goes out of her way to slander, harass and malign anyone who has seen through her act. Yet she has the nerve to sit and continue to harass and malign people everywhere, on every available forum, while whining that they are "after her" and have all these mental problems. The biggest mental case I've ever seen on the net has got to be her!

    Does it ever occur to her to stop? Nobody cares about her damned twat problems and the obvious fact she can't get laid! Please bitch stop acting like a holier than thou rich broad while screaming about rich broads!
    FTR, the only person she knows with BPD is herself!

    And she so badly wants to demonize everyone she hates on Beatles forums as Francie Schwartz has been demonized so she can appear like one of the crowd helping to throw the stones and getting people incited to help her further her online war agenda. All the while, constantly shitting on about being persecuted! You see why everyone ignores her or literally goes to their own blogs and vents about having to deal with the TROLL!
    The troll [kathryn o] will never make all those people help her flame the people she constantly talks about all the time. But she's still trying to.

    I need to add this, as I've noticed her trolling on facebook and livejournal.

    Over on facebook we've had to deal with her nasty ass. God she's been trolling there for about a year now.
    Of course when people don't like her she thinks it's because "They don't understand her" and yet all anyone has to do is look at her constant nasty flaming and maligning hateful immature psycho drama everywhere and it's not "misunderstanding", it's because they actually SEE her for what she is! They've also been attacked, stalked and harassed for years and years!
    And people could easily say that the psycho drama queen don't like them because she just doesn't understand them. But we all know she just doesn't like anyone who doesn't conform to her evil agenda. She is a sociopath/psychopath.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=218698764877490&id=130443473703020

    See what I mean?