Thursday, February 20, 2014


Well let's see, last year we've had the trolls start shit with us on several occasions of them showing their ass. KO still a psycho. Still pretending to have been a vegan when she never was, just can't stand to acknowledge anything different than her own isolated little sheltered life as a pathetic middle-aged woman who would be a welfare queen had it not been for middle-class parents and a mother who pays the rent.

We've had the few drive-bys of a nut who wanted to hack us...who was undoubtedly KO in another form.

And when her plans didn't quite pan out, she returned to pick on Rahil and other vegans because she's a bitch. The Bingo was always on with her tired old bullshit. Always trying to sway topics about veganism to be more about her, her, her and the way she was "treated" by all these people that live in her head. Bringing anything and everything to just be the center of attention. From abortion, and some fish are killing environments and other blah blah blah bullshit to how human teeth are made for killing. Whatever psycho bitch, whatever.

And Ringo is doing a tour. Most likely Ringo still loves blondes and pretty ladies. Blissfully unaware of any psycho pathetic troll like KO possibly coming to one of his gigs. Blissfully unaware of how she's bashed him. And if he were aware, wouldn't give a shit. Still loves the blondes!